Irish News September 20th  1898


The business of the Revision Courts was resumed yesterday in the County Courthouse, Crumlin Road. The Catholic Association, in behalf of the Catholic and Nationalist inhabitants, was represented by Mr P.J. Magee, solicitor, and Mr Patrick Doran, inspector. We append a list of the successful Nationalist claimants in the Falls Ward:-
Lavery, Arthur P, 126 Falls Road.
Kelly, Thomas, 21 Bombay Street.
Quinn, John, 36 Waterville Street.
Mooney, Bella, 22 Dunlewey Street.
Barker, Susan, 57 Dunmore Street.
M’Cullough, Daniel, 255 Grosvenor Street.
Lavery, Ralph, 11 Grosvenor Street.
Fenton, Hugh, 21 Grosvenor Place.
M’Cafferty, Thomas, 23 Grosvenor Place.
Magee, Patrick, 35 Grosvenor Place.
Liddell, James, 37 Grosvenor Place.
M’Anally, James, 36 Grosvenor Place.
Maguire, John, 128 Falls Road.
Gallagher, Patrick, 154 Falls Road.
Toner, John, 6 Leeson Street.
Cassidy, John, 10 Leeson Street.
M’Kenna, Francis, 30 Leeson Street.
Green, Henry, 70 Leeson Street.
Clinton, James, 86 Leeson Street.
Mulholland, Henry, 102 Leeson Street.
Finnegan, Patrick, 140 Leeson Street.
White, Willliam, 156 Leeson Street.
Rogan, Patrick, 158 Leeson Street.
Rogan, Owen, 162 Leeson Street.
Dobbin, John, 178 Leeson Street.
O’Brien, John, 180 Leeson Street.
M’Alinden, Patrick, 182 Leeson Street.
Donnelly, John, 200 Leeson Street.
Connolly, Francis, 206 Leeson Street.
M’Grath, James, 208 Leeson Street.
Anderson, William, 210 Leeson Street.
M’Guinness, James, 15 Leeson Street.
Agnew, William John, 35 Leeson Street.
Kearney, John, 75 Leeson Street.
Quinn, John, 95 Leeson Street.
Denvir, Henry, 1 Cyprus Street.
M’Hugh, Laurence, 25 Cyprus Street.
M’Cann, Felix, 29 Cyprus Street.
Hughes, Francis, 39 Cyprus Street.
M’Kenna, Philip, 49 Cyprus Street.
M’Intosh, James, 59 Cyprus Street.
Rock, Richard, 69 Cyprus Street.
Boyle, Joseph, 85 Cyprus Street.
Butler, James, 99 Cyprus Street.
M’Loughlin, James, 103 Cyprus Street.
Nolan, Michael, 107 Cyprus Street.
Barlow, Francis, 14 Cyprus Street.
M’Menamy, Francis, 17 Cairns Street.
M’Curdy, Loughlin, 6 Cairns Street.
Dougan, William, 31 Getty Street.
Massey, James, 30 Getty Street.
O’Halloran, Michael, 7 Abercorn Street North.
M’Gowan, Thomas, 33 Abercorn Street North.
Martin, William, 18 Abercorn Street North.
Hughes, John, 28 Abercorn Street North.
Thompson, Hugh, 29 Lincoln Street.
M’Laughlin, John, 25 Lincoln Street.
Hopkins, Martin, 41 Lincoln Street.
Hilland, John, 59 Lincoln Street.
M’Cauley, Patrick, 75 Lincoln Street.
M’Brearty, Joseph, 77 Lincoln Street.
M’Manus, James, 38 Lincoln Street.
Tully, John, 40 Lincoln Street.
Lavery, Hugh, 42 Lincoln Street.
Kane, Edward, 44 Lincoln Street.
Tierney, John, 52 Lincoln Street.
Johnston, Abraham, 64 Lincoln Street.
Morrison, Thomas, 70 Lincoln Street.
M’Kenna, Patrick, 72 Lincoln Street.
