Belfast Weekly News
January 17 1857

There were forty-two applications -  twenty of which were for transfers and the remainder for new licences. None of the cases possessed much public importance.
One of the applicants for a new license was Wm. Duffin, of 56 and 58 North Howard Street.
Head- Constable Henderson, stated that three houses had been made into one, and the alterations had a permanent appearance. The applicant swore that it was his intention to keep the premises as they now are. The license was granted.
We subjoin a list of the applicants and the decision in each case:-
Valentine Byrne, No. 50 Cromac Street, Belfast, granted;
Archibald Bell, Bridge Street, Lisburn, refused.
John Brown, Bow Street, Lisburn, refused;
William Crossley, 3 & 11 ½ , Quins’s Entry, Belfast, granted;
Mary Clay, 4 Pottinger’s Entry, Belfast, transfer, granted;
James Crosier, 32, Corn Market, Belfast, transfer, granted;
James Close, 42, Barrack Street, Belfast, transfer, granted;
Moses Corken, Gortnacor, refused;
Alexander Cosgrave, Malone, Belfast, no appearance;
Joseph Croft, 18, Garmoyle Street, Belfast, transfer, no appearance;
William Duffy, 56 & 58, North Howard Street, Belfast, granted (see above, he was called Duffin);
Denis Doyle, 1& 3 Peter’s Hill, Belfast, transfer, no appearance;
James Gentle, 86 North Street, Belfast, refused;
Alex. Gillies, 11 Gamble Street, Belfast, transfer, granted;
James Haslett, Dover Street, Belfast, transfer, granted;
John Heaney, Bridge Street, Lisburn, granted;
Felix Kelly, 50 Union Street, Belfast, granted;
William John Leckey, Brookhill, refused;
Andrew Lyle, 63 and 65 Mill Street, Belfast, granted;
Thos. Mercer and Wm. Kerr, 31 Cromac Street, Belfast, transfer, no appearance;
Hugh Mallon, 199 Shankhill Road, Belfast, granted;
Jane Meenan, 5 Winecellar Entry, Belfast ( Beer License only), granted;
Geo. Mullan, 131 North Street, Belfast, transfer, granted;
Martha M’Alister, 61 Donegall Quay, Belfast, granted;
John M’Alister, 196 York Road, Belfast, granted;
John Kelly M’Kenna, 200 North Street, Belfast, transfer granted;
Edward M’Sherry, 59 Lagan Street, Belfast, no appearance;
Peter M’Donald, 154 Nelson Street, and 45 North Thomas Street, Belfast, transfer, refused;
Geo. M’Ilroy and Hugh M’Ilroy, 86 ½ Durham Street, Belfast, transfer, refused;
Patrick O’Neill 31 & ? Devis Street, Belfast, granted;
Thomas G ( print is smudged) illips, 52 Victoria Street, Belfast, transfer granted;
George Parker, 27 Queen’s Square, Belfast, transfer, granted;
Sarah Quigley, 4 Short Street, Belfast, granted;
Wm. Quigley, 3 Short Street, Belfast, transfer, no appearance;
Robert Robinson, 1 Short Street and 55 Dock Street, Belfast ( for Short Street alone), granted;
Robt. Scott, 11 St Anne’s  Buildings, off Donegall Street, Belfast, granted;
Richard Turney 42 Cromac Street, Belfast, transfer, granted;
Ann Tomkins, 30 Corporation Street, Belfast ( Beer License only), granted;
Robert Wallace, 11 Pottinger’s Entry, no appearance;
John White, 42 John Street, Belfast, granted;
Michael Ward, Ballynacward, Derriaghy, refused.


The Following from the Liverpool Northern Times is very interesting:

   “ All that is required to render the Australian colonies one of the most favoured portions of the globe is a proper supply of labour and increased population.  According to our last advices from Melbourne, labour of all kinds was in good demand, and the classes who found ready employment were agricultural and road labourers, female servants, and mechanics. Married couples, for home stations, hotels, &c, were paid £65 to £85 per annum; ploughmen, £1 5s; and general farm servants, £1 to £1 5s per week; bullock drivers, for the roads, 25s to 30s; carters, for the roads, 30s; cooks for hotels, 25s to 45s; waiters, 25s to 35s; good house carpenters, 35s to 40s per week; But in admission to the foregoing, each person was supplied with the following rations; - 10lbs of flour, 12lbs of meat, 2lbs of sugar, and a ¼ lb of tea per week.  Now, estimating these articles at their marketable value in this country, each person had food supplied to them worth 9s 6d per week.  Such as were engaged without rations had a corresponding increase in pay.  Masons earned 13s to 14s per day; bricklayers and plasterers, 12s to 14s per day; labourers for the roads, 9s to 11s; and gang men 10s to 12s.  The demand for female labour was good. Housemaids, with board and lodging, received £23 to £28 per annum; nursemaids,£15 to £25; cooks and laundresses, £25 to £30. On comparing these rates with those at home it will be perceived that they are nearly double the amount usually paid to servants in any part of the United Kingdom.  Nor is it in Victoria alone that this employment is to be found, and excellent wages obtained.  The accounts from New South Wales and South Australia are equally encouraging. No one, it is said, who is disposed to be industrious, need want employment.  Let us now glance at the cost of living.  At first, as regards Victoria, where the markets are rather dearer than in the other colonies, owing
to the proximity of the gold fields – prime English baconsells at Melbourn for 1s per 1lb; Cork butter, 1s; English cheese, 1s 2d to 1s 4d; American, 10d to 1s; York hams, 1s to 1s 1d; split peas 18s to £1 per cwt; and potatoes £2 to £3 per ton. Van Dieman’s Land Onions £12 per ton; lump, and crushed lump sugar, 5 ½  per 1lb; Manilla ration sugar, 28s to 32s; best Liverpool soap, £1 8s to £1 10s per cwt; and Liverpool salt £5 to £5 10s per ton;  Congou tea was held at £6 5s to £6 10s per chest.  The  price of colonial flour was £26 per ton, best
American £3 to £3 3s per brl.”


