Fáilte Romhat

  Slaters Directory of Ireland 1870 - Clonakilty



Clonakilty, or Cloughnakelty, is a considerable market town (formerly a parliamentary borough), in the parish of Kilgarriffe, barony of East Carbery, east division, county of Cork, west riding, 190 miles s.w. from Dublin, 33 s.w. from Cork, 15 s. by w. from Bandon, and 21 west from Kinsale, seated at the head of a Sandy Bay, on the road between the last named town and Skibbereen. The town anciently called Tough M Gilti, is recorded to have had a corporation at an early period, for, in the archives of Cork there is a petition from the portreeve and corporation of Clonakilty, dated July, 1605; it, however, certainly owes its chief importance to the family of Boyle, Sir Richard Boyle, first Earl of Cork, having obtained from James I, in 1613, a charter of incorporation for the burgesses of Clonakilty. The town was in a flourishing state previous to the year 1641, when, during the insurrection at that period it was partly burned, and was the scene of sad carnage. The present town consists of several wide and spacious streets, containing well-built houses. The Square, a fine open area, is much admired for its pleasant site and the healthy recreation in affords. The harbor is only fit for small class vessels, the channel being narrow, and having at the entrance a bar, over which vessels of heavy tonnage can only pass at spring tides; large vessels, therefore discharge their cargoes at RING, a salubrious village about a mile below the town. The linen manufacture for a considerable period was the staple trade of the place, and it is still of some importance, the loom furnishing employment to several industrious hands. There is a brewery, a tannery, and several corn and flax mills in the town and neighbourhood. The Shannon Arms Hotel, of Mr. Thomas Donovans is a well-conducted and comfortable establishment. The government of the town is vested in the local magistrates, who hold general sessions of the peace in July, and petty sessions every Thursday. A manorial court, under the Earl of Shannon, is held by the seneschal, Henry Franks, Esq., every third Wednesday monthly, for the recovery of debts under 40s. The county court-house is a neat edifice of hewn stone ornamented with a pediment and cornice; connected with it is a bridewell both erected at the expense of the county.

            The parish church of Kilgarriffe is rather a handsome structure, with a square town at the westend and contains a good organ. It was rebuilt in 1818, at an expense of upwards of 1, 300, towards which the Earl of Shannon and the Rev. H. Townsend were liberal contributors. It is situated to the north of Main-street, on a pleasant elevation. There is also a new Roman Catholic church. The Presbyterians and Wesleyan Methodists have each a place of worship, and there are many national and other schools in the town and neighbourhood. About a mile north of the town is a totally perfect Druidical temple, some of the stones of which are nearly as large as those of Stonehenge, in England. The market, which is held on Friday, is well attended. Fairs, April 5th, June 30th, October 10th, and November 12th. The parish of KILGARRIFFE contained, in 1851, 4, 664 inhabitants, and the town of Clonakilty 3, 297 of that number. In 1861 the parish contained 4, 379 persons, and the town 3, 108.

            ARDFIELD is a parish in Ibane and Barryroe barony, county Cork, west riding, 4-3/4 miles s.e. of Clonakilty, and near Galley or Gully Head, in Ross bay. The coast is bold, dentated with creeks, and occasionally perforated with caves. There are places of worship for Episcopalians and Roman Catholics in the parish. Population in 1861, 1, 229.9.

            COURT MACSHHERRY is a small fishing village, parish of LISLEE, barony of Ibane and Barryroe, country Cork, west riding, 8 miles e. of Clonakilty, situated of the bay of its name. There is a small pier erected by means of a grant from government. Population in 1861, 461; the parish numbering 3, 221.

            KILMALOODA is a parish in the eastern division of the barony of East Carbery, five miles s.s.w. of Bandon, county Cork, west riding. It contains the village of BALLYMACARTHY. The church was erected about 1793. There is also a Roman Catholic chapel. Population of the parish in 1861, 1, 423.