Maguire, Joseph, 5 Abyssinia Street.
Lenaghan, James, 47 Abyssinia Street.
Maguire, Patrick. J, 2 Abyssinia Street.
M’Mullan, Matthew, 20 Abyssinia Street.
M’Ilvenny, James,26 Abyssinia Street.
Early, George, 28 Abyssinia Street.
Gavin, Edward, 30 Abyssinia Street.
Mullalley, William, 44 Abyssinia Street.
Connell, William, 58 Abyssinia Street.
Moreland, Samuel, 74 Abyssinia Street.
Murphy, Francis, 5 Theodore Street.
Jennings, Patrick, 37 Theodore Street.
Nugent, James, 39 Theodore Street.
Magee, Henry, 57 Theodore Street.
Hagan, Patrick. J, 2 Theodore Street.
M’Fadden, Edward, 8 Theodore Street.
Watson, Patrick, 10 Theodore Street.
Lennon, Edward J., 26 Theodore Street.
Nash, Edward, 52 Theodore Street.
Farnan, Joseph, 10 Merrion Street.
Rice, Thomas, 16 Merrion Street.
M’Bride, Owen, 26 Merrion Street.
M’Goldrick, Frederick, 32 Merrion Street.
Mallon, Abel, 13 Merrion Street.
Carr, William, 13 Ward Street.
Donnelly, Thomas, 17 Ward Street.
Price, James, 19 Clonard Street Lower.
Connolly, James, 22 Clonard Street Lower.
Magill, Thomas, 24 Clonard Street Lower.
Rafferty, James, 90 Clonard Street Lower.
Gorman, Phillip, 96 Clonard Street Lower.
Mallon, Patrick, 9 Spinner Street.
Hamill, David, 20 Spinner Street.
Cully, Patrick, 9 Gibson.
M’Curry, Edward, 13 Gibson Street.
Smith, John, 15 Gibson Street.
Gallagher, William James, 17 Gibson Street.
Curry, William, 23 Gibson Street.
Teggart, John, 25 Gibson Street.
M’Avoy, Patrick, 27 Gibson Street.
Fitzpatrick, Thomas, 33 Gibson Street.
Graham, Joseph, 39 Gibson Street.
M’Greevy, John, 2 Gibson Street.
Magee, Patrick, 10 Gibson Street.
Foster, John, 20 Gibson Street.
M’Cafferty, James, 30 Gibson Street.
Quinn, Michael, 36 Gibson Street.
Lennon, James, 52 Gibson Street.
Lacey, James, 2 Dunville Street.
Carbary(?), Daniel, 46 Dunville Street.
M’Avoy, Henry, 100 Albert Street.
O’Neill, Mathew, 26 Omar Street.
Toner, John, 7 Balaclava Street.
Kearney, James, 29 and 31 Balaclava Street.
Flood, James, 35 Blaclava Street.
Craig, John, 32 Balaclava Street.
Hamill, Edward, 6 Milliken Street.
Smith, Thomas, 23 Milliken Street.
M’Closkey, John, 4 Milliken Street.
Short, Terence, 10 Milliken Street.
Reilly, Patrick, 11 Panton Street.
Kearney, Patrick, 18 Panton Street.
M‘Grath, Thomas, 69 Ross Street.
Hall, Patrick, 75 Ross Street.
Bradley, Patrick, 85 Ross Street.
Hale, Joseph, 156 Ross Street.
Carson, Joseph, 168 Ross Street.
Kane, Patrick, 54 Ross Street.
Gribben, Arthur, 60 Ross Street.
Muldoon, Felix, 72 Ross Street.
M’Givern, John, 90 Ross Street.
M’Cann, Philip, 148 Ross Street.
Dalzel(?), Charles, 8 Inkerman Street.
Shevlin, Owen, 1 Inkerman Street.
M’Brinn(?), Richard, 9 Cape Street.
M’Cann, Owen, 3 Garnet Street.
