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Abstracts of Wills

118 Jackson, Nicholas, Cavens Street, Dublin, shopkeeper.
  To my daughter Mary Jackson, Caven Street, spinster, all my real and personal estate and substance whatsoever on trust for my own use during my life and then to her for ever subject to payments of my just debts etc. and 26 to my son Thomas Jackson (due to me by bond from John and Joseph Tyson of Woodend in Co. Cumberland), and also 4 owing to me by Eliah Gallhouse of town of Lancaster and likewise what other debts shall be owing me from any other person or persons in England, and 10 from my estate in Ireland. My friends George Rook, Meath Street, baker and Gabriel Shepard, Bride's Alley, hosier, overseers of my settlement in trust.
  Dated 19 Nov. 1705.
  Witnesses: John Barsby, Bray Beanor, Deanil Deakin, Thomas Banks.
119 James, John, Pimlico, in the Liberty of Thomas Court.
  To my niece Dorothy Mee, now wife of Edward Mee, 5, and press and utensils already in their possession. To my nephew Edmund Alderton all the residue. Executors Thomas Martin of Pimlico and Robert Clibborn of Meath Street.
  Dated 4 July 1738.
  [Name of witnesses not recorded].
120 Jeffrys, John, Francis Street, cordwainer.
  To my eldest son John Jeffrys five British shillings. To my daughter Katherine Davis my house in Jame's Street near to where the gate lately stood, as may appear from the lease lately made over to me by David Quin, to reversion to her children that may be living. My brother Francis Jeffrys. To my trusty servant Sarah Hawkins 20, second bed, and goods in shop. To my son Samuel Jeffrys rents etc. from house fronting on to Twatling Street, commonly known by the name of 3 Catts Yard, the lease having been made over by David Quin, the deed of assignment bearing date 27 Nov. 1736. Executors Peter Judd and Samuel Judd, of Dublin, tallow chandlers.
  Dated 17 of 12th month called February 1736. Proved in Prerogative Court, 11 Sept. 1738.
  Witnesses: John Owens, Richardson, John Stodart.
121 Jenkisson, James, Dame Street, Dublin, grocer.
  To my son John Jenkisson 200 and two promissory notes discounted for John Ford. To my daughters Mary Jenkisson and Rachel Jenkisson 350 each on attaining 21 years or marrying. To my son James Jenkisson 500 on attaining 21 years. To Sarah Webb, spinster, 100. To my niece Elizabeth Jenkisson six guineas. To my sister Letty Smyth ten quineas. Executors Joseph Whitfield of College Green and Joshua Ashton of Georges Lane, tallow chandlers.
  Dated 13 Feb, 1772.
  Witnesses: John Gough, Edward Dunne.
  Codicil re disposition of younger children's money in case of death.
  Witnesses: John Gough and William Taylor.
122 Johnson, John, Dublin, linendraper.
  My wife Ann Johnson. To my son-in-law John Radford 5/-. To my trustees James Peticrew, senior, Edward Faucet and Francis Russell, all of Dublin. merchants, my house or tenement in Corke Street (now in the possession of Hannah Hayes, widow), lessor Bernard Brown, also lease and interest in houses in Fleet Street, Hawkins Key and Fleet Lane held from or under Thomas Hawkins, merchant. To my daughter Ann Radford (her husband John Radford), yearly rents of above; and my lease, house etc. without St. Nicholas Gate, Dublin, leading into Arundall Court, wherein I formerly dwelt, held from Deborah Wormington. My other children Francis Johnson and Sarah Johnson, under 21 years and unmarried. To Francis, all that house or tenement situate on the north side of Fleet Street, Dublin, now in possession of one Carleton a 'Simner" next adjoining on the east side of the said James Peticrew's dwelling house and on the west side to Mr. Galbally's dwelling house, and to Sarah, all that house or premises on the north side of Fleet Street aforesaid, now in the possession of Daniel and Peter Young, next adjoining on the east to a house in the possession of Widow Roane. Anne Johnson, John Barloe of Santry, Co. Dublin, farmer, James Peticrew and Francis Russell, executors. My nephew John Tyre, my nieces Elizabeth Coney, otherwise Tyre, Anne Clocker, and Mary Clocker.
  Dated 27th Jan. 1722.
  Witnesses: William Nicholls, Joseph Rose, Will Barry, scrivener.
123 Johnson, Sarah, Dublin, widow.
  My son Paul Johnson and my son-in-law Francis Russell, both of Dublin, merchants, executors. My friends Amos and Abel Strettell overseers. To my son Paul Johnson my houses and ground in James Street, suburbs of city of Dublin, which I hold by lease from the Earl of Limerick, all residue of my estate. To my grandchild Sarah Russell daughter to my said son-in-law Francis Russell 120 when 21 or on marriage. To my kinsman Richard Marshall 6, to his brother John Marshall 5/- and to my two kinswomen Elizabeth and Mary Marshall 5/- each. To my cousin John Brashurst 5/- and to his son William 5/- and to his daughter Sarah 2. To my daughter-in-law Rachel Hall 5. To my kinsman Richard Dickinson 1. To Joseph Norris son to William Norris 1. To Mary Barlow, widow, 3. To my daughter Elizabeth Johnson, wife of said son Paul, all my wearing apparel. My said son Paul to take the needful care of my cousin John Marshall's child that is now under my care.
  Dated 6 day of second month called April 1716.
  Witnesses: Joshua Sheppey, Jos. Sheppey
124 Johnston, John, Chapilezard, Co. Dublin, weaver.1
  One third of my estate to my wife Sarah Johnston alias Bradhurst (executrix), daughter of Richard Bradhurst, late of Dublin, deceased, the other two thirds to my three children Paul, Mary and Joshua, an equal portion each when 21 years of on marriage.
To my daughter Rachel Hale1 wife of Thomas Hale 20 shillings only. To her children John Hale and Wm. Hale 10 when 21 years or on marriage.
My friends Anthony Sharp and Amos Stratle, both Dublin, merchants, overseers.

