Slater’s Commercial Directory 1846 - Clonakilty


Clonakilty, or Cloughnakelty, is a considerable market town (formerly a parliamentary borough), in the parish of Kilgarriffe, barony of East Carbery, county of Cork, 190 miles s.w. from Dublin, 33 s.w. from Cork, 12-1/2 s. by w. from Bandon, and 24 w. from Kinsale, seated at the head of Sandy bay, on the road between the last named town and Skibbereen The town, anciently called Tough-M’Gilti, is recorded to have had a corporation at an early period, for, in the archives of Cork there is a petition from the portreeve corporation of Clonakilty, dated July, 1605; it, however, certainly owes its chief importance to the family of Boyle, Sir Richard Boyle, first Earl of Cork, having obtained from James 1, in 1613, a charter of incorporation for the burgesses of Clonakilty. The town was in a flourishing state previous to the year 1611, when during the insurrection at the period it was partly burned, and was the scene of sad carnage. The present town consists of several wide and spacious streets, containing well-built houses. The ‘Square,’ a fine open area, is much admired for its pleasant site and healthy recreation it affords. The harbour is only fit for small vessels, the channel being narrow and having at the entrance a bar, over which vessels of heavy tonnage can only pass at spring tides; large vessels, therefore, discharge their cargoes at Ring, a suburban village, about a mile below the town. The linen manufacturer for a considerable period was the staple trade of the place and it is still of some importance, the loom furnishing employment to several industrious hands; but the corn trade, at the present day takes precedence of all other branches, and employs the capital of many respectable merchants and several mill-owners; amongst the latter the mills of Messrs. Allin and Co. are extensive. There is also a large brewery, belonging to Messrs. Deasy and Co.; and a branch of the ‘National Bank’ is opened here. These establishments, together with some boat building yards at Ring, and an active retail trade, from the commercial interest of Clonakilty. The government of the town is vested in the local magistrates, who hold general sessions of the peace in July, and petty sessions every Thursday. A manorial court, under the Earl of Shannon, is held by the seneschal, Henry Franks, Esq. every third Wednesday monthly, for the recovery of debts under 40s. The county court-house is a neat edifice of hewn stone, ornamented with a pediment and cornice; connected with it is a bridewell – both erected at the expense of the county.

The parish church of Kilgarriffe is rather a handsome structure, with a square tower at the west end, and contains a good organ. It was built in 1818m at an expense of upwards of £1,300 towards which the Earl of Shannon and the Rev. H. Townsend were liberal contributors. It is situated to the north of Main-street on a pleasant elevation. A spacious Catholic chapel, and one for Wesleyan Methodists, are the other places of worship. The charitable institutions comprise chiefly a valuable dispensary, a benevolent society, a school of industry for girls of Protestant and Catholic parents, and a free school for boys. About a mile north of the town is a tolerably perfect Druidical temple, some of the stones of which are nearly as large as those of Stonehenge, in England. The market which is held on Friday, is well attended. Fairs, April 5th, June 30thm October 10, and November 12th. The parish of Kilgarriffe contained in 1841, 6,432 inhabitants, and the town of Clonakilty 3,993 of that number.


Post Office, Sovereign street, Clonakilty, Dinah O’Connor, Post Mistress. Letters from Dublin, the North of Ireland and from England arrive every day at a quarter past twelve and evening at half-past seven, and are despatched every morning at half-past five and noon at twelve. Letters from Bantry, Skibbereen and the West arrive and are despatched daily about half-past twelve.


