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  Hearth Money Roll Extracts - County Monaghan 1663-1665

Hearth Money Roll - Monaghan, 1663-1665


Hearth Money Rolls were a tax levied in Ireland based on the number of hearths in each house. This list shows the name, townland, parish and barony for some parishes in County Monaghan.

Appendix I shows extracts from the History of Monaghan for 200 Years, 1660-1860 by Denis Carolan. It lists the people who paid the Hearth Money Roll in either 1863 or 1865 in certain parishes in County Monaghan.  It lists the barony, parish, town land and name of the taxpayer in 1663 and 1665. Please examine the records carefully as the spellings of various names changes from parish to parish and year to year.

Appendix II shows list of persons in County Monaghan who were attained  by King James II's parliament  under Article I ; the time given to surrender, return  to their duty  and loyalty and acknowledge the King, was to 10th August 1689.

Appendix X shows subscribers to the Sixth Edition of the Troy Bible, issued 1794, in County Monaghan.

My thanks to Dave Sherry for the scanned images.

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Appendix I
Barony Parish
Farney Donaghmoyne
Cremorne Aughnamullen
Monaghan Ballytraboy or Rosslea
  Kilmore & Drumsnatt
  Tedavnet (Tedanowght)
Trough Donagh
  Errigal Trough
Dartrey Aghabog
  Clones (Rosslea)
  Clounes (Clones)
  Drumully (Currin)
  Imatris (Ematris)
Appendix II
Appendix X