Irish News September 21st  1898


Yesterday the Revision Court resumed their sittings at the Courthouse, Crumlin Road. Mr. W.H.Maxwell, revising barrister presided in the West Belfast Division, the Catholic Association being represented by Mr Patrick Dora. Shortly after the sitting of the Court, Mr Doran called attention to the fact that a number of claimant’s names should have appeared upon the long list, but did not. He said that while errors of public officials are rectified, in no case can an error of a private nature be corrected. Mr Maxwell pointed out that he had got nothing to do with the matter. Mr Doran intimated that the question would be discussed in another place. The subject was then dropped. The following is a list of the successful Catholic claimants in Smithfield Ward:-
Murphy, John, 5 Kennedy’s Row.
Shevlin, John, 2 Kennedy’s Row.
Collins, James, 10 Kennedy’s Row.
Cunningham, Edward, 12 Garfield Street.
Kelly, George, jun., 18 Garfield Street.
Maginn, Michael, 10 West Street.
Dougan, William, 5 Francis Street.
M’Cullough, John, 15 Francis Street.
Hamill, William, 21 Francis Street.
O’Hagan, John, 17 Marquis Street.
Boyle, Michael, 19 Marquis Street.
Kelly, John, 19 Bank Street.
M’Cune, Robert H, 21 Bank Street.
M’Nally, Patrick, 57 Mill Street.
Hanbury, John, 54 Mill Street.
Cooney, John, 4 Currier’s Court.
Corr, Henry, 24 Scotland Street.
M’Gahan, Bernard, 3 Scotland Street.
M’Manus, Patrick, 9 Scotland Street.
Stothers, Joseph, 4 Scotland Street.
M’Erlean, Patrick, 8 King Street.
M’Court, John, 10 Killen Street.
M’Tague, Thomas, 4 Killen Place.
Hughes, Peter, 13 Killen Place.
Purse( or Puree?), John, 12 Durham Street.
O’Hara, James, 18 Durham Street.
Gilliland, Edward, 68 Durham Street.
Cummins, John, 7 Galway Street.
Clark, Wm.J., 7 Galway Street.
Devlin, James, 6 Galway Street.
M’Ginley, Thomas, 10 Galway Street.
Gaynor, James, 20 Galway Street.
Smith, Stephen, 1 Galway Street.
Flynn, Patrick, 7 Haslett Square.
M’Areavey, John, 9 Haslett Square.
M’Keown, Robert, 13 Haslett Square.
Donnelly, John, 14 Haslett Square.
M’Shane, Patrick, 1 Institution Place.
Connell, Samuel, 3 Institution Place.
Brannigan, James, 11 Institution Place.
Hilland, Michael, 29 Institution Place.
Boyle, Arthur, 37 Institution Place.
Hughes, Henry, 39 Institution Place.
M’Garry, Hugh, 2 Drain’s Court.
M’Cartney, Hugh, 7 Barrack Street.
Devine, Hugh. T, 34 Barrack Street.
Devlin, Patrick, 36 Barrack Street.
Smith, Daniel, 38 Barrack Street.
O’Neill, Charles, 40 Barrack Street.
M’Cormick, James, 2 Barrack Court.
Carroll, John, 4 Kennedy’s Entry.
Savage, Patrick, 8 Kennedy’s Entry.
Sharkey, Edward, 23 Divis Street.
M’Lean, Charles, 75a Divis Street.
Madden, Owen, 6 Divis Street.
Connolly, Michael, 22 Divis Street.
Duffy, Francis, 24 Divis Street.
Smith, John, 62 Divis Street.
Donnelly, Arthur, 31 Lettuce Hill.
Reilly, John, 8 Lettuce Hill.
Kearney, Joseph, 40 Lettuce Hill.
Rooney, Peter, 46 Lettuce Hill.
O’Neill, James, 50 Lettuce Hill.
Moyna, Patrick, 5 Hamill Square.
