Morning News March 1891

Belfast National Committee

Substainment of the Irish Parliamentary Party



In accordance with the resolution passed at the meeting on Wednesday evening in St Mary’s Hall, the secretaries attended on Thursday night from 7.30 to 9.30, when their energies were taxed to the utmost in enrolling the gentlemen who signified their approval of the establishment in Belfast of a National Committee in Sustainment of the Irish Parliamentary Party in its opposition to the Parnell Leadership Committee. The following names have been handed to us for publication. A further list will appear early next week. The Secretaries will attend at St Mary’s Hall to-morrow (Sunday) from 2 to 4 o’clock for the purpose of receiving additional names to the list.

Rev. J.O’Connor, Admin, St Mary’s, President of Belfast National League.
Rev. R Smith, C.C., St Mary’s.
Rev. R.J. Murphy, C.C., St Mary’s.
Rev. D M’Cashin,C.C. Admin, St Malachy’s.
Rev. A Quinn,C.C. St Malachy’s.
Rev. Geo. Crolly,C.C. St Malachy’s.
Rev. J Quinn, C.C.St Malachy’s.
Rev. W M’Court,C.C., St Malachy’s.
Rev. J. M’Cartan, C.C., St Patrick’s.
Rev. Joseph Burns, C.C, St Patricks.
Rev. Bernard Faloona, Sacred Heart Church.
Rev. ThoS. O’Donnell, C.C., St Peter’s.
Rev. Fras. M’Bride, C.C., St Peter’s.
Rev. J. Campbell, C.C, St Peter’s.
Rev. B. M’Garry, C.C., St Peter’s.
Rev. J. M’Ardle, Adm., St Paul’s.
Rev. H. Bateson, C.C., St Paul’s.
Rev. H. Laverty, C.C., St Paul’s.
Rev. J. M’Ilvenny, Admin. St Joseph’s.
Rev. E. Quinn, C.C., St Joseph’s.
Rev. Jas. Hamill, P.P., Whitehouse,
Rev. Daniel M’Alister, C.C., Whitehouse.
Rev. J. M’Cambridge, C.C., St Matthew’s.
Rev. J.Donnelly, C.C., St Matthew’s.
Rev. F.Digney, C.C., St Matthew’s.
Edward Hughes, J.P., College Square North.
Bernard Hughes, do
M R O’Malley, M.D., J.P., Clarence Place.
N.J. M’Donnell, M.D., Falls Road.
Joseph Macauley, Solicitor, Royal Avenue.
Joseph Carr, Solicitor, Donegall Street.
Patk Sheals, Solicitor, do
Peter Macauley, LL.D, Solicitor, Royal Avenue.
W.J.M’Cormac, Professor St Malachy’s College.
P.J. Kelly, B.L.
J.B. Moore, M.B., Mountpottinger road.
T J Hanna, Castlereagh Street.
Alex M’Alister, Architect, Clarence Place.
W H Campbell, Loretto Cottage, Castlereagh Road.
Chas. M’Lorinan, Royal Avenue.
Philip Duffy, Corporation Street.
Patrick Dempsey, Linen Hall Hotel.
Edward M’Hugh, Richmond, Antrim Road.
Wm O’Hare, Old Lodge Road.
Joseph Mulholland, Adela Terrace, Antrim Road.
Felix O’Hagan, Richmond, Antrim Road.
Daniel O’Doherty, 13 Bristol Road.
John Murphy, 35 College Street.
Jas. Murphy, senior, 35 College Street.
John P Burke, Garfield Street.
Nicholas Marron, Citadel, Cromac Street.
Chas J Dempsey, Richmond, Antrim Road.
John Griffith, Divis Street.
John Kelly, Peter’s Hill.
John Crilly, Falls Road.
Joseph Devlin, 14 Hamill Street.
Constantine O’Neill, Hy-Nial, Falls Road.
Patk Monaghan, 103 Divis Street.
Jas M’Cann, Falls Road.
Edward Mayne, 3 Leeson Street.
John M’Cann, 47 Falls Road.
John Doherty, 43 Falls Road.
Richard Loughran, 30 and 32 Edward Street.
Matthew Mullan, Millfield.
Jas. O’Neill, Milford Street.
John Mulholland, jun., Milford Street.
Michael Carr, 33 Laburnam terrace, Antrim Road.
Arthur M’Ardle, Allworthy avenue, Antrim Road.
Aaron Clarke, Mountpottinger Road.
Peter Connery, Short Strand.
Patk M’Govern, Beachfield Street.
Peter Brady, York Street.
Henry M’Nally, Albert Street.
Wm Hewson, Divis Street.
Robert May, Annadale Street.
George Taylor, 18 and 20 Berry Street.
Chas Devlin, 14 Hamill Street.
Patk Kerr, Falls Road.
Thos. A Mullan, Peter’s Hill.
John M’Enhill, Peter’s Hill.
Neal Dempsey, 6 St Paul’s Terrace.
John Gormley, Institution Place.
Jas. Teague, Lettuce Hill.
Jas M’Kay, 3 Mill Street.
J J M’Donnell, Architect, Chichester Street.
John Byrne, Rosemary Street.
John Lavery, New King Street.
John Lavery, jun., New King Street.
Francis Scott, Cullingtree Road.
Jas M’Cann, California Street.
John Magee, 7 Balkan Street.
Jas M’Mahon, Crumlin Road.
Philip Murphy, 6 Hamill Street.
Robert M’Alister, Antrim Road.
Thos Bowen, 3 Hamill Square.
John Bowen, 3 Hamill Square.
Michael Sheals, Broadway.
Jas Brady, Ormeau Road.
Joseph Monaghan, 103 Divis Street.
Jas J O’Neill, jun., Milford Street.
Patk Loughrey, Waterford Street.
Patk Finnegan, Ardmoulin Street.
Philip Finnigan, Ardmoulin Street.
John Dempsey, 6 St Paul’s Terrace.
J Byrne, 1 York Street.
Patk Murphy, 15 Donegall Place.
Michael Carr, Albert Street.
John Pollock, 53 King Street.
Wm Bunting, Millfield.
Andrew Donnelly, Rosemary Street.
Arthur Close, 28 Servia Street.
Bernard Crilly, 28 Servia Street.
Wm Weir, M’Millan’s place.
Chas Doherty, 65 Millfield.
Daniel Doherty, 65 Millfield.
Jas Doherty, 65 Millfield.
Francis Hughes, 83 Carrickhill.
John M’Conville, 4 Brown’s Row.
Francis Kelly, Springfield Road.
Patk M’Aree, 17 Wineavern Street.
Edward Gregory, 9 Cyprus Street.
Daniel Gregory, 9 Cyprus Street.
John Flynn, 4 Kennedy’s entry.
Patrick Leonard, 26(?) Millfield.
John Parker, 33 Derby Street.
Neal Convery, 40 Divis Street.
Wm Gregory, 62 Milford Street.
Fras M’Kernon, 35 Samuel Street.
Fras Prunty, 32 Carrickhill.
Jas Prunty, 7 Emily Place.
Joseph Gorman, 22 Gilford Street.
John Ranahan, 27 Russell Street.
Bernard O’Reilly, 19 Marquis Street.
Bernard Neeson, 17 Albertbridge Road.
Jas M’Glade, 20 Cromac Street.
John M’Glade, Albertbridge Road.
Thos M’Sherry, 22 Cromac Street.
Jas Ryan, Short Strand.
Patk M’Glade, 20 Cromac Street.
Chas Cushley, 43 Albert Street.
Patk Mallaghan, 5 Ardmullin Street.
Neal M’Grogan, 10 Lancaster Street.
John Mulholland, 10 Lancaster Street.
John Kinsella, 10 John Street.
Patk Daly, 24 Albert Street.
Patk O’Connor, 38 Irwin Street.
Joseph Donnelly, 16 Millar’s Lane.
Terence O’Reilly, 14 Colin Street.
John M’Evoy, 51 Cullingtree Road.
Bernard M’Ateer, 60 Smithfield.
John Lennon, 19 Chapel Lane.
Wm J Kavanagh, 99 Millfield.
Patk Monaghan, 1 Cranston Place.
Thomas Harvey, 12 Kennedy’s Row.
George M’Crory, 172 Smithfield.
John Lynn, 3 Smithfild.
Arthur Higgins, 11 Pound Street.
Wm J M’Coy, 86 Smithfield.
John M’Coy, 86 Smithfield.
Bernard M’Coy, 29 Chichester Street.
Wm J Egan, 3 Kennedy’s Row.
John O’Hagan, 54 Smithfield.
John M’Conville, 75 and 76 Smithfield.
Chas M’Coy, 86 Smithfield.
Thomas Hughes, 8 Kennedy’s Row.
Patk M’Atamney, 5 Kennedy’s Row.
Chas Curley, 7 Kennedy’s Row.
Wm Butler, 2 Kennedy’s Row.
Jas M’Keown, 35 Lawther Street.
John Lemon(Lennon?), jun., Scotland Street.
Bernard Neeson, Springfield Road.
Jas Cummins, 43 Springfield Road.
Jas Murray, Albert Street.
Patk M’Shane, 34 Alexander Street West.
Hugh M’Shane, 7 Gilford Street.
Terence O’Neill, 10 Patrick Street.
Jas. Lavery, 3 Scotland Street.
Wm Carney, 21 Smithfield.
Michael Higgins, 11 Pound Street.
Thos M’Mahon, 22 Sydney Street.
Francis Cunningham, 13 Samuel Street.
Peter Kelly, 78 Union Street.
Patk M’Ilroy, 50 Carrickhill.
Robt M’Wade, 189 Grosvenor Road.
John Lavery, King Street.
Patk Kavanagh, 99 Millfield.
Wm Kerr, 68 Falls Road.
M Darcy, 66 Falls Road.
Wm Rea, 24 Boundary Street.
Felix Corr, 18 Alexander Street West.
John M’Neill, 94 Milford Street.
M Connelly, 117 M’Donnell Street.
Jas Gordon, 48 Carrickhill.
Joseph Gordon, 48 Carrickhill.
Michael M’Aree, 17 Winetavern Street.
Daniel Skelly, 39 Boyd Street.
James O’Boyle, 181 Divis Street.
Henry Burns, 181 Divis Street.
Daniel M’Cann, 181 Divis Street.
P M’Cann, 24 Lady Street.
Richd Carney, 21 Smithfield.
Jas Leanon, 19 Chapel Lane.
Owen O’Hanlon, 14 Kennedy’s Row.
Wm M’Kenna, 16 Barrack Street.
Wm Egan, 16 Smithfield.
A Donnelly, 16 Rosemary Street.
Richard Reddy, 33 Samuel Street.
Chas M’Quillan, 28 Smithfield.
Thos Rogers, 7 Divis Street.
Wm Cromie, 3 Little Sackville Street.
Jas Magee, 95 Millfield.
Wm Gorman, 4 Kennedy’s Row.
Peter Rogers, 33 Smithfield.
P Delaney, 6 Little Donegall Street.
Chas Farrell, 12 Frere Street.
P Harkin, 15 Winetavern Street.
John Macauley, 7 Ton Street.
P M’Laughlin, Ross Street.
M Mulvenna, Milford Street.
John Donnelly, 22 Elliot’s Row.
Bernard Tate, 126 Raglan Street.
M Donnelly, 43 Pound Street.
John Copeland, Strandmillis Road.
P M’Sherry, 64 Albert Street.
John Harkin, 20 West Street.
Joshua O’Hare, Burns Court.
Nicholas Carney, 21 Smithfield.
Thos Kelly, 2 Institution Place.
Hugh Pollock, 53 King Street.
Henry M’Kinney, 21 Durham Street.
John Ward, 2 Hamill Street.
Jas M’Keown, 49 York Street.
John Milligan, 63 Verner Street.
Joseph Delaney, 8 Lemon Street.
Michl Patterson, 16 Scotch Street.
Wm O’Brien, 62 Milford Street.
Andrew M’Sherry, 5 St Paul’s Terrace.
John M’Cardle, New Lodge Road.
Peter Delaney, 6 Sevastapol Street.
Stewart M’Keown, Lawther Street.
Hugh M’Keown, Lawther Street.
Jas Scullion, 183 and 184 York Street.
Edwd M’Namee, 8 Scotland Street South.
Joseph Quinn, 41 Durham Street
Jas Garland, sen,, 13 Belgrade Street.
Jas Garland, jun., 13 Belgrade Street.
Patrick Lynch, Hamilton Street.
Denis M’Elhinny, 197 Old Lodge Road.
Thos M’Elhinny, 197 Old Lodge Road.
Wm Meighan, 36 Milford Street.
Edward Hall, 24 Scotch Street.
Patrick M’Ellhinny, 17 Court Street.
Thomas Delaney, 192 North Street.
Thos Maginn, 19 Townsend Street.
John F M’Kenna, 21 Earl Street.
Michael Sands, 30 Abercorn Street North.
Richard Loughran, 12 Scotland Street South.
B Duff, 1 Scotland Street South.
Francis Bunting, 159 Millfield.
Owen Kerr, 12 Cape Street.
P J Kerr, 12 Cape Street.
Joseph Heany, 7 Masserene Street..
John M’Clean, 99 Cyprus Street.
Andrew M’Shane, 7 Ross Place.
John Kelly, 2 Kildare Street.
Thos Hillman, 43 Hamill Street.
Michl. M’Gonagle, 8 Institution Place.
Henry M’Shannon, 241 York Street.
Frank O’Rawe, 241 York Street.
Patrick Mulholland, 241 York Street.
Dan M’Shannon, 2 Garmoyle Street.
Jas M’Gouran, 2 Garmoyle Street.
Patrick Maguire, 16 Coates Street.
Hugh M’Quillan, 26 Chapel Lane.
Robt. Lennon, 19 Chapel Lane.
Stephen Crilly, 57 Millfield.
S C Clelland, 32 Divis Street.