Hughes, Patrick, 2 Garnet Street.
Horner, Joseph, 24 Garnet Street.
M’Alinden, William, 28 Garnet Street.
Byrne, Hugh, 36 Garnet Street.
Gregory, Daniel, 7 Frere Street.
Campbell, Arthur, 11 Balkan Street.
M’Kay(?), John, 29 Balkan Street.
M’Cusker, Francis, 61 Balkan Street.
Carr, Joseph, 49 Balkan Street.
Finlay, Robert, 51 Balkan Street.
M’Laughlin, Hugh, 79 Balkan Street.
M’Kenna, James, 81 Balkan Street.
Burns, William, 87 Balkan Street.
Ralph, Edward, 99 Balkan Street.
Maguire, John, 107 Balkan Street.
Murphy, Francis, 109 Balkan Street.
Magee, James, 111 Balkan Street.
Dane(?), Robert, 8 Balkan Street.
Ward, Robert, 14 Balkan Street.
Heaney, Daniel, 36 Balkan Street.
Dorrian, William, 58 Balkan Street.
M’Mullan, Henry, 84 Balkan Street.
Morgan, Samuel, 90 Balkan Street.
Cassidy, Peter, 94 Balkan Street.
M’Guigan, Arthur, 100 Balkan Street.
M’Gurk, John, 102 Balkan Street.
M’Evoy, Nicholas, 17 Plevna Street.
Corr, John, 61 Plevna Street.
Teer, James, 65 Plevna Street.
Wright, Robert, 67 Plevna Street.
M’Cluskey, John, 69 Plevna Street.
M’Kenna, William J.,71 Plevna Street.
Phillips, Thomas, 79 Plevna Street.
Campbell, James, 81 Plevna Street.
Rafferty, Joseph, 18(?) Plevna Street.
Fox, Patrick, 58 Plevna Street.
Reavy, John, 72 Plevna Street.
Blake, George, 86 Plevna Street.
Quinn, Thomas, 96 Plevna Street.
M’Creave, Henry, 13 Sultan Street.
Brady, Josephine, 15 Sultan Street.
Monaghan, James, 17 Sultan Street.
M’Glade, James, 19 Sultan Street.
Murray, William, 21 Sultan Street.
Woods, James, 21 Sultan Street.
M’Gurk, Mary Jane, 39 Sultan Street.
M’Curry, William, 53 Sultan Street.
Rawe, John, 73 Sultan Street.
Hamill, Laurence, 18 Sultan Street.
Murray, Michael, 24 Sultan Street.
Matier, Robert, 26 Sultan Street.
M’Glone, Michael, 28 Sultan Street.
Fitzpatrick, Philip, 54 Sultan Street.
Mayes, John, 56 Sultan Street.
Molloy, James, 82 Sultan Street.
O’Neill, John, 5 Varna Street.
Quinn, Michael, 33 Varna Street.
M’Menamy, Samuel, 35 Varna Street.
Connolly, James, 37 Varna Street.
Duffy, John, 8 Varna Street.
M’Gurk, John, 16 Varna Street.
M’Veigh, Thomas, 20 Varna Street.
M’Donnell, James, 4 Servia Street.
M’Crudden, Robert, 22 Servia Street.
Kearney, Joseph, 48 Servia Street.
Woods, John, 56 Servia Street.
Donaghy, Patrick, 66 Servia Street.
Brown, James, 74 Servia Street.
Canavan, Bernard, 98 Servia Street.
M’Areavey, Daniel, 104 Servia Street.
Toner, James, 27 Servia Street.
Brown, Joseph, 59 Servia Street.
Murray, Charles, 61 Servia Street.
Falloon, Samuel, 67 Servia Street.
Holman, Neil, 67 Servia Street.
M’Ateer, Bernard, 10 Osman Street.
M’Gahey, William, 23 Osman Street.
Burns, Michael, 77 Cullingtree Road.
Monaghan, John, 83 Cullingtree Road.