O’Hanlon, Terence, 33 Hamill Square.
O’Hara, Owen, 37 Hamill Square.
M’Bride, John, 8 Hamill Square.
Morrison, James, 25 Hamill Street.
M’Nulty, Thomas, 35 Hamill Street.
Cush, Bernard, 26 Hamill Street.
Maguire, Arthur, 46 Hamill Street.
Magee, Daniel, 54 Hamill Street.
Greer, Thomas, 1 Cross Street South.
M’Gregor, Grant, 2 Cross Street South.
M’Mahon, Peter, 2 Steel Street.
Young, Peter, 2 Steel Street.
Donnelly, James, 3 Hamill Street Place.
Gray, Hugh, 2 Hamill Street.
Kearney, Andrew, 4 Hamill Court.
Kearney, Patrick, 6 Hamill Court.
Links(? Smudged ink), Albert, 3 Beatties Entry.
M’Donnell, James, 139 Mllfield.
Smith, Isaac, 5 Millfield Place.
Mullan, William, 7 Millfield Place.
Gray, John. 7 Millfield Place.
Carleton, Thomas, sen., 13 Millfield Place.
Murphy, Joseph, 19 Millfield Place.
Sheehan, James, 21 Millfield Place.
Drummond, Patrick, 27 Millfield Place.
Reid, Patrick, 31 Millfield Place.
Walsh, John, 35 Millfield(?) Place.
Bradley, William, 37 Millfield Place.
Wise, Frank, 39 Millfield Place.
M’Grory, Michael, 39 Millfield Place.
Christy, William, 43 Millfield Place.
Maginnis, William, 6 Wilson Street.
M’Cabe, John, 12 Wilson Street.
Fitzgerald, John, 39 Sackville Street.
Flannigan, James, 41 Sackville Street.
M’Kenzie, Paul, 9 Coates Street.
Hunt, Robert, 4d Coates Street.
M’Caughey, Peter, 8 Coates Street.
Kearney, John, 8 Coates Place.
Pierce, Patrick, 3 Inverness Place.
M’Entee, Edward, 1 Townsend Place.
Murray, Philip, 3 Townsend Place.
M’Cann, Patrick, 2 Townsend Place.
Bow, Francis, 16 Townsend Place.
M’Conway, James, 5 Townsend Place.
Magee, William, 13 Townsend Place.
M’Clintock, George, 15 Townsend Place.
Doyle, John, 8 Townsend Place.
Gilmore, Owen, 10 Townsend Place.
Boylard, Patrick, 5 Currell’s Place.
Brown, William, 4 Currell’s Place.
M’Ilhatton, Daniel, 3 Campbell’s Row.
Rafferty, William John, 3 Campbell’s Row.
M’Cann, Luke, 20 Campbell’s Row.
Kerr, John, 20 Campbell’s Row.
O’Reilly, Thomas, 3 Boomer Street.
Bennett, John, 3 Boomer Street.
Quinn, Andrew, 7 Boomer Street.
M’Sherry, John, 11 Boomer Street.
O’Neill, John, 10 Boomer Street.
Armstrong, Samuel, 14 Boomer Street.
Bannon, James, 20 Boomer Street.
Delaney, Peter, 7 Durham Place.
MCafferty, John, 5 Durham Court.
O’Neill, James, 20 Pound Street.
Lynn, Patrick, 32 Pound Street.
M’Ilvenny, John, 48 Pound Street.
O’Neill, Henry, 50 Pound Street.
Donnelly, Michael, 53(?) Pound Street.
Toner, John, 70 Pound Street.
Rafferty, John, 7 Pound Street.
Sloan, John, 13 Pound Street.
Burns, Edward, 45 Pound Street.
Toland, James, 47 Pound Street.
O’Reilly, Peter, 11 M’Millan’s Place.
Loughlin, Francis, 14 M’Millan’s Place.
M’Call, Joseph, 80 Divis Street.
Kelly, William, 124 Divis Street.