Patrick Whyte, 54 Raglan Street.
Henry Reid, 21 Getty Street.
Edward Whyte, 11 Ardilaun Street.
John Smyth, 6 Servia Street.
Arthur Byrne, 107 Dover Street.
Daniel Byrne, 107 Dover Street.
Arthur Magin, 42 Smithfield.
A M’Inerney, do
John Maginn, 104 Divis Street.
John Tumelty, 44 Lower Clonard Street.
Thos Tumelty, do
Thos Tumelty, 10 lower Clonard Street.
Jas Hyland, 25 Spinner Street.
Wm Harvey, 6 Joy Street.
Jas Martin, 52 Dunville Street.
Hugh Martin, do
J Rooney, Winecellar Entry, High Street.
J Woods, 10 Orr’s Entry.
P M’Cormack, 57 Divis Street.
John Smyth, 74 Divis Street.
J M’Clean Smyth, do
Joseph Smyth, do
Wm Rawe, Academy Street.
P Quinn, 63 Sussex Street.
M Loughran, 17 Winetavern Street.
P Bradley, 44 Bank Street.
William M’Keown, 34 Lower Clonard Street.
Bernard Flannigan, 22 Lower Clonard Street.
Henry M’Grane, 8 Lower Clonard Street.
Patrick M’Donnell, 7 Lower Clonard Street.
James M’Keown, 46 irvine Street.
Dan M’Loughlin, 5 Peel Street.
Hugh Hanna, 20 Sevastapol Street.
Edward Gilmore, 13 Ross Street.
Hugh Maguire, 21 Spinner Street.
Bernard Cosgrove, 19 Spinner Street.
Patrick Mullan, 11 Spinner Street.

William Crossan, Broadway.
Patrick Mooney, 55 Falls Road.
Michael M’Call, 12 Lower Clonard Street.
Robert M’Call, 12 Lower Clonard Street.
James Lavery, 27 Lower Clonard Street.
Francis Lavery, 27 Lower Clonard Street.
Francis Cassidy, 15 Peel Street.
Bernard Cassidy, 15 Peel Street.
John Cassidy, 15 Peel Street.
William Robinson, 3 Lemon Street.
Matthew Cassidy, 23 Mary Street.
James Sheridan, 36 English Street.
F J M’Donnell, 7 Lower Clonard Street.
Henry M’Kee, 13 Lower Clonard Street.
James Lemon, 118 Raglan Street.
William M’Adam, 60 Alexander Street West.
Robert Mulholland, 141 Albert Street.
James M’Clean, 99 Cyprus Street.
James M’Call, 29 Sevastapol Street.
James Kelly, 31 Norfolk Street.
Joseph Daly, 27 Balaclava Street.
James Maguire, 5 Spinner Street.
Patrick Monaghan, 92 Cullingtree Road.
Thomas Logan, 5 Ardmoulin street.
John Montague, 7 Lower Clonard Street.
John M’Donnell, 7 Lower Clonard Street.
John Boyle, 23 Sevastapol Street.
Henry Early, 31 Derby Street.
Frank O’Neill, 32 Linden Street.
Joseph O’Neill, 11 Abercorn Street.
Wm Donnelly, 34 Sultan Street.
Jas Sweeny, 60 Irwin Street.
Francis Ward, 1 Roumania Street.
Bernard Milligan, 18 Bryson Street.
J Curran, 21 Newtownards Road.
Henry M’Kenna,31 Pound Street.
Hugh Barkley, 51 Leeson Street.
Constantine Fegan, 32? Gresham Street.
John Rawe, 39 Institution Place.
Terence O’Hare, Falls Road.
Thos O’Hare, do
James Kane, 59 Falls Road.
James Gilmore, 28 Ship Street.
Patrick Magill, 44 Dunville Street.
Thos. Robinson, Peel Street.
Francis Hamilton, 81 Union Street.
Thos. Hamilton, 41 Winetavern Street.
John Cunningham, 173 North Street.
James H Taylor, 18 and 20 Berry Street.
Patrick M’Cormick, 44 Milford Street.
James Kearney, 19 Theodore Street.
Patrick Fitzpatrick, 34 English Street.
Francis Collins, 17 Nail Street.
Thos. M’Cormick, 44 Milford Street.
Edward M’Peake, 48 Bow Street.
Wm Downey, 112 Hughes’ Building.
Jas M’Kee, 52 Springview Street.
Jas Mackin, 30 York Lane.
Robert Kelly, 19 Graham’s place, Ballymacarrett.
Jas Deane, 114 Albert Street.
Terence Gilmore, 5 Barrack Street.
Hugh M’Neill, 14 Omar Street.
Hugh Rogan, 37 Lincoln Avenue.
Jas Mullan, 9 Gilford Street.
Patrick Mullan, 91 Millfield.
John Flanigan, 140 Divis Street.
H M’Kavanagh, 11 Townsend Street.
John M’Guigan, 6 Barrack Street.
Jas Conlon, 70 Raglan Street.
Edward J Lennon, John Street.
Jas Magee, 40 Durham Street.
Francis M’Kenna, 3 Scotch Street.
George M’Grory, Smithfield.
John M’Grory, do
Michael M’Grory, do
Thomas M’Cann, 25 Francis Street.
Jas Quinn, 41 Craigavad Street.
Bernard Pollock, 58 King Street.
John Pollock, do
Henry Kennedy, 4 Ormonde Street.
Robert Kennedy, 4 Ormonde Street.
Robert Kennedy, 22 Peel Street.
Jas Donnelly, 3 Mullan’s Place,
Wm Kerr, Francis Street.
Jas Dolway, Mill Street.
Jas Duffy, 3 Mullan’s Place
Thomas Duffy, Trafalgar Street.
Jas M’Conville, jun.,, Smithfield.
Joseph Garvey, Divis Street.
Bernard Devine, Hughes’ Building.
Owen O’Donoghue, Willowbank.
Edward Maguire, 24 Eliza Street.
Stephen M’Kenna, 1 Great Patrick Street.
J M’Kenna & Sons, Donegall place, and York Street.
Jas Patterson, 181 Grosvenor Street.
Jas Cassidy, 114 Nelson Street.
Joseph Kavanagh, 20 Barrack Street.
Thomas Quinn, Little George’s Street.
Patrick Garvey, Divis Street.
Joseph O’Neill, 11 M’Kibbin’s Court.
Matthew M’Glennon, 13 Winetavern Street.
W Dornan, 18 Francis Street.
John Campbell, 24 Russell Street.
John Macauley, Alfred Street.
Daniel Forde, 33 Nail Street.
Patrick Colligan, Steele Street.
Terence Colligan, do
Edward Kelly, Boundary Street.
Myles Garvey, Divis Street.
Edward Gilliland, Barrack Street.
Patrick M’Caffrey, Hamill Street.
Patrick M’Cusker, Smithfield.
John Rawe, Institution Place.
Arthur Moore, Francis Street.
Ed J Kavanagh, 22 Barrack Street.
Jas Corbett, 50 Falls Road.
John Marlow, 49 Durham Street.
Peter Clarke, 5 Whitehall Court.
Jas Hughes, do
Henry Kelly, 12 Pond Street.
John M’Cann, 7 Derby Street.
John Gorman, Albert Street.
Jas Nelson, 26 Alexander Street West.
Jas Murray, 58 Carrickhill.
Patk M’Fall, 78 Peter’s Hill.
Patk Heron, do
Bernard Kelly, 11 St Paul’s Terrace.
Fras Kelly, 10 New Dock Street.
Patk Prunty, 32 Carrick hill
Fra Mullan, 75 Carrick Hill
Wm Fielding, do
Patk Clarke, do
Thos Carney, 21 Smithfield.
P J M’Cormack, 33 Francis Street.
Fras M’Connell, 17 Pound Street.
John Ward, 23 Lagan Street.
David Rice, 21 do
Wm Molloy, 78 Stanfield Street.
Henry O’Neill, 1 Barrack Street Court.
John Elmore, 22 Divis Street.
Jas Foy, 36 Milan Stret.
J Aicken, 138 Albert Terrace.
Jas Keenan, 107 Cullingtree Road.
Thos Hogan, 106 Joy Street.
J Magee, 8 Pound Street.
Patk Magee, do
J Smyth, 11 Ardmoulin Street.
Edward Hamilton, 24 Samuel Street.
George M’Keath, 31 Winetavern Street.
Thos Rafferty, 31 Raglan Street.
Bernard Molloy, 13 Station Street.
Jas M’Kernan, 3 Raglan Street.
Jas M’Cormack, 86 Raglan Street.
Patk Ferris, 48 Raglan Street.
Ennis Toland, 68 Balkan Street.
P J Glasgow, 13 Trinity Street.
Andrew Macauley, 35 Divis Street.
Oliver Macauley, 35 Walnut Street.
Thos M’Cullough, 33 Derby Street.


