Belfast Weekly News

March 21 1857


MORE DEPORTATIONS OF PAUPERS: -The following persons have lately been transported to Belfast: - John Rose, aged 50(?), was 18 years in Scotland; Henry Gillin, aged 48, was 11 years in Scotland; T. Mark, aged 18, was 16 years in Scotland. The above three being out of employment, applied to the parochial authorities of Edinburgh for temporary relief, when they were immediately sent from their wives and families to Belfast, where they knew no-one, two of them having spent the best of their days in Scotland. Captain M達ride, sent them back by the same boat that brought them here on the 28th February. Mary Maguire and two children were sent here, along with twelve or thirteen others, by the parochial authorities of Edinburgh, in the steamer Stag. An officer was sent with them, who left them in the Union Workhouse. Mary Maguire痴 story exposes another of the many cases of cruelty the pauper Irish are subjected to by the Scotch authorities. She states she was eight years in Scotland. Her husband being out of employment, she applied for temporary relief. The parochial authorities forced her from her husband and placed her and her two children on board the Belfast steamer, although her native place is Meath. Mr. M達ride supplied her and the children with nourishment, and sent them back to Scotland. On the 2nd instant Anne Devlin and her child were sent here in the Semaphore, from Liverpool, by the parochial authorities, on the 8th instant. She was in a deplorable condition, having suffered very much from a severe passage in a snow storm. Mr. M達ride supplied her with nourishment, and sent her the following night to friends in Glasgow. Mr. M達ride sent three poor people to Scotland by the Lynx steamer on the 10th instant, who were recommended to him by one of the subscribers to the Relief Fund. Eleanor Kernahan was sent over in the Lynx steamer. She is a native of the County Cavan. Superintendent Magee sent her to a lodging-house, where she and her child had breakfast. Mr. M達ride kept her at lodgings for one night as she was unable to walk with a lame foot. The next day he sent her home to Cavan. Thomas Edwards and his wife were sent by the authorities of Lancaster in the Laurel steamer on the 12th instant. His wife was severely burned in a factory, rendering her unfit to do anything for herself. Superintendent Magee sent them to lodgings where Mr M達ride kept them for three nights, and then sent them to their native place in County Mayo. Capt. M達ride has received 」1 from George C Hyndman, Esq., for the relief of the poor sent from England and Scotland.


March 18, at Lonsdale Street, the wife of William H. Stewart, of a daughter.
March 17, at Mountpleasant, Crumlin Road, the wife of Mr. John Ewart, of a daughter.
March 16, at Banbridge, the wife of James Clibborn Hill, Esq., of a son.
March 15, the wife of Mr. Peter Dale, jun., of a son.
March 13(?), at Mount Charles, the wife of George W. Kyle, of a daughter.
March 12, at 9 Castle Street, the wife of Mr George Hill, of a son.
March 12, at Ballymagluff Cottage, Dundonald, the wife of Robert H.Warden, Esq., of a son.
February 19, at New York, the wife of Samuel Robert Brown, late of County of Antrim, Ireland, of a son.


March 17, in the Presbyterian Church, Portaferry, by the Rev. John Orr, Mr. Alexander Kirkpatrick, Ballytruston(?), to Phoebe Jane, eldest daughter of Mr William Moreland, Ardkeen Mills.
March 11, at Ballinderry Church, by the Rev. Mr. Peacock, Hugh Graham, Esq., Glenview, County Down, to Fanny, second daughter of Wm. John Taylor, Esq., Mount Pleasant, Ballinderry.
March 12, in the Presbyterian Church, Magherally, by the Rev. James Thomson, assisted by the Rev. Robert Anderson, Hugh Megaw, Esq., merchant, Banbridge, to Martha, eldest daughter of George Robinson, Esq., Ballibay.
March 18, in Banbridge Church, by the Rev. W. Metge(?), Mr Robert Moore, Jun., to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Aston(?), both of Seapatrick.
March 5, in Milltown Church, Mr. John Loudan, Kilmore, to Mary, second daughter of Mr James Fulton, of Derrylilleagh.
March 12, at St. Judes, London, by the Rev. Hugh Allen, Adam Steele, Esq., Ballymena, to Sophia Louisa, eldest daughter of the late John Black, Esq., of Farley, Devonshire.
March 11, in Dublin, by the Rev. Hamilton Magee, Dr. Barnett, Royal North Down Rifles, to Mary, second daughter of the late Captain Jenkins, Stipendiary Magistrate, Belfast.


March 19, at 23 Ship Street, Margaret, relict of the late Alexander Hunter, of North Street, aged 68 years.
March 16, at Fair View, Donaghadee, Fanny, the beloved daughter of J.O.R. Blackwood.
March 15, Jane, wife of Mr. William H. Gilmer(?), of Rashee, aged 32 years.
March 16, at 57 Durham Street, Henry D. Stavely, youngest son of the late James Stavely, Waring Street.
March 15(?), in the 27th year of his age, James Steen, jun., eldest son of Mr. James Steen, Skeigoneil.
March 13(?), at Instow(?), North Devon, Captain Stevens, R.M., formerly of Ballymena, aged 75 years.
March 16, at his residence, 28 Seymour Street, Mr. Thomas Mines, aged 55 years.
March 13(?), at 21 Belvidere Palce, Grace, fifth daughter of the late James Magill, Esq., Anna Haville, County Derry.
March 14, Anne, relict of the late William Patton, Esq., Ballykeel, Holywood, aged 79 years.
March 14, at Dungannon, Mary, wife of Mr. H. Speer, merchant of that town, aged 49 years.
March 16, Miss Teresa Redmond, aged 33 years.
March 5(?), at his residence, Rathmore, Mr. Jas. Lawther, aged 63(?) years.
March 16, Elizabeth, wife of James Low, Chichester Street, Belfast, in her 70th year.
December 1, 1856, at St.Kilda痴, near Melbourne, South Australia, Mr. Robert Marshall, formerly of Belfast.
March 12, at Portadown, Margaretta Armstrong, daughter of the late C. Armstrong, Esq., Portadown.
March 9, at Tubbermore, John Clarke, in the 40th year of his life.
March 11, Agnes, only daughter of the late William Porter, of Ballygigan(?), Killinchy, aged 59 years.
November 24, at Brisbane(?), Moretown Bay(?), N.S.W, Mr. Alexander M辰loskey(?), formerly of Belfast.