Quaker Records Dublin

Abstracts of Wills

205 Walpole, William, late of Mondrehid, [? Queen's Co.], but driven out of his habitation by the Rapparees, and his house burned. Now living in the Cloncourse, Queen's Co.
  Dictated to his wife and two friends when he could speak "been much jeopardised in his speech" some few days before he died which was 11th 6th Month 1691. To his wife one third part of goods. To his children two third part of his goods. Executor Christopher Raper.
  Witnesses: George Rooke, Joseph Driver.
Inventory take by Crh. Raper and John Raper 28th day of 2nd month 1693. Valuations of cattle, sheep, crops, furniture and household hoods, e.g. 15 cows valued at 2.10. per cow 37.10.0.; 14 yearlings at 12s. apiece 8.8.0.; 44 sheep with 28 lambs 19.0.0. Winter corn by estimation 20.0.0; 11 barrells of beer 5.10.0; about 5 barrells of barley 3.0.0. 3 stokes of bees 15/-. 7 small horses and mares 12.5.6. Plow taklin 1.0.0.
206 Watson, Elizabeth, Edenderry, King's Co.
  To my daughter Susanna in America 1/- and no more. To my son Jonathan Watson 1/-. My son Samuel Watson deceased, his children, viz. Samuel, Phebe, John, Loveday and Benjamin. To William Watson, son of my son William Watson, deceased, 3 to grandson John Wyley 3, all to be paid out of my holdings or concerns in Edenderry. All residue to  my son Solomon Watson, Sarah Russell, Elizabeth Taylor and Oliver Watson. Executor John Atkinson of Edenderry.
  Dated 10 Sept. 1740.
  Witnesses: John Eakins, Joseph Eves, Samuel Eves.
207 Watson, John, Killconner, Co. Carlow, farmer.
  I assign to my only son Samuel Watson of Killconner and to my friend Edward Cooper of Newtown, Co. Carlow, my real and personal estate, I, the said John Watson, to enjoy the same for my life and the subject to payment of my debts and funeral charges and the following legacies: 5 to Ellin Jordan; 10 to my brother Samuel Watson; 10 to my cousin [? nephew] William Watson so to my brother Wm. deceased; 5 to poor of Newgarden Monthly Meeting, 2 to poor people in neighbourhood of Killconner; one guniea in gold to my son-in-law Richard Pike, same to my son-in-law James Lackey. "The Meeting House which I leatly build at Kilconer to be given up for the use of Friends upon on occasions to worship God in."
Money owed by my sister Sarah Corfield or her husband to be given or forgiven them. 20 per annum to my wife Ann Watson out of rent of lands of Ardriston, which I brought from the Duke of Ormond, one third of my household goods, twelve cows, two mares and their grazing on lands of Killconer. 80 to my daughter Sarah Pike, and 10 per annum of of said lands of Ardriston, and 120 to my said daughters six children Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Samuel, Ann and Susanna to be paid for them to their father Richard Pike. 60 to my three grandchildren William Ridgeway, Jane Ridgeway and John Ridgeway to be paid for them to their father Henry Ridgeway. 40 to my two grandchildren Robert Lackey and John Lackey to be paid for them to their father James Lackey. 350 to my daughter Elizabeth Watson (unmarried), one third of household goods and 10 per annum, after death of my wife, out of Ardriston. All residue to my son Samuel Watson.
  Dated 10th of 11 month called January, 1709.
  Witnesses: John James, Edmond James, John Donhea.
208 Watson, Margaret, Edenderry, King's Co.
  Quoting a marriage settlement dated 15 Nov. 1731. My five children Elizabeth, Joseph, Samuel and Joshua Eves and Samuel Watson, all minors. Executors Joseph Boardman of Clonmore, King's Co., "my brother," and Thomas Jackson of Jonestown, King's Co., my brother-in-law.
  Dated 2 Nov. 1735.
  Witnesses: Emanuel Harris, Thomas Curtis, Joseph Manliff.
209 Watson, Oliver, Edenderry, King's Co., merchant.
  To my wife Elizabeth Watson dwelling house, shop, two small fields adjoining and house next to said dwelling house where Malone, the copper, now lives. Left rent free for 13 years reversion to son Samuel Watson. To my daughters all under 21 and unmarried, Elizabeth Watson, Hannah Watson, Margaret Watson, Sarah Watson, Mary Watson, Olive Watson, maintenance money from legacies to be administered by said wife until they shall marry. Sons Samuel Watson and Oliver Watson. My sister Elizabeth Taylor to be maintained as one of family for 13 years and have 6 yearly. The said property was subject to annual rent, and held from the late Lord Blundell.
