Belfast Weekly News

October 21 1893

Ulster Defence Union

  We present this week, for the satisfaction of Ulster Unionists, the names of the six hundred gentlemen composing the Central Assembly.  These have been chosen from every class and creed, and are fully representative of the Unionism of the Imperial Province.  They have been selected with great care and consideration, and cannot fail, by what is known of their antecedents, in giving satisfaction to those who have delegated them to such important work.  This body meets for the first time on Tuesday, the 24th inst., in the Ulster Hall, when they will proceed to the election of a council of forty, and the consideration of other important matters.  The occasion is a great and serious one in the history of Ulster, but will, it is expected, mark an epoch in her peace, prosperity, and material developments.  We append the names of the members of the Central Assembly: -
  Mr W.Q. Ewart, Bart., Crumlin Road.
  Samuel Weir, 52 M’Tier Street.
  Thomas M’Cormick, 34 CliftonPARK Avenue.
  W. M’Cammond, J.P., Fortwilliam Park.
  Alexander Bryans, 48 Duncairn Street.
  R.B. Andrews, 24 Annalee Street.
  T.A. Davidson, M.D., 126 Agnes Street.
  Samuel Kerr, Upper Townsend Street.
  Thomas Murphy, Woodvale Street,
  David Fleck, 226 Tennent Street.
  R.H.Crichton, 109 Everton Terrace.
  George Andrews, J.P. Ardoyne.
  Thomas Sinclair, D.L., Hopefield.
  B.W.D.Montgomery, The Drift, Antrim Road.
  W.H.Dixon, J.P. Dunowen, Cliftonville.
  R.W.M’Dowell, 22, Oldpark Crescent.
  W.Swanston, Cliftonville Avenue.
  John Malone, Cliftonville Avenue.
  F.W.Finlay, Wolfhill House.
  J.A.Beck, Everton House.
  C.J.Allison, Little Victoria Street,
  J.S Briggs, Bruce Terrace, Lisburn Road.
  Adam Duffin, LL.D., 22 University Square.
  D.W.Foy, Bankmore Street.
  Robert Gibson, Linenhall Street.
  John Hetherington, 196 Falls Road
  F.C.Johnston, College Street South
  Andrew Morrow, Victoria College
  E.C. Stack, M.D. Great Victoria Street,
  R.G. Dunville, D.L. Redburn, Holywood.
  Sir Daniel Dixon, J.P., Ballymenoch, Holywood.
  Travers(?) K. Duncan,  1 Caledonia Terrace.
  Ross Bell, 21 Donegall Pass
  Norman H. Barrett, M.D., Edinville, Bangor.
  R.L Hamilton, J.P., Windsor Avenue.
  St. John Herd, 37 Cromwell Road
  Rev.R.R. Kane, LLD. , 2 Royal Terrace
  James Musgrave, J.P., Drumglass House.
  Rev. D  M’Cutcheon, Methodist College.
  F.D. Ward, J.P, Royal Ulster Works
  Jas. Henderson, J.P., 55 and 57 , Donegall Street.
  R.J.M’Connell, J.P., 37 Royal Avenue
  Sir James Haslett, J.P., North Street
  Henry J. M’Bride, Glenalina House
  William Gregg, Hamilton’s Court
  R.I .Calwell(?), C.E., 21 Arthur Street
  John Laird, Balmoral
  William Burns, 18 and 20 , Hutchinson Street
  Rev. J. Wilson, Cliftonpark Avenue
  A.F. Dalsell, Hatfield, Lisburn Road.
  Robert H. Orr, 1 Lombard Street
  James Johnston, 34 Donegall Street.
  Thomas Johnston, 114 Northumberland Street.
  William Weir, Springfield.
  Robert Thompson, J.P., Mulhouse Works.
  J.A. Loughlin, 143 Falls Road.
  M Wylie, LLD.,128 Royal Avenue.
  George S Clark, Dunlambert, Fortwilliam.
  Thomas A. McKnight, 156 York Street.
  H.O. M’Gregor, 92 Great Georges’ Street.
  Samuel Wilson, Corporation Square.
  John Johnston Shillington, J.P.,Glenmachan Towers, Strandtown.
  W.N. Johnston, Rushfield Avenue.
  Jackson Totton, Strandtown.
  William Wagner, 2 Jocelyn Avenue.
  William M’Cormick, Mountpottinger Road.
  James Hollywood, Albertbridge Road.
  James Haveron, 13 Lawther Street.
  James Ledgerwood, 14 Brougham Street.
  E.S.Finnigan, Strandtown.
  Thomas Matthews, 49 Cable Street.
  Wm. Masterson, J.P., Victoria Street.