Hughes, Henry, 20 Falls Road.
M’Ardle, James, 64 Falls Road.
Bradley, Patrick, 72 Falls Road.
M’Mullan, John, 3 Derby Court.
M’Geough, Bernard, 5 Derby Court.
Quinn, Patrick, 21 Derby Street.
M’Kavanagh, Wm. , 41 Derby Street.
Mitchell, Frederick, 8 Derby Street.
Henderson, John, 14 Derby Street.
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, 11 Gilford Street.
Crossan, Hugh, 19 Gilford Street.
M’Creely, Thos., 12 Ardmoulin Street.
Fitzsimmons, John, 18 Ardmoulin Street.
Ferguson, Joseph, 49 Albert Street.
Devlin, John, 51 Albert Street.
Smith, Cornelius, 53 Albert Street.
M’Kenna, John, 59 Albert Street.
Shaw, Samuel, 69(89?) Albert Street.
M’Keown, William, 93 Albert Street.
Donaghy, Philip, 95 Albert Street.
Kirby, John, 101 Albert Street.
Kennedy, Wm., 119 Albert Street.
Gough, Thomas, 5 Lemon Street(?).
Agnew, James, 11 Lemon Street.
M’Cormick, Thomas, 27 Mary Street.
Hamill(?), Henry, 31(?) Mary Street.
Savage(?), Patrick, 51(?) Mary Street.
Raw(?), James, 5(?) Mary Street.
M’Glone(?), John, 26 Mary Street.
Anderson, Thomas, 34 Mary Street.
M’Kee, Peter, 44 Mary Street.
M’Gookin, Patrick, 2 Longford Court.
Donnelly, James, 3 Longford Court.
Rafferty, Bernard, 3 Longford Court.
M’Grath, Joseph, 11 Peel Street.
Foy, James, 33 Peel Street.
Mulholland, Philip, 37 Peel Street.
Hughes, John, 24 Peel Street.
Duggan, Bernard, 7 Colin Street.
Huston, John, 17 Colin Street.
Doherty, Daniel, 4 Colin Street.
Halligan, Patrick, 6 Colin Street.
M’Cann, Henry, 8 Colin Street.
Collins, Hugh, 14 Colin Street.
Duggan, Joseph, 22(?) Alma Street.
M’Gerrigan, John, 19 Ross Street.
O’Neill, Wm.J., 15 Ross Street.
Henry, James, 17 Ross Street.
Kearney, Paul, 25 Ross Street.
Bottomer, Michael, 25 Ross Street.
M’Kee, James, 33 Ross Street.
Tongue(?), James, 43 Ross Street.
Lynch, John, 45 Ross Street.
M’Kane, James, 51 Ross Street.
Kane, Denis, 53 Ross Street.
Green, Edward, 59 Ross Street.
Foster, James, 10 Ross Street.
M‘Guinness, Thomas, 34 Ross Street.
Roe, George Joseph, 4 Raglan Street.
Stewart, Patrick, 28(?) Raglan Street.
M’Guigan, John, 17 Raglan Street.
Loughran, Daniel, 27 Raglan Street.
Hickey, Patrick, 17 Milton Street.
Fitzpatrick, John, 19 Milton Street.
Matthews, James, 14 Milton Street.
Magennis, James, 16 Milton Street.
Murphy, John, 36 Milton Street.
M’Cann, Patrick, 9 Ormonde Street.
Doran, John, 11 Ormonde Street.
M’Cormick, Daniel, 13 Ormonde Street.
Hillman, Thomas, 4 Ormonde Street.
M’Ilduff, John, 18 Ormonde Street.
Healy, Michael, 3 Ormonde Place.
M’Parland, James, 2 Frere Street.
Carlisle, Hugh, 12 Frere Street.
Delaney, John, 16 Frere Street.
O’Neill, Joseph, 1 Milan Street.
Brannigan, Thomas, 11 Milan Street.
