Quaker Records Dublin

Abstracts of Wills

154 Paine, Samuel, Cook Street, Dublin, brewer.
  To wife Mary Paine 10 and his bed furniture thereof and "all he wearing apparel of what kind soever," also 10 yearly out of property in Cork Street now in possession of Josiah Wilson, tanner, the reversion of all title and interest in this to go to son Henry Paine and his heirs; failing which to my son Samuel Paine.
To my daughter Mary Haughton, wife of Joseph Haughton, title and interest in property in Cork Street held from Bernard Brown the reversion to her son Samuel Haughton, or if dead to any other eldest child failing which to her husband the said Joseph Haughton, or if dead to my son John Paine and the to my son Samuel Paine. To my daughter Hannah Cooley right and interest in house and property "Scituate and being by the river near Dolphin's Barn." now in possession of Joseph Shaw, potter, the reversion to my said son Henry Paine and his heirs. To my two grandchildren John and James Barr 4 apiece till reaching 21 years or dying, to be paid out of the holding in Dolphins Barn from John Faulkiner, the reversion to go to two other grandchildren Mary and Sarah daughters of Samuel Paine and then to my grandson John Cooley. My enclosed fields or park near Dolphins Barn, held from Jacon Poole, to my son Samuel Paine.
My now building, brewhouse, malthouse etc. and also all vessels, utensils, etc. and stock of ale and drink to be sold at the best profit (the house being let till then if necessary for any term not exceeding 61 years). All household goods and effects to be sold and following legacies paid: My son Samuel Paine 20. My son John Paine 40. My son Henry Paine 100. My daughter Mary Haughton 20. My daughter Hannah Cooley 40. Residue also to said children.
Executors my kinsman John Peerey of Naas, Kildare, malster, Jonathan Fletcher of Meath Street, cordwainer, and Robert Clibborn, of Meath Street, merchant.
  Dated 24 May 1732. Proved 7 July 1732.
  Witnesses: John Peile, Henry Horne, John Stoddart.
155 Pearson, John, Francis Street, Dublin, shagg weaver.
  My wife Ester Pearson, enciente, to her unborn child all residue for his benefit. To Samuel and Peter Jefferson, sons of John Jefferson of St. Francis Street, 10 each. My friend Mr. Robert Undercutt, my brother-in-law John Jefferson and my relation Paul Johnson executors. My servant and apprentice Peter Allanson. My father Peter Pearson, now in England.
  Dated 6 Feb. 1721.
  Witness Jonathan Maugham, Jonathan Midgeley, Joseph Scholfield.
Inventory taken by John Johnson, Dublin, aulnager, Henry Horne of Dublin, weaver, and Joseph Scholfield of Dublin, clerk, dated 1 March 1721. Debts owing and debts desperate, long lists. Valuations of materials e.g.shagg, worsted, scarlet sarge, ast 12d. per yard. Germain sarge, at 1/5 per yard, broadcloth. Lists of household furniture and effects, looms, warping mills, earthenware, linen, kitchen utensils.
156 Pearson, Thomas, "drehit," Co. Kildare, farmer.
  To my wife Sarah Pearson, 100, furniture, part of the house, and grazing at Drehit of horse and cow, all during widowhood and residence at drehit. To my nephew Francis Parvin 20. To my niece Elizabeth Manders, daughter of Richard Manders 14. To my sister Hannah Manders 10. To my four daughters Mary Pearson, Hannah Pearson, Sarah Pearson, Susanna Pearson all residue. Executors brother-in-law Samuel Pearson, friend Joseph Inman.
  Dated 25 10th month 1753.
  Witnesses: Francis Parvin, Mark Eves, Thomas Pearson.
Inventory taken 25 and 26 day of March 1755, by Thomas Dames, Esquire, Thomas Sheperd and Robert Boardman. Household furniture and stock valued at Drihet and Drumahon and Ferns. Lists of bonds and notes and a list of "Bank notes of Messrs. Wilcocks and Dawson Bad Debts" with number and page of each note and to whom payable.
157 Pemberton, Henry, Dublin, merchant.
  My wife Elizabeth Pemberton. To my daughter Elizabeth Pemberton 600 on day of marriage. To my son John (married to Sarah Handy) residue. Nephew Robert Lecky, son of my sister Jane. To nephew Henry Pemberton 10. My sister Elizabeth Vickers 80 yearly from holding in Dolphins Barn. Executors John Pemberton (son), Elizabeth Pemberton (daughter).
  Dated 16 Feb. 1746. Proved in Prerogative Court 8th of 8th month 1747.
  Witnesses: William Dixon, Henry Stearne, Chris. Dalton, public notary.
158 Pleadwell, Thomas
  My wife and three children. The poor of Mountmellick Meeting. My cusson Thomas Pim. Brother Tobias Pleadwell. Brother John Pleadwell forgiven all his "booke debts to the price of a tub of butter." Executors Brother Henry Ridgeway and William Walpole. Overseers Brother Tobias Pleadwell, William Edmundson, John Pim.
  Dated 22 Feb. 1689.
  Witnesses: John Pim, Tobias Pleadwell.
  Inventory taken 10th day of 1st month 1689. Furniture and household goods, tallow, utensils etc. some in detail, e.g."11 casks of tallo about three tun sold for 59 .14. 2." "Tallo sold in England 51. 6 .4-1/2." " one iron cauldron 2." "1 hundred weight of cheese 1. 0 . 0." "3 tubs of butter 4. 0 .0." "14 barrells of beer and barley 5. 10. 0."

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