  Rev. W.J.M’Caughan, Glenview, Castlereagh.
  Robert Dunwoody, Victoria Street.
  Claude Brownlow, J.P., Knock.
  John Greenhill, Marlborough Park.
  Rev. S.D.Burnside, Shaftesbury Square.
  Robert M’Geagh, J.P., Ann Street.
  William Nicholl, 11 Hillman Street
  Aleaxander Taylor, Owen O’Cork House.
  Charles Robinson,  Ravenhill Road.
  W.J.Pirrie, J.P., Ormiston.
  Rev. Wm. Witherow, The Mount.
  W.B.Ritchie, J.P. The Grove
  James M’Quoid, 9 The Mount.
  D.B.Lytle, J.P., Bloomfield.
  Victor Coates, J.P., Rathmore, Dunmurry.
  W. Dixon, The Mount.
  ?. M. Reid 80 Albertbridge Road.
  David M’Bride, 10 Thorndyke Street.
  A.B.Moore, M.D., Albertbridge Road.
  Wm. Gibson, M.D., 125 Albertbridge Road
  A.V.Featherstonhaugh, 7 Rushfield Avenue.
  Rev. James Cregan, Ravenhill Road.
  William Waid, 77 Albertbridge Road.
  Ambrey Fitzsimmons, 159 Albertbridge Road.
  Wm. M’Causland, Cherryville, Ballynafeigh.
  Wm. Jackson, South Parade.
  Rev. John G. Hopkins, Willowfield.
  John Davidson, J.P., Turf Lodge.
  Hugh M’Dowell, 23 Lord Street.
  James Lee, J.P., Chlorine Gardens.
  F(?) W. Smith, 7 Donegall Square East.
  T.H.Browne, J.P., Windsr Park.
  Wm. R. Goodlatte, Salem Lodge, Moy.

Eastern Section – Counties of Antrim and Down and Borough of Newry.
  County Antrim
  Alexander M’Neill, Gardenvale House, Stranocum.
  Rev. J.P.R.. Breakey, Armoy.
  Samuel H Sayers, Ballylig, Cloughmills.
  Hugh Leckey, Beardville, Coleraine.
  Rev.S.E. Brown, The Manse, Clough.
  Thomas Cupples, Ballyreagh, Clough.
  R.M.M’Kendry, Ballycregagh, Clough.
  Richard M Douglas, J.P., Knockbuoy, Dervock.
  Rev. Alexander Field., D.D., Mansfield, Dervock.
  Allan Mill, Portmoon House, Dunserverick.
  Edmund M’Neill, J.P. , Craigdun, Craigs, Belfast.
  L.G.P.Filgate, J.P. Altnahinch, Loughguile.
  John Casement, .J.P.,Magherintemple, Ballycastle.
  Alexander H. Steen, Sharvagh, Bushmills.
  W.J.M’Kinney, Bushmills.
  Rev. George Fraser, Finvoy.
  Captain A.M. Armstrong, Culmore House, Kilrea, Co Derry.
  T.M Greer, Ballymoney.
  W.H. Lawlor, Ballnamore, Ballymoney.
  James F Mackinnon, Clough Corr House, Ballycastle.
  ? H. Watt, Portrush.
  J.J.Adams, M.D., J.P., Ashville, Antrim.
  H.B.Murray, J.P., Ardnaveigh, Antrim
  Lavens M. Ewart, J.P.,Glenbank House, Ballysillan.
  J. Blakiston Houston, H.M.D.L., Orangefield, Belfast.
  Edwin Hughes, Mertoun Hall, Holywood.
  H.H.M’Neille,.D.L., Parkmount, Belfast.
  Robert Willis, Newington Terrace, Limestone Road.
  Rev. A.H Pakenham, J.P., Langford Lodge, Crumlin.
  Rev. Robert M’Bride, The Manse, Dundrod.
  R.H.Reade, J.P., Wilmont, Dunmurry.
  Edward J.Charley, J.P., Seymour Hill, Dunmurry.
  Edward J. Bristow, Windsor Avenue, Belfast.
  John M’Kittrick, Dunmurry.
  Thomas A. Kelly, Culnafay, Toomebridge.
  Rev. George H. Daunt, Grange Corner, Toomebridge.
  John Rainey, Drumnal Toomebridge.
  James Lorimer, Edenvale, Glenavy.
  George H Clarke. J.P, Rosevale, Lisburn.
  George Bell, Hillsborough.
  H.D.M’Master, J.., Dumbarton House, Gilford.
  Rev. J A. Crozier, B.A., Stranmore Lodge, Gilford.
  Robert M’Bride, Drumarin, Gilford.
  T.L. Adamson, Knocknamuckley, Gilford.