            TIMOLEAGUE is an ancient and once important market town, but is now decayed, and very small. It is situated in the parish of its name, barony of Ibane and Barryroe, county Cork, west riding. It stands on the right bank of the Arigardeen estuary, 4 miles e.n.e. of Clonakilty, and 7 s.s.w. of Bandon. The abbey of Timoleague, now in ruins, was once the noblest in the country, founded it is supposed in 1373. At the end of the village are the remains of a castle said to have been built by the OShaughnessy Sept. The parish church is a neat and commodious structure. Population of parish in 1861, 762. The town numbering 408 of that number.

            RING is a small fishing harbor on the east shore of Clonakilty bay, and about 1-1/2 miles from that town. It possesses a small pier erected by the late fishery board.

            POST OFFICE, Sovereign street, Clonakilty, Jeremiah Coughlin, Post Master. Letters from all parts arrive at twenty minutes before six morning, and are despatched at a quarter-past six evening.

            Letters from Skibbereen, Skull, Crookhaven, Rosscarbery &c. arrive at six evening; and are desptached thereto at twenty minutes before six morning.

            Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.

Nobility, Gentry, & Clergy
Alleyn W.D. Esq. J.P. Sunmount
Archdall Rev. W. Lislee Rectory, Courtmacsherry

Austin Henry, Esq. South Ring

Bagley Mr. Richard, Bennetts grove

Baldwin Mrs. Anne J, Shannon Sq

Beamish George, Esq. Corriga

Beamish Rev. Geo, Kilmaloda

Beamish Henry B. Esq. Muckross

Beamish Richard, Esq. Beaumont

Beamish Sampson, Esq. Timoleague

Beamish Thomas, Esq. J.P. Timoleague

Beamish Thomas, Esq. Caherlarig

Beecher M. A. R. Esq. Ballyduvane House

Beechinor Mr. Jeremiah, Caher

Beechinor Thomas, Esq. Ballinamona, Butlerstown

Bennett Francis, Esq. the Strand

Bennett Francis Evans, Esq. J.P. Shannon square

Bennett Mr. John, Darrarah

Bennett Mr. Thos. Shannon vale

Bennett Wm. Esq. Shannon square

Boyle Mrs. Catherine, Ring

Boyle the Misses, Courtmacsherry

Carbery the Right Hon. Lord, Castle Freke

Clerke Richard, Esq. Bealand House

Conroy Joseph, Esq. Ballyva

Crofts Nelson, Esq. Concamore

Deane Mr. B. B. Ballyduvane

Deasy Mrs. Jane, Bushmount

Deasy Mr. John, Shannon square

Donegan Rev. John, P.P. Kilmeen

Donovan Mr. John, Belmount

Donovan Very Rev. Matthew, P.P. V.G. the Strand

Fitzpatrick Mr. John, the Strand

Fleming Rev. Horace T. Kilnagross glebe

Fuller Mrs. -, Square st

Gallwey Denis MCarthy, Esq. Greenfield

Gillman Mrs. - , Shannon square

Gillman Major Bennett W. J.P. the Retreat

Hallowell Rev. Alex. B. Shannon sq

Hosford Mr. Benjamin, Skeaf Cottage

Hungerford Mrs. G. Gleneannus

Hungerford John, Esq. Snugborough Cottage

Hungerford Thos. Esq. J.P. the Island

Jones Wm. Bence, Esq. J.P. Lisselane

Kingston Mr. James, Silver hill, Courtmacsherry

Kingston Mr. Jeremiah, Knockscagh

