Quaker Records Dublin

Abstracts of Wills

Appendix II:

List of Miscellaneous Quaker Wills in the Historical Library, Eustace Street

Full copies of some Quaker Wills (in a few cases originals) and some notes from Wills are deposited in the Historical Library, 6 Eustace Street. For reference the card index of documents should be consulted. The names of the testators are:

Abel, James, Bequest to Cork Monthly Meeting. Abstract from Will dated 9th 4 mo. 1814.
Abell, John, Riverview, Limerick. Will proved 1861.
Allment, John, Leaghmore, south Libs. of Cork, farmer. Will dated 6 June 1752 and Inventory.
Bennis, Wm., William Street, Limerick. Will 1842.
Bewley, Thomas, Cork, tanner. Will dated 13th 4 mo. 1763.   
Carleton, Samuel, Ballitore. Will 1779.
Cooper, David, [Cork]. Will 28 June 1753.
Cullimore, Daniel, city of Cork, merchant. Will dated 11 April, 1760.
Davis, [? John]. Note re Inventory 7th mo. 20th 1791.
Fuller, Abraham, Cork, linendraper. Will dated 5 April 1763.
Garratt, John, city of Cork, chocolate maker, Will dated 19 Jan. 1769.
Hiett, James, Cork, gent. Will dated 4 July 1792.
Jackson, Robert, Meath Street, bookseller. Will proved 1785.
Manders, Jonathan. Inventory dated 9th mo. 17th 1786.
Moore, Eliz., Newtown Hill, near Tramore, Co. Waterford. Will proved 1869.
Neale, Samuel and Sarah, Settlement of their property by Monthly Meeting of Cork 1793-1795.
Pearce, Richd. Will 3 Aug. 1681.
Pearce, Thomas. Will dated Jan. 1664, proved 1665.
Phillips, Thomas, city of Cork, cooper. Will dated 24 March 1756.
Pike, William. Inventory, not dated, returned to Consistory Court, Diocese of Cork, by Deborah Pike the widow.
Pim, Charles, Mountrath, Queen's Co., merchant. Memo 1774.
Pim, Charles, Mountrath, Queen's Co., Will proved 1821.
Pim, Mary, Rishin, Queen's Co., widow. Will proved 1747.
Pim, Mary, Mountrath, Queen's Co. Will 1794.
Purces, Thos,, Wexford, gent. Will not dated.
Rowsom, Samuel, city of Cork. Will dated 29th 11 mo. 1755.
Sinderbee, Richard, Cork, merchant. Will dated 8 May 1756, codicil 10 Aug. 1770.
Sleigh, Sarah, Cork, widow. Will dated 13 July 1755 and Inventory.
Webster, Elizabeth, Meath Street, Dublin, widow. Will 1775.
White, Ann, Cork, widow. Will dated 1 June 1792.
White, Dinah, Waterford. Will proved 10 Oct. 1834.
Woodcock, Francis, Nore Ville', Queen's Co. Will proved 1848..

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