  David M. Hawthorn, Whitehall, Fourtowns, Loughbrickland.
  T.H. Brownrigg, M.D., Fairmount House, Moira.
  John Macoun, J.P., Kilmore House, Moira.
  ?. A. Waddell, Drumcrue House, Moira.
  William Liddel, J.P., Banogue House, Donacloney.
  James M’Cammon, Moygannon, Lurgan.
  W. Atkinson, Waringstown.
  G.B.Wilkins, 16 Railway Streeet, Lisburn.
  George Wilson, Railway Street, Lisburn.
  John Ritchie, Bow Street, Lisburn.
  Robert Garrett, Antrim Road, Lisburn.
  Richard Knox, Railway Street, Lisburn.
  Rev. W.D. Pounden, M.A., Castle Street, Lisburn.
  Wm. Savage, J.P., Maryville, Lisburn.
  Rev.G.B. Sayers, Ballyscally, Upper Ballinderry.
  Rev. J.W. Sleator, Killough, Aghalee, Lurgan.
  John Taylor, Legateriff, Ballinderry.
  W.H.H.Lyons, Tudor House, Holywood.
  Rev. J.H. Leslie, Broomhedge, Lisburn.
  Thomas Whiteside, Megaberry, Moira.
  C.J.Webb, J.P., Knockvaire, Randalstown.
  Samuel Black, J.P., Ballydrumnaul, Randalstown.
  John Waring, Boolgan, Stonyford.
  Rev. H. M’Knight, Stonyford.
  Rev. J.J.M’Clure, The Manse, Duneane, Randalstown.
  Rev. W.J. Baird, Killead House, Tully.

  J.C. Kirkpatrick, Ballyclare.
  Wm. M’Meekin, J.P., Cogry, Doagh.
  Thomas Houston, Ashley, Cairnmoney.
  Rev. J.H. Bennett, M.A., Kilroot House, Carrickfergus.
  A.J.A.Lepper, J.P., Rhanboy, Carrickfergus.
  Robert M’Cammond, Troopers Lane, Carrickfergus.
  J.C. Holden, Scotch Quarter, Carrickfergus.
  W. H . Arbuthnot, 79 Royal Avenue, Belfast.
  Wm. Chaine, Cairncastle Lodge, Larne.
  Rev. J.L.Donaghy, The Manse, Larne.
  Captain Johnston Glynn, Larne.
  Thomas Milliken, Loughead, Islandmagee.
  G.W. Ferguson, C.E., Donegall Park, Belfast.
  Wm. Warwick, Tobergill, Parkgate.
  Viscount Templetown, Castle Upton, Templepatrick.
  W.J. Gibson, Ballynalough, Templepatrick.
  Howard Campbell, Mossley.
  Col. M’Calmont,O.B (?), Whiteabbey.
  Thos. H. Torrens, J.P., Whiteabbey.
  Robt. Tennent, J.P., Whiteabbey.
  W.G. Bown, Kells Cottage, Whiteabbey.
  Right Honourable John Young, D.L.,Galgorm Castle, Ballymena.
  Geo. Bellis, J.P., Ballymena.
  Alex. Caruth, Ballymena.
  John Graham, Ballymena.
  S.J. M’Cartney, J.P., Ballymena.
  R.A.Simms, Ballymena.
  Jas. Kyle, Ballymena.
  Geo. Ballantine, Ballymena.
  W.R. Young, Ballymena.
  J. Patrick, J.P., Gladheather(?), Ballymena.
  John Paul, Ballymena.
  Alex. Cairns, Ballymena.
  W.J.O’Hara, Broughshane.
  John Houston, Broughshane.
  W.J. Lester, Ballymena.
  Samuel Smith, Tullymore, Broughshane.
  Col. J.J. Rowan., J.P., Mountdavys, Ballymena.
  Rev. W.G. Strahan, Ahoghill.
  Wm. Moore, J.P.Hillhead, Cullybackey.
  Hugh Austin, Kllane, Ahoghill.
  Rev. Edward Patman, Ahoghill.
  John Robinson, Ballinacaird, Broughshane.
  Earl of Antrim, Glenarm.
  John S. Alexander, D.L., Portglenone
  Alex. J. M’Meekin, J.P., Portglenone.
  Rev. R.H. Coote, Rectory, Donaghadee
  Henry Ferguson, Hoggstown, Donaghadee.
  David Munn, Ballyalloly, Comber.
  F.A. D. Crommelin, J.P., Carrowdore Castle.
  Alex. M’Donald, Loughries, Newtownards.
  Henry Donnan, J.P., Portaferry.
  Thomas B. Houston, Roddens, Kirkcubbin.