To son Samuel right title etc. of lands of Clonmore, King's Co., held under Sir Thomas Gifford, Bart., and lands of Derrysacodd in King's Co., held under co-heiresses of the late Lord Blundell, also held under them, Land known as Thomas Pim's late holding adjoining house of Adam Williams in said town (of Edenderry) and land and bog at Derrycorris, [? King's Co.]. Houses and lands in Edenderry known by name of William O'Bryans late holding, also Old House Mill in Edenderry held by Matthew Jackson and Simon Williams, and holding known as Tanyard holding. Interest in lands of Ballymorane in King's Co. held under Francis Lum, Esq. To son Oliver Watson, property held under co-heiresses of late Lord Blundell known as holding of Samuel Watson (testator's late father), Humphrey's holding on which "I have lately erected my new Horse-Mills," holding near Edenderry, interest in lands of Kilcumber in King's Co., now held under _____ Downes, interest in lease and lands of Ballygarret and the Curragh Meadows made me by Henry Hatch, Esq., and Elizabeth Watson, sons Samuel Watson and Oliver Watson, son-in-law Joseph Russell of Lobaskin, Co. Westmeath.
  Dated 21 March 1759.
  Witnesses: Henry Arnott, George Cartland, Adam Williams.
  Codicil re disposition in event of wife's death before 1772.
  Dated 4 April 1759
  Witnesses: Henry Arnott, George Cartland, Adam Williams.
210 Watson, Samuel, Dublin, linendraper.
  To my wife Jenepher Watson, sole executrix, house, furniture etc., one third of real and personal estate and the use or benefit of my holdings in Nicholas Street, Dublin, in case she shall remain a widow. To my eldest son I shall have then the said house if the widow do marry, he to pay 40 to each of the other children I then shall have, an din case of having no sons the interest to be equally divided among the daughters. Overseers: Joseph Gill, Dublin, timber merchant, Thomas Russell, Dublin, linendraper, Jhn Deaves, Dublin, merchant.
  Dated 5 Dec. 1726.
  Witnesses: Rowland Bradstock, Fra. Robinson.
Inventory taken by James Fletcher and James Usher 7th 3 mo. 1731. Valuations of piece goods in shop, fustian, linen, muslin, diaper, cambrick, shagg etc. Lists of plate and of horses. Goods in London in hands of Alexr. Forbes. Goods in Phyladelphia in hands of White and Taylor. Interest of cabin and garden at Stoneybatter. Long list of debts due.
D.5.49, 65
211 Watson, William, Catowlagh, shopkeeper.
  Goods etc. to my wife Phoebe Watson. My brothers John Watson and Samuel Watson and my friends James Knowles and Robert Howard executors.
  Dated 1st day 11th month called Jan. 1686.
  Witnesses: Jona. Day, John Busher.
212 Weston, Thos., Athy, Co. Kildare, miller.
  My son Thos. Weston, junior, executor. To my wife Sarah Weston the use of my messuages, house, lands etc., goods and chattells for life. After her death 100 to be divided amongst children of my son Bethell Weston as they come of age, 100 to children of my son Edward deceased, Thomas, John, Sarah, Bethell, Nehemiah, Edward, Elizabeth and Savage Weston, the boys to have their share when 18 years of age.
To my son Thos. Weston the mill and mill house in Athy, my now dwelling house and the field commonly called Moneene near Athy, and after my said wife's decease all my real and personal estate except the aforesaid legacies.
  Dated 9 May 1707.
  Witnesses: William Gay, senior, Thos. Davis, William Gay, junior.
Inventory 17 Nov. 1709. Valuations of household goods and furniture. A few other items, e.g."200 barrells malt 10/- pr. 100." "6 barrells maslin at 10/- pr. 3." "A brass still and worm 5." [Not complete, a blank sheet follows].
213 White, Daniel, Donore, Co. Carlow.
  My eldest son Tho. White executor. To my second son Samuel White one fourth part of all my quick or living stock and corn.
To my son Andrew White 40 to be paid on 1 May 1709. To my daughter Renes White 50 to be paid on 1st day of 3rd month 1711. To my daughter Esther White 50 to be paid on 1st day of 3rd month 1713. To my two sons John White and Joseph White 50 each, part to be given them at age of 14 years at which time I desire them to be bound apprentices. To my daughter Mary Church 20/-.
To my servant Mary Perrin 2, to my servant boy Daniel Parr 20/-. Town and lands of Donnore and Killinalapog held by lease for lives. John Watson of Killconner, Edward Cooper of Newtown, John Boles of Ballintrane, overseers and trustees.
  Dated 13th of 2nd month called April 1707.
  Witnesses: James Blackney, Edmond Dillon, Rowland Dupond.
Inventory 2 May 1707. Valuations of cattle and sheep, furniture and household goods. Six hundred and fifty sheep of all sorts 100. 16 three year old bullocks 16.