Kingston Rev. Paul, Strand

Kingston Mr. Thomas, Madame

Lamb George, Esq. Barrys hall

Leslie W.B. Esq. Meelmane house, Courtmacsherry

Longford Henry, Esq. J.P. Sea court, Timoleague

Lovell Mr. Thos. Mahon Abbey, Timoleague

Lucas Geo. Esq. J.P. Lackenduff

Lucas Captain Jasper, Ring

Lucas John, Esq. J.P. Richfordstown

Madden Rev. Patrick, C.C. Chapel St

Madras Rev. John, the Glebe, Timoleague

Marmion Rev. R.W. Kilmeen glebe

Martin Rev. John, the Glebe, Timoleague

Mulcahy Rev. Edwd. P.P. the Hill, Timoleague

OBrien Mr. Dennis, Western rd

OHea Thomas A. Esq., Barrack st

OLeary Rev, Arthur, P.P. Ardfield

OSullivan Mrs. - , Skeaf house, Timoleague

Reid Rev. Wm. Sovereign st

Sandes George, Esq. Dunowenhouse

Sealy John, Esq. Ballylangley, Butlerstown

Smith Edwd. Esq. Knocks house

Stewards Mrs. Moses, Rocksavage

Stewart Rev. Henry Wilson, Rathbarry vicarage

Sullivan Wm. Esq. Kilnagross Cottage

Sweeny Mrs. -, the Strand

Taylor Lieut. W.M. R.N. the Galley Tower

Townsend Miss -, Weston Lodge

Travers George, Esq. Lissycremin, Butlerstown

Travers Hy. Robt. Esq. Ballymacowen

Travers James, Esq. J.P. Butlerstown, Timoleague

Travers Robert, Esq. J.P. Timoleague

Tuckey Rev. James, Ardfield, Glebe

Walker Rev. Frederick G. Timoleague Glebe

Wheeler Joseph Thos. Esq. the Square

Wright Thos. R. Esq. Fern Hill


Academies & Schools

CHURCH EDUCATION SCHOOL, Square st Wm. Keayes, master

CONVENT SCHOOL Sisters of Mercy, teachers

DAVIS John, the Strand

INFANT SCHOOL, Square street Susannah Horne, mistress

Lambert Miss -, the Strand



Chapel street Timothy Hurley, master

Darrarah Cornelius Cronin, master; Hannah Reilly, mistress

School st Jane White, mistress

Shannon Square James Gillespie, master, Eliza MCarthy, mistress

Square street (Wesleyan) Ephraim Watt, master


PAROCHIAL SCHOOL Kilnagross Samuel Baker, master

WORKHOUSE SCHOOL Jane Mahony, mistress



(See also Fire, &c. Office Agents)

Bateman Wm. (emigration). Mill st

Coleman Richard (emigration), Barrack street

Coughlin Jeremiah (emigration), Post office

Honnor Wm. (house & land) Main st

Spiller John C. (manures), Sovereign street

Wolfe Thos. J. (emigration), Main st

Wright Thos. R. (land), Shannon sq



Heas Patrick, Sovereign st

Starkie A. Main st



Noonan Francis, Square st

OHea Thomas A. Barrack st

Wright Thomas Richard, Shannon sq



Bateman Wm. G. Mill st

Brien Thomas, Sovereign st

Buckley Timothy, Mill st

Canniffe Denis, Georges st

Canty Timothy, Sovereign st

Holland Richard, Georges st

Kingston Thomas, Sovereign st

OBrien Ellen, Main st

OBrien John, Mill st

ORegan Patrick, Sovereign st

Sealy George, Mill st

Sullivan Cornelius, Sovereign st

Walsh Wm, Main st



BANK OF IRELAND (Branch), Shandon square (draws on Bank of England and Coutts & Co. London), Denham Franklin, manager

NATIONAL BANK (Branch), Shandon square (draws on head office London), Nicholas W. Roche, manger



