Belfast Municipal Elections 1904


Irish News and Belfast Morning News Wednesday  January 6 1904:


Nominations for vacancies in the representation of the city wards were received in the Town Hall yesterday from two o’clock until five – Sir Samuel Black, Town Clerk, assisted by Mr Robert Myer, chief clerk, acting as the necessary officials.  There was a pretty considerable amount of interest displayed in the proceedings in the neighbourhod of the hall.  The list of candidates nominated follows – the names marked with an asterisk being those of the retiring members.



*WILLIAM HARPER, Chichester House, Antrim Road, solicitor.

ANDREW M’SHERRY, 5 Cavendish Square, manager.


*GEORGE ANDREWS, JP, Ardoyne, gentleman

JOSEPH STEPHENS, Rosebrook Street, merchant.

ANDREW M’SHERRY, 5 Cavendish Square, manager



*FRANCIS R. CROTTY, Barbaville, Ballynafeigh, house and land agent.

VINCENT CRAIG, Lombard Street, architect.

WM. O’HARE, 3 Pim Street, gentleman.



*WM. M WILSON,1 and 3 Cromac Street, merchant.

ALEX. BOYD, 363 Donegall Road, secretary Municipal Employees’ Society.

HUGH W. BAILIE, 35 Ormeau Road, medical doctor.

ANDREW MAGUIRE, 9 Rosetta Park.


*H. W .BAILLIE, 45 Ormeau Road, medical doctor.

ALEX. BOYD, 363 Donegall Road, secretary.

JAMES CRAIG, 42 Rugby Avenue, grain merchant

JAMES BEATTIE, 20 Ratcliffe Street, managing clerk.

ANDREW MAGUIRE, 9 Rosetta Park, draper.



*Right Hon. Sir DANIEL DIXON, Bart, D.L., Ballymenoch, merchant.

PHILIP DUFFY,Belmont, gentleman.



*SAMUEL LAWTHER, D.L., Mount Vernon, shipowner.

JAS. NAPIER M’CAMMOND, Ormesdale, Fortwilliam Park, builder and contractor( at present councilor for the ward)

JAMES DEMPSEY, York Road, merchant.

ANDREW KELLY, 56 Alexandra Park Avenue, house furnisher.

JOSEPH MACAULEY, 6 Fortwilliam Park, solicitor.


S.T.MERCIER, Brookvale Avenue, flour merchant.

W. WALKER, Stratheden Street, secretary of Joiners’ Society.

JOHN M’INTOSH, 26 Duncairn Gardens, medical doctor.



*JOHN JOSEPH M’DONNELL, J.P.,Loretto Villa, 88 Ravenhill Road, architect.

Proposed by Rev. Charles M’Auley, Admin, 1 Cavendish Street, seconded by Nicholas J M’Donnell, M.D.,T.C., 101 Falls Road.

Proposed by Rev. John M’Laverty, C.C., 1 Cavendish Street, seconded by Andrew M’Sherry, 5 Cavendish Square.

Proposed by Bernard Devine, 120 Springfield Road, seconded by James M’Donnell, P.L.G.,118 Leeson Street.

Proposed by Patrick Stuart, 76 Falls Road, seconded by Frankie Donnelly, 88 Falls Road.

Proposed by Laurence Haughey, 98-100 Falls Road, seconded by Thomas M’Shane , Falls Road.

Proposed by Thomas M’Keith, 4 Balaklava  Street, seconded by Edward Flannigan, 34 Cyprus Street.

Proposed by Bernard J. Murphy, 3 Iris Street, seconded by Charles O’Donnell, 68 M’Donnell Street,

Proposed by James Murray, 5 Crocus Street, seconded by Alexander M’Quade, 23 Colligan Street,.

Proposed by James Dean, 114 Albert Street, seconded by Patrick M’Mullan, 1 Garnet Street.

Proposed by J.Fitzpatrick, 1 Iris Street, seconded by Richard M’Cann, 151 Springfield Road.

Proposed by Joseph Toner,149 Springfield Road, seconded by John Byrne, 2 Cawnpore Street.

Proposed by John Callaghan, 29 Osman Street, seconded by James O’Kane, 12 Servia Street.

Proposed by James M’Shane, 102 Falls Road, seconded by James M’Mahon, 12 Servia Street.

Proposed by Sarah O’Neill, Hy Niall, Falls Road, seconded by Eliza M’Gee, 131 Falls Road.

Proposed by Patrick Bannon, 44 Albert Street,seconded by Patrick Daly, 54 Albert Street.

Proposed by Robert Teer, 17 Cavendish Street, seconded by Patrick Hinds, 11 Clonard Street Lower.

Proposed by Hugh Shields, 1 Willowbank Terrace, seconded by Robert Foley, 59 Falls Road.

