Irish News September 19th  1898


DOCK WARD EAST:[ this should be Dock Ward North]
The Belfast Revision Courts resumed their sittings on Saturday. Below is given a further list of the successful Nationalist claimants in the Dock Ward East:-
John Whyte, 54 North Queen Street.
Hugh Dougan, 74 North Queen Street.
James O’Kane, 100 North Queen Street.
Edward M’Mahon, 9 Artillery Street.
Daniel M’Loughlin, 16 Artillery Street.
James Horan, 12 Artillery Street.
Patrick Donnelly, 50 Artillery Street.
Charles M’Garry, 52 Artillery Street.
James M’Auley, 68 Artillery Street.
Robert Storey, 90 Artillery Street.
Michael Rogan, 22 New Lodge Road.
Michael Toughill, 28 New Lodge Road.
George Anderson, 122 New Lodge Road.
James Kearney, 1 Bruslee Street.
JohnTumelsy(?), 7 Bruslee Street.
Hugh O’Neill, 8 Carntall Street.
Patrick Blakley, 8 Carnmoney Street.
William M’Keever, 20 Carnmoney Street.
James Nugent, 11 Pinkerton Street.
Dominic M’Kernan, 46 Pinkerton Street.
William Kelly, 24 Pinkerton Street.
Richard Murray, 9 Lepper Street.
Henry Magee, 80 Lepper Street.
John M’Garry, 84 Lepper Street.
John Dempster, 86 Lepper Street.
John Darby(?), 14 Upper Lepper Street.
James M’Lester(?), 9 Arlington Street.
Christopher Smyth, 14 Arlington Street.
Francis M’Kenna, 18 Arlington street.
James Devlin, 24 Arlington Street.
Patrick M’Anally, 6 Burlington Street.
Ambrose Hardy, 19 Hartwell Street.
William H Henry, 6 Singleton Street.
William Graham, 23 Donore Street.
Hugh Diamond, 30 Dawson Street.
Thomas Gibson, 10 Marion Street.
Edward M Caffrey(?), 9 Ashton Street.
Thomas J M’Cann, 22 Halliday’s Road.
Mary A. Stewart, 10 Carnmoney Street.
Elizabeth Mason, 59 Lepper Street.
Ann Gribbon, 58 Lepper Street.
Margaret Rooney, 80 Lepper Street.
Mary Phelan, 80 Lepper Street.
Mary M’Cullough, 86 Lepper Street.
Ellen Bateson, 10 Upper Lepper Street.
Margaret Savage, 27 Burlington Street.
Annie Larmour, 1 Shandon Street.
Lizzie Robinson, 11 Donore Street.
Annie O’Hara, 45 Annadale Street.
Catherine Carolan, 3 Donore Place.
Agnes Boyd, 9 Carntall Street.
Margaret Moloney, 14 Carntall Street.
Mary O’Neill, 6 North Queen Street. Place.

The majority of the objections lodged on behalf of the Nationalists were sustained.