Gentry and Clergy

Allin Thos. Esq. Shannon Vale House

Austin Henry, Esq. South Ring

Austin William, Esq. Fortune Hill

Beamish Henry, Esq. Dunmore

Beamish Richd. Esq. Shannon square

Beamish Rev. Thos. Shannon square

Becher Mrs. Mary, Shannon square

Becher Michl. Ailin, Esq. Ballyduvane

Constable Rev. Henry, Strand

Deasy Thomas, Esq. Shannon square

Driscoll Mrs. Eliza, Barrack st

Gallwey Daniel, Esq. Kilkerin House

Gillman Herbert, Esq. the Strand

Hungerford Becher, Esq. Comas

Hungerford George, Esq. Clogheen

Hungerford Richard, Esq. Youghal Cottage

Hungerford Thomas, Esq. the Island

Hungerford Wm. Esq. Shannon sq

Johnson Rev. Wm. Shannon square

Lucas Thomas, Esq. Richfordstown

M’Carthy Rev. Philip, c.c. Sovereign st

M’Carthy Mr William, Shannon square

Madden Rev. Morgan, c.c. Sovereign st

Masters Samuel, Esq. Strand

Quarry Rev. John, Shannon square

Smyth Rev. Godfrey, Lisnabrina

Somerville Mrs. Letitia, Shannon sq

Spiller Henry, Esq. the Strand

Stewart Rev. Henry Wilson, Lower Tannies

Stowers Captain Robert, Shannon square

Sweeney James, Esq. Shannon sq

Townsend John, Esq. Shannon sq

Townsend Rev. Somerset, Kilnagross

Toye Winspear, Esq. Shannon sq

Walsh the Very Rev. David, p.p. and v.g. Sovereign street


Academies and Schools

Anglin Timothy, Sovereign st

Carney Jno. (boarding), Shannon sq

Catholic School (boys), Sovereign st – Daniel O’Donoghue, master

Catholic School (girls), the Square – Ann White, mistress

Protestant School, the Square – Joshua Phipps, master; Ann Phipps, mistress

Trenor Edward Boyton (classical), Shannon square



Justice Thomas Bolton, Main st

Starkie Charles Henry, Mill st



Bennett Francis, the Strand

Donovan Daniel, Sovereign st

Fleming Richd. Somerville, Shannon square and 91 Abbey st, Dublin

Wright Thomas Richard, Shannon square and 4 Essex bridge, Dublin



Callanan John, Barrack st

Canty Timothy, George st

Holland Richard, Main st

Irwin Maxwell, Main st

M’Carthy Cornelius, Sovereign st

Moore Joseph (and confectioner), Main street

O’Driscoll Timothy, Mill st

O’Regan Ann, Mill street

Walsh William, Main st



National Bank of Ireland (Branch), Shannon square – (draws on Barnetts’, Hoare & Co. London, and the Parent Bank, Dublin) Mr. John O’Hea, manager