214 White, William, Harristown, Co. Meath, farmer.
  To my wife Ann White 50, "my own riding mare," furniture etc. and lands of Harristown. My six children John White, Mary White, Thomas White, Joseph White, William White and Elizabeth White all to live on lands of Harristown unless they disagree with "my father and mother," in which case wife may sell part of land adjoining Ballinakill. My several farms of Ballinakill, Ballyboggan, Drihid. Executors wife Ann White, brothers-in-law Joseph Boardman, Thomas Jackson.
  Dated 1 Nov. 1763.
  Witnesses: John White, Christopher Pescod, Thomas Jackson.
215 Whitehill, James, Dublin, hosier.
  To my daughter Cicely Simpson, wife of George Simpson, cooper, executrix, all my real and personal estate. My four grandchildren, children of my said daughter. To my son James Whitehill 5. My brother, Thomas Whitehill and his children. My three sisters.Overseers Thomas Ashton of Cavan Street, glover, and Peter Lewes, of Cavan Street, joyner.
  Dated 15 June 1716. Proved in Prerogative Court, 30 Nov. 1725.
  [Names of witnesses not recorded]
216 Wilco(c)ks, Isachar, Dublin, grocer.
  To my wife Sarah Wilcock, executrix, one third of my substance and estate. Remainder to all my children equally, viz. to Joshua Wilcock. Thomas Wilcock, to Caleb Wilcock, to Susana Wilcock, and to Hannah Wilcock, all five being my children, at respective ages of 21 or on day of marriage. Anthony Sharp, Amos Stratle, John Archer, overseers.
  Dated 20 of tenth month 1693.
  Witnesses: Richard Madden, James Rucker, Alexr. Seaton, John Harris.
Inventory exhibited in Prerogative Court Oct. 1694. Valuations of goods in the shop, furniture and household goods, appraised by Joshua Boate, John Softlaw, Joseph Hancks, Edwd. Webb. Included are: 5 dozen of horn books 12d. p. dozen 5/-; 53 dozen and a half of primmers valued to 6.15.4-1/2; 20 reams of paper 9; 52 dozen of pins value 21.18.0; 1204 pounds of tobacco 30.2.0; 33 barrells and half of herrings 21.3.0; 36 pounds knitting needles at 8d. p. pound 1.4.0; 6 dozen of snaffle bits 1.4.0; 21 hundred weight of shott at 16s. p. hundred 16.16.0; 168 pound of beeswax 7.14.0.
Account, not dated, of Sarah Wilcocks, relict and sole executrix of Isachar Wilcocks, late of city of Dublin, grocer, deceased. States that an Inventory was exhibited in Prerogative Court.
D.4.43, 64.
217 Wilcocks, Joshua, Dublin, merchant.
  To my wife Elizabeth Wilcocks 100 and all my household goods and furniture, my estate of inheritance and freehold for life (John Hays, Dublin, merchant, Thomas Robins of same, merchant, trustees) then in entail to use of my eldest son Isachar Wilcocks, or my second son John Wilcocks, or my youngest son Thomas Wilcocks, or my daughters.
To my son Isaachar 2,000, to my daughter Hannah 1,000, to my son John 900, to my daughter Elizabeth 700, to my son Thomas 700, to my daughter Sarah 500, all to be paid when respectively aged 21 years in case of males or 21 years or on marriage in case of females.
To Charles Wilcocks, son of my cousin John Wilcocks, deceased, 20. My servants Margaret Byrne, Joan Walsh and Alexander Kinneer. My brother-in-law Joseph Fade, merchant, and Abel Strettell, merchant, both of Dublin, executors.
  Dated 23 July 1717.
  Witnesses: Hen Buckley, Will Barry, notary public.
218 Wilcocks, Sarah, Dublin, widow of Isachar Wilcocks, late of Dublin, merchant.
  My son Joshua Wilcocks. To my daughter Hannah 150 when 21 or on marriage. To my brother Joshua one guinea. Residue to my son Thomas Wilcocks (under 21 years). My daughter Hannah to be brought to be brought up by my brother Joshua Beall and Jno. Softlaw and his wife Susanah my sister. 50 to Joshua Willcock's son Isachar.
  Dated 13 May 1698.
  Witnesses: James Buck, Robt. Loames, Thomas Robins.
219 Wilkinson, Elizabeth, Ballytore, Co. Kildare.
  To my cousin Richd. Shakleton 20 and interest thereon when 21 years. To my cousin Elizabeth Shakleton 60 and interest when 21 years or on marriage. 5 each to my sister Anna Geldard, to my sister-in-law Hannah Wilkinson, to my sister Mary Bernard, to my sister Margaret Shakleton. Residue to my cousin Elizabeth Shakleton. My brothers-in-law Daniel Bernard and Abraham Shakleton executors.
