Ulster Genealogy

Ulster Genealogy

Ulster Genealogy

Belfast Telegraph May 15 1916

More Northern Deportees


Belfast Telegraph May 15 1916:


DUBLIN, Sunday:- A list of 203 prisoners removed from Richmond Barracks, Dublin, and lodged in Stafford Detention Barracks was issued this afternoon.

The list includes the names of the following:-

J.O�Kane, 4 Divis Drive, Falls Road, Belfast.
B. M�Mackin, Belfast.
P. Nash, 52 Gibson Street, Belfast.
T. Sharley, 7 Dublin Street, Dundalk.
J. Barrett, 13 Dublin Street, Dundalk.
P. Halpin, Burns Row, Dundalk.
M. Kavanagh, Castle Conor, Co. Sligo.
T. Clear, 57 Agincourt Avenue, Belfast.
J. Barnes, St. James� Park, Falls Road, Belfast.
M. Carolan, 80 Chief Street, Belfast.
P. Casey, Castletown Road, Dundalk.
J.J. Walter, Maxwell Terrace, Dundalk.
H. Osborne 69 Smithfield, Belfast.