Coghlan Denis, Sovereign st

Cullinane Daniel, Boyle st

Hayes Edward, Lamb st

Lane John, New Chapel st

Lordan Cornelius, Facks bridge

Murray John, Bridge st

Taylor Patrick, New Chapel st


Boat Builders

Dempsey Thomas, Crowleys row

Gallagher Michael, Ring


Boot and Shoemakers

Bateman John, Main st

Bateman Wm. G. Mill st

Chiddick Ambrose, Sovereign st

Chiddick Brothers, New Chapel st

Connell Cornelius, Mill st

Driscoll James, Sovereign st

Hart Michael, the Strand

Hawkes Joseph, Sovereign st

Hellen Samuel, Sovereign st

Hennessy Richard, Sovereign st

Holtsbaum Wm. Main st

Nagle John, Barrack st

Phipps John, Barrack st

Phipps Robt. & Edwd. Sovereign st

Sheehan Timothy, Mill st

Spiller John C. (dealer), Sovereign st

Tupper Roger, Barrack st


Brewers & Maltsters

Deasy & Co. Clonakilty Brewery



Beamish Richard, Lamb st

Driscoll B. & C. Square st

MNamara Timothy, Georges st

Mahony Cornelius, Square st

Sheehan Daniel, Patrick st


Cabinet Makers

Heas Timothy, Sovereign st

Moore Richard, Sovereign st


Carpenters & Wheelwrights

Anglin Brothers, New Chapel st

Arundel Paul, Square st

Bennett John, Patrick st

Harrington Edward, Georges st

Hayes Michael, Mill st

Hodnett Richard, Georges st

Hurley Michael, Barrack st

MCarthy Michael, Lamb st

Mahony Daniel, Jermyn st

Reilly John, Chapel st

Scannell James, the Strand

Twohig James, Georges st


Clothes Dealers

Hellen John, Sovereign st

MCarthy Mary, Mill st

ODriscoll Ellen, Sovereign st


Coach Builders

MCarthy Charles, New Chapel st

Regan James, New Chapel st


Coal Merchants

Driscoll Michael, Mill st

Honnor Wm. Main st

MCarthy Callaghan, Sovereign st

Murray Catherine Main st

Sullivan Jeremiah, Sovereign st



Donovan Jeremiah, Georges st

Lucas George, Mill st


Corn Merchants

Honnor Wm. Main st

Wolfe, Bennet & Son, Millville



Driscoll Jeremiah, Sovereign st

Spillane Patrick, Barrack st


Earthenware Dealers

Dillon Michael, Sovereign st

Donovan Patrick, Mill st

Gilbert -, Sovereign st

Gosnell John, Sovereign st

Hodnett Richard, Georges st

MCarthy Callaghan, Sovereign st

Nash Margaret, Main st

OBrien John, Sovereign st

Roche John, Barrack st

Santry Michael, Georges st


Fire, &c. Office Agents

CITY OF GLASGOW T.J. Canty. Sovereign st

CROWN (life), N.W. Roche, Square

EDINBURGH (life) T.J. Wolfe, Main st and Thos. A. OHea, Barrack st

ENGLISH ASSURANCE, Thomas J. Wolfe Main st

IMPERIAL (fire) N.W. Roche, Square st

LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE, John C. Spiller, Sovereign st

LONDON & LANCASHIRE, Denham Franklin, the Square

LONDON ASSURANCE, Thomas R. Wright, Shannon square

ROYAL, Michael OSullivan, Mill st

SCOTTISH PROVINCIAL, Francis Noonan, Square st


Flax Dressers

Bennett Joseph, Millville

Smyth Edward, Knocks


Grocers and Dealers in Sundries

Bateman William S. Mill st

Bennett James, Sovereign st

Bennett Jonathan, Main st

Bennett Thomas, Sovereign st

Canty Timothy, Sovereign st

Collins Denis, Ring

Collins James, Sovereign st

Coughlin Jeremiah, Sovereign st

Cudmore Edwin, Sovereign st

Cunningham Garrett, Barrack st

Gilbert Mary, Sovereign st

Hartnett Margaret, Sovereign st

Hayes Denis, Main st

Keohane Mary, Sovereign st

MCarthy Cornelius, Sovereign st

MCarthy Timothy, Sovereign st

Means James, Mill st

OBrien Ellen, Main st

OBrien John, 17 Sovereign st

OBrien John, 12 Sovereign st

ONeill James, Sovereign st

ONeill Mary, Main st

Phipps John, Mill st

Reilly John, Ring

Ring Jane, Sovereign st

Santry Michael, George's st

Sheehan Maurice, Ring

Spiller John C. Sovereign st

Sullivan Cornelius, Sovereign st

Sullivan Jeremiah, Sovereign st

Walsh Mary, Sovereign st

Wright John N, Main st



(See also Public Houses.)