Daniel Byrne, 14 Marlborough Street.
Jas Macklin, 62 Falls Road.
Patk Quinn, West Street.
Wm M’Keever, Hamill Square.
Patrick M’Keown, 35 Lawther Street.
Joseph Keenan, 46 New Lodge Road.
Pat O’Connor, 12 Shankhill Road.
J Ferguson, Great Patrick Street.
Thos Quinn, Springfield Road.
Wm Johnston, 98 Albertbridge Road.
Alex Mitchell, Millar’s Lane.
Wm Fields, 11 Kennedy’s Row.
Joseph Magee, 16 ½ Millar’s Lane.
Patk Griffith, 20 Cromac Street.
John Quigley, Carrick hill.
Joseph Kelly, do
John Mallon do
Jas Muldoon, do
Hugh M’Ilroy, do
Patk Murray, do
Patk Murray, do
Patk Cassidy, do
Chas Dempsey, do
Constantine M’Avoy, 21 Cavendish Street.
Patk Toland, 68 Balkan Street.
Thos Toland, 68 Balkan Street.
Thos M’Court, 44 Raglan Street.
Jas Kinley, 33 Raglan Street.
Michl Marley, 37 Raglan Street.
Wm Ward, 22 New King Street.
Henry Byrne, 20 Cranburn Street.
Jas Hughes, 20 Cranburn Street.
John Morrison, Cupar Street.
Robert Nelson, 26 Alexander Street West.
Richd M’Manus, 53 and 55 Millfield.
David Nelson, 26 Alexander Street West.
Michl M’Aree, 17 Winetavern Street.
Richd Carney, 21 Smithfield.
John Close, 9 Peel Street.
Wm Gorman, 17 Smithfield.
Chas Burns, 46 Divis Street.
Patk Molloy, Mary Street.
Patk Corry, 73 Divis Street.
John Doyle, 1 Currell Court.
Jas Quinn, 3 Hamill Place.
Jas Cullen, 146 Albert Street.
Edwd Farrell, Cullingtree Road.
Henry O’Neill, Samuel Street.
Wm Rafferty, Cullingtree Road.
Hugh Maguire, 61 Carrick hill.
Francis Campbell, 61 do
Wm Gilmore, 107 Millfield.
John Magner, 79 Carrick hill.
Jas Denham, 75 do
Jas Dolway, 131 Divis Street.
Michl Dolway, do
Patk M’Glade, Lettuce Hill.
Jas Dean, 114 Albert Street.
Dan Shields, 110 Albert Street.
Pat M’Grogan, 110 do
Mick Downey, Pound Street.
Peter M’Corry, 58 Alexander Street West.
Wm Clark, do
John Clark, do
Jas M’Manus, Hamill Street.
John M’Manus, do
Wm John Duffy, 25 Winetavern Street.
Patk M’Aleese, Lincoln Avenue.
John Rafferty, Mill Street.
Jas Cavana, Hamill Street.
John Cavana, West Street
Thos Devlin, Kildare Street.
Laurence Magennis, Lagan Street.
John M’Donnell, Macauley Street.
Thos Savage, North Street.
Joseph Leonard, Raphael Street.
John M’Kay, do
Robert Nolan, do
John M’Grillen, Lagan Street.
Henry Clark, Hamill Street.
Wm John Clark, do
Thos Hamilton, Winetavern Street.
Chas Monaghan, 103 Divis Street.
Jas Clarke, sen., Whitehall Court.
John O’Connor, 53 Smithfield.
Jas M’Burney, 18 Winetavern Street.
Dan M’Avoy, 7 Francis Street.
Wm O’Neill, 20 Winetavern Street.
Dan M’Crory, Scotland Street.
Patrick Kavanagh, 99 Millfield.
Pat M’Quitty, Alton Street.
Thos Hughes, Park Street.
Thos Moore, Columba Street.
Hugh Connolly, Durham Place.
Thos M’Crory, Scotland Street.


Edward Kearns, Francis Street.
Frank Fanney, Nail Street.
Wm M’Cullough, Francis Street.
Charles Hamill, Great Patrick Street.
Wm Mullen, Millfield.
Thos M’Aleese, do
Wm O’Neill, Great George’s Street.
Arthur Moore, Francis Street.
Thos Cook, West Street.
Mick Connolly, Boundary Street.
Francis Loughran, Millfield.
Robert Gilliland, Boundary Street.
John Quinn, Millfield.
Bernard Mullen, 68 Smithfield.
James M’Niel, 26 Sydney Street.
Thos Devlin, 29 do
Jas Flannigan, 11 Clonard Street.
George Whyte, 54 Raglan Street.
Edward Tear, 17 Cavendish Street.
Wm J Crean, 7 Theresa Street.
Jas Hamilton, 16 Winetavern Street.
Bernard Cullen, 90 Divis Street.
Jas Lavery, 72 Albert Street.
Jas Quin, 35 Lavinia Street.
Edward Dougherty, Carrick hill.
Thos Hamilton, 16 Winetavern Street.
Jas Hamilton, jun., do
John Hamilton, do
Michael M’Nally, Carrick hill.
John Grainger, Union Street.
Daniel Faloon, 23 Samuel Street.
John Hilland, 14 Winetavern Street.
Daniel Loughrey, Divis Street.
Jas King, 45 Smithfield.
Thos M’Henry, 110 Ravenhill Road.
Frank Devlin, sen., 106 do
Frank Devlin, jun., do
Jas Lynn, 30 do
Wm O’Neill, 50 Mill Street.
Edward Kerr, 128 Milford Street.
Wm Cadden, 57 Divis Street.
Wm Delaney, do
Jas Henry, do
John M’Aree, 39 Ton Street.
Patrick Headley, 3 Smithfield.
George Headley, 4 do
Michael M’Aree, senior, 17 Winetavern Street.
John Blaney, 16 Alexander Street West.
Robt M’Keown, 14 Sydney Street.
Henry Kelly, senior, 12 Pound Street.
Thos Connor, 36 Bank Street.
Francis Campbell, 5 Artillery Street.
Jas Murray, 33 Winetavern Street.
John Nolan, 37 do
Jas Hickey, 9 Balkan Street.
Michael Hickey, do
Andrew Mallon,15 Gardner Street.
Thos M’Anearney, 91 Ross Street.
Patrick M’Anearney, do
Jas M’Kenna, 31 Pound Street.
Thos M’Kee, 13 Ann Street.
John M’Kee, do
John M’Kee, jun., do
Francis M’Ilvenny, 50 Cavendish Street.
Michael Hatton, Queen’s Square.
Thos Begley, 26 Leeson Street.
Peter Carroll, 55½ Clonard Terrace, Falls Road.
Wm M Keating, 14 Dunlewy Street.
James Brennan, jun., do
Laurence O’Toole, Springfield.
Chas Meekin, Ballymacarrett.
John Quinn, Lr Clonard Street.
Owen Donnelly, do
Daniel Gillen, Spinner Street.
Hugh Patk M’Keown, Broadway.
John Farrell, 47 Falls Road.
John Maguire, Dunlewy Street.
Thos Manning, 18 Frere Street.
Patk M’Greevy, 90 Boundary Street.
Henry O’Neill, 27 Waterford Street.
John Kelly, 24 Linden Street.
Patk Trainor, 38? Cavendish Street.
Bernard J Wright, 156 Falls Road.
Thos Graham, 18 Waterford Street.
Alex Graham, do
Joseph Graham, do
John O’Neill, 31 Cape Street.
John O’Neill, 24 Linden Street.
Wm Gregory, 12 Milford Street.
Francis Quinn, Bloomfield.
Patk Clancy, 79 Harding Street.
Edward M’Crudden, 7 Whitehall Court.
Thomas M’Areavey, do
John M’Aree, Ton Street.
John O’Reilly, Albert Street.
Thomas M’Corry, 70 Divis Street.
Patrick A Laughlin, 5 Quadrant Street.
Daniel O’Neill, 27 Samuel Street.
Edward Kelly, Lagan Village.
Thomas Duffy, New Lodge Road.
James Owens, 13 Durham Street.
James Ferguson, 8 Stewart Street.
Bernard Starkey, Hughes’ Buildings.


