Irish News September 15th  1898

NATIONALIST SUCCESSES: Ballycastle, Wednesday.

These sessions were continued to-day. Mr H C Cullinan, B.L., With Mr Boal solicitor, Ballymena, as registrar, sat in the Ballycastle Courthouse, and took up the revision of the voter’s lists for the district. Mr J.B. Hamilton (of Messrs. Greer & Hamilton, solicitors, Ballymoney) was present on behalf of the Unionists, and Mr J Boyle (of the firm of Messrs. P. & J. Boyle, Ballymoney) watched the Nationalist interests. Messrs. Charles M’Caughan, clerk of the Ballycastle Union, with rate-collectors Black, Donnelly, Buick, and Johnstone, were also in attendance. The Nationalists were successful in placing the
following on the voters’ lists from Armoy polling district:-  John Dornan, Balleney;  Daniel Laverty,Armoy;  John Loughran, Canowlaverty(?);  Patrick M’Arthur, Cronagh;  James M’Bride, Turveagh;  Daniel M’Cloy, Breene; Wm. M’Garry, Balleney;  Rose Devlin, Breene;  Margaret M’Toal, Cromagh;  Ellen O’Neill, Esson;  and Ellen Sampson, Armoy.
Patrick Black claimed for his vote in Anne Street, Ballycastle. Claim admitted. Alex Boyd, Castle Street, Ballycastle, claimed by the Unionists. Admitted. Cornelius Boyle, objected to by the Unionists. The
vote was allowed. John Browne, Anne Street, Ballycastle, was claimed by the Nationalists. Claim allowed. Francis Butler was claimed by the Nationalists. After lengthened legal argument claim disallowed. Daniel Christy was claimed by the Nationalists. Admitted. C.M. Greer, objected to by the Unionists. Allowed. Hugh Mitchell was claimed by the Unionists for a house in Mill Street, Ballycastle. Allowed. Hugh M’Bride was claimed by the Nationalists from a house in Carnsampson to Mill Street, Ballycastle. Allowed. John M’Bride, Craignee, was claimed by the Nationalists, and the claim was allowed. Wm. M’Caughan was claimed by the Unionists.Allowed. Samuel M’Causland, claimed by the Nationalists. Admitted. Wm. J. M’Garty was claimed by the Nationalists at Ballycastle. Not allowed. Arthur
M’Cloy, claimed by the Unionists. He had a freehold property at Ballycastle. No objection by the Nationalists. Daniel M’Cormick, of Anne Street, Ballycastle, claimed by the Nationalists. Allowed. The revision will be continued. Very Rev. John Conway, P.P., V.F., Ballycastle; Very Rev. Patrick Convery, P.P., V.F, Cushendall; Rev. Father Murphy, Armoy; and Rev. Father M’Aleese were present during the day. The contest was very stiff, and the Nationalists succeeded in strengthening their position on the register.


Yesterday the revision of the Parliamentary voters’ lists for the Ballygawley polling district concluded in the Courthouse here. The work lasted four days – from the 9th to 13th inst. The Nationalists claim to
have made a gain of about thirty, and the Unionists admit having lost considerably from last year’s register. Large numbers on each side were dis-franchised for the non-payment of the poor rates. Mr. Thomas Chalmers Drury, B.L.,was the Receiving Barrister, and Mr. R. Chambers, Crown and Peace Office, Omagh, was Registrar. The Nationalists were represented by Mr William Early, solicitor, Ballygawley (assisted by Messrs. John Donnelly, registration agent, Ballygawley, and Thomas Mooney, Killeshill). The Unionists had MR. E.V. Hamilton, solicitor, Aughnacloy ( assisted by Rev. Thomas
Adderley, Killeshill); Messrs Wm. Carson, junr. And George Rainey). The poor-law officials present were Messrs. Thomas Turner, clerk of Clogher Union; Mark Patterson, rate collector, do.; and George H. Marshall, do, Dungannon Union.