Irish News September 26th  1898


The sittings of the Revision Courts were resumed on Saturday, the Catholic Association being represented by Mr P J Magee, solicitor; Mr Patrick Doran, and Mr Leddy. We append a list of Catholic successes in North, South, and East Belfast:-

Thomas Reilly, 1 Rosebank Street.
Thomas Dobbin, 4 Palmer Street.
Wm. Fenton, 3 Rosebank Street.
Henry Duffin, 56 Rosebank Street.
Denis Hurley, 23 Columbia Street.
Robert Dun, 47 Columbia Street.
John Connolly, 5 Ohio Street.
James Rooney, 14 Ohio Street.
William Reid, 6 Oregon Street.
James M’Garry, 15 Broom Street.
John Toal, 31 Oregon Street.
Patrick Linden, 9 Montreal Street.
James Bradley, 11 Montreal Street.
John Mulhern, 148 Disraeli Street.
James M’Donnell, 39 Oregon Street.
Patrick M’Geown, 15 Palmer Street.
Thomas M’Kevitt, 50 Palmer Street.
James Cooney, 2 Bray Street.
Francis Dougan, 10 Bray Street.
James Alexander, 7 Leopold Street.
Patrick M’Nulty, 31 Leopold Street.
John M’Cabe, 37 Leopold Street.
John Tumelty, 70 Leopold Street.
John Johnston, 38 Leopold Street.
Thaddeus M’Hugh. 2 Chief Street.
Atrick Crean, 32 Chief Street.
James Lamb, 59 Bray Street.
James Maginnes, 26 Bray Street.
Robert Pace, 36 Bray Street.
Francis M’Cullogh, 13 Bray Street.

Peter O’Hare, 26 Butler Street, Crumlin Road.
James Corbett, 49 Southport Street.
Samuel Thompson, 26 Newport Street.
Thomas Maguire, 32 Southport Street.
Joseph Dobbin, 36 Newport Street.
Patrick Meenan, 36 Cliftonpark Avenue.
Michael J Mulholland, 15 Printworks Terrace.
John Herald, 14 Ballymoney Street.
Charles O’Hara, 32 Ballymena Street.
William M’Connell, 32 Oldpark Avenue.
Robert Turley, 4 Finniston Terrace.
John Skillender, 81 Louisa Street.
Francis M’Cauley, 21 Glenview Street.
James Crossin, 15 Mayfair Street.
Owen O’Hagan, 31 Mayfair Street,
James Gorman, 21 Mayfair Street.
Thomas M’Keown, 42 Mayfair Street.
Terence Burns, 44 Mayfair Street.
John Townsley, 52 Mayfair Street.
Edward Hughes, 54 Mayfair Street.
Thomas Finnegan, 17 Parkview Street.
John Stewart, 41 Parkview Street.
Alexander M’Garry, 6 Parkview Street.
James M’Carey, 18 Parkview Street.
Charles M’Kenna, 18 Parkview Street.
George Brennan, 7 Gracehill Street.
Joseph Flynn, 73 Gracehill Street.
David Davidson, 7a Gracehill Street.
James M’Keown, 6 Antigua Street.
James M’Bride, 10 Antigua Street.
Robert Cunningham, 18 Antigua Street.
Robert M’Donald, 8 Glenpark Street.
Thomas Owens, 12 Glenpark Street.
Wm. Murray, 14 Glenpark Street.
James Curry, 20 Glenpark Street.
Henry M’Grane, 15 Glenpark Street.
James Scullion, 15 Glenpark Street.
Patrick M’Sorley, 21 Glenpark Street.
Francis Brady, 23 Glenpark Street.
Patrick M’Connell, 25 Glenpark Street.
Thos. M’Cullough, 27 Glenpark Street.
James Hagan, 27 Glenpark Street.
George Morrison, 31 Glenpark Street.
Samuel O’Neill, 39 Glenpark Street.
John Alexander, 45 Glenpark Street.
James Walsh, 51 Glenpark Street.
John M’Auley, 9 Rothesay Street.
Thos. Murney, 10 Sanderson Street.
Wm. Canavan, 12 Sanderson Street.
Thos. M’Kenny, 5 Sanderson Street.
James O’Neill, 13 Sanderson Street.
Peter Baillie, 37 Sanderson Street.
James M’Kay, 38 Ardilea Street.
Wm. M’Cann, 40 Ardilea Street.
Patrick Smyth, 78 Ardilea Street.
John Daly, 17 Chatham Street.
John Connor, 60 Chatham Street.
John Graham, 40 Chatham Street.
Hugh Jamison, 83 Chatham Street.
Thomas M’Curry, 19 Kerrara Street.
Michael V. Queenan, 56 Kerrara Street.
Charles Leathem, 22 Kerrara Street.
James Smyth, 5 Ardoyne Village.
Patrick Clarke, 44 Butler Street.
Peter Turley, 5 Elmfield Street.
Bernard Collins, 13 Elmfield Street.
Francis Toseney(?), 2 Elmfield Street.
Patrick O’Hare, 54 Butler Street.
Hugh Doyle, 52 Butler Street.
Michael O’Neill, 34 Butler Street.
Michael M’Keown, 38 Butler Street.
John M’Currie, 32 Butler Street.
William Hayes, 28 Butler Street.
James M’Kay, 24 Butler Street.
Daniel Doran, 31 Herbert Street.
William Goodwin, 18 Butler Street.
John Fenton, 33 Herbert Street.