1 This will appears in Index of the Prerogative Wills of Ireland (Vicars) as Johnson, John. Betham's abstract of it shows a son Josiah, not Joshua, and gives the daughter Rachel as wife of Thomas Hall not Hale.

  Dated 15 Nov. 1691. Exhibited in Prerogative Court 8 July 1694.
  Witnesses: Roger Tuite, Jonas Currewn, Hugh Humphry.
Inventory 21 June 1694, appraised by Robert Jackson and Henry Brookfield. Furniture, linen and household goods in some detail. Plate at 5/- and 7/6 per ounce. Stocks of linen yarn, worsted, tape, etc. e.g. "One Loom 1.10.0." "Twenty pounds of linen yarn at the winders 1.10.0." "Two tape looms and work in them 5.0.0" Short list of debts due.
125 Judd, Peter, Dublin, tallow chandler.
  To my daughter Rachel Pim, executrix, two houses etc. in Big Butter Lane, Dublin wherein Christopher Deey and the Widow Bolinbroke now live subject to payment of 6 and a suger loaf and after her death to her children. To my son-in-law John Pim, executor, the house wherein I now dwell in Big Butter Lane, subject to 10 and sugar load yearly, also implements and tools belonging to the soap boiling and chandling business. To the children of Rachel Pim 5 houses on north side of Big Butter Lane now in tenancy of Widow Mercer, James Barden, Alderman Hunt, Widow Mitchell and Widow Dabyac, subject to yearly rent of 20 and one sugar loaf.
To my grandson Peter Judd lease of grounds on south side of Big Butter Lane held from Widow Bors with houses and improvements thereon, John and Rachel Pim to be his guardians during minority. To my granddaughter Hannah Judd 80 when 21 years. To my daughter-in-law Hannah Judd 5/-. To my  servant Catherine Tracy 6. Residue to John and Rachel Pim.
By codicil Peter Judd to have all utensils etc. of soap boiling and chandling trade if he is able to follow it, if not they are to be sold and profit given half to Peter Judd and half to granddaughter Ann Pim.
  Dated 13 Nov. 1755. Codicil dated 3 March 1757.
  Witnesses: Wm. Jacob, Beaumt. Astle, James Russell.

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