Proposed by Daniel M’Cauley, 32 Dunlewey Street, seconded by Michael Coagan,34 Dunlewey Street.

Proposed by Patrick Kerr, 55a Falls Road, seconded by Francis Bell, 55b Falls Road.

Proposed by John Dunne, 51 Cavendish Street, seconded by Daniel M’Farland, 23 Clonard Street.

Proposed by W.J. Donnelly, 19 Spinner Street, seconded by George Toner, 7 Spinner Street.

Proposed by Charles Graham, 143 Springfield Road, seconded by Henry M’Ardle, 37 Clonard Gardens.

Proposed by Peter M’Ivor, 2 Leeson Street, seconded by Christopher Higgins, 14 Odessa Street.

Proposed by Patrick Miskelly, 16 Dunlewey Street, seconded by Patrick O’Rourke, 18 Dunlewey Street.

Proposed by Robert James Dowling, 24 Sevastapol Street, seconded by Bernard Loughran, 41 Sevastapol Street.

Proposed by James Mulgrew, 4 Willowbank Terrace, seconded by John Malone, 7 Sorella Street.

Proposed by Edward Mayne,3 Leeson Street,seconded by Robert Connor, 13 Leeson Street.

Proposed by John Maguire, 129(?) Falls Road, seconded by Nelson Stockman, 13 Sorella Street.

Proposed by Francis Montague, 126 Falls Road, seconded by James Kane, 124 Falls Road.

Proposed by George Corr, 120 Falls Road, seconded by Robert H M’Cann, 43 Dunmore Street.

Proposed by Alfred Lockhart, 45 Falls Road, seconded by George Devlin, 26 Dunlewey Street.

Proposed by James M’Keown, 40 Springfield Road, seconded by William Longley, 22 Lower Clonard Street.

Proposed by John Cairns, 71 Falls Road, seconded by James Toner, 11 Clonard Street.

Proposed by Isabela Leonard, 12 Dunlewey Street, seconded by Ann Boyle, 24 Dunlewey Street.

Proposed by Patrick Mooney, 15 Dunlewey Street, seconded by James Graham, 17 Dunlewey Street.

Proposed by James Brennan, 114 Falls Road, seconded by James Hamill, 7 Panton Street.

Proposed by James Brennan, 2 Dunlewey Street, seconded by John M’Sherry, 20 Sevastapol Street.

Proposed by Thomas Manning, 8 Cavendish Street, seconded by James Wylie, 11 Cavendish Street.

Proposed by Patrick Rooney, 65-67 Cavendish Street, seconded by Francis M’Ilvenny, 58 Shields Street.

Proposed by Joseph Hogan, 37 Clonard Street, seconded by John Devlin, 29 Clonard Street.

Proposed by George Cush(?), 34 Clonard Gardens, seconded by John M’Cann, 4 Dunlewey Street.

Proposed by Francis Gallagher, 20 Dunlewey Street, seconded by John Hatton, 12 Lower Clonard Street.

Proposed by Laurence Haughey 98-100 Falls Road, seconded by Thomas M’Lane, 102 Falls Road.

Proposed by Patrick Russell, 18 Odessa Street, seconded by Daniel M’Veigh, 102 Cullingtree Road.

Proposed by Joseph Toner, 149 Springfield Road, seconded by John Byrne, 2 Cawnpore Street.

WM. JAMES MOORE, Andersonstown, architect.

Proposer Edward Lee, 40 M’Donnell Street, seconder by Timothy Sheehan, Clonard Gardens.

Proposer,Christopher M’Guigan, Falls Raod, seconder, Jane M’Cann, 269 Falls Road.

Proposer, James M’Mahon, 230 Crumlin Road, seconder Francis Connolly, 16 Earlscourt Street.

Proposer, Patrick M’Guigan, 25 Springfield Road, seconder, Hugh M’Keown, 251-253 Falls Road,.

Proposer, Joseph M’Ginley, 465 Falls Road, seconder, Felix Kane jun., 41-43 Kashmir Road.

Proposer, John Mulligan, 69 Hawthorne Street; seconder Charles Connolly, 35 Springfield Road.

Proposer, Sarah O’Neill, 14-16 Bombay Street; seconder, Henry M’Grath, 48 Springfield Road.

Proposer, Francis O’Neill, 1 Clonard Street; seconder, John Doyle, 19 Theresa Street.

Twelve other papers.

JAMES MACKIN, 56 Falls Road, house furnisher.

DAVID ADAMS, 85 Rugby Avenue, printer.

JAMES M’KENNA, 100 Dee Street, merchant.



*WM. M’CLURE, Ardenlee Avenue, merchant.

WM. R. FRAZER, 117 Woodstock Road, painter.