  Alexander Allen, Nunsquarter, Kircubbin.
  Rev. T.S.Woods, Ballygowan.
  Henry H. Gelston, Ballyvreely, Ballygowan.
  R.E. Ward, D.L., Bangor Castle, Bangor.
  J. M’Meekin, Seaview House, Bangor.
  James Bowman, Main Street, Bangor.
  David Macdonald, Portavoe, Donaghadee.
  N.J. Ledgerwood, Regent Street, Newtownards.
  W.S. Johnston, J.P., Glen House, Newtownards.
  John Stuart, Regent Street, Newtownards.
  Rev. W. Wright, Springfield Manse, Newtownards.
  David O’Prey, ast Street, Newtownards.
  John Ramsey, Regent Street, Newtownards.
  Charles Brownlow, J.P., Mountstewart, Newtownards.
  George  P Culverwell, C.E., Bessmount, Dundonald.
  E.M Stewart, Newtownbreda.
  James K. Kerr, M.D., Glenalton, Knock.
  Thomas Andrews, Ardara, Comber.
  Rev. George Smith, Comber.
  John Adair, Ballygraffin, Comber.
  Alex. H. Gordon, D.L., Delamont, Killyleagh.
  Hugh Montgomery, D.L., Greyabbey.
  Rev. Canon Crozier, D.D., Holywood.
  Richard Patterson, J.P., Holywood.
  Captain J. Harrison, J.P., Holywood.
  Captain Sharman Crawford, J.P., Crawfordsburn.
  Charles W. Dunbar-Buller, D.L., Woburn, Donaghadee.
  Rev. Canon Dudgeon, M.A., Kilhorne Rectory, Kilkeel.
  Rev. D.A.S. Hadden, Annalong.
  Henry Smyth, C.E., J.P., Eastern Villa, Newcastle.
  Rev. W.J. Coburn, Drumgooland Rectory, Castlewellan.
  Rev. W. Sheppard, The Manse, Ballymoney.
  Rev. J.D. Cowan, Rectory, Donaghmore, Newry.
  J.S. Glenny, J.P., Glenville, Newry.
  John Quin-Henry, J.P., Mourne Abbey, Kilkeel.
  Alex. Gordon, J.P., Kilkeel.
  John Annett, Kilkeel.
  R.S.Corbett, J.P., Lisnacreevy, Rathfriland.
  Rev. R Oswald, Drumballyroney Glebe, Rathfriland.
  Major W.J. Hall, D.L., Narrowwater Castle, Warrenpoint.
  Lt.-Col. Gracey, J.P., Ballyhossett, Downpatrick.
  Wm. Shaw, J.P., Ballynahinch.
  H.A. Campbell, Ballynahinch.
  R.A. E. Evans, Ballynahinch.
  James Cleland, J.P., Crossgar.
  John M’Robert, J.P. , Crossgar.
  Rev. Canon Pooler, M.A., Downpatrick.
  Major R.P. Maxwell, D.L., Finnebrogue, Downpatrick.
  D.G. M’Cammon, J.P., Downpatrick.
  Major H.R.Wallace, Downpatrick.
  W.J. Hurst, J.P, Drumaness, Ballynahinch.
  John Brown, Edenderry House, Belfast.
  John Miller, J.P., Ardview, Killinchy.
  S.B. Ringland, J.P., Ballytrim House, Killyleagh.
  James Heron, J.P., Tullyveery House, Killyleagh.
  C.W. Murland, J.P., Ardnabannon, Castlewellan.
  James R. Boyd, Greenwood, Lisburn.
  W.J. Gillespie, Largymore, Lisburn.
  Major J.N Blackwood Price, D.L., Saintfield.
  Right Honourable Colonel Forde, D.L., Seaforde.
  W. Smyth, J.P., Brookfield, Banbridge.
  Thomas Ferguson, J.P., Edenderry, Banbridge.
  Rev. J.D.Martin, Magherally, Banbridge.
  C.H. M’Call, Durnda, Banbridge.
  Jas. M’Elroy, Rathfriland Street, Banbridge.
  James Dennison, Edenderry, Banbridge.
  James A.Warwick, Scarva, Banbridge.
  James Chambers, Church Street, Dromore.
  W.J. Doloughan, Coolsallagh, Dromore.
  George Brush, J.P., Gilhall, Dromore.
  John Johnston, Edinordinary, Dromore.
  Hugh Bell, 12 Arthur Street, Belfast.
  George Waugh, Barrister-at-Law, J.P., Solon Hill, Dromora.
  James Dodds, Woodford House, Dromara.
  Major H.S. M’Clintock, J.P., Hillsborough.
  T.S. Howe, J.P., Hillsborough.