Coghlan Cornelius, Barrack st

Donovan Denis, Ring

Driscoll John, Lamb st

Murray John, Mill st


Boat Builders

Manahan Daniel, Ring

Manahan Patrick, Ring


Boot & Shoe Makers

Bateman John, George st

Bateman Thomas, Main st

Callanan John, Mill st

Clarke John, Sovereign st

Clarke William, George st

Coughlan John, Mill st

Crowly Edward, George st

Donovan Daniel, Mill st

Donovan Richard, Barrack st

Donovan Richard, Sovereign st

Eedy John, New Boyle st

Hegarty Jeremiah, Mill st

Hennessy Richard, Sovereign st

Holland Richard, Sovereign st

Holtsbaurn William, Sovereign st

M’Carthy Florence, Barrack st

M’Namara James, George st

Nagle Edward, Barrack st

Nagle John, Barrack st

Phipps James, George st

Phipps William, Mill st

Sheehy Timothy, Mill st

Sullivan Timothy, Mill st

Wolfe Robert, Barrack st



Deasy Thomas & Co. (& malsters), Clonakilty Brewery



Hurly Timothy, George st

Mahony Cornelius, the Sqaure

Mahony Cornelius, Sovereign st



Anglin Robert, Sovereign st

Donovan Patrick, Mill st

Hart John, Mill st

Herlihy John, Mill st

Leary Daniel, Sovereign st

Shea John, Lamb st

Spillane John (& builder), Sovereign st

Sullivan Joseph, George st


Coal Merchants

Lucas Jasper, Ring

Murray Timothy, Main st

Toohig James, Main st



Callanan Jeremiah, Patrick st

Callanan John, Mill st

Callanan Patrick, Mill st

Driscoll Cornelius, Mill st

Lucas George, Mill st


Corn Merchants

Allin & Co. (and millers) Mille Ville, and Shannon Vale

Bagley Richard, Chapel lane

Herrick Edward Henry, Strand

Lucas Jasper, Ring

Organ John, Strand

Toohig James, Main st



Collins Jane, Sovereign st

Collins William, Barrack st

Driscoll Jeremiah, Sovereign st

O’Donovan Cornelius, Sovereign st

Spillane Patrick, Sovereign st


Earthenware Dealers

Murray John, Main st

Murray Timothy, Main st

Sealy James, Barrack st


Fire, &c. Office Agents

Imperial (fire), and British Commercial (life), Justice Thomas Bolton, Main street

Standard (life), Wright Thomas Richard, Shannon square



(see also Shopkeepers, &c)

Callanan John, Barrack st

Collins Jane, Sovereign st

Falvey Robert, Sovereign st

Fitzpatrick John, Main st

Lynch Jeremiah, Sovereign st

M’Carthy Eugene, Mill st

M’Carthy Jeremiah, Mill st

Molony Timothy, Main st

Murray John, Main st

Murray Timothy, Sovereign st

O’Connor Dinah, Sovereign st

O’Donoghue Timothy, Mill st

O’Driscoll Mary, Mill st

O’Regan Ann, Mill st

Thornton Joseph, Main st

Toohig James, Main st

Welply John, Main st



See Linen Drapers & Haberdashers


Hat Manufacturers

Crowly James, Sovereign st

Driscoll Denis, Sovereign st

Pierce Thomas, Sovereign st


Inns and Hotels

(see also Public Houses)