JAMES MURRAY, 5 Crocus Street, painter.



*JOHN M’CORMICK, Craigroiston, Knock, solicitor.

WILLIAM HILL, Jun., 129 Belmont Road, dealer.

JAMES M’DONNELL, 118 Leeson Street, spirit merchant.


HUGH HAYES, High Street, solicitor.

J.D. DUNLOP, ‘Hawarden’, builder.

JOHN SPENCE, 10 Ravenscroft Street, engine fitter.

JAMES CHAMBERS, 78 Bloomfield Avenue, clothier.

WILLIAM HILL Jun., 129 Belmont Road, dealer.

JAMES M’DONNELL, 111 Leeson Street, merchant.



*JAMES JOHNSTON, JP, Donegall Street, flax merchant.

THOMAS M’GUIGGAN, 6 Barrack Street, merchant.

J.L.M’DONNELL, Andersonstown, solicitor.

ARTHUR CAHOON, 4 Blythe Street, hairdresser.



Sir JAMES HENDERSON, D.L., Oakley House, Windsor Park, newspaper proprietor..

THOS. H SLOAN, M.P., 17 Canning Street.

SAMUEL BOAL, 58 Jerusalem Street, traveler.


*JOHN S. SHAW, J.P., 21 and 23 High Street, hatter.

WM. HILL,Jun., 129 Belmont Road, dealer.



PATRICK LAVERTY, LLB, 29 Richmond Terrace.

Proposed by Rev. Joseph Burns, Admin. St Mary’s Presbytery, King Street, seconded by John Lavery, 18 King Street.

Proposed by John M’Entee, T.C, 42 Mill Street, seconded by Charles O’Connor, 23 Cullingtree Road.

Proposed by Thomas Mallaghan, 13 Durham Street, seconded by Patrick Molloy, 46 Falls Road.

Proposed by Alderman Peter O’Connell, M.D., College Square North, seconded by Terence Lavery, 134 Albert Street.

Proposed by Patrick Finnigan, 106 Hughes’s Buildings, seconded by Patrick J Gallen, 5 Gilford Street.

Proposed by Bernard J M’Coy, 27 College Gardens, seconded by John Mulholland, 37 Milford Street.

Proposed by Joseph Giles, 27 College Square North, seconded by Joseph Duffy, 13 Divis Street.

Proposed by James M’Conville, 76 Smithfield, seconded by John M’Conville, 168 Albert Street.

Proposed by John Harkin, 12 M’Millans’ Place, seconded by John M’Clean Smith, 5 M’Millan’s Place.

Proposed by Michael Boyle, 19 Marquis Street, seconded by Hugh Pollock, 53 King Street.

Proposed by Henry M’Gowan, 67 Durham Street, seconded by John Maynes, 47 Barrack Street.

Proposed by Bernard Campbell, Smithfield, seconded by James M’Govern, 36 Library Street.

Proposed by Joseph M’Gowan, 77 Durham Street, seconded by Edward Gilliland, 47a Durham Street.

Proposed by Bernard Cullen, 96 Divis Street, seconded by Felix M’Astocker, 52 Divis Street.

Proposed by Wm. Mahood, 43 Durham Street, seconded by James M’Shane, 41 Durham Street.

Proposed by Edward Lewsley, 31 Gilford Street, seconded by Patrick Smyth, 35 Alexander Street West.

Proposed by Patrick M’Nulty, 7 Ormond Street, seconded by Francis Burke, 38 Pound Street

Proposed by Bernard Dorrian, 43 Albert Street, seconded by William J Stewart, 71 Cullingtree Road.

Proposed by Patrick M’Geeney, 18 & 20 Peel Street, seconded by John Patton, 61 Ross Street.

Proposed by Patrick M’Aleese, 6 Lincoln Avenue, seconded by John M’Larnon, 2 Belgrade Street.

Proposed by Joseph Burns, 66 Mill Street, seconded by Owen Madden, 6 Divis Street.

Proposed by Hugh M’Namara, 136 Albert Street, seconded by Michael Kerr, 158 Albert Street.

Proposed by Thomas Boyle, 15 Bow Street, seconded by Robert Finlay, 33 Bow Street.

Proposed by Patrick Kelters, 3 Jude Street, seconded by James Meehan, 4 Irwin Street.

Proposed by John M’Cormick, 65 Alexander Street West, seconded by James M’Alea, 12 Nail Street.

Proposed by Rev. James M’Donald, C.C., seconded by William Downey, 126 Divis Street.

Proposed by Joseph Meehan, 10 Baker Street, seconded by Joseph O’Neill, 1 Scotch Street.

Proposed by Bernard Laverty, Milford Street, seconded by Michael Duggan.