James M’Cabe, ???
John M’Cusker, 18 Crane Court.
Francis M’Gahan, 13 Alma Street.
John Nelson, 26 Alexander Street West.
James Quinn, Medway Street.
Thomas M’Nally, 273 Newtownards Road.
Bernard Carr, Hamill Street.
John O’Reilly, 9 Colligan Street.
James Treanor, do
Felix M’Astavock, 8 M’Millan’s Place.
Thomas M’Ilroy, 10 Durham Street.
William M’Curry, 70 Divis Street.
Thomas Kielty, 51 Millfield.
James Brady, 86 Balkan Street.
Owen O’Neill, 27 Samuel Street.
Robert Heany, 40 Boyd Street.
Hugh Heany, 33 Little Donegall Street.
Thomas Ferguson, Stewart Street.
James Bunting, 159 Millfield.
Patrick Kelly, Carrick Hill.
David Walsh, 32 Gardiner Street.
Patrick M’Cormick, 52 Nail Street.
Patrick Moran, 21 Upton Street.
James M’Cartney, 8 Durham place.
Alexander M’Cartney, do
Patrick M’Cartney, do
Edward M’Cartney, do
Henry Cairns, 20 Durham Street.
Richard Ferguson, 6 Stewart Street.
Joseph Murphy, 5 Cumberland Street.
Thomas Conlan, 70 Raglan Street.
Francis O’Neill, 25 Divis Street.
Patrick Maginn, Albert Street.
William M’Laughlin, 63 Castle Street.
John M’Laughlin, do


In accordance with the resolution passed at the meeting on Wednesday evening, in St Mary’s Hall, the secretaries attended on Thursday night from 7.30 till 9.30, when their energies were taxed to the utmost in enrolling the gentlemen who signified their approval of the establishment in Belfast of a National Committee in Sustainment of the Irish Parliamentary Party in its opposition to te Paernell Leadership Committee. The following second instalment of names have been handed to us for publication.

Rev M Hamill, P.P., Saintfield.
Andrew M’Erlean, solicitor.
Joseph Glennon, 32 Eliza Street.
Charles O’Connor, Cullingtree Road.
John Rooney, 2 Dawson Street.
Wm Rooney, do
John Fitzpatrick, 28 Hamilton Street.
Joseph Johnston, Little George’s Street.
James Hefferon, 136 Divis Street.
John Hefferon, Milltown.
John M’Ilmail, 1Clive (Olive?) Villas.
Charles M’Manus, Townhall Street.
Stephen M Heaney, 35 Queen Street.
Bernard Duffy, 132 Cullingtree Road.
John Duffy, do
Thomas Rowan, jun., 30 Cairns Street.
Jas Conlon, 2 Lincoln Street.
John Conlon, do
John George, 30 Balkan Street.
Jas Fitzpatrick, 29 Balkan Street.
Jas Millar, 248 York Street.
Daniel M’Mullan, 40 Peel Street.
Francis O’Neill, 25(?) Divis Street.
Patrick Mooney, 55 Falls Road.
Wm Murray, 81 Smithfield.
Jas Shannon, 15 North Queen Street.
Patk M’Kenna, 16 Market Street.
Thos Pollock, 16 Pinkerton’s Row.
John Thompson, 41 Alexander Street.
George Morrison, 16 Academy Street.
Wm Raw, 20 do
Jas Morrison, 13 New lodge Road.
Francis Cassidy, Peel Street.
Peter Lappin, 17 West Street.
Thos Cooke, 21 West Street.
Ted Quinn, 48 Prince’s Street.
H M’Clements, 9 York Street.
Archibald M’Neal, 3 do
Henry Kelly, 18 Nelson Street.
Patk M’Aleese, 8 ½ York Street.
Thos Connolly, 28 Brougham Street.
John O’Lavery, Holywood.
Jas Clegg, 50 Albert Street.
Wm Cromie, 3 Little Sackville Street.
Edward Reilly, 47 Baker Street.
Patk M’Guickan, 26 Divis Street.
Robert Parks, 18 Jude Street.
Daniel Murray, 27 Unity Street.
Joseph Henry, 104 Cromac Street.
John Shields, West Street.
Patrick M’Kavanagh, 99 Millfield.
John Kearney, 10 M’Clure Street.
Robert Armstrong, 95 Albert Street.
John Gribben, 158 Albert Street.
John Early, 31 Derby Street.
Joseph Canavan, 22 Plevna Street.
John Reilly, 172 Ross Street.
John Mallon, 52 Durham Street.
Bernard Canavan, 122 Plevna Street.
Robert George Morley, 158 Albert Street.
Chas Early, 12 Stanton Street.
Alexander M’Gready, 50 Milford Street.
Patk M’Garvey, do
Patk Donaghy, Great Georges Street.
Hugh Daly, 68 Ann Street.
John Brownrigg, 1 Great George’s Street.
Arthur Donaghy, 34 Church Lane.
Jas Cassidy, 38 Church Lane.
Jas Lennon, 19 Chapel Lane.
Patrick Donnelly, 7 John Street.
Edward Brennan, 79 Ardilea Street.
Alex M Glover, 53 Cullingtree Road.
John M’Kenna, 69 do
Joseph M’Keown, 27 Roumania Street.
Patk M’Manus, 8 Boomer Street.
Jas Quin, 68(63?) Sussex Street.
Wm Monaghan, 122 Ardilea Street.
P Brady, 85 do
J M’Guigan, 64 Chatham Street.
John Boyle, 116 Ardilea Street.
Patk Campbell, 25? Lancaster Street.
John Quin, 86? English Street.
Wm M’Dade, 16 Jude Street.
Chas Madden, 20 Scotch Street.
John M’Corry, Academy Street.
James Hackett, 82 Irwin Street.
Thomas Blayney, Little George’s Street.
Bernard E Hughes, College Square North.
John O’Neill, 28 Elliot’s Row.
John Flanigan, 5? Cyprus Street.
David Watson, Waterford Street.
Joseph Bateson, 43 Leeson Street.
Patk Dempsey, 2 St Paul’s Terrace.
Patk Mahaffy, 15 Cape Street.
John Quin, 18? Currie Street.
John Gallagher, 16 Cyprus Street.
Chas Stokesberry, Lucerne Terrace.
Bernard Dorrian, 12 Garnett Street.
P Magee, 132 Falls Road.
John Drum, 17 Garnett Street.
P M’Laughlin, 42 Malcomson Street.
George Brennan, 51 Hanna Street.
Daniel Burns, 65 Divis Street.
Jas M’Cormick, 6 Sussex Place.
Francis M’Ferran, 19 Balaclava Street.
Patk Shields, 55? Falls Road.
Jas M’Shannon, 65 Old Lodge Road.
Hugh Lynas, 17 Jude Street.
Michl Molloy, 5 Brady’s entry.
Thos Kelly, 41 Bird’s Street.
H M’Caffrey, 30 College Square North.
Patk Connolly, Cinnamon Street.
Thos Dunn, 1 Craig Street.
Owen M’Kernan, 32 Falls Road.
Robert Smyth, 79 Cullingtree Road.
Francis Hughes, 32 Plevna Street.
Wm Hughes, do
Jas Hughes, do
Patk M’Cormock, 52 Raglan Street.
Felix Dillon, 60 Raglan Street.
Thomas M’Connell, 21 West Street.
John Cochrane, 1 Kennedy’s Row.
Wm M’Quillan, 81 Carrick hill.
H P Drane, 13 Cullingtree Road.
Bernard Smyth, Springfield Terrace.
Joseph M’Nulty, 48 Lady Street.
John Brennan, 33 Carrick hill.
J Bulger, 36 Lady Street.
Robert Stewart, Barrack Street.
Michael Shevlin, Millfield.
Edward Boyle, Millar’s Lane.
Chas Starling, 10 Francis Street place.
Robt Mooney, 9 Francis Street.
Patk Cleary, NewtownardsRoad.
Wm MacMahon, 27 Winetavern Street..
Patk O’Neill, 19 Garfield Street.
John O’Rourke, 26 Smithfield.
John Kelly, 17 Garfield Street.
Joseph P Kelly, Falls Road.
John Maginn, 111 Albert Street.
Jas M’Aleese, 32 Ross Street.
Thomas Hannan, 14 West Street.
Wm Colligan, 20 Arran Street.
Michl Gregg, 13 Brook Street.
Joseph M’Camley, 50 New Lodge Road.
Terence Laverty, 136 Albert Street.
Daniel Kinney, 255 York Street.
Francis Melhan, do
Patrick M’Ginley, 37 Craigavad Street.
Jas Dogherty, 10 Falls Road.
Jas M’Anespie, 41 Milford Street.
Patk Daly, 21 Milford Street.
Hugh H M’Kane, 7 Gilford Street.
Jas M’Anespie, senr., 41 Milford Street.
Francis M’Crilly, 41 do
Joseph Collins, 13 Gilford Street.
J Hughes, 92 Millfield.
Chas Bradley, 100 Leeson Street.
George M’Ilveen, 2 Ross Street.
Jas Fitzpatrick, 34 English Street.
J M’Garrity, 15 Colligan Street.
Edward Shavlin, 30 do
Patrick Mallon, 15 Springview Street.
Thomas M’Murray, 15 do
Patrick Clarke, 38 do
John Clarke, do
Neal O’Neill, 55 Cyprus Street.
James M’Gown, 39 Spinner Street.
Patrick Monaghan, 16 Waterford Street.
John Monaghan, 16 do
Edward Heffron, 17 do
Bernard Burns, 39 do
Wm Russell, 13 Waterford Street.
Francis Toal, 20 do
Daniel Toal, do
John Smith, 26 Sevastapol Street.
John Cairns, 6 do
Wm M’Veigh, 16 Teresa Street.
George M’Veigh, do
Robert Teer, 17 Cavendish Street.
Patrick Monaghan, New street off Springfield Road.
John Mulholland, do
William Kane, 73 Balkan Street.
Charles M’Guinness, 14 M’Quillan Street.
W Thompson, Ann Street.
W O’Reilly, 16 Ross Street.
H Donnelly, 76 Servia Street.
Edward Doran, 23 Durham Place.
James Campbell, 115 M’Donnell Street.