  Henry Thomson, J.P.Altnaveigh, Newry.
  Joseph Fisher, Buttercrane Quay, Newry.
  R.G.O. Johnston, 10 Trevor Hill, Newry.
  J.C. Glendinning, Londonderry.
  G.M. Harvey, J.P., Malin, Derry.
  Robert Lepper, J.P., Redcastle,
  John A. Osborne, M.D., J.P., Milford.
  W.L. Gilliland, Londonderry.
  John C. M’Clintock, Cardonagh.
  Arthur Brooke, J.P., Killybegs.
  Samuel Cassidy, J.P., Bruckless House, Bruckless.
  W.A. Hamilton, Coolmore, Ballintra.
  R. Jennings, Rosnowlagh, Ballintra.
  H. Stubbs, J.P., Ballyshannon.
  W.H. M. Sinclair, Bonnyglen(?)Donegal.
  Rev. R. Neilson, The Manse, Donegal.
  David C Pearson, Raforker, Donegal.
  Alfred Stubbs, Ballyshannon.
  Major H.A. Doyne, J.P., Letterkenny
  Captain W. Knox, J.P., Lifford.
  Samuel Marshall, J.P., Sallybrook, Manorcuningham.
  W.F. Fleming, Carroreagh, Newtowncunningham.
  Rev. Robert Park, Ramelton.
  Viscount Lifford, Stranorlar.
  Samuel Donaldson, J.P., Glenafton, Welshtown, Stranorlar.
  Major T.B. Stoney, D.L., Oakfield, Raphoe.
  J.S. Weir, J.P., Carrickbrack, Raphoe.
  Robert C. Wilson, Tops(?), Raphoe.
  George Hyndman, Trentagh, Raphoe.
  Rev. Alexander  Leckey, Phaddyglass, Raphoe.
  W.J. Stewart, Castlefin, Raphoe.
  Rev. W. Kane, Ballymore, Letterkenny.
  Major J.F. Murphy, Dunfanaghy.
  Andrew Sproule, Fern Hill, Kilmacrenan.
  Major J. N. Porter, Ballyoriston, Glenties.
  James S.  Douglas, J.P., Rosebrook, Dungiven.
  Samuel E. Smyth, Fairmount, Strandtown, Belfast.
  S.M. Macrory, J.P., Ardmore, Limavady.
  Wm. Fleming, Aughansillagh, Limavady.
  W.E. Scott, Willsboro’, Derry.
  Richard Henry, Campsie, Derry.
  Right Honourable Sir H. H. Bruce, Bat., Downhill.
  J.M. Anderson, , J.P., Springvale, Castlerock.
  Rev. N.M. Brown, D.D., Tawny Fort, Limavady.
  C.T. M’Causland, D.L., Drenagh, Limavady.
  J.E. Ritter, J.P., Roe Park, Limavady.
  J.E.  Proctor, Limavady.
  M.A. Ballantine, Ardlough, Derry.
  Rev. Joseph Corkey, Altnagloin, Derry.
  Rev. Thomas Thompson, Altnagloin, Derry.
  F.C. Mackey, J.P., Belmont, Derry.
  R.L. Moore, D.L., Molenan, Derry.
  Wm. Eccles, Barrister-at-Law, Coleraine.
  Connolly M. Gage, Ballykelly.
  Rev. James Smyth, Dromore, Coleraine.
  H.W. Stronge, Lizard Manor, Aghadoey.
  Stewart Hunter, J.P., Breezemount, Coleraine.
  Hunt W. Leitch, Castlerock, Coleraine.
  Drummond Grant, Diamond, Coleraine.
  Thos. G. Carson, Bannfield, Coleraine.
  Wm. Hy. Mann, Portrush.
  Joseph Carson, Quilly, Coleraine.
  James S. Anderson, J.P., Spring Garden, Coleraine.
  Rev. Canon H.S. O’Hare, The Rectory, Coleraine.
  Rev. James Kelly, LLD., Ballywillan, Portrush.
  R.A. Taylor, J.P., Ballysally, Coleraine.
  Joseph Irwin, J.P., Ballyarton, Derry.
  David Craig, J.P., Craigdarragh, Derry.
  Jacob O’Brien, Carrowclare, Myroe.
  George Craig, Drumcovett, Feeny.
  W.C. Stevenson, J.P., Knockon, Feeny.
  J.O. Irwin, Derryork, Feeny.
  Captain E.R. Stronge, J.P., Lizaed Manor, Aghadoey.
  Colonel J.J. Clarke, J.P., Lurgantogher, Maghera.
  H.C. Mann, J.P., Drumlamp(?), Castledawson.
  Smylie Robson, Ballinahone, Maghera.
