Irish News September 17th  1898


The revision was continued in the County Courthouse yesterday. So far the representatives of the Catholic Association have been eminently successful in their work. In Dock Ward East 77 Unionist claims objected to by the Catholic Association have been disallowed, and in addition to this excellent work a large number of Unionist claims standing for “self” will ultimately be disallowed. Of their claims in this registration unit the Catholic Association have sustained 107 in the ordinary list and 43 in the women’s supplement. A large number of the objections lodged against Unionists on the long list have been sustained, and a good many more which have been allowed to stand for “self” will probably go the same way. The following are the Catholic and Nationalist claims sustained in
Dock Ward (East):
Cavanagh, John, 144 Duncairn Street.
Murray, David, 5 Garmoyle Street.
Lynch, Charles, 7a Garmoyle Street.
Mohan, Michael, 7c Pilot Street.
Gillespie, George, 4 Pilot Place.
Woods, Andrew, 5 Short Street.
Kerr, John, 4 M’Kellar’s Court.
Doran, Robert, 2 Nelson Court.
M’Kee, John, 22 Little Corporation Street.
O’Hara, James, 107a Little York Street.
M’Cartan, Henry, J, 82 Little York Street.
Craig, John, 1 Little York Street Court.
Owens, Peter, 14 Earl Lane.
M’Donald, James, 22 Earl Lane.
M’Adorey, John, 67 Trafalgar Street.
O’Neill, Daniel, 5 Mullin’s Place.
Fox, Patrick, 6 Mullin’s Place.
Gough, Michael, 52 North Thomas Street.
Cullen, Thomas, 4 Dock Lane.
Gribben, James, 59 Fleet Street.
O’Neill, Hugh, 50 Fleet Street.
Tomlinson, Samuel, 56 Fleet Street.
M’Gannon, James, 62 Fleet Street.
Hill, James, 5 Ship Street.
Christian, John, jr., 25 Ship Street.
Christian John, 27 Ship Street.
M’Anally, James, 13 Columbus Street.
Larkin, William J., 8 Columbus Street.
Fairy, James, 14 Columbus Street.
George, Thomas, 42 Little George’s Street.
Campbell, John, 54 Little George’s Street.
Magee, Hugh, 8 Wensley Street.
M’Grath, Thomas, 21 North Hill Street.
Connolly, John, 27 North Hill Street.
M’Cafferty, Henry, 29 North Hill Street.
M’Greevy, Patrick, 51 M’Cleery Street.
M’Gee, Patrick, 35 M’Cleery Street.
Mooney, Patrick, 37 M’Cleery Street.
Lawless, John, 52 M’Cleery Street.
Earls, Thomas, 59 M’Cleery Street.
Prunty, James, 4 M’Cleery Street.
Neeson, John, 8 M’Cleery Street.
Rosewarren, Charles, 28 M’Cleery Street.
Dougherty, James, 44 M’Cleery Street.
Murray, James, 66 M’Cleery Street.
M’Grath, Joseph, 10 Moffat Street.
Kelly, William, 12 Moffat Street.
M’Clean, John, 30 Moffat Street.
Robinson, Thomas, 83 Sussex Street.
Adair, Robert, 87 Sussex Street.
Connolly, Patrick, 91 Sussex Street.
Best, James, 95 Sussex Street.
Timney, Thomas, 55 Sussex Street.
Benson, Bernard, 57 Sussex Street.
Magee, Michael, 81 Sussex Street.
Pyper, William, 18 Sussex Street.
M’Stalker, Denis, 55 Grove Street.
Fearon, Bernard, 50 Grove Street.
M’Kibbin, Thomas, 70 Grove Street.
Murphy, Arthur, 139 North Queen Street.
Brolly, Hugh, 147 North Queen Street.
Murphy, Daniel, 171 North Queen Street.
Liddy, George, 179 North Queen Street.
O’Hara, James, 67 New Lodge Road.
M’Ilroy, Patrick, 89 New Lodge Road.
Hill, John, 91 New Lodge Road.
M’Closkey, John, 93 New Lodge Road.
Campbell, Daniel, 101 New Lodge Road.
Macklin, Hugh, 107 New Lodge Road.
M’Laughlin, Michael, 226 Duncairn Gardens.
King, Martin, 37 Spamount Street.
Pettigrew, Andrew, 163 Spamount Street.