O’Neill, John, 12 Milan Street.
Armstrong, James, 16 Milan Street.
M’Cauley, John, 26 Milan Street.
Devlin, John, 30 Milan Street.
Adams, David, 32 Milan Street.
Mulholland, Henry, 4 Milan Street.
M’Clenaghan, Thomas, 17 Belgrade Street.
Britton, James, 36 Roumania Street.
Conlan, John, 15 Roumania Street.
James, Albert, 25 Roumania Street.
Murphy, Patrick, 3 Bosnia Street.
Millar, John, 7 Bosnia Street.
M’Guinness, John, 9 Bosnia Street.
M’Manus, James, 23 Bosnia Street.
M’Connell, James, 37 Bosnia Street.
O’Reilly, Bernard, 64a Alexander Street West.
M’Keown, Daniel, 31 Alexander Street West.
Kinsella, John, 45 Alexander Street West.
Stevenson, William J., 51 Alexander Street West.
Gordon, Michael, 2 Dysart Street.
Hughes, James, 4 Dysart Street.
Lindsay, John, 13 Milford Street.
Murphy, John, 17 Milford Street.
Pritchard, Thomas, 27 Milford Street.
M’Conville, James, 39 Milford Street.
Kennedy, John, 43 Milford Street.
Tohill, John, 53a(?) Milford Street.
Hughes, Joseph, 70 Milford Street.
Shannon, Patrick, 76 Milford Street.
Coey, Daniel, 86 Milford Street.
Walsh, John, 1 Whitehall Court.
Clarke, John, 14 Whitehall Court.
Daly, Thomas, 17 Crane Court.
Courtney, John, 19 Crane Court.
Ward, John, 4 Crane Court.
Cregan, Michael, 12 Crane Court.
O’Neill, Bernard, 22 Crane Court.
M’Astocker, Felix, 45 and 47 Cullingtree Road.
M’Ardle, James, 63 Cullingtree Road.
M’Geown, James, 14 Cullingtree Road.
Little, James, 30 Cullingtree Road.
Heaney, Thomas, 46 Cullingtree Road.
Quinn, Arthur, 52 Cullingtree Road.
Burns, Michael, 94 Cullingtree Road.
Lennon, Patrick, 7 Cinnamond Street.
Doyle, Joseph, 11 Cinnamond Street.
Hart, Edward, 31 Cinnamond Street.
Dempsey, Thomas, 6 Cinnamond Street.
O’Halloran, John, 8 Cinnamond Street.
Boyland, John, 16 Cinnamond Street.
Madden, Michael, 18 Cinnamond Street.
Carabine, John, 18 Cinnamond Street.
M’Ilvogue, James, 22 Cinnamond Street.
Kane, William J, 32 Cinnamond Street.
M’Keown, John, 46 Cinnamond Street.
M’Glade, Daniel, 9 English Street.
Tohill, Henry, 15 English Street.
M’Namee, Patrick, 23 English Street.
Gardiner, Archibald, 25 English Street.
Kane, James, 43 English Street.
Crilly, Daniel, 45 English Street.
Reilly, Felix, 12 English Street.
M’Cool, Alexander, 14 English Street.
Quinn, Hugh, 24 English Street.
Moreland, Patrick, 32 English Street.
M’Shane, Patrick, 9 Nail Street.
Devlin, Hugh, 15 Nail Street.
Fitzsimmons, James, 33 Nail Street.
Bracken, Bernard, 37 Nail Street.
Coogan, Thomas, 39 Nail Street.
Skeffington or Skillender, (this is what is printed),
James, 51 Nail Street.
Kennedy, Patrick, 47 Nail Street.
M’Cann, Edward, 53 Nail Street.
Moreland, Samuel J., 61 Nail Street.
Russell, Patrick, 63 Nail Street.
M’Menamy, John, 65 Nail Street.
Gunning, Martin, 4 Nail Street.
Madden, Charles, 8 Nail Street.
