Pigot & Co’s Provincial Directory 1824 Clonakilty


At the head of a sandy bay in the county of Cork is a considerable market town, distant from the castle of Dublin 150 miles, from Cork 26, from Bandon 10 and from Kinsale 17. An important trade is carried on in the manufacture of coarse linens, for the sale of which a weekly market is held on Fridays in a spacious hall erected by the Earl of Shannon for the accommodation of the dealers. Within the last three years there has been a very considerable increase in this branch of industry, and upwards of ten thousand persons are now employed in the various processes of the manufacture, in this and the neighbouring town of Ross and the surrounding district, whence the linens are brought for sale to the public market. The description of good manufactured here is peculiar to the county of Cork, and called Vitries and Twills, these are from three quarters to a yard wide, and the average price is from 4-1/2d to 8d per yard. The market is regularly attended by purchasers from Cork and Bandon, who buy on commission for the English and Scotch houses, and the weekly sales are computed at upwards of 1000/. The market is superintended by Mr. Henry Franks, senr, seal master. An English gentleman has recently established a large linen manufactory here, but the trade is, in general carried on by persons of small capital, who employ from one to four looms. A little cotton is also manufactured, there is a large brewery, and some corn is exported. Clonakilty is a corporate town, and is governed by a sovereign and recorder, who hold sessions of the peace for the town and liberties, and have the power of enforcing the payment of small debts. It was a borough before the union, and is the property of the Earl of Shannon. This place flourished until the rebellion of 1641, when it was totally consumed, but is now rapidly improving, several good houses have recently been created, a substantial market house has been raised, and a new road formed along the Strand to the village of Ring. The church, situated upon a rising ground, is a respectable building, and contains a good organ. The Rev. Horace Townsend, A.M is the vicar, and Dr. Stewart, the curate. There are also a Wesleyan meeting house, and a large Catholic chapel, of which the Rev. David Walsh is the priest. The charitable institutions are numerous and well conducted. The dispensary is regularly attended by a physician and an apothecary, and no less a number than 1827 persons are reported to have received advice from this excellent establishment during the last year. Here is a large school of industry for Catholic girls, and a similar one for Protestants, superintended by the most respectable ladies of the town, in these the children are employed in fine needlework and spinning, and a portion of their time is devoted to mental instruction. There is also a school for boys, partly supported by the incumbent of the parish, and partly by the Dublin Association for Discountenancing Vice and the Promotion of Religion and Virtue. There is also a good general market on Friday, and the five fairs are held on the 6th of April, the 30th of Jun, the 1st of August, the 10th of October, and the 12th of November, for cattle, merchandise, &c. At the distance of seven miles, on the direct road to Skibbereen is a small town of Ross in now way remarkable, except that is a bishoprick united to Cork in the year 1586. The church is a small Gothic structure, having a handsome and lofty spire, the church yard is washed by the arm of the sea, which is so shallow that no vessel can approach the town. Near this place is the seat of Lord Carberry, and on the left about midway between Ross and Skibbereen, the mansion of Lord Kingston may be seen. The population of Clonakilty is about 5,600.


Post Office, Main Street – Post Master, Mr. John Bennett. The mail from Dublin, Cork and all parts of Great Britain, arrives everyday at half-past one, and is dispatched every morning at half past eleven. The Skibbereen mail leaves immediately on the arrival of the Dublin Mail.