Canniffe Hotel, Denis Canniffe, Sovereign st

Crowly’s Hotel, Cornelius Crowly, Sovereign st

Royal Arms Hotel, John Spillane, Sovereign st


Ironmongers and Hard-waremen

Bateman Charles, Main st

Bennett Dorah Ann, Sovereign st

Bennett Jonathan, Main st

Murray John, Main st

O’Driscoll Mary, Mill st

O’Sullivan Denis, Mill st


Leather Sellers

Bateman William, Mill st

Coghlan John, Mill st

O’Hara John, Mill st


Linen & Woollen Drapers and Haberdashers

Desmond & O’Sullivan, Mill st

Donovan Michael, Main st

Fitzpatrick John, Main st

Hegarty Catherine, Main st

Molony John, Main st

O’Sullivan Michl. Sovereign st

Phillips John (& tea agent) Sovereign st

Tresilian Ellen, Main st

Welply Daniel, Mill st, and at Main street Skibbereen


Linen Weavers

Donovan James, Lamb st

Donovan John, Lamb st

End William, Lamb st

Mahony Patrick, Lamb st



Deasy Thomas & Co. (& brewers), Clonakilty Brewery



Allin & Co. Shannon Vale Mills & Mill Ville Mills, Clonakilty


Milliners & Dressmakers

Leary Eleanor, Sovereign st

O’Hara Hannah, New Boyle st

Scott Susannah, Sovereign st


Music Teachers

Moarne Gerald Francis, Sovereign st

O’Leary Arthur, Chapel st


Nail Makers

Coghlan Denis, Mill st

Collins John, Sovereign st

Crowly James, Mill st

Dannt James, Mill st

Fitzpatrick Thomas, Sovereign st

Goggin James, Mill st

Lee Florence, Lamb st

M’Carthy Alexander, Lamb st

M’Carthy John, Lamb st

M’Carthy Timothy, Mill st

M’Namara Jeremiah, George st


Painters and Glaziers

Bevin John, Barrack st

Hart John, Mill st

Spiller John (& paper hanger) Mill st



Bennett William, Mill st

Waugh Andrew & Richard, Mill st and Sovereign st


Physicians & Surgeons

Beamish George, Ballyvackey

Ffolliott William, Shannon square

Gillman James Francis, Shannon sq

O’Hea Matthew, the Cottage

O’Hea Patrick, Barrack st


Public Houses

Barry David, Mill st

Callahan Jeremiah, Sovereign st

Collins Denis, Ring

Connor John, Ring

Deasy Denis, Mill st

Deasy Patrick, Mill st

Desmond Denis, Mill st

Donovan Richard, Sovereign st

Donovan William, Mill st

Driscoll Denis, Ring

Fitzpatrick Mary, Mill st

Hart James, Sovereign st

Hourihane William, Sovereign st

Hunt James, Mill st

Leary Andrew, Sovereign st

Long Daniel, Mill st

M’Carthy Mary, Ring

M’Carthy Timothy, Lamb st

Mahony Cornelius, Mill st

Mahony Timothy, Mill st

Murray Timothy, Main st

O’Driscoll Michael, Mill st

O’Leary Denis, Barrack st

Sheehy Maurice, Mill st

Spillane John, Barrack st

Sullivan Eugene, Barrack st

Wycherley Mary, George st



Cotter James, Sovereign st

Cunningham Garrett, Barrack st

Cunningham William, Sovereign st

Denton William, Sovereign st


Salt Merchants & Dealers

Murray Timothy, Main st

Toohig James, Main st


Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries

Broderick Jeremiah, Mill st

Donovan Michael, Mill st

Driscoll Johanna, Main st

Needham Johanna, Main st

Powell Adam, George st

Sealy James, Barrack st


Spirit Dealers

Driscoll Daniel, Sovereign st

Falvey Robert, Sovereign st

M’Carthy Cornelius, Sovereign st

M’Carthy Jeremiah, Mill st

O’Regan Ellen, Mill st

Toohig James, Main st



Murray Timothy, Sovereign st

Spiller John, Mill st


Stone Masons

Broderick Jeremiah, Mill st

Crowly John, Sovereign st

Hurly Daniel, Lamb st


Straw Bonnet Makers

O’Hara Eliza, New Boyle st

Reigan Francis, Barrack st



See Physicians and Surgeons



Collins Patrick, Mill st

Deasy Jeremiah, Mill st

Molony Patrick, Sovereign st

Molony Timothy, Sovereign st


Tallow Chandlers

Noonan Margaret, Main st

Thornton Joseph, Main st

Toohig James, Main st


Timber Merchants

Driscoll Daniel, Sovereign st

Murray John, Main st

O’Sullivan Denis, Mill st


Tobacco Manufacturers

Noonan Margaret, Main st

Toohig James, Main st


Trimming & Smallware Dealers

Driscoll Johanna, Main st

Gillman David, Mill st


Wool Combers

Driscoll Jeremiah, Sovereign st

Warren Mary, Main st

Warren Michael, Sovereign st


Woollen Drapers

See Linen & Woollen Drapers, &c



Bazley Richard, surveyor, Sovereign st

Constabulary Station, George st – Alexander Grant, sub-inspector, Shannon square, Francis Flynn, head constable

Crowly Paul, turner, Lamb st

Driscoll Daniel, oil and colourman, Sovereign street

Hayes Timothy, cabinet maker, Sovereign street

Mahony Timothy, coach agent, Mill st

Mountjoy William, watch and clock maker, New Boyle street

Rourke Michael, brazier, Lamb st

Stamp Office, Mill st – John Spiller, distributer

Sullivan Eugene, auctioneer, Barrack st

Teranks Henry, linen merchant, the Strand


Places of Worship and their Ministers

Establish Church – Rev. William Johnson, Shannon square, Rev. Henry Constable, curate, Strand

Roman Catholic Chapel, Sovereign street – Very Rev. David Walsh, parish priest and vicar-general, Rev. Morgan Madden and Rev. Philip M’Carthy, curates

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel – ministers various



To Bantry, the Royal Mail (from Cork) calls at the Mail Coach Office, every day and a quarter past twelve; goes through Bandon.

To Cork, the Royal Main (from Bantry), calls at the Mail Coach Office, every day at a quarter before one - & a Coach, from the Mail Coach Office, every night at five, both go through Bandon