M’Anally, Patrick, 10 Nail Street.
Carroll, Patrick, 31 Bow Street.
M’Grath, Owen, 33 Bow Street.
M’Caughey, John, 35 Bow Street.
Campbell, James, 45 Bow Street.
Donnelly, Hugh, 16 Bow Street.
Mackin, James, 22 Bow Street.
Moore, Joseph, 26 Bow Street.
Hagan, William, 42 Bow Street.
Brown, Edward, 44 Bow Street.
Early, James, 1 Scotch Street.
Foster, James, 27 Scotch Street.
M’Kenna, James, 31 Scotch Street.
M’Kenna, Robert, 33 Scotch Street.
Symmington, Patrick, 43 Scotch Street.
Madden, Patrick, 51 Scotch Street.
M’Corry, James, 53 Scotch Street.
M’Glone, Alexander, 4 Scotch Street.
Magill, Charles, 10 Scotch Street.
M’Grady, Joseph, 18 Scotch Street.
Heggarty, Daniel, 18 Scotch Street.
Sloan, James, 32 Scotch Street.
O’Neill, Brabson(?), 52 Scotch Street.
Connor, Thomas, 58 Scotch Street.
O’Hagan, Thomas, 17 Massereene Street.
Vallely, Francis, 43 Massereene Street.
Riley, James, 45 Massereene Street.
Hall, James, 49 Massereene Street.
Parke, Robert, 59,61 Massereene Street.
M’Conville, Thomas, 20 Massereene Street.
Kennedy, Patrick, 26 Massereene Street.
Wright, John, 36 Massereene Street.
Devlin, James, 42 Massereene, Street.
Hagan, James, 54 Massereene Street.
M’Cann, Peter, 5 Baker Street.
Bradley, James, 19 Massereene Street.
Kearney, Andrew, 29 Baker Street.
Farmer, Bernard, 35 Baker Street.
Curley, John, 49 Baker Street.
Henry, James, 57(?) Baker Street.
M’Garrigan, John, 63 Baker Street.
Cullen, Henry, 12 Baker Street.
M’Quillan, Arthur, 36 Baker Street.
M’Cann, Charles, 44 Baker Street.
Riley, Edward, 48 Baker Street.
M’Kenna, Thomas, 68 Baker Street.
Doyle, Charles, 9 Irwin Street.
Leonard, Michael, 11 Irwin Street.
Gibson, Joseph, 15 Irwin Street.
M’Callen, James, 37 Irwin Street.
Martin, Peter, 39 Irwin Street.
Forsythe, Hugh, 55 Irwin Street.
Sheals, James, 67 Irwin Street.
M’Conaghy(?), Francis, 25 Irwin Street.
Hagan, Hugh, 52 Irwin Street.
Doherty, Andrew, 54 Irwin Street.
M’Cluskey, John, 60 Irwin Street.
M’Glinn, Thomas, 7 Jude Street.
Carberry, Francis, 12 Jude Street.
Ryan, James, 16 Jude Street.
M’Kenna, Joseph, 18 Jude Street.
M’Kenna, Henry, 13 Currie Street.
Ferris, Joseph, 15 Currie Street.
M’Call(?), Patrick, 17 Currie Street.
Price, James, 8 Currie Street.
Donaldson, Samuel, 12 Currie Street.
Flynn, William, 3 Christians Place.
Smith, James, 5(?) Christians Place.
M’Millan, Jeremiah, 2 Christians Place
Collins, Patrick, 4 Christians Place.
Ward, Patrick, 14 Christians Place.
Gilbey(?), John, 16 Christians Place.
Lavery, James, 10 Alberts Place.
Harkin, Daniel, 3 Alberts Place.
M’Cann, Thomas, 2 Brook Street.
Collins, James, 10 Kennedy’s Court.
Gallgher, Thomas, 5 Galway Street.
Curran, John, 28 Bow Street.
M’Guinness, Mary, 27 Francis Street.