Petticrew, John, 117 Cullingtree Road.
M’Quade, William, 134 Cullingtree Road.
Murphy, John, 12 Murdock Street.
O’Connor, Anthony, 9 Elizabeth Street.
O’Connor, Arthur, 59 Devonshire Street.
Mallon, James, 8 Devonshire Street.
O’Hare, Owen, 37 M’Donnell Street.
O’Hara, William, 26(?) M’Donnell Street.
Magee, Robert, 48 M’Donnell Street.
Matthews, Thomas, 50 M’Donnell Street.
Ward, Joseph, 54 M’Donnell Street.
Maguire, Michael, 82 M’Donnell Street.
Murray, John, 7 Lady Street.
M’Quade, William, 23 Lady Street.
Pearse, James, 25 Lady Street.
O’Donnell, James, 57 Lady Street.
Holmes, Edward, 16 Lady Street.
Burns, John, 38 Lady Street.
Hillock, Patrick, 1 Marchioness Street.
M’Guigan, James, 9 Marchioness Street.
M’Keown, Patrick, 11 Marchioness Street.
Carlisle, James, 15 Marchioness Street.
Durkin, Daniel, 29 Marchioness Street.
Madden, James, 39 Marchioness Street.
M’Aleer, John, 41 Marchioness Street.
M’Keown, Michael, 45 Marchioness Street.
Russell, Daniel, 4 Marchioness Street.
O’Neill, John, 6 Marchioness Street.
Hughes, William J., 20 Marchioness Street.
Black, Thomas, 24 Marchioness Street.
Loughran, John, 30 Marchioness Street.
Magee, Hugh, 32 Marchioness Street.
Campbell, Patrick, 34 Marchioness Street.
M’Donnell, Patrick, 34 Marchioness Street.
Reilly, Joseph, 7 Ton Street.
Hamilton, David, 17 Ton Street.
Gavin, Edward, 43 Ton Street.
Carson, Robert, 49 Ton Street.
M’Keever, Charles, 2 Ton Street.
Fitzpatrick, Philip, 8 Ton Street.
M’Auley, Charles, 14 Ton Street.
O’Hara, Michael, 24 Ton Street.
Hagans, Thomas, 32 Ton Street.
Mallaghan, Patrick, 42 Ton Street.
Farrell, Joseph, 46 Ton Street.
O’Brien, Hugh, 40 Ton Street.
M’Anally, Francis, 117 Falls Road.
M’Callister, John, 153 Falls Road.
Stewart, John, 22 Conway Street.
M’Goldrick, William, 68(?) Conway Street.
Creaney, William, 72 Conway Street.
Walsh, John, 15 Norfolk Street.
Lyons, Denis, 27 Norfolk Street.
Rafferty Owen, 47 Norfolk Street.
M’Garvey, Thomas, 49 Norfolk Street.
Conere(?), James, 53 Norfolk Street.
Gilmore, Andrew, 57 Norfolk Street.
Magee, John, 59 Norfolk Street.
Carr, John, 18 Norfolk Street.
Burke, Patrick, 44 Norfolk Street.
M’Gookin, John, 76 Norfolk Street.
M’Donnell, Edward, 98 Cupar Street.
M’Guigan, Francis, 232 Cupar Street.
Hanna, Francis, 256 Cupar Street.
Henry, James, 6 Wilton Street.
Cassidy, Arthur, 1 Cawnpore Street.
Smith, James, 3 Cawnpore Street.
Smee, James, 7 Cawnpore Street.
Downey, Edward, 11 Cawnpore Street.
Magee, Patrick, 17 Cawnpore Street.
Gribbon, Peter, 30 Cawnpore Street.
M’Guinn, Patrick, 36 Cawnpore Street.
Connolly, Felix, 38 Cawnpore Street.
Smith, John, 42 Cawnpore Street.
M’Clean, Patrick, 44 Cawnpore Street.
Kennedy, James, 52 Cawnpore Street.