Nobility, Gentry and Clergy


Carberry Right Honourable Lord, Castlefreke

Allen Mrs, Sovereigns Street

Austin Henry, junr, esq, South Ring

Barry Lieut. James, H.P. Mill St

Barry James Redmond, esq. Dunmore, near Clonakilty

Beamish George, esq. Dunmore, near Clonakilty

Bennett Samuel, esq. Magistrate, Square

Bowerman George, esq. Square

Casey Lieut. D. O’Brien R.N.,H.P Sovereigns St

Deasy Richard, esq. Miss St

Donovan Capt. Alex, H.P. Cottage

Evason Lieut. Allen, R.N. Galley Head, near Clonakilty

French Rev, Philip, Square

Gallwey Michael, esq. Killoran

Gillman Herbert, esq. Magistrate, Bennetts-grove, near Clonakilty

Herrick Edward, esq. Square

Hopkins Lieut, William R., H.P. Ballyrackay, near Clonakilty

Hoy Captain Robert, R.N. Mill St

Hungerford Mrs, Square

Hungerford Richard, esq. Island

Hungerford Thos, esq. Rosscarbery

Hungerford Thomas, esq. Island

Jennings Rev. Wm. Rosscarbery

Molony Rev. Jeremiah, Rosscarbery

Mooney Rev. P. Mill St

O’Regan Mrs, Sovereigns St

Power P. esq. Surgeon, R.N., H.P. Main St

Sands Captain Georgem Dunowen

Smyth John, esq. Ross-view

Smyth Richd, esq. Castle-Downheen

Spiller John, esq. Mill St

Stewart Rev, Henry Wilson, L.L.D, Lower-tawnies

Stewart Rev. William, Magistrate, Welllfield

Sweeny James, esq. Square

Townsend Rev. C.C. Rosscarbery

Townsend Rev. Horace, Magistrate, Derry, near Rosscarbery

Townsend Jno. Esq. Recorder, Square

Toye Thomas, esq. Rosscarbery

Toye Winspear, esq. Rosscarbery

Walsh, Rev. David, P.P. Rosscarbery

White Rev, James, Rosscarbery


Merchants, Tradesmen, &c



Bennett Francis, Sovereigns St

Lucas John, North Ring

Spiller James, Barrack St

Williamson Edward, Rosscarbery




Fitzgibbon Thomas, Rosscarbery

Folliott Wm (& member of the royal college of surgeons London) Square

Hungerford George, Square

Lucas Thomas, Richfordstown

O’Connor Brien, Mill St




Travers Boyle, Ballymacone




Hayes Marshall, Mill St

Justice T, Main St




Driscol George, (Land) Main St

Hogan John, (Commission) Mill St

Molony Jas. (Commission) Square




Baily Thomas, Main St

Beamish Abrm. (& grocer) Main St

Hagarty Susan, Main St

Harly Mary, Main St

Mc Carthy James, Mill St

Webb John, Sovereigns St


Boot and Shoe Makers


Clarke John, Main St

Hagarty William, Main St

Howell Richard, Main St

Tanner George, Sovereigns St

Wagner William, Main St


Brewers & Malters


Deasy & Company, near the Square


Carpenters &c


Driscol Michael, Main St

Hart John, Mill St

Hart Richard, Main St

Nunan James, Main St


Corn Merchants and Millers


Foster John Sadleir, Shannon-vale

Hayes George & James, Castle-view

Hegarty Henry, Lisse-lane

Lucas Jasper E, North-ring




Bateman Michael, Main St

Hungerford, J, Lamb St


Dyers (Blue)


Brady James, Sovereigns St

Collins William, Market Place




Alleyn Henry, Main St

Bennett Jno, (& flour factor) Main St

Calanan Susan, Main St

Deasey Daniel, Sovereigns St

Deasy Mary, Main St

Heas John, (& spirit dealer) Main St

Kingston Paul (and spirit dealer) Market-place

Savazge Eliza, Main St

Toohigh James (& tallow chandler) Main St


Hardwaremen & Dealers in oils, &c


Bennett Josias, Mill St

Wagner James, Main St


Linen Drapers


Abbott John (& cotton manufacturer) Main St

Driscol Cath, (& milliner) Main St

Field Ellen, Barrack St

Hayes Timothy, Main St

Hegarty Daniel, Main St

Molony Jno. (& pawnbroker) Main St

Molony Timothy, Main St


Linen Merchant and Manufacturer


Elmore John Richard, near Mill St




Bennett William, Mill St

Waugh Andw & Wm, Sovereigns St




Brady James W, Sovereigns St

Coakley Daniel, Sovereigns St

Condon James, Main St

Connell John, Sovereigns St

Crowly Cornelius, Sovereigns St

Deasy Jeremiah, Sovereigns St

Donovan John, Main St

Driscol C, Sovereigns St

Grace John, Main St

Jones Joseph, Sovereigns St

Mc Carthy E, Mill St

Mahony Timothy, Mill St

Nunan Francis, Main St

O’Herly Timothy, Main St

O’Leary D, Barrack St

O’Neil Owen, Market-place

O’Regan Ann, Mill St

O’Riordan Daniel, Mill St

Riordan John, Sovereigns St

Sullivan Daniel, Mill St

White Edward, Main St

Wright Stephen, Sovereigns St




Sullivan James, near the Square

Twigg Patrick, Barrack St




Cotter James, saddler, Barrack St

Deasy Ellen, wine and spirit dealer, Sovereigns St

Deasy Js, dealer in drugs, Sovereigns St

Franks Henry, junr, linen factor, Sovereigns St

Maybury Mary, dealer in drugs, Main St

Mc Carthy Jeremiah, coal and earthenware dealer, Mill St

Spiller John, painter and glazier, Main St




Cork and Bandon, the mail every morning and half past eleven, and returns to Skibbereen, through Ross, every day at half past one.