Graham, Eliza, 40 Bank Street.
Cromie, Catherine, 9 Chapel Lane.
Boyce, Jane, 18 Scotland Street.
Aicken, Grace, 1 Bilton Place.
Frazer, Grace, 9 M’Ivor’s Place.
Laird, Ellen, 11 Letitia Street.
Minnis, Sarah Ann, 10 Hope’s Place.
Lyons, Amelia, 11 Little Sackville Street.
M’Allister, Mary A.J., 4 Little Sackville Place.
M’Allister, Mary, 8 Campbell Street South.
Robinson, Hannah, 20 Coates Street.
Morrow, Margaret, 24 Coates Street.
M’Cartney, Ann, 83,85 Durham Street.
Hawthorn, Sarah, 103 Durham Street.
Anderson, Isabella, 141 Durham Street.
M’Meekin, Mary J., 167 Durham Street.
Baird, Ellen, 169 Durham Street.
Davison, Hannah, 171 Durham Street.
Lemon(Lennon?), Elizabeth, 175 Durham Street.
Smyth, Margaret, 179 Durham Street.
Creighton, Mary, 181 Durham Street.
Crothers, Emily, 11 College Street West.
Matier, Margaret, 19 College Street West.
Boomer, Sarah, 8 College Street West.
Dickey, Ellen, 16 College Street West.
Steenson, Ann, 20 College Street West.
Stevenson, Eliza, 4 Emma Court.
Spence, Mary, 3 Anne Court.
M’Whirter, Sarah, 8 Anne Court.
Crawford, Bridget, 14,16 Millar’s Lane.
Daly, Mary A, 20 West Street.
Walsh, Bridget, 22 West Street.
Brady, Annie, 36 West Street.
Fagan, Catherine, 7 Francis Street.
Barrett, Sarah, 15 Francis Street.
Holland, Catherine, 29 Francis Street.
M’Connell, Jane, 33 Francis Street.
Ferran, Alice, 5 Chapel Lane.
O’Neill, Rose, 13 Chapel Lane.
M’Coy, Elizabeth, 17a Chapel Lane.
Fagan, Mary, 33 Bank Street.
M’Cormick, Mary, 37 Bank Street.
M’Cormick , Mary, 40 Bank Street.
Fox, Ellen, 42 Bank Street.
Best, Catherine, 1 Currier’s Court.
M’Givern, Mary, 5 Burn’s Court.
M’Cluskey, Mary A., 4 Scotland Street.
M’Brinn, Margaret, 6 Scotland Street.
Savage, Annie, 16 Scotland Street.
Small, Annie, 12 Scotland Street.
Close, Catherine, 20 Scotland Street.
Donnelly, Catherine, 3 Killen Street.
M’Mullan, Catherine, 5 Galway Street.
Flynn, Martha, 8 Galway Street.
Cosgrove, Lizzie, 74 Divis Street.
Cramsie, Sarah, 50 Lettuce Hill.
Martin, Mary, 37 Hamill Square.
Ward, Mary, 27 Hamill Street.
Doolan, Annie, 41 Hamill Street.
Burns, Agnes, 3 Cross Street South.
Ratcliffe, Eliza, 2 Steele Court(?).
Gunn, Catherine, 9 Millfield Place.
Hull, Mary, 11 Millfield Place.
Stewart, Lizzie, 25 Millfield Place.
Gallagher, Rose, 29 Millfield Place.
Newbanks, Mary J., 29 Millfield Place.
Mitchell, Mary A., 35 Millfield Place.
Collins, Margaret, 39 Millfield Place.
M’Cormick, Margaret, 5 Hope’s Place.
M’Cann, Margaret, 6 Coates Place.
Cullen, Catherine, 27 Townsend Street.
M’Hugh, Maggie, 20(?) Campbells Row.
Ferran, Kate, 1(?) Durham Place.
Evans, Mary, 10 Durham Place.
