Quaker Records Dublin

Abstracts of Wills

204 Varman, Henry, of parish of Castlecollis, Co. Wexford, now in the 78th year of age.
  To be buried at our Friends burying place. My wife Elizabeth executrix.
Of 25 due from Joseph Bourd 15 to my grandaughter Mary Varman of Youghal at interest until she is 21 or marry, if if she should decease to my daughter Mary's two youngest children. I leave 15 with my daughter Alice and son Hattill for my granddaughter. Mary Webster when of age or on marriage or else to her two youngest sisters. 5/- each to my two sons Anthony and Henry, 6 to my son Edmund.
A bond due by John Dempsey and Watt. Murphy, another from Wm. Colloy and Edmund Bryan.
My daughter Charity. My daughter Alice. 30/- per year out of my interest in this town to my daughter Mary's two children, 30/- per annum to Temperance Deaves, 1 per annum to my daughter Elizabeth, 1 per annum for my son Hattill's two children.
  Dated 19th day of 5th month called July 1708.
  Witnesses: Alice Deaves, Hattill Varman.
20 to remain at use with my daughter Alice Law for her to give to my daughter Jane's children when they are of age or marry.

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