Edward Spence, 117 Rugby Avenue.
John Stinson, 116 University Street.
Thomas M’Dade, 33 M’Clure Street.
Robert Kearney, 108 M’Clure Street.
Ellen Bryce, 74 Rutland Street.
Edward Spence, 117 Rugby Street.
Rebecca M’Kee, 31 Balfour Street.
Susan Trainor, 23 Rutland Street.
Jane Fitzpatrick, 6 Rugby Terrace.


Patrick M’Ivor, 21 Frederick Street.
Patrick Murray, 15 Frederick Street.
James O’Hanlon, 17 Frederick Street.
Thomas Hughes, 21 Frederick Street.
Wm. Benson, 27 Frederick Street.
Arthur Maguinness, 29 Frederick Street.
Peter O’Hanlon, 33 Frederick Street.
Andrew M‘Anulty, 35 Frederick Street.
Charles Ward, 39 North Queen Street.
James Bowen, 90 Great George’s Street.
James Malone, 7 Frederick Lane.
John Marlow, 22 Frederick Lane
Francis Kelly, 24 Frederick Lane.
Wm. John Hudson, 28 Frederick Lane.
Henry Blake, 36 Frederick Lane.
John Kane, 12 Lancaster Street.
Andrew Campbell, 19 Union Place.
James Kelly, 7 Portland Place.
Alfred Pendergast, 71 Lancaster Street.
Hugh Cushenan, 77 Lancaster Street.
Wm. Mullan, 55 North Queen Street.
Wm. Henderson, 67 North Queen Street
George O’Hara, 71 North Queen Street.
John Fitzpatrick, 75 North Queen Street.
Eliza Rogan, 26 Frederick Lane.
Thomas Cummings, 22 Alexander Street.
Mary Hamilton, 11 King’s Court.
Susan Connolly, 1 Emily Place.
Thomas Fitzsimmons, 21 Blackwood Street.
Hugh Muldoon, 16 Rossmore Avenue.
Peter M’Kee, 51 Burmah Street.
Joseph Kelly, 29 Primrose Street.
Henry Power, 8 Delhi Street.

SOUTH DOWN: Rathfriland, Saturday:

This morning at 11 o’clock Henry Hunt, Esq., B.L., with his registrar, R.S.Heron, Esq. Solicitor, sat to continue the revision of lists and claims. There was no representative of the Tories present. Mr Michael M’Cartan, M.P., assisted by “ General” Patrick M’Linden and Messrs. Stephen Toman, Peter M’Polin, P.L.G., A. Murphy (Hilltown), James Magennis, Daniel M’Caherty, Thomas M’Clory, Henry Devlin, and Danniel M’Ardle appeared for the Nationalists. Father Grant ( Barnmeen), Dr. M’Court, J.P., John Toman, Esq. J.P.; and John Thomas M’Loughlin, Esq.,J.P., visited the court during the day.
Mrs Catherine Fitzpatrick, claimant, of Ballygorrianbeg, replying to Mr ‘Cartan, said she lived in Ballygorrianmore. His HONOUR said if that be so then she cannot be allowed on for Ballygorrianbeg. Mr M’Cartan – There is no such townland as Ballygorrianmore. The name is Ballygorrian, and then there are the sub-denominations, called by the additions of beg and more. These sub-denominations were common in Down. Mr Murphy - She lives in the portion of it called Ballygorrianbeg. Let the rate collector examine the book and find out where Mr A Stewart lives, as he was claimant’s landlord, and she lived beside him. Mr Johnston, collector, examined the book and found the name was Ballygorrianbeg. Claimant was then admitted.
John Fitzpatrick, Charles Cullen, Hugh Johnstone, David Magill, Laurence M’Polin, Owen Morgan, John Murphy, Felix O’Hanlon, Patrick O’Hare, and William Perry, all claimants, were admitted on the Hilltown list.
Mary Bradley, Elizabeth Downey, Margaret Doyle, Catherine Fitzpatrick, Mary Kelly, Ellen Maguire, Alice M’Conville, Ellen M’Duff, Catherine M‘Evoy, Bridget M’Kay, Margaret Mooney, Ellen Trainor, Mary Trainor, Mary Wood, Rose Smith, Mary Harvey, Elizabeth Lowry, Ellen O’Hare, Catherine Fitzpatrick, and about 40 other females were admitted to the franchise for the first time.
Mary Ann Kearney, from Rathfriland, was the first female claimant to appear in support of her own claim. She seemed about 70 years of age, and looked quite pleased when having succeeded. Mr M’Cartan congratulated her upon being then an independent voter.
The genial old Tory objector and agent of former days, Mr Alexander M’Neill, happened to come into court at this stage. Mr M’CARTAN, addressing him, said – Mr M’Neill, are you now going to represent your party in court? We will place no formal difficulties or objections in your way. Mr M’Neill - I did not come prepared, and cannot do it. Mr M’CARTAN ( to the Judge) – Your Honour, since the Tories have no representatives here , perhaps you would allow our good and able friend, “General” Patrick M’Alinden, to appear for them as an amicus curiœ. He would certainly do them justice, and we
would get rid of the dullness and monotony. His HONOUR – I fear I could not do that. A number of Nationalist objections were then taken up, and a prima facie case was made in almost every instance. Mr GRAHAM, Clerk of the Union, Kilkeel, directed his Honour’s attention to the difficulties encountered by the clerks in filling up the lists. Mr M’CARTAN – It was indeed most difficult and very confusing, and to him ( Mr M’Cartan) it appeared marvelous how correctly they had been made out.

His HONOUR – A short time ago I referred to the law as it now stands. I shall repeat it for the benefit of those who were not here at the time. There are two kinds of lists to revise. As to the Parliamentary lists no person can have two votes in the same constituency. Then they had to deal with the lists for the registration units, and each unit corresponded with what was formerly a poor-law electoral division, and a person, if properly qualified therein, might be on a list in each registration unit. This, no doubt, rendered some confusion in the preparation of the lists, but it was wonderful to find them made out so correctly and so carefully under the circumstances. The Court sat up till 4 o’clock p.m. Before the rising of the Court, Mr M’Cartan said as he might not be there again during the revision, he could not help, before going away, bearing testimony to the courtesy of the revising barrister, whom they all welcomed back again to South Down. He regretted, for the sake of his Honour and for his own and his friends’ sake, that the Tories had abandoned or given up the fight. They certainly had felt the absence of  his friend, Rev. Mr Oswald, whose coruscations used to enliven the Court, and brighten the proceedings at revision. Even the pleasant incidents related by their good-natured and witty old friend, Mr Alexander M’Neill, had ceased to be told on the very first year after the admission of females to the franchise. He then referred to the able and very obliging registrar, the respected son of one of the most respected and most populsr magistrates in Co.Down-his friend, the coroner, Dr. Heron, J.P.. He thanked the Clerks of the
Union and their collectors, and last but not least, his own patriotic and zealous agents. He did trust the new councils would contribute largely to the wealth and prosperity of their great county of Down, and he
sincerely hoped that no matter from what quarter contrary advice should come they ( the people) would use their votes and their councils for the attainment of that much larger and far more important measure of local government for which they had been working all their lives. His HONOUR replied in most graceful terms, in course of which he made very complimentary references to their county, their people, and their member, Mr M’Cartan.