Belfast Weekly News
January 3 1857


December 29th, Mrs Bernard MíCann, Victoria Street, of a son.

December 29th, at Malone Cottage, the wife of Frederich Jee, Esq.,of a son.

December 27, at 57 Albert Crescent, the wife of Mr William Kennedy of a son.

December 26, at 1 Victoria Street, Belfast, the wife of T.C.S. Corry, Esq.M.D., of a son.

December 15th, at Kingston, Canada West, the wife of John B. Taylor, Esq.,9th Regt. Of a son.

December 27, at 7 University Square, the wife of A.C.Weir, Esq. of a son.

December 26, 94 Canal Street, Newry, the wife of Mr Donald Stewart, of a daughter.

December 25, at Ventnor, the wife of the Rev. G. Beresford, of a daughter.

December 18, at St Johnston, County Donegal, Mr John Donaghey, of a son.

December 26, at Ballyshanon, the wife of Mr J. Sharkey, woollendraper, of a daughter.


December 31, in the Joymount Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. James Warwick, Mr Henry MíAuley, to Miss Isabella Milliken, both of Carrickfergus.

December 31, in the Joymount Presbyterian Church, Carrickfergus, by the Rev.James Warwick, Mr. John. F. Morrison, of Glasgow, to Rosina, daughter of John Brown, Esq., High Street, Carrcikfergus.

January 1, at St. Anneís Church, Belfast, by the Rev. T.F.Miller, Vicar, Mr. Thomas Rowan, Inspector of Fire-Plugs, to Sarah Jane, daughter of the late Mr. Wm. Davison, cabinet-maker, both of Belfast.

January 1 , in the Eglinton Street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. James Martin, Mr William MíCoobury, Belfast, to Margaret, only daughter of Mr. J. Murphy, Belfast, formerly of Newtownards.

December 30, in the First Presbyterian Church, Killyleagh, by the Rev. Andrew Breakey, Ann, second daughter of Mr  Thomas MíClurg, Ballygawley, Killyleagh to Mr Mr Richard C. Burrowes, merchant, Ballynahinch.

December 26, at the Presbyterian Church, Ballylinny, by the Rev. Isaac Adams, Mr James Courtney, Belfast, to Miss Eleanor Heggan, second daughter of Mr Hugh Heggan, of Straidnahanna.

December 23, at Everton, Lancashire, John H. Beck, Esq,. of Banbridge, County Down, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Dr. Murdock, of Cookstown, County Tyrone.

December 26, in St Johnís Church, by the Rev. Chas. Seaver, Mr. Edward MíCormick, to Annie, youngest daughter of the late Mr Edward Cochrane, watchmaker, both of this town.

December 25, in Eglinton Street, Church by the Rev. J.B. Wilson, Mr. John Calendar, to Miss M. Meneely, both of Belfast.

December 23, at Carncullagh Presbyterian Meetinghouse, by the Rev. Joseph Bellas, Mr. John Ross, Ballydivitty, to Margaret, daughter of Mr Samuel Huey, Ballynarris.

December 20, in Eglinton Street Church, by the Rev. James Martin, Mr Thomas MíGurk, North Queen Street, to Mary Jane , eldest daughter of Mr Matthew Mason, Crumlin Road.

December 26, at St Paulís Church, by the Rev. Chas. Allen, Incumbent, Richard Allen, Esq., to Anna Cunningham, both of Belfast.

December 25, at the Remonstrant(?) Meeting House, York Street, by the Rev. D. Maginnis, Mr. John Montgomery, to Miss Margaret Leech, both of Belfast.

December 23, at the Presbyterian Church, Gilnahirk, by the Rev. John Coulter, D.D., Mr. Wm. Ferguson, Ballyregan, to Miss Margaret Jane Purdy, eldest daughter of Mr Hugh Purdy, Gilnahirk, Belfast.


December31, at Carrickfergus, Lucretia, wife of Wm. Burleigh, Esq. aged 49 years.

December 29, at Drumaheagles, Margaret, wife of Mr Thomas Millar, aged 48 years.

December 26, at Cecil, Augher, Co.Tyrone, Katherine Jane, relict of the late Rev. Francis Gervais, aged 75.

December 28, at Newtownards, Mary Ann, infant daughter of Mr. A. Robb.

December 28, at Lisburn, Mr George Pelan, aged 61.

December 27, in High Street, Carrickfergus, George Forsyth, Esq. M.D., aged 75 years.

December 26, at his residence, Ballymorn, Killinchy, Mr John Morrow, aged 65 years.

December 27, at Tandragee, Johanna, sister of the Rev. Mortimer OíSullivan, D.D.

December 28, suddenly, at his residence, North Street, Newry, Surgeon, William Waddell, aged 56 years.

December 23 (28?) at Canal Quay, Newry, Mr John Warren, clerk to the Collecto of Inland Revenue, aged 55.

December 24, Thomas Steen, Esq., merchant Derry,

October 31, at St. Johnís Newfoundland, Emma, wife of B.G.Garrett, Esq., many years High-Sheriff of Newfoundland, and son of the late John Garrett, Esq., of Lisburn, aged 61 years.

December 27, at 139 Nelson Street, Belfast, Agnes, wife of Mr William Black.

December 27, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Edward Milligan, Market Street, Monaghan.

October 23, at Germanstown(?), near Memphis, Tennesse, Joseph, third son of the Rev. James Crawford, of Londonderry.