  Richard Wilkinson, Monnyshinaire(?), Tobbermore.
  Sir Wm. F.L. Conyngham, K.C.B, Springhill, Moneymore.
  Wm. Rutherford, Derrycroney, Moneymore.
  Samuel Bradley, Larrycormick,Moneymore.
  Robert Good, Bellaghy.
  Thomas S. Ashe, J.P., Manor House, Bellaghy
  Rev. Hugh Forde, D.D., Ballynascrean.
  Frank G. Watney, J.P., Landmore, Aghadoey.
  Rev. James Stewart, The Manse, Kilrea.
  Rev. Thomas Madill, D.D., Garvagh.
  The Ven. Archdeacon f Derry, The Rectory, Dromore, Desertmartin.
  Andrew Brown, J.P., Cottage, Magherafelt.
  Percival C. Gaussen, Barrister-at-Law, Castledawson.
  Walter Bell, Church Street, Magherafelt.
  John Weir, Castledawson.
  Sir William Miller, J.P., Pump Street, Londonderry.
  J.P. Thompson, Carlisle Road, Londonderry.
  W. Colhoun, Clarendon Street, Londonderry.
  W.F. Bigger, J.P., Riverview, Londonderry.
  J.A. MacCullagh, M.D., Londonderry.
  W. Tillie, D.L., Duncreggan, Londonderry.
  James G. M. Harvey, Templemore Park, Londonderry.
  Rev. Francis Petticrew, D.D., College Avenue, Londonderry.
  George Knox Gilliland, J.P., Brook Hall, Londonderry,
  F. H. Miller, Brashead(?) House, Londondery.
  Ross HASTINGS, Queen Street, Londonderry.
  C.S. Caldwell, Bond’s Hill, Londonderry.
  J.A. Alexander, J.P., Caw House.
  John Herdman, J.P., Carricklee, Strabane.
  Robert Dawson, Strabane.
  R.S. Smyth, J.P., Bowling Green, Strabane.
  W.C. M’Deviette, Strabane.
  E.T. Herdman, D.L. Sion House, Strabane.
  Archibald Duncan, Eden, Plumbridge, Newtownstewart.
  Thomas Miller, Brook House, Newtownstewart.
  Matthew Neilson, Carnkenny, Newtownstewart.
  Henry Danton, Raspberry Hill, Dunnamanagh.
  W.J . Aiken, Benowan, Dunnamanagh.
  R.J. Craig, J.P., Binaley, Dunnamangh.
  Victor Love, Foyleside, Bready, Strabane.
  W. King-Edwards, Deitan’s (?) House, Castlederg.
  R. H. Moore, Drumclamph, Castlederg.
  Rev. James M’Cay, The Manse, Castlederg.
  Rev. W. Vernon, Lisnaloon House, Castlederg.
  George M’Farland, Creevy Lower, Castlederg.
  William Johnston, Killeen, Drumquin.
  James Brown, J.P. Ivy Bank, Donaghmore.
  Colonel George H. Burgess, D.L., Pakenane, Castlecaulfield.
  Major W Browne, Killymaddy, Evans, Castlecaulfield.
  David Acheson, Castlecaulfield, House, Castlecaulfield.
  Anketall Moutray, D.L., Favour Royal, Aughnacloy.
  J.S. Gervan, J.P., Ballygawley.
  Rev. Thomas Adderley, M.A, Killeshill Rectory, Ballygawley
  George Mills, Carntall, Clogher.
  Rev. W. H. Bailey, The Manse, Clogher.
  Rowland J. Betty, J.P., Aughnacloy.
  John Mulligan, Drummond, Aughnacloy.
  Thomas Armstrong, Mullahorn, Aughnacloy.
  Averill Lloyd, J.P., Benburb, Moy.
  Galbraith Wylie, Drumay, Moy.
  H. de F. Montgomery, D.L., Blessingbourne, Fivemiletown.
  W. Bryan, Sungs, Clogher.
  Alexander Sproule, J.P., Denamona, Fintona.
  John W. Moore, J.P., Fintona.
  Major H.G.S. Alexander , J.P., Caledon.
  Rev. Daniel Manderson, The Manse, Minterburn, Caledon.
  Thomas A. M’Reynolds, Kingsmills, Ardtrea.
  W.J. Thompson, Coagh.
  James M’Keown, Mullaghtuony, Moy.
  T. L. Corbett, Red House, Palace Road, Streathem Hill, London, S.W.
  J.B. Gunning Moore, D.L., Loymount, Cookstown.
  Hugh Adair, J.P., Glenavon, Cookstown.
  W.J. Venables, Gortalowry House, Cookstown.