Smith, Sarah, 31 pound Street.
Watters, Catherine, 3 M’Millan’s Place.
O’Malley, Mary, 29 M’Millan’s Place.
Kennedy, Mary, 85 Albert Street.
Harkin, Margaret A., 113 Albert Street.
M’Govreren, Mary, 117 Albert Street.
Lavery, Elizabeth, 125 Albert Street.
Hughes, Elizabeth, 20 Mary Street.
Murphy, Ann, 42 Mary Street.
Brannigan, Ann J., 9 Colin Street.
Murphy, Ellen, 8 Alma Street.
Hamill, Eliza, 10 Alma Street.
Bradley, Eliza J., 3 Ross Street.
Green, Ellen, 47 Ross Street.
Quinn, Mary, 55 Ross Street.
Reynolds, Ann, 10 Milton Street.
Gribben, Eliza, 12 Ormonde Street.
Cunnihan, Mary Agnes, 28 Milan Street.
Donnelly, Mary, 25 Belgrade Street.
Canavan, Sarah, 30 Roumania Street.
Langan, Susan, 38 Alexander Street West.
Moore, Sarah, 80 Milford Street.
Matier, Martha, 110 Milford Street.
M’Kenna, Sarah, 112 Milford Street.
M’Cartney, Catherine, 6 Whitehall Court.
M’Gahan, Annie, 25 Crane Court.
Teuton(?), Mary Ann, 6 Crane Court.
M’Cusker, Eliza, 1 Cullingtree Court.
M’Kenna, Sarah, 4 Cullingtree Court.
Devenney, Ellen, 8 Cullingtree Road.
Burns, Jane, 25 Cinnamond Street.
Pearson, Sarah, 20 Cinnamond Street.
Morrison, Catherine, 11 English Street.
Long, Alice, 21 English Street.
Quinn, Rose A., 33 English Street.
Lappin, Mary A., 51 English Street.
M’Veigh, Catherine, 8 English Street.
M’Allister, Mary Ann, 45 Nail Street.
Smith, Ellen, 55 Massereene Street.
Campbell, Mary, 8 Massereene Street.
Burns, Eliza, 14 Massereene Street.
M’Gurk, Rose A., 15 Baker Street.
Meehan, Margaret, 30 Baker Street.
Farrell, Jane, 40 Baker Street.
Brady, Catherine, 44 Baker Street.
Harvey(?), Agnes, 50 Baker Street.
M’Keown, Margaret, 56 Baker Street.
O’Connor, Mary, 36 Irwin Street.
Burns, Margaret, 15 Currie Street.
Smith, Jane, 20 Christian’s Place.
Delaney, Mary, 9 Ross Place.
MacGregor, James F., 23 College Square North.


The revision of the Parliamentary voters’ lists and Local Government Francise was resumed this morning in the courthouse, Stewartstown, before Mr Wm. Lawson,B.L., revising barrister. Mr Ernest Buchanan, registrar; Mr H.A.Mann, clerk of the Cookstown Union; and Mr A.H.Smyth, rate-collector, were also in attendance. The Nationalists were represented by Mr John Malone, solicitor, Cookstown; Mr E Hurson, registration agent; Messrs. Michael M’Gowan and Peter Connolly. The Unionists were represented by Mr R Barry Meglaughlin, solicitor, Dungannon; Mr W.J.Warmington,  registration agent, and Mr Hugh M’Ilwaine, inspector. A number of cases having been dealt with, the ruling  of the books was taken up, and the court rose. The Nationalists had a very stiff encounter with their  opponents, from the landlord down to the bailiff, and notwithstanding this they were able to sustain their position on the register. The success which attended the revision here is mainly due to assistance rendered by the fearless and patriotic parish priest of Clonoe ( Rev J Rock), who was unceasing in his attendance at the court. Great credit is due to Mr J Malone, solicitor, and Mr E Hurson, registration agent, for the admirable fight they made during the sitting.