  Dated 14 Nov. 1740.
  Witnesses: John Buckley, Thos. Boake junior.
220 Willan, William, Dublin, merchant.
  To my son Thomas Willan 200 and release from debt and right title etc. to holding and premises on south side of Coles Alley, Thomas Court, held from heirs of Henry Buckley, deceased. To my son William Willan all residue. To my daughter Margaret Willan, my son Isaac Willam, my son Jacob Willan and my daughter Mary Willan 600 each to be invested at 5% until each one attains age of 21 years of marries. To my daughter Elinor Bramery, late wife of William Bramery, 200.
To my cousin William Mason, his heirs and assignees, right title, etc. in certain premises in city of Cork held by virtue of deeds or Rober Scott, deceased. To the poor Quakers of Dublin 20. Farm, town and lands of Carrick Hill, Co. Dublin, to be encumbered with payment of legacies, and bequeathed to son William Willan. Executors Benjamin Dawson, of Furry Park, Co. Dublin, gentleman, John Carleton, my kinsman, shag weaver, of Francis Street, Dublin.
  Dated 2nd Nov. 1753.
  Witnesses: Malcolm Allen, Daniel Nevin, Thomas Mullock, notary public.
221 Willcocks, Isachar, Dublin, merchant.
  My brother John Willcocks. To my daughter Sarah Willcocks 500 at age 21 or marriage, the interest to be applied to education and maintenance. To my mother Eliza Willcocks 10. To my sisters Hannah Thomas 10, and Susannah Griffiths 10. To my brothers Joseph, Joshua and Thomas Willcocks 10 each. To my mother-in-law Sarah Webb annuity of 16. To my servant maid Elizabeth Graliere 50. To the poor of parish of Saint Katherines in the city of Dublin 15. Executor John Willcocks.
  Dated 12 July 1739.
  [Names of witnesses not recorded].
222 Willin [recte Willan], Mary, Forrest, Co. Wexford.
  To be buried at Friends burying place at Corlicken.
To Elizabeth Normand wife of John Normand 20/-. To George Bishop of heifer or 20/-. To Sarah King ten shillings.
My husband's mind was that the Meeting should be continued at the Forrest and at this place ... it is also my mind and will it still should continue here.
To my daughter Ann Grubb and to her children all my goods, farms, etc. My son-in-law John Grubb sole executor. My friends Henry Hillary, Thos. Cuppage, William Sparrow and Isaac Martin overseers and trustees.
  Dated 22nd of 5th month 1708.
  Witnesses: Benjamin Hammond, Robert Brene, Isaac Martin, William Sparrow.
223 Willin [recte Willan], William, Forrest, Co. Wexford, weaver.
  To be buried at Friends Burying place at Corlicken.
To my daughter Isabell Sykes 14/- and to her children 1.6.0 divided between them. To my daughter Elizabeth Ormond1 2 and to her children 2 divided amongst them.
To my two grandsons William and John Willin sons of my son Thomas Willin deceased 6 to be paid into the hands of my trustees to be improved for their use to put them to trades.
To my daughter Ann Willin 10 when 21 years or on marriage. All residue to my wife Mary Willin, executrix.
My friends Henry Hillary of Wexford, Benjamin Green of Grovetown and Thomas Cuppage of Lambstown trustees.

1 This surname is Normand in F.6.40.

  Dated 14th day of 10th month 1705.
  Witnesses: William Douse, Peter How, Walter Breen.
Inventory 25th of 11th month called January 1705. Valuations of household goods, cattle, etc. appraised by William Douse, Timothy Sandwith, John Crane, Richard Goffe, includes: 5 heifers coming 4 year old 3.10.10; 6 heifers coming 3 year old 2.4.0; 6 garrens and mares, two foals 4.10.0; 73 sheep and lambs 6.7.8; 2 small piggs 6/-; 1 weaver's loom and furniture 1.10.0; 21 yards of frize 15/9/
224 Wilson, Josoah, Cork Street, Dublin, tanner.
  To my wife Mary Wilson 100 and all household goods and leasehold estate in Corke Street, consisting of dwelling house, tanyard and other houses adjoining. Reversion of above to my four daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Ann and Sarah, Ann and Mary to have interest on 50 annually and capital on marriage or at 32 years, or in the event of money being needed to a business, Elizabeth and Sarah to have full use at once. Residue to be shared by four daughters. Executors Joseph Barcroft and Peter Tomey, son-in-law.
  Dated 15 Cot. 1750
  Witnesses: Lancelot Whitehead, Peter Nicholson, Jno. Barrlow.

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