  Colonel J.C. Lowry, V.L., Rockdale, Dungannon.
  W.R. Crawford, The Priory, Tullyhogue, Dungannon.
  Thomas H. Aiken, J.P., Church Street, Dungannon.
  Henry Newall, Market Square, Dungannon.
  Robert Stevenson, J.P., Northland Row, Dungannon.
  James M’Farlane, Doons, Cookstown.
  Robert M’Gahey, Tattykeel, Cookstown.
  Henry Atkinson, Brookfield, Dungannon.
  J.C. Warmington, Kinnego, Moy.
  Rev. Simeon Gaudeon, Ballynakelly, Coalisland.
  Robert Daniel, Derryvale, Dungannon.
  Major R.T.G. Lowry, Pomeroy House, Pomeroy.
  Rev. R. Evans, Pomeroy.
  H.W. Chambre, J.P., Stewartstown.
  W. M’Gahey, Stewartstown.
  Sir. J.M. Stewart, Bart., Carrickmore House, Carrickmore.
  R.S. Hamilton, J.P., Lakemount, Dromore.
  F.A. Guy, J.P., Drumlisk, Dromore.
  Robert Harvey, J.P., Omagh.
  Charles Scott, J.P, Omagh.
  Rev. W.H.Scott, M.A., Clanabogan, Omagh.
  E.C. Thompson, M.B., Omagh.
  John Young, Blacksessiagh, Omagh.
  Matthew Gay, Clanabogan, Omagh.
  Rev. Thomas W. Junk, Sixmilecross.
  Rev. R.S.G. Hamilton, M.A., Sixmilecross.
  J.B. Alexander, J.P., Shanemullagh, Trillick.
  Charles Mullin, Omagh.

  E. M. Archdale, D.L., Crocknacrieve, Ballinamallard, Enniskillen.
  Willie Wilson, P.L.G., Derryhillagh, Enniskillen.
  W.C. Trimble, Enniskillen.
  W. Teele, J.P., Enniskillen.
  C.F. Falls, M.A., Killyreagh, Tamlaght.
  Joseph Armstrong, Tullyweel, Fivemiletown.
  Wm. Hurst, J.P., Drumderg, Enniskillen.
  Wm. Johnston, P.L.G., Aghagriffin, Kesh.
  Rev. Canon D. O’Leary, Ardesse Glebe, Kesh.
  Rev. W. Stack, Tubrid, Kesh.
  Chas. D’Arcy Irvine, D.L., Castle Irvine, Irvinestown.
  Samuel Armstrong, P.L.G., Flowerdale, Ballinamallard, Enniskillen.
  John Johnston, Goblusk, Killadeas.
  Rev. Canon Tottenham, Benmore, Enniskillen.
  Thos. Plunkett, C.T.G., Enniskillen.
  John Noble, P.L.G., Oghill, Ederney.
  David Johnston, J.P., Belleek.
  Sir Douglas Brooke, Bart. D.L., Colebrook, Brookboro’.
  Robert Rusk, Drummorris.
  J. Porter Porter (?), D.L., Jamestown.
  Thomas Bullock, Killynick.
  Christopher Wilson, Lisboffin, Letterbreen.
  Claudens(?) Reid, Rockfield, Florencecourt.
  James M’Vitty, Drumkeen, Enniskillen.
  Geo. Arnold, Lisnaskea.
  W.G. Henderson, Coolcrannel, Maguiresbridge.
  J. Johnston, J.P., Newtownbutler.
  Samuel Clarke, Newtownbutler.
  Rev. T.S. Watson, Clough Glebe.
  Chas. Eason, J.P., Ardress, Loughgall.
  Geo. Jackson, Loughgall.
  Jas. Malcolm, D.L., Lurgan.
  Rev. W.C. Kennedy, Lurgan.
  Thos. Hanna , Lurgan.
  Anthony Bunting, Lurgan.
  H.G. M’Geagh, Lurgan.
  James Johnston, J.P., Lurgan.
  Dr. J. M.  Moore, Lurgan.
  A. Macoun, Lurgan.
  Chris. Stevenson, Derrytrava, Lurgan.
  W.H. Atkinson, Maghara, Portadown.
  Thomas Dawson, J.P., Corcrain House, Portadown.
  J.C. Fulton, J.P., Church Street, Portadown.
  David Graham, Sunnyside, Portadown.
  Charles Johnston, J.P., Beechcote, Portadown.
  J.G. Livingstone, Bridge Street, Portadown.
  W.J. Locke, J.P.,Woodhouse Street, Portadown.
  James M’Fadden, Carleton Street, Portadown.
  John Young, M.A., Thomas Street, Portadown.
  Rev. M.A. Holden., D.D., Clonmacate.