Edward M’Crudden, White Hall Court.
James Bell(Ball?), Carls Palce.
Edward M’Enerney, 42 Divis Street.
Henry M’Kenna, 34 Pound Street.
Patrick M’Manus, 20 Boomer Street.
John M’Guckin, 28 Irwin Street.
John M’Cavanagh, 30 Grosvenor Place.
J M’Ginley, Grove Cottage, York Road.
Patrick Byrne, 33 Great Edward Street.
Henry Scullin, 148 York Street.
Hugh Morgan, 33 Great Edward Street.
Patrick M’Call, 71 Cullingtree Road.
Wm M’Nally, 10 Sydney Street.
Daniel M’Fadden, Whitla Street.
Hugh M’Crory, 6 Steels Court.
Peter Dolan, 70 Balkan Street.
Thos M’Grath, Townsend Street.
Jas M’Grath, do
Hugh Hamill, 5 do
Daniel M’Allister, 18 Derby Street.
Cornelius M’Dermott, 35 Alexander Street West.
John Lowe, senr., Beatty’s Entry.
Hugh M’Corry, 33 Alexander Street West.
Hugh M’Mullan, Cullingtree Road.
Felix M’Mullan, Moira Street.
Jas Hagans, Bow Street.
Bernard Rowan, 38 Balkan Street.
Wm Johnston, 98a Bridge Street.
Marshall O’Rorks, 1 Killen Street.
Austin Martin, 6 Millfield.
John Martin, 29 Edward Street.
Patk Marshall, 32 Balkan Street.
Peter Killen, 26 Lady Street.
John Donnelly, 28 Irwin Street.
Jas Moorhead, 91 Albert Street.
John Conlon, 92 Raglan Street.
Arthur Gilmore, 5 (6?) Barrack Street.
Samuel Devlin, Divis Street.
John Arnold, 92 Balkan Street.
Edward Flannigan, 87 Balkan Street.
Edward Jones, Ardmoulin Street.
Chas Murray, 18 Nelson Street.
Patrick Malone.
Joseph E O’Kane, 20 Divis Street.
John Connolly, Cullingtree Road.
Patrick Murray, Milford Street.
George Wright, junr., 21 College Square North.
Henry Tohall, 21 do
Francis Burns, 45 and 47 Carrick hill.
Henry Baker, 45 Carrick hill.
Henry Sullivan, 43 Sultan Street.
Wm Haughey, 42 Dunville Street.
Dominick M’Keating, 43 Great Patrick Street.
John Early, junr., 31 Derby Street.
Jas Canavan, 22 Plevna Street.
John Doran, 24 do
F O’Hagan, 134 Albert Street.
W Terence, 9 Lettuce Hill.
John Stewart, 28 Durham Street.
P M’Ilroy, 66 Divis Street.
Chas M’Ilroy, do
M Clarke, 36 Slate Street.
R Walsh, 6 Panton Street.
Patk Nagan, 14 Marchioness Street.
Hugh Devlin, Masserene Street.
Daniel Connor, Pound Street.
Patrick M’Cusker, 1 John Street.
Henry Kelly, 30 West Street.
W Matthews, Gresham Street.
James Magee, Millfield.
Hugh Devlin, 69 Divis Street.
Edward Shevlin, Killymoon buildings.
James M’Cann, 18 Nelson Street.
James Joseph Kelly, do
Patrick M’Greevy, 17 Cullingtree Road.
James Dowling, 9 St Paul’s Terrace.
J J Conway, 37 Leeson Street.
Patrick Owens, 3 Alma Street.
Archibald Dowling, 15 Hamilton Street.
Peter O’Kane, 20 Divis Street.
J J Donnelly, 5 Institution Court.
Michael Fay, 15 Lettuce Hill.
John Kelly, 52 do
Hugh Courtnay, 10 Divis Street.
Joseph Parks, 18 Jute Street.
George Wright, senr., 21 College Square North.
Joseph Burns, do
Wm Terence, 9 Lettuce hill.
Adam O’Neill, 12 Norfolk Street.
Thomas Mullan, 33 Nail Street.
Francis Collins, senr., 17 do
John Magee, 17 do
John Taylor, 36 English Street.
Edward Lewslee, 26 do
Patk M’Mahon, 24 do
James O’Kane, 100 Servia Street.
John Murray, 10 do
Chas Smyth, 23 Hamill Square.
Thomas M’Cabe, 7 Lettuce hill.
Samuel Dunn, 6 Institution Place.
George Mullan, 9 Killen Place.
Patrick Cush, 37 Cupar Street.
Peter M’Namee, 41 Great Patrick Street.
Michael Monalian(?), 41 Abysinia Street.
Joseph Murtagh, 47 Abysinnia Street.
Neal M’Ilroy, sen., 24 Durham Street.
Joseph Thompson, Ann Street.
John Montague, Patterson’s Hotel.
John Devlin, Durham Street.
Jas George, 86 Balkan Street.
John Lee, Cupar Street.
Jas Mulholland, 33 (88?) Geddis Street.
John Roden, 9 Great George’s Street.
Joseph Bradley, 100 Leeson Street.
Henry M’Caffrey, 104 Leeson Street.
Joseph Maguire, 46 Hamill Street.
Jas O’Hara, 41 Hamill Street.
John Connor, 152 Ross Street.
M M’Gee, 28 Clyde Street.
Wm Murney, 21 Hamill square.
Jas Lenaghan, 7 Little Donegal Street.
D O’Flaherty, 20 Lonsdale Street.
Owen M’Mahon, 27 Mill street.
John Macklin, 63 Smithfield.
Thomas Cunningham, 21 Wilson’s court.
Thos Coulter, 5 Masserene Street.
Patrick Donaghey, 2 Kellen’s street.
Michael Kelly, 18 Nelson Street.
John F Walsh, 8 Lonsdale Street.
Michael Davitt O’Kane, 20 Divis Street.
John Fox, 8 Jude Street.
Francis Mone, Carlisle Place.
Patrick M’Parland, 10 Jude Street.
Neill Donnelly, 96 Ann Street.
Patrick Flanagan, 8 Servia Street.
Patrick O’Connor, 38 Irwin Street.
Daniel Corrigan, 5 Townsend Street.
Jas Lewis, 6 Currel’s court.
Twenty-four members of the ‘Mandeville Flute Band’.
Anthony M’Ilroy, hon sec, do
Wm Molloy, 2 Balkan Street.
Henry Robb, 18 do
John M’Givern, 24 do
Chas Cullen, 30 do
Joseph Doran, 14 Milan Street.
Thomas Rowan, 30 Cairns Street.
J L M’Allister, LPSI, 5 Clarence Palce.
Wm M’Lorinan, 96 High Street.
Thos Picton, Great Victoria Street.
Jas M’Alister, May Street.
John Donaghy, 46 Church Lane.
Edward Malone, 74 Corporation Street.
Thos Brown, 11 Durham Place.
Andrew Quinn, 13 Sidney Street.
Samuel Meehan, 75 Birch Street.
Michael Croughane, 79 Union Street.
Michael Martin, 61 Alexander Street West.
Joseph Curran, 20 Grosvenor Place.
Joseph Collins, 13 Gilford Street.
Robt Hutchinson, 61 Alexander Street.
John M’Closkey, 30 Pound Street.
Patrick Magee, 61 Alexander Street West.
Thos Carville, 11 Derby Street.
John Sherry, 12 Leeson Street.
John Parkes, 7 John Street.
Robt Mackie, 35 Hamill Square.
Patk M’Cann, 107 Joy Street.
Peter Madden, 26 Scotch Street.
Hugh M‘Cavanagh, Grosvenor Street.
Henry M’Cann, 23 Albert Crescent,
Alex M’Glone, 53 Cullingtree Road.
Edward M’Curry, 57 and 59 do
Edward Clarke, 49 do
Jas M’Court, 4 Servia Street.
Jas O’Neill, 31 Divis Street.
Henry O’Neill, 36 Union Place.
Felix Kennedy, 5 Derby Street.
Jas O’Neill, 3 Milton Street.
W J Morrison, 3 Brooke Street.
Hugh M’Kevitt, 6 Murdoch Street.
Patrick Lynn, 35 Henry Street.
Wm M’Keever, 37 Hamill Square.
Wm Donnelly, 34 Sultan Street.
Jas Sweeney, 60 Irwin Street.
Joseph Macnamara, do
Patk Stewart, 29 Raglan Street.
John Lower, junior, 1 Beattie’s entry.
John M’Kenna, 126 Albert Street.



