Irish News September 21st  1898


Yesterday, at eleven o’clock, his Honour Mr Henry Fitzgibbon, Q.C., County Court Judge, sat in the Recorder’s Court and resumed the business of the City Sessions, taking up the annual hearing of applications for licenses. Mr Thos. Harrison, B.L., appeared on behalf of the Licensed Vintners’ Association ( instructed by Mr E. Comerton, B.A., the secretary); and Mr Wilson, B.L., represented the temperance party, appearing ostensibly on behalf of Mr Wilkinson and others.

The following unopposed transfers were sanctioned:-
Helen Adair, 10 Shankill Road, from John Armstrong;
John Atchison, 76 Sandy Row, from John Patterson;
Nathaniel Bagshaw, 13 Chichester Street. from Julia Monaghan;
George A Bennett, 22 and 24 Berry Street, from Hugh M’Quillan;
George A Bennett, 174 York Street, from Robert J Smyth (deceased);
Andrew Bradley, 6 Hill Street, from James Black;
Patrick Bradley, 81 and 83 North Queen Street, from Thomas Fox;
Ellen Brady, 11 Wellington Place (Confirmation);
Andrew Brines, 156 North Queen Street, from Arthur Donnelly;
Hugh Brolly, 147 North Queen Street, from Wm. M’Namara;
Isabella Cairns, 72 Corporation Street, from John Cairns (deceased);
James Carroll, 184 York Street, from Henry Emerson;
Daniel Clarke, 10 New Lodge Road, from John Gillen;
Patrick Conlan, 39 and 41 Valentine Street, from Felix Muldoon;
Thomas Conlan, 39 and 41 Victoria Square, from Daniel Lowrey;
Edward Connolly, 6 and 8 Carrick Hill, from Jane Adams;
Francis Convery, 158 Cromac Street, from James M’Allister;
Peter Convery, 63 May Street, from Hugh M’Nally;
Bernard Devlin, 1 Vere Street, from Henry Childs;
Bernard Devlin, 5 Hemsworth Street and Springmount Street, from Stephen Towman;
Thomas Diamond, 60 and 62 Lavinia Street, from Daniel O’Hagan;
John Dornan, 33 and 35 Mount Street, from Joseph Smyth;
Hugh Dougan, 68 North Queen Street and 1 and 3 New Lodge Road, from Francis Burns;
John Eadie(?), 291(?) York Street and Whitla Street, from George Maguire;
Benjamin L. Firth, 64 Albertbridge Road, from William Orr;
Patrick Flynn, 13 Corporation Square, from Hugh Doyle;
John Gleazer(?), 141 Shankill Road, from William Adair;
Martin Gormley, Crumlin Road, Ballysillan, from William Smyrls(?);
John Gough, 98 and 100 Falls Road, from Daniel M‘Gurk;
Laurence Haughey, 20 Great George’s Street, from Margaret W Manley;
James Hogan, 65 May Street, from Bernard Graham;
Moses Hunter and Daniel Byrne, 14 Albertbridge Road, from Edward Connolly (deceased);
Arthur Redmond Jennings, 287 and 289 York Street, from Thomas Murphy;
Patrick Keenan, 145 Cromac Street, from Wm..John Heggie;
John Kelly, 27 Queens’ Square, from Isabella Hatton;
Patrick Kelly, 78 and 80 Peter’s Hill, from John Quigley;
Michael Killen, 181 York Street, from Agnes M’Carthy;
Sarah Ann Kirkwood, Greencastle, from John Hughes;
Patrick Lappin, 31 and 33 Everton Street, from John Lappin;
Henry Lavery, 60 and 62 Stanhope Street, from Thomas Fox;
David Leacock, 143 (lately 127) Grosvenor Street, from David Wm. Boyd;
Mary Magee, 22 and 24 Waterford Street, from Mary Magee;
Patrick Mallaghan and John Mallaghan, 6 and 7 Donegall Quay, from Michael Trainor;
Daniel Mallon, 73 Falls Road, from Catherine Hefferon;
Patrick Murphy, 21 Little Patrick Street, from Benjamin Crowe;
Agnes M’Carthy, 23 Welsh Street and 33 and 35 Stanfield Street, from Patrick M’Keown;
Archibald M’Caughan 2, 4, 6, Melbourne Street, from William Russell;
Henry M’Closkey, 107 and 109 Old Lodge Road,and 1 and 3 Hanover Street, from Richard Magee;
Catherine M’Conville, 13 Albion Street, from Eliza Jane Rea(?);
John M’Cullough, 49 Albion Street, from Samuel Cahoon;
Matthew M’Cusker, 54 North Street, from John M’Kibbin and John M’Kibbin, jr.;
Mary Kate M’Erlean, 106 and 107 Donegall Pass, from Mary Kate Rogan;
William M’Garry, 74 Cullingtree Road, from Michael Crealy;
Thomas M’Geough, 23 Lebanon Street and 74 Louisa Street, from Arthur Blennerbassett;
James M’Grath, 72 Mill Street, from Patrick Carolan;
Francis M’Kernan, 220 York Street, from Thomas Fox;
Michael M’Laverty, 30 Alton Street, from Ambrose O’Neill;
Daniel M’Mahon, 8 Divis Street, from Patrick M’Cabe;
Patrick M’Mahon, 36 Vernon Street, from John M’Neill;
William Nicholson, 11 and 13 Commercial Court, from Thomas A Scully;
Patrick O’Hare and Bernard Maynes, 119 Millfield, from Owen M’Mullan;
Patrick O’Hara, 174 Oldpark Road, from John Armstrong;
James O’Neill, 106 and 108 M’Tier Street, from Edward O’Neill ( deceased);
John O’Neill, 1 Lord Street and 45 Thorndyke Street, from Jane M’Allen;
James Pelan, 330 Shankill Road, from Jane Branagh;
Teresa Quinn, 31 and 33 Queens’ Square, from Mary Quinn ( deceased) and Teresa Quinn.
Ellen Riordan, 82 Great Patrick Street, from John Riordan (deceased);
Con Salmon, Empire Theatre of Varieties, 16 Victoria Square, from Daniel Lowrey;
Edwd. Saye, 206 and 207 Shankill Road, from Annie Hart;
Joseph Smyth, 1 and 3 Albertbridge Road, from Edward Connolly( deceased);
Mary Stewart, 49 Castle Street, from Mary Scott;
Robert Turner, 49 Grosvenor Street, from Frederick W Brown;
Robert Turner, 117 Old Lodge Road, from Margaret Carroll;
Robert Turner, 237 Shankill Road, from Jane M’Cullough.
John Ward, 79 Cromac Street, from James M’Alister;
John Bennett, 1 and 3 Copeland Street, from William Heggie.

( please note, the rest of the page was taken up with court transcripts of a few cases pertaining to the licenses ).