Ralph, Thomas, 80(?) Cawnpore Street.
Reid, William, 2 Cawnpore Street.
Boyle, Edward, 4 Cawnpore Street.
Heaney, John, 6 Cawnpore Street.
Rosbotham, Michael, 10 Cawnpore Street.
Casey, Patk.J., 14 Caawnpore Street.
Gaffikin, John, 20 Cawnpore Street.
Mullan, Patrick, 22 Cawnpore Street.
Sweeney, John, 2 Sevastapol Street
M’Clean, James, 6 Sevastapol Street.
Hilland, George, 10 Sevastapol Street.
Fitzsimmons, John, 22 Odessa Street.
M’Aleese, Francis, 24 Odessa Street.
Heaney, James, 56 (57) Clonard Street.
Monaghan, Patrick, 82 Clonard Street.
Graham, James, 84 Clonard Street.
Collins, James, 88 Clonard Street.
Heaney, James, 1 Clonard Street.
M’Ilroy, Richard, 15 Clonard Street.
Mullan, Patrick, 42 Clonard Street.
Hagan, William, 42 Clonard Street.
Hughes, James, 60 Clonard Street.
Baxter, John, 62 Clonard Street.
M’Dowell, David, 64 Clonard Street.
O’Hare, Charles, 76 Clonard Street.
Dempsey, Patrick, 1 Bombay Street.
Mulholland, James, Bombay Street.
M’Parland, Hugh, 19 Bombay Street.
Mahaffey, Patrick, 23 Bombay Street.
O’Neill, Henry, 15 Bombay Street.
M’Mahon, Patrick, 36 Linden Street.
Cullen, John, 40 Linden Street.
Richards,James, 5 O’Neill Street.
Coulter, Hugh, 6 Waterford Street.
O’Brien, Michael, 17 Waterford Street.
Fitzpatrick, Thomas, 19 Waterford Street.
Connor, Patrick, 21 Waterford Street.
Kelly, James, 48 Malcolmson Street.
M’Gurk, Peter, 10 Malcolmson Street.
Sheals, John, 14 Malcolmson Street.
Wylie, James, 22 Malcolmson Street.
Morrisson, David, 22 Malcolmson Street.
Sullivan Thomas, 24 Malcolmson Street.
M’Shane, John, 36 Malcolmson Street.
Donaldson, George, 38 Malcolmson Street.
M’Areavey, John, 40 Malcolmson Street.
M’Coy, William, 9 Springview Street.
O’Neill, Joseph, 27 Springview Street.
Murphy, Thomas, 18 Springview Street.
Agnew, Thomas, 6 Springview Street.
Kerr, Bernard, 14(?) Springview Street.
Teggart, Michael, 16 Springview Street.
Scott, Thomas, 41 Colligan Street.
M’Alinden, Joseph, 3 and 5 Colligan Street.
Campbell, Thomas, 10 Colligan Street.
Wightman, Patrick, 5 Theresa Street.
M’Kenna, John, 12 Theresa Street.
O’Neill, John, 17 M’Quillan Street.
Burns, Thomas, 7 Cavendish Street.
Egan, Thomas, 11 Cavendish Street.
Bradley, James. J., 32 Cavendish Street.
Murphy, Charles, 48 Cavendish Street.
Hurl, Bernard, 13 Cavendish Street.
O’Hare, Felix, 15 Cavendish Street.
Sadlier, Richard, 21 Cavendish Street.
Coulter, Willian, 5 Shiel Street.
Mulligan, Thomas, 15 Shiel Street.
Cullen, Daniel, 11 Brighton Street.
Hagan, William, 4 Dairy Street.
M’Fall, Alexader, 6 Dairy Street.
M’Curley, John, 23 Springfield Road.
Smyth, James, 41 Springfield Road.
George, John, 51 Springfield Road.
M’Kenna, Ann, 55(?) Springfield Road.
Montgomery, William, 76 Springfield Road,
M’Shane(?), John, 84 Springfield Road.
