Cork Tithe Defaulters for 1831 - Killeagh Parish

Affidavit: Killeagh Parish

Memorialist processed several of those indebted to him for Tythes due for the year 1831, and obtained decrees against them at the Sessions of the Peace held at Mallow, 2nd April last, for East Riding County Cork - that on executing of these Decrees his men were nearly destroyed by a Mob with stones and large Dogs, and one cow being taken no purchasers could be found but the owner of the Cow who gave a few shillings for her, that all the Cattle of the others decreed were instantly removed, and could not since be found by Memorialist. That Memorialist applied to his Parishioners frequently for payment of their dues, on the most lenient Terms but the Intimidation and terror has been, and now is so great, caused by the violent Resolutions entered into at the Various Mulcitudinous meetings held in the neighbourhood of memorialistís said Parish, and where his parishioners were obliged to attend, that they have universally declared, they would never under any Shape pay a farthing of arrears; and as a strong and decisive proof of the above Statement, Rev. James Pratt, whose name will be found in the annexed Schedule, has by his Steward, Refused to pay his Arrears - Memorialist further states that not a Man in his Employment would execute a Decree, or serve a Process of law for Recovery of Arrears for Tythes, he would Risque his destruction - so that memorialist is left without any means of obtaining his dues and the Parishioners openly, declare it is in vain to distrain for no purchasers would dare to appear, and that they would hot even pay Government, but would sooner fight than pay arrears for Tyth -  and Memorialist lastly declares, the excitement in his, Parish is so great at present that his own Safety is somewhat endangered by the Application for Relief he hereby makes, although he never had these thirty years any difference or Dispute with any parishioner, but on the Contrary has lived, on the most peacable and friendly Terms, with all classes in his said parish where he has constantly resided.

Co. Cork Tithe Defaulters for 1831

KILLEAGH PARISH in Imokilly Barony

Place of Abode                                  Occupation

BRIDGE FIELD PARISH.                            Farmer unless otherwise stated


William Coleman


Maurice Ahern
Laurence Condon
Michael Ryan
Cornelius Ahern
Patrick Rorlayne
Thomas Morriss
Michael Henecy


Timothy Croneen
Thomas Wallis
Michael Daugherty
William Donovan
James Lee                                       Blacksmith
John Aherne                                     Blacksmith
Margaret Henecy
Julion Carey
Richard Gumbleton                               Weaver
Richard Lawlor                                  Yeoman
John Mahony
Redmond McGuiren                                Carpenter
John Hayes
Johnanna Coleman executrix in her own wrong (sic) of
Michael Coleman


William Connelly
Martin Heffernan
Patrick Kelly
Timothy Kelly
James Barret
John Quirk
John Healy
Thomas Cashman
Jeremiah Connelly
Patrick Finn
Redmond Welsh
John Mahony
Bridget Kelly
John Kelly
John Foley


Henry McNamara


Dennis Sheehan
Richard Ahern
John Carey
Michael Casey
Richard Carey


Michael Ormond
Richard Joyce
John Drady
John Keefe
Thomas Keefe
James Lawton

Thomas Walsh
John Treasy
Edward Fling
James Mountain
William Mountain


Jeremiah Sullavan
William Aherne
John Dillon
David Burke
James Power

John Grogan                                     Carpenter
Honor Smiddy


Maurice Shea
Thomas Leward


Michael Quin
Patrick Keleher

Martin Kenedy
Edmoud Hankard
Nicholas Reid
Robert Foley
James Hankrd
Thomas Barret
Honora Cashman
Colman Mahŗny


Michael Desmond
Michael Kenedy
John Dorgan

Edmond Sliney
John Glaveen

William Brien
John Conners                                    Blacksmith


John Flanagan
Timothy Flanagan


Maurice Colman

Richard Lawton


David Kereniery  
John Kereniery
James Forrest
John Forrest
William Toomy
Robert Murrey


William Aherne
William Barry
Stephen Scannel
Maurice Aherne


Thomas Fitzgerald
Richard Coughlan
Patrick Glaveen

BALLYKELTY (Clonpriest Parish)

John Dayte


Patrick Welsh