January 12, at 49 Sackville Street, Dublin, the wife of Graham Lemon, Esq. of twins, a son and a daughter.

January 11, at 25 Upper Sackville Street Dublin, the lady of Dr. Wyse, of a son.

January 10, at Little George Street, the wife of Mr John Robinson, of a son.

January 10, at Bessbrook, the wife of the Rev. Joseph Chamney, of a daughter.

January 9 at Springmount, Aughnacloy, the wife of Captain G. Olpherts, late of 86th Regt., of a son.

January 5, at Alla, Parish of Upper Cumber, Mrs T Lindesay, of a son.

January 10, Mrs R. J. Johnston, Hill Street, Newry, of a son.


January 13, in the First Presbyterian Church, Killyleagh, by the bride’s father, Rev. Samuel Hamilton, Saintfield, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the Rev. Andrew Breakey, Killyleagh.

January 14, in Carrickfergus Church , by the Rev. C. B. Knox, Mr Alexander Parkhill, of North Street, to Miss Mary Burns, of Islandmagee..

January 7, at St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Armagh, by Archbishop Dixon, Philip Lavery , Esq., surgeon, to Miss Mary Gribben, daughter of the late Patrick Gribben, merchant.

January 6(?)in Moy Church, by the Rev. Richard Wrightson, Mr James Verner of Derryane(?), to Lydia , fourth daughter of the late John Sinclair, of Kineary, Co Armagh.

January 8, at Ballygowan Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Thomas Shaw Woods, Mr Joseph Wright, Ballinadolly, to Miss Martha Osborne, Kilmmood(?), Co Down.

December 31, at St George’s Church, Edinburgh, by the Rev. Duncan Campbell M’Sorley, William Mackey, Esq, Banbridge, County Down, to Georgina Napier Sutherland, only daughter of the heiress of the late Alex. Sutherland, Esq., Castle Sharrook, Edinburgh.

January 5, at Artigarvan Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Moses Chambers, Mr William M’Intyre, of Londonderry, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr Joseph Nickle, Wood End, Strabane.


January 14, James Grimshaw, jun. Esq., of Whitehouse, in the 57th year of his age.

January 13th, Mr James Davison, of Barnish, aged 104 years, for upwards of 45 years a ruling Elder in the First Presbyterian Congregation of Randalstown..

January 12, at the residence of his son, 110, Upper Brook Street, Manchester, William Paul, of Portadown, Esq., aged 66 years.

January 10, Gertrude Meridith, wife of Robert Arthur, Esq., Donegall Place.

January 11, aged 88 years, Doctor Allen, of Comber.

January 10, at his residence, Wellington Place, Wm. Gillilan Esq. , in his 80th(?) year of his age.

January 11, at 7 Victoria Place, Upper Mount Street, Dublin, Mary C. Smyth,daughter of the late Rev. James Smyth, Rector of Churchtown, County Waterford, and sister of the late Wm. St. John Smyth, Rector of Ballymoney, and Chancellor of Down(?).

January 9, at Crossmaglen, County Armagh, Michael M’Donnell, Esq., in the 24th(?) year of his age.

January 8, Letitia, daughter of Mr John Bradley, aged one year and two months.

January 8, at Larchmount, Elizabeth, relict of the late Carey M’Clellan,Esq.,.

January 8, Letitia, wife of Dr. Forsyth, Culmore.

January 7, at 72 Earl Street, Miss Ellen Anderson, Teacher of Frederick Street Infant National School, aged thirty-three years.

January 5, at the farm-yard Bangor Castle, Mr Andrew Pride, aged thirty-six years.

January 9, Mr Israel Milliken, in his 86th(?) year of his age.

January 6, at Lisnamallard, County Tyrone, Mary Jane, relict of John Buchanan, Esq. of Omagh.

November 24, at Mountpleasant, State of Illinois, Mr. James Anderson, formerly of Ardmore, County Donegal, aged ( ink is smudged but it looks like 34 or 84 years).

December 8, at Montreal, Lower Canada, Mrs Samuel Ewing, formerly of Listillen(?) County Londonderry.

January 7, Mr Joseph Ruddell(?), of Ballycran(?), aged 69 years.

Janaury 11, at Belfast, Mrs William Bayes, formerly of Clough House, County Down, aged 77 years.

January 10, at Richmond House, near Dundalk, Lennox Bigger, Esq. aged 87 years.

January 8, at Tandragee, Mr. John Overend, organist Tandragee Church.

January 9, at Ballygowan, Mr. Alexander Burgess, aged 72 years.

January 9, in London, Thomas Kernaghan, Esq., of Enniskillen, aged 77 years.

December 4, at Hopwell, Washington, Missouri, U.S., Mr. Samuel Kyle Hinchey, aged 81(?), second son of the late William Hinchey, Esq., Supervisor Excise, Coleraine.