  Josh. Nicholson, Clonmacate.
  John M’Clure, Clonmacate.
  Josh. M’Kenny, Clonmacate.
  Rev. A.L. Forde, M.A., Rectory, Bessbrook.
  B.A. Palmer , J.P., M.D.,Millvale, Newry.
  J. N. Richardson, D.L., Bessbrook.
  W.J. Wonfor, Lake View, Bessbrook.
  P.G. Synnott, J.P., Lurgano House, Whitecross, Newtownhamilton.
  P.G. Shaw, Tullyvallen, Newtownhamilton.
  W. Byers, J.P, Mowhan, Clady, Miltown.
  Joseph . H. Gray, J.P., Maytone House, Glenanne, Miltown.
  Rev. George Laverty, Poyntzpass.
  J.S. Johnston, Forkhill.
  Major J.H. Stronge, J.P., Hockley Lodge, Armagh.
  James Orr, J.P., Cranagill, Loughgall.
  W.B  Wilkins, Armagh.
  John Compton, J.P., Armagh.
  R.G. M’Crum, J.P., Milford, Armagh.
  W.C. O’Brien, Tandragee.
  Rev. W. M’Endoo, Tandragee.
  Rev. P.A. Kelly, Tandragee.
  Rev. R.J. Whan, The Manse, Clare,Tandragee.
  M. Sinton, Laurelvale, Tandragee.
  Thomas .H. White, Tandragee.
  F. J. Best, Richhill.
  Jacob. .B. Best., Richhill.
  James Orr, Richhill.
  John Gillespie, Lisnooney, Tynan.
  Thomas. H. M’Clure, Polnagh, Killylea, Tynan.
  Joseph Marshall, Cappy, Tynan.
  William Small, Markethill.
  John Atkinson, Clare, Tandragee.
  W. J. Anderson, Drummond, Hamiltonstown, Richhill.
  Captain Irwin, Cranagh House, Keady.
  W.C. M’Bride, Keady.
  D.  Murphy, Middletown.
  Robert Clarke, J.P., Charlemont, Moy.
  C.J.S. Adams, Shinan House, Shercock.
  Winning Gelton, J.P., The Rectory, Kingscourt.
  Captain Smith, Cootehill.
  T.E. Clements, Cootehill.
  R. Flood, Cootehill.
  H.J.B. Clements, D.L., Bailieborough.
  Captain Burrowes, D.L., Bailieborough.
  T. Y. Chambers, Bailieborough.
  Wm. Alex. Sankey, J.P, Fort Frederick, Virginia.
  Elliott Motherwell, J.P., Foxfield, Kilnaleck.
  James Bracken, J.P., Toam, Blacklion.
  R.H. Johnston, J.P., Bawnboy House, Belturbet.
  J.J. Benison, J.P., Slieve Russell, Ballyconnell.
  Rev. James Bradshaw, The Manse, Belturbet.
  Andrew L. Mease, J.P., Infirmary House, Cavan.
  W.J. M’Clintock, Ballyhaise, Cavan.
  W.J. Hamilton, J.P., Castle Hamilton, Killeshandra.
  John A. Faris, Corr, Cornafarre, Cavan.
  Louis. H. Grier, Corrancary House, Arva,
  Honourable H.P.C. Plunkett, D.L., Lisnamdra, Crossroney.
  Major Somerset Maxwell, D.L., Arley Cottage, Mountnugent.
  W. Henderson, J.P., Bessmount Park, Monaghan.
  R.J. Blakely, J.P., Brookvale Avenue, Belfast.
  Rev. R.S. O’Loughlin, D.D., Recory, Monaghan.
  J. C. Hall, M.D., Rowantree, Monaghan.
  W.F. Cuming, Derrymond, Moanghan.
  R.T. Bustard, Corlotte House, Monaghan.
  H. W. Jackson, Barrister-at-Law, 44 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin.
  M.E. Knight, Clones.
  Rev. A.N.H. Foster, M.A., J.P., Ballymeir, Clones.
  Rev. H.W.S. Given, Dartry, Monaghan.
  W. N. Moutray, J.P., Fort Singleton, Emyvale.
  Samuel Cargill, New Mills, Glasslough.
  Thomas W. Hanna, Brookvale, Smithboro’.
  R.C. Leslie, Ballybay House, Ballybay.
  D. Williamson, Ballybay.
  A. H. Waddell, Lisnaveane House, Ballybay.
  Rev. T. J. Charlton, Cherryvale Manse, Laragh, Castleblayney.
  Rev. Samuel Gault, M’Kelvey’s Grove, Doolagh, Castleblayney.
  J.T. Gibbens, J.P., Carrickmacross