Heany, James, 1 Dunmore Street.
M’Cann, John, 3 Dunmore Street.
Collins, George, 9 Dunmore Street.
Tracey, Henry, 11 Dunmore Street.
Farrell, James, 13 Dunmore Street.
Corigan, William. J., 15 Dunmore Street
Tracey, Christopher, 17 Dunmore Street.
Mallon, Patrick, 19 Dunmore Street.
M’Cartan(?), Daniel(?), 27 Dunmore Street.
M’Murray, Thomas, 4 Dunmore Street.
Martin, Hugh, 8 Dunmore Street.
Graham, John, 14 Dunmore Street.
O’Toole, James, 16 Dunmore Street.
Maher, Patrick, 22 Dunmore Street.
M’Anulty, John, 24 Dunmore Street.
M’Anulty, Henry, 26 Dunmore Street.
Magee, James, 36 Dunmore Street.
Rooney, Arthur, 46 Dunmore Street.
Quinn, Edward, 50 Dunmore Street.
Wainwright, Joseph, 52 Dunmore Street.
Gibson, John, 58 Dunmore Street.
Lawlor, John, 60 Dunmore Street.
Smyth, John, 62 Dunmore Street.
George, James, 64 Dunmore Street.
Malone, Michael, 66 Dunmore Street.
Taylor, Thomas, 68 Dunmore Street.
Kerr, William, 70 Dunmore Street.
M’Keever, Bernard, 33 Dunmore Street.
Teggart, Henry, 35 Dunmore Street.
Graham, Patrick, 37 Dunmore Street.
Gilmore, James, 39 Dunmore Street.
Grimley, Matthew, 43 Dunmore Street.
Furphy, Patrick, 47 Dunmore Street.
M’Coy(?), Robert, 53 Dunmore Street.
M’Grogan, William, 55 Dunmore Street.
Lenaghan, Patrick, 59 Dunmore Street.
M’Courtney, Michael, 61 Dunmore Street.
Payne, George, 1 Waterville Street.
Laverty, Francis, 3 Waterville Street.
Madden, William, 5 Waterville Street.
Gorman, William, 11 Waterville Street.
Mooney, James, 13 Waterville Street.
Kelly, Michael, 15 Waterville Street.
Catney, James, 19 Waterville Street.
Corrigan, George A., 21 Waterville Street.
Magaharan, Own, 23 Waterville Street.
M’Geough Patrick, 27 Waterville Street.
Durkin, James, 2 Waterville Street.
Weldon, James, 6 Waterville Street.
Hart, John, 8 Waterville Street.
Wright, Thomas, 16 Waterville Street.
M’Gowan, James, 20 Waterville Street.
M’Allister, Daniel, 26 Waterville Street.
M’Ardle, Henry, 30 Waterville Street.
Davey, John, 32 Waterville Street.
Byrne, Joseph, 34 Waterville Street.
Quinn, John, 36 Waterville Street.
O’Hanlon, Patrick, 1 Kashmir Road,
O’Brien, Patrick, 3 Kashmir Road.
Farren, Arthur, 9 Kashmir Road.
M’Ilroy, Patrick, 13 Kashmir Road.
Mason, Edward, 15 Kashmir Road.
M’Garry, Daniel, 27 Kashmir Road.
M’Quiston, Matthew, 2 Kashmir Road.
O’Hagan, Owen, 8 Kashmir Road.
M’Ardle, Henry, 14 Kashmir Road.
M’Sorely, Edward, 24 Kashmir Road.
Doran, Patrick, 6 Benares Street.
Duffy, Michael, 12 Benares Street.
M’Ilroy, Patrick, 16 Benares Street.
M’Ilorin(?), Hugh, 24 Benares Street.
Loughlin(?), Bernard, 28 Benares Street.
Dolan, James, 1 Lucknow Street.
Curran, Michael, 3 Lucknow Street.
M’Larnon, Bernard, 5 Lucknow Street.