SHANNON ARMS HOTEL (& posting), Thomas Donovan, Sovereign st


Ironmongers & Hardware-men

Bennett Josiah, Mill st

Bennett Thomas, Sovereign st

Honnor William, Main st

Hurley Thomas, George's st

M'Carthy Callaghan, Main st

O'Brien John (and gunpowder  dealer), 17 Sovereign st

O'Brien John, 12 Sovereign st

Spiller John C. Sovereign st

Sullivan Jeremiah, Sovereign st


Leather Sellers

Bateman John, Main st

Bateman William S. Mill st

Chiddick Ambrose, Sovereign st

Coghlan John, Mill st

Connell Cornelius, Mill st

Hawkes Joseph, Sovereign st

Holtsbaum William, Main st

Phipps Robert, Sovereign st


Linen & Woollen Drapers and Haberdashers

Bateman M. A. Mill st

Gillman David, Mill st

Neill Peter, Sovereign st

O'Hara John, Main st

O'Leary Daniel, Mill st

O'Leary Denis, Sovereign st

O'Sullivan Michael, Mill st

Palmer Mary Ann, Main st

Perkins Catherine, Main st

Saunders Lucy, Sovereign st

Wolfe Thomas J. Main st



Hurley Patrick, Castle view

Wolfe, Bennett & Son, Millville


Milliners & Dressmakers

Connolly Ellen, The Strand

Deasy M. A. Sovereign st

Lane Ann, George's st

O'Brien Mary A, Square st

Phipps Sarah, Barrack st

Sheehan Margaret, Mill st

Sullivan Catherine, George's st


Nail Makers

Daunt William, Mill st

Fitzpatrick John, Chapel lane

Goggin James, Mill st

Hayes Michael, Boyle st

Mullins Francis, Lamb st

Mullins James, Lamb st

Robertson Alexander, Chapel lane


Painters & Glaziers

Bevan John, Boyle st

Bevan Thomas, The Strand

Hart John, The Strand

Tupper Valentine, Barrack st



Searles George, Mill st

Waugh Richard, Mill st


Physicians & Surgeons

Bennett William, Shannon square

Hadden Henry R, Western road

Heas Patrick, Sovereign st


Public Houses

(see also Spirit Dealers)

Aherne James, Sovereign st

Attridge Thomas, George's st

Bateman Thomas, Sovereign st

Buckley Timothy, Mill st

Connor John, Ring

Courcey Richard, Sovereign st

Crowley Cornelius, Sovereign st

Cunningham Margaret, Barrack st

Deasy Michael, Mill st

Deasy Michael, Mill st

Donovan Cornelius, Ring

Driscoll Michael, Mill st

Harrington Edward, George's st

Hart Timothy, New Chapel st

Hartnet Margaret, Sovereign st

Hodnett Richard, George's st

Irwin Maxwell, the Quay

Kingston Thomas, Sovereign st

Lane John, Mill st

M'Carthy Cornelius, Sovereign st

M'Carthy Denis, Mill st

M'Carthy Julia, Main st

M'Carthy Mary, Ring

Murray Catherine, Main st

O'Brien John, 17 Sovereign st

O'Brien Thomas, Sovereign st

O'Connell Anne, Mill st

O'Leary Daniel, Patrick st

O'Leary Daniel, Sovereign st

O'Leary Denis Sovereign st

O'Neill James , Sovereign st

O'Neill Mary, Main st

Perrott John, Mill st

Regan Patrick, George's st

Santry Michael, George's st

Spillane Daniel, Sovereign st

Sullivan Cornelius, Sovereign st

Sullivan Denis, Mill st

Wholy Thomas, Boyle square

Wright John N. Main st

Wycherley Mary, George's st



Cunningham Laurence, Sovereign st

Cunningham Robert, Sovereign st

O'Brien James, Mill st

Wren John, New Chapel st


Salt Merchants & Dealers

M'Carthy Callaghan, Sovereign st

Murray Catherine, Main st



Honnor William, Main st

Hurley Thomas, George's st

M'Carthy Callaghan, Main st

Spiller John C. Sovereign st

Sullivan Jeremiah, Sovereign st


Spirit Dealers

(See also Public Houses.)