In accordance with the resolution passed at the meeting on Wednesday evening, 4th inst, in St Mary’s Hall, the secretaries attended on Friday night from 7.30 till 9.30, for the purpose of enrolling the gentlemen who signified their approval of the establishment in Belfast of a National Committee for the Sustainment of the Irish Parliamentary Party in its opposition to the Parnell Leadership Committee. The following further instalment of names has been handed to us for publication: -

Bernard M’Clean, 133 Donegall street.
Bernard M’Clean junr. 7 Kinnaird terrace.
John M’Areavy, Bridge End.
Jas Clarke, Graham’s place.
Edward Reilly, Fox Street.
Daniel M’Areavy, Bridge End.
Stephen M Heaney, 35 Queen Street.
Hugh Murray, 2 Divis Street.
Patk Hughes, 12 Abysinnia Street.
Jas Smyth, 28 Slate Street.
Ed M’Kenna, Townhall Street.
Chas Carson, Divis Street.
Jno M’Kenna, 176 Leeson Street.
Michael Fitzpatrick, 69 Albert Street.
Patk Trainor, 38 Cavendish Street.
Adam O’Neill, 12 Norfolk Street.
Dennis Lyons, 27 Norfolk Street.
W J M’Williams, Norfolk Street.
Jno Bloomer, 29 Norfolk Street.
Jno M’Closkey,22 Norfolk Street.
Jas M’Sorley, 29 Chichester Street.
Patk Bloomer, 109 Cyprus Street.
Patk Rooney, 9 Barrack Street.
Arthur Walsh, 11 Concord Street.
Robert Lynn, Sarah Street.
Jas Walsh, 109 Albert Street.
Jas M’Avoy, 14 Little May Street.
Jno Keenan, 11 Alma Street.
Jas Byrne, 24 Theodore Street.
Thomas M’Goldrick, 27 do
Peter M’Loughlin, 29 do
Patk M’Ilmail, York Street.
Edward M’Nally, Milford Street.
John Kelly, 46 Falls Road.
John Hart, 134 Great George’s Street.
Henry Fitzpatrick, 130 do
Wm Joseph Donagher, 6 New Lodge Road.
Jas Stewart, 12 do
Owen Woods, Dover Street.
Patk Cleary, 22 Divis Street.
John Johnston, Monument street.
Francis Mullen Dontful, Kennedy’s row.
Jas Mulholland, Townsend Street.
Edward Hughes, 51 Stephen Street.
John Morgan, North Street.
Jas Sheppard, Townsend street.
Alexander Sexton, Nelson Street.
Joseph E Carney, Spencer Street.
Patk M’Cabe, Smithfield.
John Hughes, Whiteabbey.
Michael P Harrington, Colin Street.
Christopher M’Guigan, 7 Falls Road.
Edward Hobbs, 19 English Street.
Wm Dugan, 17 Balkan Street.
Neil Murray, 12 Servia Street.
Wm Simpson, 12 Belgrade Street.
George M’Kenna, 176 Leeson Street.
Patk M’Cavana, 124 Cullingtree Road.
John Yaugh, 50 Servia Street.
Peter Trainor, 38 Cavendish Street.
Jas Rooney, 9 Barrack Street.
Patk Cox, 173 York Street.
John M’Crory, 9 New John Street.
Joseph Hawkins, 14 Little May Street.
Jas Keenan, 11 Alma Street.
Patk F Byrne, 24 Theodore Street.
Peter Ward, 5 Bread Street.
Edward M’Anulty, do
Joseph Johnston, 26 Little George’s Street.
Wm Carr, Lady Street.
J M’Guinness, do
Neal Baxter, 53 Sydney Street.
W J Muldoon, Garfield Street.
W Mahaffy, Drummond’s Court.
H O’Laney, 6 Steel Street.
Jas O’Laney, Divis Street.
Jas Cotter, Carlisle Street.
Patk M’Givern, 54 Mill Street.
Patk Kennedy, 37 Derby Street.
Wm Forde, 17 Andrew Street.
Joseph Kearns, 64 Norfolk Street.
H M’Closkey, 22 do
Jas M’Shane, 85 Albert Street.
Samuel Rooney, 9 Barrack Street.
Jas Craney, 36 Institutional Place.
Francis Curran, 27 do
Peter Keenan, 11 Alma Street.
Denis Carr, 6 M’Quillan Street.
J H Burns, 24 Theodore Street.
Andrew Smith, 12 Mill Street.
Peter Ferran, 48 Lettuce Hill.
Jas Jennings, 39 Servia Street.
Jas Smith, 41 Aaron Street.
Jas M’Keever, 14 Belgrade Street.
Jas Grant, 74 M’Donnell Street.
Bernard M’Allister, 31 and 33 Park Street.
Frank Green, Byrne’s entry.
Edward Monaghan, 13 Pound Street.
John Smith, 55 Masserene Street.
Patk M’Shane, 12 Institution Place.
Hugh Magee, Waterford Street.
John Keilty, 12 Cupar Street.
Matthew Quinn, John Street.
Patk Gilmore, Marchioness Street.
Jas Baxter, 53 Sydney Street.
John Quinn, Institution place.
Patk M’Guigan, Falls Road.
Edwd Hagan, 58 Anderson street.
Patk M’Givern, 54 Mill Street.
Bernard Corry, 39 Derby Street.
John Brennan, 33 Carrick hill.
Wm Carr, 25 Lady street.
Patk Keenan, 11 Alma Street.
Jas Smyth, 12 Mill Street.
Michael Howard, 82 Conway Street.
John M’Bride, 51 Norfolk street.
Terence Pollock, King street.
Jas Barr, 46 Lagan street.
Edwd O’Reilly, Institution place.
Chas M’Conway, Wilson’s court.
Wm M’Conway, do
Thos Kane, 11 Crown entry.
John Heaney13 Townsend street.
Jas Heaney, do
Peter Doyle, 61 Harding street.
Bernard Donnelly, Smithfield.
Jas M’Cabe, West street.
John M’Williams, 63 Durham street.
Jas Cooney, 13 Old Park Avenue.
Daniel Downey, Milton street.
Henry Mallon, Duffy’s court.
John Mallon, Boundary street.
Joseph Patk Cooney, 58 Chatham street.
Edwd Dougherty, 14 Belgrade street.
Michael J M’Cann, 3 King street.
George V Taylor, 18 and 20 Berry street.
Francis Galbraith, 32 Union street.
Edwd Corr, 107 Albert street.
Jas Connolly, 29 Little George’s street.
Edwd M’Sherry, 40 Masserene street.
F Lowe, 1 Beattie’s entry, Hamill street.
Cornelius Knox, 27 Alexander Street West.
John Smyth, 4 California Street.
Jas M’Nally, 11 Edward street.
Jas Ferguson, 61 Talbot street.
Wm O’Neill, jun., Brown’s row.
J Gillion, Corr’s lane.
Samuel Little, 10 Little Edward Street.
Jas M’Keown, 8 Dunlewy street.
Patk Leslie, 18 Abercorn Street.
Patrick Colligan, 1 Steele street.
John Breen, 30 Linden Street.
Michael Connolly, 14 Kennedy’s row.
Edward M’Shane, 10 Francis street.
Patrick Reid, 1 M’Donnell street.
Cornelius M’Parland, 57 Lincoln street.
Thomas M’Mahon, 17 Artillery street.
Wm Morriss, 10 do
Wm John Dornan, 25 North Queen street.
Wm Mullen, 218 York street.
Edward M’Cartney, 4 Little Corporation street.
Daniel Dowling, 9 St Paul’s terrace.
James Vint, Springfield avenue.
Albert P Hughes, 127 North Queen street.
Henry Savage, 18 New Bond Street.
Joseph Lee, 3 King street place.
Wm Hanratty, 38 Clonard street.
Wm Rooney, 12 Scotland Street south.
James Corr, 107 Albert Street.
Patrick Maher, 7 Andrew street.
Patrick Smyth, 55 Masserene street.
John M’Mullan, 13 Devonshire street.
Patrick M’Nally, 19 Edward Street.
Joseph Smyth, 4 California Street.
Hugh M’Court, 61 Talbot street.
Wm O’Neill, senior, Brown’s row.
? Corrigan, Corr’s lane.
John Magee, 1 Corrs Lane.
John M’Anally, 39 Edward Street.
Michael M’Keown, 149 Albert Street.
Patrick Hillan, 6 Millan street.
Wm J Lewsley, 45 Divis street.
John Malone, 9 Walsh street.
Thomas Fox, 42 Bank street.
Wm J Barry, 11 Market street.
Jaems M’Neill, 43 Alexander street west.
Terence Colligan, 1 Steele street.
Henry Savage, New Bond Street.
Patrick Greenan, Barrack street.
Edward Hagan, 5 Francis street.
Patrick M’Shane, 10 Francis Street.
Alexander Malcomson, 16 Norfolk street.
M M’Namee, 68 North street.
Hugh M’Mahon, 17 Artillery street.
D Donavan(?), 114 Spamount street.
John Donnelly, 106 Spamount street.
James Robinson, 25 Coates street.
Daniel O’Donnell, 297 North Queen street.
A M’Caughan, ? Trevelyan terrace.
John Staunton, 297 North Queen street.
Edward Palmer, 6 Hamill Street.
John Elliot, 18 Irwin street.
Joseph Peake, 1 St Paul’s terrace.
Wm Bell, Ballymurphy.
Ptk M’Mahon, 19 Cape Street.
Arthur Boyle, Pilot Street.
Wm Curran, 4 Saul Street.
Richard M’Ilvenny, 108 Albert Street.
Samuel Shaw, 52 Malcomson street.
Thomas M’Larkey, 29 Cyprus street.
Edward Corr, 107 Albert street.
Patk J Kennedy, Trainfield street.
Robt Armstrong, 95 Albert street.
James Sullivan, 45 Parkview street.
Francis Kelly, 46 M’Cleery street.
Thomas Augue, 9 Parkview street.
James M’Ard, 10 Carnmoney street.
James M’Neill, Albert street.
Robert Morgan, 11 Carntall street.
Daniel M’Quillan, 35 New Lodge Road.
Christopher Haughey, 16 Hamilton street.
Patk O’Connor, Cullingtree Road.
Wm Gilmore, 163(168?) Divis street.
Patk M’Namee, 103 Millfield.
Michael Donnelly, jun., 19 Ardmoulin avenue.
Joseph Ardell, 48 Perkins street.
W H Colligan, Leeson street.
John O’Connor, 28 Cullingtree road.
Owen Conlon, 32 Milford street.
Thos M’Cartney, 4 Little Corporation street.
Peter M’Kee, 14 Auburn street.
Patk Geoghehan, 126 Nelson street.
Francis M’Swiggan, 11 Gilford Street.