M’Mullan, Francis, 9 Lucknow Street.
M’Menamin, Bernard, 11 Lucknow Street.
Murphy, Thomas, 15 Lucknow Street.
Mulholland, Patrick, 23 Lucknow Street.
Murphy, Timothy, 35 Lucknow Street.
M’Kee, John, 2 Lucknow Street.
Boal, James, 19 Elliott’s Row.
M’Cabe, Patrick, 2 Elliott’s Row.
Kelly, John, 14 Elliott’s Row.
Connolly, James, 20 Elliott’s Row.
M’Farlane, Thomas, 26 Elliott’s Row.
Kelly, Thomas, 3 Bantry Street.
Donnelly, Alfred, 15 Bantry Street.
Burns, Edward, 23 Bantry Street.
Smith, John, 4 Bantry Street.
Hinds, Henry, 8 Bantry Street.
Fulton, Allan J., 20 Bantry Street.
George, William, 22 Bantry Street.
M’Creely, Henry, 10 Lucknow Street.
M’Corry, Henry, 14 Lucknow Street.
Downey, Richard, 24 Lucknow Street.
Brady, Hugh B., 14 Crocus Street.
Wylie, James, 18 Crocus Street.
Power, Wm. 32 Crocus Street.
Kavanagh, Michael, 29 Crocus Street.
Fitzpatrick, James, 1 Iris Street.
Murphy, Bernard, 3 Iris Street.
O’Hara, Henry, 2 Springfield Avenue.
Neeson, Bernard, 4 Springfield Avenue.
Monaghan, James, 18 or 15(?) Springfield Avenue
Webb, John, 17 Springfield Road.
Mulholland, Michael, 14 Elliott’s Row.
M’Garvey, James, 5 Elliott’s Row.
Conlon, Wm. 11 Elliott’s Row.
Donnelly, Joseph, 13 Elliott’s Row.
Farren, John, 15 Elliott’s Row.
Flynn, James, 24 Bantry Street.
Welsh, James, 1 Tralee Street.
Ryan, Patrick, 3 Tralee Street.
M’Peake, Edward, 9 Tralee Street.
Lester, Daniel, 11 Tralee Street.
M’Anulty, Michael, 15 Tralee Street.
Carson, Robert, 2 Tralee Street.
Graham, Patrick, 12 Tralee Street.
Carlin, William, 14 Tralee Street.
Curran, Joseph, 18 Tralee Street.
M’Caughey, Owen, 20 Tralee Street.
M’Mahon, James, 22 Tralee Street.
Wylie, William, 24 Tralee Street.
Lennon, Francis, 26 Tralee Street.
M’Nally, John, 28 Tralee Street.
Blackham(?), William J., 3 Oranmore Street.
Loughran, Owen, 5 Oranmore Street.
Mulligan, James, 7 Oranmore Street.
Henry, Patrick, 9 Oranmore Street.
Flannigan, Bernard, 11 Oranmore Street.
M’Kenna, John, 17 Oranmore Street.
M’Cauley, Joseph, 19 Oranmore Street.
Kelly, Michael, 21 Oranmore Street.
M’Kinley, John, 23 Oranmore Street.
Madden, Thomas, 25 Oranmore Street.
O’Connor, Patrick, 27 Oranmore Street.
Hagans, Christopher, 42 Oranmore Street.
Bartley, Charles, 48 Oranmore Street.
M’Sherry, Patrick, 56 Oranmore Street.
Quinn, Hugh, 58 Oranmore Street.
M’Killen, John, 60 Oranmore Street.
Quinn, James, 62 Oranmore Street.
Burns, William James, 1 New Street off Falls Road.
M’Alinden, Thomas, 13 New Street.
Mallon, Hugh, 15 New Street.

Mr Doran(?) represented the Catholic Association.

The list of successful Nationalist claimants which we published yesterday was inadvertently headed”Dock Ward East” instead of Dock Ward (North).