Murray Catherine, Main st

O'Brien John, 17 Sovereign st

Wright John N. Main st

Wycherley Mary, George's st



Coughlin Jeremiah, Sovereign st

Lendrum Thomas, Main st

Murray Timothy Sovereign st

O'Brien John, 17 Sovereign st

O'Brien John, 12 Sovereign st

Spiller John C, Sovereign st


Stone masons

Attridge Thomas George st

Crowley Jeremiah, Mill st

Hurley Daniel, Mill st

Hurley James, Oliver's st

Santry Michael, George's st

Santry Timothy, Main st

Sullivan Jeremiah, Barrack st



See Physicians and Surgeons.



Barry Charles, George's st

Brien John, Lamb st

Coleman Richard, Barrack st

Hayes John, The Strand

M'Carthy Denis, The Strand


Timber Merchants

Honnor William, Main st

M'Carthy Callaghan, Main st

Spiller John C. Sovereign st


See Carpenters and Wheelwrights


Wool Dealers

Donovan Patrick, Mill st

Driscoll Jeremiah, Sovereign st

Holland John, Mill st

Spillane Patrick, Barrack st

Waugh Richard, Mill st


Woollen Drapers

See Linen and Woollen Drapers, &c


Austin William, sen, fancy card box manufacturer, Ring House

Barrett James, farmer, Ring

Driscoll Timothy, tanner and currier, New Chapel street

Fitzpatrick John, architect, The Strand

Flynn Edward, watchmaker, Barrack st

Hungerford William, commissioner of affidavits and deputy high constable, Shannon square

Kingston John, slate merchant, Fourcuil quarry

Nolan James, excise officer, Square st

Norcott Cromwell, petty sessions clerk and commissioner for taking affidavits, &c The Square

Perrott Richard, poor rate collector, Mill st

Wolfe Thomas J. registrar of marriages, Boyle square




Ardfield - Rev James H. Tuckey

Ardgehane - Rev John Madras

Barrack st - Rev Alex. B. Hallowell

Castle Freke - Rev H.W. Stewart

Kilmalooda - Rev Frederick G.Walker

Kilmeen - Rev R.W. Marmion

Kilngross - Rev Horace T. Fleming

Lislee - Rev W. Archdall

Timoleague - Rev John Martin

Ring - Rev George Beamish


Chapel st - Very Rev. Matthew Donovan, P.P, V.G; Revs Patrick Madden and Paul Kingston, curates

Darrarah - Very Rev M. Donovan, P.P

Ardfield and Miltown - Rev Arthur O'Leary, P.P

Bealad and Rossmore - Rev J. Donegan, P.P

Butlerstown and Lislevane - Rev Jeremiah Moloney, P.P

Timoleague and Clogogh - Rev Edwd Mulcahy, P.P

METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPEL, Square st

PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, The Square - Rev William Reid



Master - James B. Lendrum

Matron - Julia Duffy

Clerk of the Union - John C. Spiller

Medical Attendant - Henry R. Hadden

Protestant Chaplain - Rev Alexander B. Hallowell

Roman Catholic Chaplain - Very Rev Matthew Donovan

Schoolmistress - Jane Mahony

Relieving Officer - Timothy Heas

Rate Collector - Richard Perrott

Superintendent Registrar - J. C. Spiller

Registrar & Dispensary Medical Officer - Henry R. Hadden


Barrack (Constabulary), The Square - J.C. Mills, sub-inspector;

Alexander Clements, head constable

Barrack (Infantry) -  James Coghlan, barrack master

Bridewell, George's st - David Mulcahy, Keeper

Baronial High Constable's Office, The Square - G. Sandes, high constable;

W. Hungerford, deputy high constable

Court House, George st

Coast Guard Stations, Ring, Dunnycove, and Dirkcove - Lieutenant William Taylor, officer

Excise Office, Square st - James Nolan, officer

Reading Room, Sovereign st - N.W. Roche, hon secretary

Stamp Office, Sovereign st - John C. Spiller, sub-distributor

Town Commissioners' Office, Market House - John Davis, clerk



To BAN DON, coaches every morning (Sunday excepted), at five & eight, & a Mail Car at a quarter-past six night

To SKIBBEREEN, the Royal Mail Car every morning at twenty minutes before six; goes through Rosscarberry



The nearest Station is Bandon, on the Cork and Bandon and the West Cork Lines, fifteen miles distant. For conveyance thereto see above