Cork Tithe Defaulters for 1831 - Ballymoney Parish

Affidavit: Ballymoney Varish

That he has at different times during the present year Processed for the Tythe of the Year 1831 and by that means got in part was due for that year, but that Latterly the opposition to the payment in future is so fierce & determined that the Parishioners have allowed themselves to be Decreed and that your Memorialist has now decreed but that under the present circumstances & state of the Country, he is afraid, nor indeed would there be any use in endeavouring to execute them as, if a sale is Published such a Mob is assembled on the Day of Sale as essentially to prevent any real or bona fide Bidders that your memorialist made an attempt on Saturday the 23rd of June last to sell an Horse under the Warrant of two Magistrates for Tythe subtracted in the Year 1831, but that at a Fair held in the Neighbourhood the Day previous to the Sale a man went through the Fair with a placard on a Pole desiring the people to assemble the next day at this sale for Tithe, and in Consequence a large Mob assembled and the sale was prevented by strangers in the Crowd bidding Extravagant Sums, the horse not being worth above three or four Pounds and Peop1e unknown calling up forty, fifty & an hundred pounds and by this means making the Sale a farce & the horse was obliged to be discharged upon which, one of the Priests who attended gave the signal for a cheer and the tumult continued for some time to the great terror of His Majestys subjects & Memorialist despairs of ever again making a Saleó& has been told by several that they would never again pay Tithe or Church rates

Co. Cork Tithe Defaulters for 1831

BALLYMONEY PARISH in East Division of East Carbery Barony
Place of Abode                                  Occupation

ARDEA                                           Farmer unless given otherwise

Bryan Crowly
John Crowly Jerh.
Jeremiah Crowley Junior
John Crowly,Bryan 
John Connor                                     Carrier
James Crowly                                    Publican
Mr Mellifont, Gentleman
James Huckler

Timothy Ryan                                    Publican


Widow Mahony
Don Deasy
Willam Fitzgerald
Michael Hennissy
John Ahern Senior
Robert Pattison
Ken Hennissy
John Ahern
William Ahern

William Murry
James Carthy                                    Teacher


James Barry
James Barry
Florence Carthy
Daniel Carthy
Jeremiah Collins
Timothy Hurly
Cornelius Hurly
Patrick Murry
Patrick Bryan
John Bryan


George Sealy

Timothy Hennesy
Daniel Donovan
James Driscol
Daniel Sullivan
Cornelius Crowly
George Stanly
Daniel Burly
Daniel Hayes
Michael Keary
Cornelius Keary                                 Labourer


Daniel Barrett
Timothy Long
John Hennessy


Daniel Keefe                                    Blacksmith
Abraham Haynes
Thomas Wright                                   Publican
Mary Murphy Widow
Elizabeth Carroll Widow
Isaac Peyton
John Peyton                                     Publican
Mary Keary Widow
James Coughian                                  Sawyer/Lawyer


Charles Crowly


Patrick Connelly
Daniel Daly
Owen Daly 
Daniel Cleary Junior                            Labourer
Michael Cleary
Daniel Cleary                                   Labourer

James Butler
John Colman
Benjamin Milner                                 Yeoman
John Crowly
John Carthy                                     Tailor
Parr Cotter
Henry Milner                                    Yeoman
Benjamin Milner                                 Yeoman
Edmond Dullea
Michael Hayes
Michael Milner
William Milner
Denis McCarthy

James Murphy
Bryan Crowly
Daniel Cullinan
Dennis Crowly
Ellen Cullinan Widow
James Murphy
Bryan Crowly Junior
Jeremiah Crowly
Hurly, Widow
Dennis Collins                                  Dairyman
Jagor, Widow 
James Crowly
John Danegan
Thomas Layne
Michael Moriss
Thomas Lean


John Deasy
Mary Huckles Widow
Joseph Dreenh
John Sweeny Junior
Thomas Collins
Daniel Hurly
Timothy Sweeny
Dennis Reardon
Patrick Woods
Michael Dricol

John Layne                                      Labourer


Daniel Dullea,Charles
Rickard Regan
Edmond Dullea,Deno
Maurice Dullea
Chas Dullea Junior


Thomas Daunt Esq
James Crowly


Timothy Bryan
Michael Bryan
Cornelius Murry


John Carthy
Charles Leary
Abil Wolfe
John Deasy
John Wolfe
Cornelius Donovan
Jeremiah Donovan
Dennis Donovan


John Hurley
James Hurley
William Hurley
Patrick Carthy


Ellen Cue?                                      Publican


Timothy Connelly
Michael Crowly
John Donovan
John Sullivan
John Good
John Sullivan
James Donovan
Cornelius Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan
Thomas Rigan
Daniel Carthy
Jeremiah Carthy
William Denny


Dennis Reardon
Daniel Sullivan
John Neeham Senior
William Neeham,James
William Neeham,James
William Neeham,David
John Neeham Junor
Jeremiah Hennessy
Daniel Hurley
Jeremiah Crowly


Timothy Hanasy.
Dennis Kirnkam
Dennis Kirnkam
Jermiah Hennissy
Daniel Rigan Junior
Simon Shuham
William Shuham
Charles Shuham
Jeremiah Shuhani, Dennis
James Sheehan
Timothy Kearney 
Edward Ellis
James Hurly
Dennis Hurly
Dennis Griffin
John Haly
Dennis Mahony
Cornelius Crowly                                Labourer
John Mannon
Michael Mannon
James Mannon


John Bryan                                      Labourer
James Carthy                                    Carpenter
John Kerin                                      Labourer
Maurice Crimeen                                 Labourer


John Pym                                        Labourer