Mooney, Wm. James, 104 Spamount Street.
Collins, John, 110 Spamount Street.
Stewart, James, 128 Spamount Street.
Trainor, Bernard, 206 Spamount Street.
M’Ilvenny, Hugh, 137 Upper Meadow Street.
M’Gurk, John, 155 Upper Meadow Street.
M’Cann, Joseph, 182 Upper Meadow Street.
Torpy, Michael, 198 Upper Meadow Street.
Rowan, James, 55 Hillman Street.
Murray, Daniel, 267 Hillman Street.
M’Quillan, Hugh, 307 Hillman Street.
Duffin, Richard, 114 Hillman Street.
Kelly, William, 117 Stratheden Street.
Walsh, Patrick, 64 Stratheden Street.
Loughran(?), John, 104 Stratheden Street.
M’Carthy, Daniel, 3 Hume’s Court.
M’Kenna, Owen, 4 Hume’s Court.
M’Kinley, Owen, 9 Gardiner’s Court.
M’Hugh, Patrick, 1 New Lodge Place.
M’Manus, John, 1 Mooney’s Court.
Cosgrove, James, 2 Mooney’s Court.
M’Keown, Patrick, 3 Mooney’s Court.
O’Neill, John, 13 Hardinge Street.
Gallagher, James, 57 Hardinge Street.
Hughes, Patrick, 97 Hardinge Street.
M’Manus, Patrick, 99 Hardinge Street.
Hill, Joseph, upper part, 30 Hardinge Street.
Duncan, John, upper part, 44 Hardinge Street.
O’Hallaran, Patk., 52 upper part Hardinge Street.
Molloy, John, 66 upper part Hardinge Street.
Grinley(?), John, 68 upper part Hardinge Street.
Griffen, Robert, 74 upper part Hardinge Street.
M’Laughlin, Patk., 76 upper part Hardinge Street.
Dogherty, 78 upper part Hardinge Street.
Liddy, Hugh, 86 upper part Hardinge Street.
M’Cartney, Caroline, 86 Corporation Street.
M’Clarion(?), Bridget, 65a Great Georges Street.
Quinn, Catherine, 98 Henry Street.
Magill, Mary, 120 Henry Street.
Devlin, Ann, lower part 4 Mullin’s Place.
Dobbin, Esemmia(?), 122 Earl Street.
Lowry, Mary Ann, 14 North Thomas Street.
M’Grath, Mary, 3 Ship Street.
O’Neill, Ann, 39 Union Place North.
Milligan, Martha, 45 Union Place North.
Boyle, Agnes, 9 Columbus Street.
M’Anally, Margaret, 56 Little George’s Street.
M’Clean, Mary, 1 M’Cleery Street.
Finnamore, Ann, 17 M’Cleery Street.
Cunning, Lizzie, 30 M’Cleery Street.
Mooney, Agnes, 62 M’Cleery Street.
Curry, Ellen, 9 Moffat Street.
M’Grath, 10 Moffat Street.
Sweeney, Margaret, 73 Sussex Street.
M’Grogan, Margaret, 75 Sussex Street.
Kummeth, Fanny, 85 Sussex Street.
M’Cann, Catherine, upper part 91 Sussex Street.
Smith, Lizzie, 93 Sussex Street.
M’Kay, Bridget, 37 Meadow Street.
M’Grogan, Jane, 155 North Queen Street.
Curtis, Catherine, 32 North Queen Street.
O’Dwyer, Bridget, 171 New Lodge Road.
Hancock, Ethel, 167(?) Spamount Street.
Burns, Maggie, 187 Spamount Street.
Hefferon, Agnes, 154 Spamount Street.
Delahunty, Mary Ann, 184 Spamount Street.
Hamill, Annie, 92 Upper Meadow Street.
Morgan, Catherine, 104 Upper Meadow Street.
M’Carthy, Rose, 219 Hillman Street.
Bradley, Catherine, 219 Hillman Street.
Reid, Anne, 220 Hillman Street.
Jordan, Catherine, 23 Stratheden Street.
Lynch, Susan, 14 Stratheden Street.
M’Coy, Catherine, 106 Stratheden Street.
M’Kinlay, Maria, 7 Gardiner’s Court.
Shanks, Susan, 39 New Lodge Road.
Holmes, Bridget, 87 Hardinge Street.
Smith, Margaret, 46 Hardinge Street.