Proposed by Peter Farrelly, 5 Irwin Street, seconded by Patrick Magee, 67 Cullingtree Road.

Proposed by Joseph Burns, 47 Nail Street, seconded by James Tuhan, 12 Bow Street.

Proposed by James Burns, 52 Massereene Street, seconded by Michael Donnelly,24 Massereene Street.

Proposed by Edward Clarke, 49 Cullingtree Road, seconded by Edward M’Guigan, 17 Bow Street.

Proposed by Hugh O’Dowd, 11 Quadrant Street, seconded by Frank M’Garry, 1 Brook Street.

Proposed by Patrick A Campbell, 13 Durham Street, seconded by Samuel D Clelland, 20 Barrack Street.

Proposed by Edward Clancy, 160 Albert Street, seconded by Patrick Smith, Bank Street.

Proposed by Wm J Byrne, 4 Wood Street, seconded by Patrick Burke, 4 Wood Street.

Proposed by Catherine Gilliland, 25 Barrack Street, seconded by Sarah Stewart, 31 Hamill Square.

Proposed by George Blackwood, 16 Scotland Street, seconded by Patrick Canning, 1 Killen Street.

Proposed by O.B. M’Guinness, 36 Barrack Street, seconded by B Madden, 46 Barrack Street.

Proposed by Susan Mowbray, 46 Barrack Street, seconded by James Kearns, 147 Millfield Street.

Proposed by James M’Veigh, 44 Hamill Street, seconded by Michael Quinn, 15 Barrack Street.

Proposed by James A Lawson, 11 Hamill Square, seconded by Patrick Campbell, 3 Hamill Square.

Proposed by John Burns, 68a Mill Street, seconded by Joseph Ross, 68a Mill Street.

Proposed by Mary Daly, Durham Street, seconded by Maria M’Mullan, Cullingtree Road.

JOHN ROONEY, 16 Rosemary Street, merchant.

Proposer, Michael Aicken, M.D., 148 Divis Street, seconder, Charles Watterrs, 134 Divis Street.

Proposer, James Mason, 37 Irwin Street, seconder, Henry M’Kinney, 21 Durham Street.

Proposer, John Byrne, Mill Street and Rosemary Street,

Proposer, Thomas H Callaghan, 14 Ormonde Street, seconder , Arthur Kavanagh, 97 and 99 Millfield.

Proposer, Francis M’Donnell, 20 Hamill Street, seconder , James M’Burney, 15 Chapel Lane.

Proposer, Patrick Creighton, 120 Albert Street, seconder, James L M’Williams, 53 Milford Street.

Proposer, Thomas M’Guiggan, 6 Barrack Street.; seconder, John Welch, 32 West Street.

Proposer, Arthur Davey, 14 Divis Street; seconder, Patrick M’Guckian, 26 Divis Street.

Proposer, Edward Skillender, 42 Ross Street; seconder, Thomas Brennan, 5 Servia Street.  Numerous other papers.

T.D.CORBETT, 69 Longford Street, insurance agent.

JAMES MACKIN, 58 Falls Road, hardware merchant.

EDWARD PROUT, 40 Wellington Park, advertising agent.



J.KING-KERR, J.P., Glenaltans, Knock, medical doctor.

WILLIAM HILL, Jun., 129 Belmont Road, dealer.

JAMES MILLAR, 34 The Mount, spirit merchant.


*EDWARD M’INNES, 165 Bloomfield Road, trades secretary.

JOHN L. GALWAY, Duniris, Dundonald, solicitor.

JAMES MILLAR, 34 The Mount, spirit merchant.



Sir OTTO JAFFE, J.P., Kin-Edar, Strandtown, linen merchant(at present Councillor for the ward).

THOMAS BARKLEY, 82 Royal Avenue, solicitor.

JAMES MAGINNES, Glen Road, clothier.


JOHN THOMPSON, Mountcollyer, Malone, gentleman.

GEORGE HAMILTON, 120 Bloomfield Avenue, druggist.

JAMES MAGINNES, Glen Road, clothier.



*Sir JAMES H. HASLETT, M.P.,18 and 20 North Street, merchant.

JAMES MACKIN, 56 and 58 Falls Road, hardware merchant.


*WM. MACARTNEY, Thornview, Cliftonville, rope and twine manufacturer.

ARTHUR CAHOON, 4 Blythe Street, hairdresser.

JAMES MACKIN, 56 AND 58 Falls Road, hardware merchant.

THOMAS MAGUIRE, Holywood, solicitor.



SAML. M’CORMICK, 4040 Shankill Road, baker.

WM. JOHN SHIELDS, 4 Crumlin Road, dentist.

The Town Clerk will sit in the Town Hall to-day to receive withdrawals and hear objections.

Friday, 15th inst, will be polling day.,