Irish News September 22nd  1898

The Revision Courts were resumed yesterday. The various Courts were occupied with formal business during the day, the representatives of the Catholic Association being present. We give below a supplemental list of the successful Nationalist claimants in Falls Ward:

Jordan, Elizabeth, 151 Falls Road.
Steed, Mary A., 166 Cupar Street.
Hamill, Catherine, 187 Springfield Road.
O’Neill, Catherine, 122 Falls Road.
Falloon, Mary, 24 Leeson Street.
Cullen, Ann Jane, 164 Leeson Street.
Close, Catherine, 7 Leeson Street.
Grimley, Ann, 71 Cyprus Street.
Hall, Ellen, 89 Cyprus Street.
Flannigan, Anne, 91 Cyprus Street.
Armour, Susan, 11 Getty Street.
M’Grath, Martha, 3 Abercorn Street North.
Matier, Matilda, 44 Abercorn Street North.
Collins, Rose, 31 Abyssinia Street.
Hooks, Sarah, 65 Abyssinia Street.
O’Hara, Mary, 6 Abyssinia Street.
Devlin, Mary, 64 Abyssinia Street.
Dillon, Rose, 7 Theodore Street.
Morrison, Susan, 59 Theodore Street.
Toner, Alice, 20 Theodore Street.
Magill, Sarah, 48 Merrion Street.
M’Guckin, Mary J, 27 Merrion Street.
Stewart, Mary, 47 Gibson Street.
Tyrell, Bridget, 11 Spinner Street.
Brady, Mary, 68 Albert Street.
Anderson, Margaret, 9 Omar Street.
M’Guigan, Mary, 21 Balaclava Street.
Hutchinson, Jane, 17 Milliken Street.
Mohan, Martha, 89 Ross Street.
M’Auley, Margaret, 166 Ross Street.
Henry, Mary, 64 Raglan Street.
Hanly, Ann, 74 Raglan Street.
Higginson, Alice, 84 Raglan Street.
Acheson, Elizabeth, 100 Raglan Street.
Considine, Mary, 18 Garnet Street.
M’Kay, Mary, 29 Garnet Street.
M’Cann, Ann, 6 Garnet Street.
Lavery, Mary, 42 Garnet Street.
Arthurs, Nancy, 1 Plevna Street.
M’Curley, Mary, 13 Plevna Street.
Magee, Eliza, 53 Plevna Street.
Molloy, Eliza, 63 Plevna Street.
M’Caughey, Mary A., 78 Plevna Street.
Mullan, Ann, 90 Plevna Street.
M’Keown, Eliza, 18 Sultan Street.
Henderson, Mary Jane, 42 Sultan Street.
M’Donnell, Florence, 21 Varna Street.
Kane, Sarah, 4 Varna Street.
Leonard, Mary J., 18 Varna Street.
Grant, Margaret, 30 Servia Street.
Devlin, Mary, 70 Servia Street.
M’Guigan, Ann J., 106 Servia Street.
Bell, Catherine, 8 Osman Street.
Robb, Ellen, 18 Osman Street.
M’Ardle, Annie, 3 Devonshire Street.
M’Donnell, Catherine, 7 Devonshire Street.
Trainor, Mary, 59 M’Donnell Street.
O’Neill, Catherine, 4 Lady Street.
Liddell, Mary, 34 Slate Street.
M’Cann, Mary, 115 Falls Road.
Parker, Ellen, 12 Conway Street.
M’Namee, Catherine, 44 Conway Street.
Slaine, Susan, 48 Conway Street.
Dowling, Catherine, 53 Cupar Street.
Hamman, Mary, 56 Cawnpore Street.
Magee, Mary,62 Cawnpore Street.
Black, Mary J., 64 Cawnpore Street.
M’Ilvogue, Eliza, 66 Cawnpore Street.
Kelly, Annie, 8 Cawnpore Street.
M’Kenna, Catherine, 2 Sevastapol Street.
Megarry, Catherine, 4 Sevastapol Street.
Brennan, Michael, 4 Sevastapol Street.
Lavery, Ellen, 20 Odessa Street.
Maguire, Fanny, 16 Clonard Street.
O’Hanlon, Mary, 52 Clonard Street.
Magennis, Ann, 58 Clonard Street.
Larkin, Catherine, 21 Clonard Street.
Scott, Mary, 17 Bombay Street.
M’Kay, Rose, 16 Dunlewey Street.
Dillon, Jane, 11 Linden Street.
Dyer, Annie, 29 Linden Street.
Culbert, Mary, 41 Linden Street.
M’Alea, Jane, 32 Linden Street.
Curran, Maria, 2 O’Neill Street.
Loughran, Mary, 12 Waterford Street.
M’Kenna, Margaret, 29 Waterford Street.
Pritchard, Charlotte, 37 Malcolmson Street.
Coulter, Ellen, 16 Malcolmson Street.
Fitzpatrick, Mary, 18 Malcolmson Street.
O’Neill, Eliza, 24 Malcolmson Street.
Brennan, Bessie, 32 Malcolmson Street.
M’Corry, Ann, 44 Malcolmson Street.
O’Neill, Mary A., 46 Malcolmson Street.
M’Cabe, Jane, 53 Springview Street.
M’Kinley, Mary, 4 Springview Street.
Carroll, Bridget, 24 Springview Street.
Maguire, Susan, 25 Colligan Street.
Drain, Rose A., 3 Theresa Street.
Connolly, Lizzie,21 Theresa Street.
M’Areavey, Rose A., 10 Theresa Street.
Coleman, Annie, 37 Springfield Road.
M’Cormick, Margaret, 23 Dunmore Street.
Lynch, Alice, 2 Dunmore Street.
M’Sherry, Eliza, 10 Dunmore Street.
Donnelly, Ellen, 18 Dunmore Street.
Trail, Catherine, 30 Dunmore Street.
M’Partland, Margaret, 32 Dunmore Street.
O’Riley, Mary, 34 Dunmore Street.
Connolly, Maria, 44 Dunmore Street.
Johnston, Catherine, 43(48?) Dunmore Street.
M’Veigh, Susan, 56 Dunmore Street.
Hayes, Margaret, 31 Dunmore Street.
M’Chrystal, Margaret, 28 Waterville Street.
Rocks, Catherine, 7 Kashmir Road.
Dorrian, Elizabeth, 21 Kashmir Road.
Rainey, Alice, 8 Benares Street.
O’Hagan, Sarah, 10 Kashmir Road.
Malone, Catherine, 18 Benares Street.
Moore, Mary, 17 Lucknow Street.
Mooney, Margaret, 29(?) Lucknow Street.
Coyle, Mary, 41 Lucknow Street.
Trainor, Elizabeth, 7 Violet Street.
Smyth, Margaret, 33 Crocus Street.
Blaney, Mary, 39 Crocus Street.
Morgan, Mary, 28 Elliott’s Row.
Halligan, Catherine, 12 Elliott’s Row.
Grant, Margaret, 22 Elliot’s Row.
Turner, Catherine, 7 Bantry Street.
Lee, Catherine, 8 Tralee Street.
Carlin, Rose, 14 Tralee Street.
Fitzpatrick, Catherine, 1 Oranmore Street.
Flannigan, Bridget, 13 Oranmore Street.
Rafferty, Margaret, 46 Oranmore Street.
M’Cullough, Jane, 64 Oranmore Street.
Farren, Elizabeth, Islandburn Street.