Chas O’Donnell, 6 M’Donnell.
James Collins, 57 Falls Road.
Hugh Lappin, Leeson Street.
Wm Hagans, 28 Lower Clonard street.
P Hagan, 5 Francis street.
J Britton, Falls Road.
F O’Neill, 89 Balkan street.
E Brennan, 2 Dunlewey street.
H Craney, 50 Linden street.
J M’Grogan, 38 Colligan street.
Jas O’Neill, 40 do
John Reilly, 15 Getty street.
P M’Ginness, 14 M’Quillan street.
M Coyle, 13 York street.
Toal Kelly, 10 Killin place.
Jas M’Mahon, 17 Artillery street.
R M’Ilroy, Leeson street.
John M’Corry, Falls Road.
John M’Kenna, 68 Boundary street.
John M’Caffrey, 30 College Square north
Patrick Bogues, 9 Great Patrick street.
M T Moore, 158 Divis street.
Thomas J Campbell, 233 Upper Meadow street.
Jas M’Keown, Great Patrick street.
John Tully, 11 Scotch street.
John Wilson, 102 Balkan Street.
H M M’Caffrey, 30 College square north.
Patrick Harten, Divis street.
Michael Shevlin, 66 Millfield.
Michael Shevlin, jun., 66 Millfield.
Thomas Parker, 80 Smithfield.
Jas P Mone, 21 Gilford street.
Wm Douglas, 26 Ponsoby avenue.
Arthur Donnelly, 202 York street.
John Daly, 21 Lincoln street.
Patrick Mone, 21 Gilford street.
Jas Campbell, 34 Harding street.
Neal Murray, 88 Milford Street.
Hugh Byrne, 18 Boundary street.
John Turner, 45 Louisa Street.
Patrick Early, 21 Parkview street.
John Meehan, 41 Parkview Street.
Jas Harkness, 4 Institution place.
Jas Dowling, 9 St Paul’s terrace.
Wm O’Donnell, 5 Russell street.
Stephen Dunne, 35 Dover street.
Chas J Reavy, 66 Old Lodge Road.
.Robert M’Ateer, 89 Joy street.
M Kenny, jun., College square.
Edward Fagan, 87 Balkan Street.
Patrick Mulholland, 75 Balkan street.
Joseph Armstrong, Balkan street.
Richard Lee, 4 King street place.
Jas M’Donnell, 75 Balkan street.
Wm Greer, do
Richard Britton, 3 Mountview terrace,.
John O’Hare, 14 Pinkerton street.
Edward Donnelly, Dunover street.
Peter Lee, 4 King street place.
M Peake, 1 St Paul’s terrace.
Terence Lavery, 136 Albert street.
John Bell, Ballymurphy.
B Burns, 39 Waterford street.
Jas M’Veagh, 44 Hamill street.
John M’Laverty, 6 Reilly’s place.
Jas Boyle, 59 Vere street.
Edward Kearns, St Pauls’ terrace.
George Burns, 91 Carrick hill.
George Burns, jun. do
Daniel Morgan, 32 Lancaster street.
Patk M’Naughton, 10 Thomas street.
Peter O’Neill, 122 Milford Street.
Michael Donnelly, 19 Ardmoulin avenue.
Jas M’Namee, 103 Millfield.
John Conlon, 22 Milford street.
Thomas Mason, Divis street.
B M’Donnell, Leeson Street.
Frank Hoy, Clonard Street.
H Punton(Funton?), Leeson Street.
F Ferran, Balaclava street.
Jas M’Call, 12 Lower Clonard Street.
Thos Egan, St Pauls terrace.
E Gallagher, Athol street.
Thos Lee, 4 King street place.
Patk Lee, do
John Scott, do
Joseph Bell, Ballymurphy.
Daniel Kennedy, 23 Trainfield street.
John M’Nally, Trainfield street.
Chas Kennedy, do
Edward M’Gee, 21 Ritchie street.
John Cushley, 41 M’Cleery street.
Cornelius Sullivan, 45 Parkview street.
Joseph Donnelly,107 Spamount street.
Chas O’Connor, 23 Cullingtree Road.
Wm O’Kane, 19 Upton street.
Wm Donnelly, Ardmoulin avenue.
Michael M’Courtney, Milford street.
Wm John M’Cavana, 4 Servia street.
Thos Smyth, 118 Divis Street.
Wm Savage, 35 Roy Street.
James M’Keown, 8 Dunlewey Street.
John M’Comb, 15 Winetavern Street.
Philip M’Cavanagh, 40 M’Donnell street.
Arthur Maxwell, Stevens street.
Jas Craughan, Mustard street.
Wm Carson, 12 Milford Sreet.
Joseph Hegan, 58 Anderson street.
Michael Scott, 85 Cullingtree Road.
Jeremiah O’Connell, 21 Balkan Street.
Henry Macauley, 33 Alexander Street West.
Patk Leathem, 20 Chapel Lane.
John Lynn, 141 North Queen Street.
Wm Shields, 117 Old Lodge Road.
J Connelly, 4 Donegall terrace.
Jas M’Keown, 29 Sheriff street.
Patk Devlin 61 Vulton street.
Wm M’Keown, 22 Smithfield.
John Kavanagh, 49 Marion Street.
John M’Nally, 19 Edward Street.
Hugh Heaney, 35 Balaclava Street.
John O’Neill, jun., Albert Street,
Arthur Kelly, 40 Balaclava Street.
P F Monaghan, Pond Street.
John Connolly, 68 North Street.
Joseph Revy, 66 Old Lodge Road.
C Craney, 56 Norfolk Street.
Wm Whelan, 25 Francis Street.
Jas M’Coway, 142 Divis street.
Daniel Corry, 44 Norfolk street.
G Black, 27 Divis stret.
John M’Sherry, jun, Sevastapol street.
Joseph Toner, 82 Leeson Street.
Chas Breen, 28 Linden Street.
Patrick Tomney(?), Balaclava Street.
Joseph Skillen, Springfield Road.
Jas Finly, 66 Harding Street.
Hugh Quinn, Hamilton Street.
P Quinn, do
John O’Neill, Albert Street.
Francis Waters, 28 Seymour Street.
Peter M’Loughlin, 29 Theodore street.
Thomas M’Goldrick, 27 Theodore street.
Francis M’Kenna, 11 Garnet Street.
Dan O’Kane, 19 Upton street.
John M’Cann, 22 Sevastapol street.
John Crossey, Sevastapol street.
Joseph Cairns, 12 Sevastapol street.
Joseph M’Kenna, Chatham place.
Owen M’Kenna, Chatham place.
Wm Kane, Eliza Street.
Joseph Cornwall, Haypark terrace.
Joseph Canters, 56 Chatham place.
John M’Guigan, 62 Chatham place.
John Halfpenny, do
Charles Bradley, Leopold street.
Peter M’Shane, 10 Francis street.
Bernard Doran, Leopold street.
W M’Loughlin, do
Con Smyth, 23 Hamill square.
John Kelly, 52 Lettuce hill.
Thos Mohan, 78 North Queen street.
Patk Lappin, Divis street.
J M’Courtney, 51 Milford street.
Jas Magee, 14 Leeson street.
Wm Kavanagh, 4 Servia street.
Hugh Magee, 143 Albert street.
Edward Hanna, do
Ja M’Kavanagh, 40 M’Donnell Street.
Jas Pilson, Keenans court.
Henry Greene, do
Wm Roony, 2 Dawson street.
Patk Alea, 194 and 196 Shankhill road.
Jas Morissey(?), Chichester street.
Henry Hanna, 47 Albert street.
Daniel Downey, 57 Albert street.
John Gorman, 41 Stevens street.
John M’Avoy, 2 Scotland Street south.
Peter Crawford, Harding street.
Jas Keenan, 42 Hamill street.
Michael Kinney, 10 College place north.
Michael Kinney, junior, do
Wm J Kinney, do
Owen Woods, 132 Dover street.
Hugh Hanna, Winetavern street.
Jas M’Cann, do
Jas Johnston, 28 Ton street.
Wm Robinson, 3 Lemon street.
Wm Spence, 54 Mountcolyer road.
Jas Boylan, 46 Great Victoria street.
Wm Mallerok, 2 Scotland street south.
John Downing, 9 do
Patk M’Auley, Alexander Street West.
Jas Connolly, 81 Louisa street.
Joseph Glennon, 32 Eliza street.
Thos Glennon, do
Jas Dunne, 3 Killen place.
Jas Branagh, Killen street.
Cornelius M’Kinney, Killen place.
Henry Branagh, 24 Glousester street.
Samuel Bell, Ballymurphy.
Richard Wilson, 82 Joy street.
Wm Morrisey, 32 Market street.
Edward M’Ardle, 22 Milan street.
Thos Moine, 28 Cape street.
Jas M’Cormack, 52 Ardilea street.
Thomas Cunningham, 21 Wilsons court, High street.
Edward Hagans, 37 Lagan street.
John Sasby(?), 8 Albert place.
Jas Macauley, 38 Alexander street west.
Henry M’Grogan, 31 Hamill street.
John O’Connell, 12 Institution place.
Michael Mulholland, 110 Leeson street.
John M’Quiston, 47 Springfield road.
Wm Hughes, 82 Plevna street.
Joseph M’Williams, 63 Durham street.
Wm M’Coy, 29 Chichester street.
John Burns, 48 Millfield.
Hugh M’Grath, 77 Smithfield.
Henry Laverty, junior, Falls Road.
John Burns, 63 Millfield.
John M’Garry, Eglinton street.
C F Magee, 22 Waterford street.
Joseph Britton, Falls road.
John Ralph, 11 Lower Clonard street.
Jas Laverty, 152 Falls Raod.
John M’Ilroy, 49 Derby street.
Wm Duggan, 13 Balkan street.
Wm Ralph, 44 Balkan street.
Wm Gault, 13 Spinner street.
Edward Simpson, 20 Cape street.
Henry M’Keown, 29 Sheriff street.
P(R?) M’Cune, 31 Bank street.
John Harbinson, Parke street.
A M’Tackney, Townsend street.
J M’Grath, do
T Brady, Barrack street.
W Rogan, Mustard street.
P Arthurs, Hamill street.
P M’Cabe, Smithfield.
J Cole, New Lodge Road.
J Cullen, Albert street.
Wm Hughes, College street.
B Branagh, Boundary street.
P Crossan, New Lodge road.
J Hanbury, Cross street.
O O’Hare, Milbrid place.
M Buntine, Millfield.
M Boyle, Hamill street.
J Morgan, Francis street.
T Fox, Bank street.
Wm M’Coy, Chichester street.
Wm Whalen, Francis street.
J M’Williams, Hamill street.
F M’Collin, Pound street.
Wm Robinson, Norfold street.
John Burns, Millfield.
Hugh M’Grath, Milford street.


