The Great War 194-1918
Ramoan Parish
Church Roll of Honor

A HISTORY OF THE CHURCH OF IRELAND IN RAMOAN PARISH by Hugh Alexander Boyd. (R Carswell & Son Ltd. Belfast. 1930)

THE GREAT WAR, 1914-18:

The Roll of Honour contains 112 names. It was compiled in July 1918, by the then curate of the parish, The Rev. R.J. Black, B.A., R.U.I.
Of the 112 who served, 17 made the supreme sacrifice, 3 received the Legion of Honour, 4 the D.S.O., 1 the Croix de Geurre, 2 the M.C, and 3 the M.M. In addition to these decorations one received the M.B.E., one the O.B.E., and one the C.B. The following is the complete list of names: -

Barnes, Frank P, Lieutenant Colonel ,D.S.O., O.B.E., A.S,Corps
w. Barnes, Theodore, 2nd Lieutenant, Essex Regiment.
w. Bell, Frank, Private, R.I.Rifles
Bernard, Arthur, Warrant Officer, Australians.
Black, Gordon B, Major, M.B.E. Canadians
k. Black, Harold. E, Private, Canadians
Black, J Thompson, Sergeant, Canadians.
k. Blackmore, Herbert, Private, M.M. R.I.Rifles.
k. Blackmore, William, Private, R.I.Rifles.
Byrne, Aubrey, 2nd Lieutenant, Tank Corps
w. Byrne, Edgar, Gunner, Private, M.M., Tank Corps.
Byrne, H.E., Sub-Lieutenant, R.N.R.Engineers
Callwell, Sir Cahrles, Major General, Knight Companion of the Bath.
Commander of the Legion of Honour. Russian Order of St. Stanislaus.
Italian Order of the Crown. Belgian Order of the Crown.
Greek Order of the Redeemer. Japenese Order of the Rising Sun.
Serbian Order of the White Eagle. Romanian Order of the Crown of Roumania.
Cameron, John S., Engineer, Mercantile Marine
w. Cameron, William D., Private, R.Innis. Fus.
w. Campbell, Alan. J, . Brig-Gen , D.S.O., R.I Army.
Campbell, Douglas, 2nd Lieutenant, R. Engineers
Campbelll, Robert .A.B., Private, Canadians.
k. Cochrane, George, Private, R.I.Rifles
Cox, Edward Orme, Captain, Indian Army.
w. Cox, John H, South Africans
Cox, Thomas O., Sergeant, Canadians.
Coyles, Alexander, Private, R.I.Rifles
Coyles, John, Stoker, R. Navy
w. Craig, James, Private, R.I.Rifles
k. Dixon, Alexander, PrivateR.I.Rifles
Douglas, Archer, Mercantile Marine
Douglas, Keevers, Mercantile Marine
m. Douthart, John, Private, R.Innis. Fus.
w. Dunlop, Alexander, Sergeant, R.Innis. Fus.
Dunlop, Frank, Private, R.I.Rifles.
w. Dunlop, William J., Sergeant, R.I.Rifles
Ellison, Daniel, R.G.A.
French, Walter, Mercantile Marine
Gage, Alexander, Chaplain, Royal Navy
Gage, Alexander, S.G., Tank Corps
k. Gage, John, 2nd Lieutenant, R.Innis. Fus.
w. Gage, Richard, F.O.D., 2nd Lieutenant, M.C., R. Engineers
Gage, Robert, 2nd Lieutenant, R.F. Artillery
w. Galloway, James, Private, R.I.Rifles
w. Galloway, William J., Private, R.I.Rifles
Hamill, Alexander, Private, A.S.C., M.T.
w. Hargy, Robert, Private, R.I.Rifles
w. Harrison, Arthur, Sergeant, Canadians
Harvey, G, Major, A.S.C.
Hill, Frank, Private, R.I.Rifles
w. Holmes, Arthur, Private, R.I.Rifles
w. Humphreys, Fred, 2nd Lieutenant, R.Innis Fus.
Humphreys, J.J., Lieutenant, R.N.R.
Humphreys, Thomas V. , Chief Engineer, R.N.Trans. S.
Hunter, Arthur P, Sergeant, R.Innis. Fus.
Hunter, Richard E., Private, A.S.C.M.T.Canadians
Hutchinson, George, Captain, R. Innis. Fus.
Hutchinson, Samuel J., Corporal, R.I.Rifles
Jamison, John, Corporal, R.I.Rifles
w. Jenkins, Thomas G., Private, Irish Guards
Johnstone, Jasper B, Captain, A.S.C.M.T.
w. Kane, James F., Sergeant, R.I.Rifles
k. Laverty, Patrick, Private, R.I.Rifles
w. Lyle, Sydney J, Captain, M.C., R.I.Rifles
Macartney, J.J., Private, Gunner, R.F.Artillery
Macartney, Thomas J., Private, R.I.Rifles
Meabank, George, Sergeant, R.I.Rifles.
Miller, Charles Blois, Captain, C.B., Legion of Honour, Croix D’Officier,
Royal Navy.
Morgan, William J., Canadians
k. McCafferty, George, Private, R.I.Rifles
k. McCafferty, John, Corporal, R.I.Rifles
McCollam, John, Canadians
McCurdy, Daniel, Private, R.I.Rifles
McCurdy, Henry, Canadians
McCurdy, John, Private, R.I.Rifles
w. McFall, Robert, Private, R.I.Rifles
McGaghy, Henry, Private, R.I.Rifles
w. McGaghy, James, Private, R.Innis. Fus.
k. McGildowny, William, Major, D.S.O.,R.F.Artillery
McIreavy, Daniel, Private, R.I.Rifles
McKay, William, Private, M.G.Trans.,A.S.C.
McKendry, Alexander, New Zealanders
k. McKendry, Hugh, Private, R.I.Rifles
McKendry, John, Private, R.I.Rifles
McKendry, William, Private, Scottish Horse
McKinney,William, J.R.I.Rifles
McLarty, Frank, Private, M.M., Croix De Guerre, R.I.Rifles
McLaughlin, Edward, Private, R.I.Rifles
k. McLaughlin, Patrick, Private, R.I.Rifles
w. McLaughlin, William (Jnr.) Private, R.I.Rifles
McLaughlin, William (Senr). , Corporal, R.I.Rifles
McLean, John, Private, R.I.Rifles
k. McLean, Nathaniel, American Army
McMullen, James, Sergeant, Canadians
McMullen, John, Private, R.I.Rifles
k. McMullen, William, Private, R.I.Rifles
w. Neill, Moore, Canadians
w. Noble, R.S.H., 2nd Lieutenant, R.I.Rifles
w. Parkhill, James , Private, R.I.Rifles
Parkhill, John, Private, R.A.M.C.
k. Parkhill, Joseph, Private, R.I.Rifles
Quigg, Frank, R.A.S.
Quigg, John, Private, R.I.Rifles
Quigg, William, Private, Australians
Sewell, H.S., Brig-General, D.S.O., Legion of Honour
k. Simpson, Hugh, Private, R.I.Rifles
Simpson, James, American Army
k. Simpson, John, Private, R.I.Rifles
Smith, William, Private, R.I.Rifles
Spence, Charles K.P, Canadians
Townsley, William J, Royal Navy
Walker R.L, London Irish Rifles
Walker, William, 2nd Lieutenant, M.G.Corps
Wilson, John, Royal Navy
w. Wilson, Robert G, Sergeant, R.I.Rifles
Woodside, Daniel, eg., Q.M. Sergeant, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry.
k.- Killed, w-Wounded, m.- Missing.

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