In accordance with the resolution passed at the meeting on Wednesday evening, 4th inst, in St Mary’s Hall, the secretaries attended on Monday night from 7.30 till 9.30, for the purpose of enrolling the gentlemen who signified their approval of the establishment in Belfast of a National Committee for the Sustainment of the Irish Parliamentary Party in its opposition to the Parnell Leadership Committee. The following further instalment of names has been handed to us for publication: -

John Turley, 48 Cullingtree Road.
Jas Turley, do
Bernard Davey, 4 Scotland Street south.
John Davey, do
Chas Davey, do
Thos Madden, 26 Upper Clonard street.
Wm Morrow, 111 M’Donnell Street.
? Brennan, Dunlewy Street.
Daniel Brannigan, 38 Plevna Street.
Robt M’Cance, 8 Peel Street.
Chas M’Cann, 29 Ton Street.
Jas Daly, 21 Millfield.
Patk Dolan, 5 Hamill’s court.
Hugh Davidson, 19 Cullingtree Road.
Joseph Muldoon, 119 Ann street.
Chas Kennedy, 39 Abyssinia street.
Robt J Hanna, 4 Slate street.
James Clear, College Court.
John Kennedy, 14 Scotch street.
James Johnston, 1 Cullingtree Road.
Patk M’Sherry, Joy street.
Thos M’Conville, 25 English Street.
John Kennedy, 66 Cullingtree road.
Patk Kennedy, do
Jas M’Sherry, Joy street.
R Brennan, Catherine street.
John Keenan, Vernon street.
Henry O’Hare, 62 do
P Carroll, 15 Stanfield Street.
Daniel O’Neill, Spamount street.
Bernard Macauley, 36 Alexander street west.
Andrew Quinn, sn., 13 Sydney street.
Joseph Duffy, King Street.
James M’Gowan, 19 Raglan street.
James Lavery, 17 Raglan street.
John Dumphrey, 19 Peel street.
James Dumphrey, 19 Peel street.
John O’Kane, 31 Peel stret.
Wm J Higgins, 8 Alma street.
John Clarke, 36 Ross street.
Robert Clarke, Lawther street.
Michael Sheals, Ross street.
Tom Cush, 7 Milan street.
Felix Kane, Dover street.
T Sheahan, Grosvenor place.
H M’Ghee, Carrickfergus.
H M’Court, Bridge end.
Patrick Lamb, do
Joseph M’Kee, Mary Street.
John Cassidy, Peel street.
Jas O’Neill, do
Jas O’Neill, do
James Dougall, 27 Little May Street.
L M’Quilland, 10 Eia street.
J Hughes, 7 Carlisle street.
Wm M’Grothers, Ship street.
John Kelly, Belmont terrace, Strandtown.
Jas Kelly, do do
Francis Hughes, 102 Ardilea street.
John Brady, Fleck street.
Wm Rooney, do
J Campbell, do
Thomas Kelly, Albert Bridge road.
John M’Cann, 7 Milan street.
Jas M’Aleese, 9 Clonard street.
Patrick Gillen, 114 Falls road.
R Boal, Elliot’s row.
H Mallon, Shields street.
J Smyth, 42 Springview street.
F Evans, 45 Springview street.
H Galligan, 51 Springview street.
Joseph Donaghy, 37 Grosvenor street.
Thomas M’Gehan, Saintfield.
Wm P M’Gehan, do
Jas O’Neill, Hy Niall.
Jas Keenan, 66 Verner street.
Jas Morgan, do
Patk Keenan, 62 Verner street.
John Burton, do
John O’Hare, do
Patk O’Hare, 64 Verner stret.
Patk M’Quade52 do
Danl M’Quade, do
John Brennan, 18 Catherine Street.
E Brennan, 18 Catherine street.
John Murphy, do
Patk M’Glue, 4 do
John M’Loughlin, 2 Catherine Court.
John Conlon, 4 do
Robt M’Fall, 3 do
E M’Sherry, 55 Joy Street.
Henry M’Laverty, 75 North Queen street.
Robert M’Kendry, Queen street.
N J Carney, 16 Whitehall court.
Patk Cunningham, 47 Institution place.
Chas E M’Entee, 4 Mill street.
Archibald Mullan, 126 Leeson street.
Michael Gilfedder, 6 Clifton street.
Hugh Duffin, 10 Thomas street.
Jas Rooney, 55 Mill street.
Francis Kennedy, Cullingtree road.
Patk Johnson, do
John Fegan, 14 Cosgrove street.
Lawrence M’Cann, Mill street.
P M’Guigan, Millar’s lane.
John M’Clure, Garfield street.
John Dawson, Smithfield.
BSmyth, 10 Model terrace.
Edwd Healy, Burke street.
Patk M’Manus, Charlemont street.
John Mooney, Smithfield.
P J Cunningham, 17 Ship street.
Chas M’Gladdery, Chemical street.
Owen M’Givern, 11 Brook street.
Edward Graham, 14 Raglan street.
Wm M’Auley, 41 Balaclava street.
Wm Spalding, Alexander Street west.
James Kelly, 50 Bow street.
Patk Geogehan, 7 Brook street.
Edward Healy, 43 Marsden street.
Joseph Duffy, 52 King street.
John Farrell, 48 Old Lodge road.
Chas Kane, Mitchel street.
Jas M’Linden, Esq., 11 Divis street.
Tom Branach, Hamilton place.
James Branach, do
John Henry, 53 and 55 Upper Channing street.
Francis O’Boyle, 109 Hillman street.
Daniel M’Auley, 104 do
David Cahoon, 19 do
John Farrell, 18 Grove street.
George Davey, 130 Ardilea street.
Arthur Higgans, Milford street.
Henry Higgans, do
Patk Higgans, do