Holden's Triennial Directory Cork 1809


Hacket J and W Merchant South Bridge
Hackett Wm. Feather seller Barrack St
Haddock Marsden Organ builder and umbrella maker Castle St
Hadigan Tho. Liquor merchant Sullivan's Quay
Hagarty John Yarn, check and coarse linen warehouse Duncan St
Haig Dr.   George's Quay
Haines Humphrey Apothecary Grand Parade
Halbard James Attorney Grand Parade
Hale Mary Pawnbroker Duncan St
Hall J . H. Ship chandler Merchant's Quay
Halleran Dr.   South Mall
Haly James Painter and bookseller North Main St
Haly Patrick Brush manufacturer Broad La
Haly Tho. Grocer and butter buyer Mallow La
Haly Mr.   George's St
Hamilton Rev. Mr. P. H.   Mary St
Hammond John Dealer in spirits South Main St
Harden Geo. & Co Silk and Manchester warehouse Turkey St
Harding Robt. Cutler Broad La
Harding Dr.   George's St
Harding Mr.   Patrick St
Harding Mrs.      Greenville Pl
Hardum Tho. Hat manufacturer North Main St
Hardum Barry Hat manufacturer North Main St
Hardware More Soap and candle manufacturer North Main St
Hardy Simeon Merchant George's St
Hardy Henry Attorney Cook St
Hare John Tea warehouse Barrack St
Hare David Woollen and linendraper Patrick St
Hare Mr.   Patrick Pl
Heritage Mrs Confectioner Duncan St
Harling Mr. John   Henry St
Harman Wm. Watch maker Grand Parade
Harman Joseph Tallow chandler South Main St
Harman Capt.     Coal Quay
Harnett Robt. Esq. Barrister Patrick St
Haron Patrick Linen draper South Main St
Harrington Wm. Leather cutter Shandon St
Harris  John Merchant Patrick St
Harris  Henry Cabinet maker and looking glass manufacturer Hanover St
Harris  Rich. Boot and show maker Hanover St
Harris  Dan Shoemaker South Main St
Harris  Mrs   Devonshire St
Harris  Wm. Mr.   Henry St
Harrison Joseph Wholesale woollen draper Shandon St
Harrison Sam.   Coach maker Ann St
Harrison Mrs   Thomas St
Harvey Tho. Merchant Parliament St
Harvey, Deaver and Harvey   Merchant Lawtone Quay
Harvey Mrs   Lawton's Quay
Harvey and Newsone   Timber merchants Leitrim
Harvey Tho. Cutler Hanover St
Hartnett Michael Cork cutter Hanover St
Harty Elizabeth Linen draper North Main St
Harty Tho. Sculptor Duncan St
Hassell Abraham Umbrella maker Batchelor's Quay
Hastings Mr. Brien   Cook St
Haughton  J.  Grocer Devonshire St
Hawkes John Tanner Blarney La
Hawkes Rich. Sadler Turkey St
Hawkes Corliss Tallow chandler South Main St
Hawkesworth Anthony Tallow chandler South Main St
Hayes John Skin and feather merchant Blarney La
Hayes John Shoemaker Fishamble Lane
Hayes Joseph Tallow chandler Paul St
Hayes John Builder Barrack St
Hayes James Blacksmith Coach St
Hayes Mr. Patrick   Patrick's Bridge
Hayes Mr. Ben.   Terrace
Hayes Mr.   Granville Pl
Hayland Anthony China and glass warehouse Paul St
Haynes James Ship and table beer brewer Bennett St
Haynes Tho. And Wm. Grocery, iron and spirit dealers Bandon Rd
Haynes John Baker Princess St
Haynes Anthony Baker Princess St
Hea Mr. James   George's St
Healy Dennis Dealer in spirits wholesale and retail North Main St
Hearn Dan Cooper Dominick St
Hearn Mrs Haberdasher and milliners Batchelor's Quay
Hearn Mr.   Prospect Row
Heatly Mr. C.   Terrace
Hegerty Wm. Butter merchant Cove St
Hely James Grocer Blarney La
Henderson Mr. Wm.   Marlborough St
Henderson Andrew Wheelwright Hanover St
Hendon Dan Rope maker Mallow La
Heneky Mr. Donake   George's St
Hennevay Misses Mantua maker Hanover St
Hennessy John Painter and glazier Duncan St
Hennisey Mr.   Nile St
Herley Charles Brokers Warren's Quay
Herrick Mr. T.   Patrick's Hill
Hewie Taulon and Blunt   Distiller Water Course
Hewitt Mr. T.   Patrick Hill
Hewson John Butter merchant Mallow La
Hickcocks Mrs. Little   Hanover St
Hickey James Confectioner George's St
Hickey Mrs.   Thomas St
Hickey Mrs.   Peter St
Hicks Geo. Vintner Broad La
Higgins Wm. Leather seller South Main St
Higgins Cornelius Baker Mallow La
Hill Mr. Tho.   Grand Parade
Hoare Wm. Grocer Sullivan's Quay
Hoare Mr.   Camden Pl
Hobbs Sam. Builder Bishop St
Hobbs Sam. Tallow chandler Sullivan's Quay
Hobbs Wm. Attorney Patrick St
Hodder Wm. Francis Woollen draper North Main St
Hodges Wm. Vintner Hanover St
Hogan Tho. Alderman Francis St
Hogan Dennis Teacher of music Margaret St
Holland Tho. Mathematical teacher Francis St
Hollis Rich. Livery stables Fish St
Holmes Joseph Boot and shoemaker North Main St
Holmes Wm. Sadler Grand Parade
Hood Jane Stationer Grand Parade
Hooper Wm. Master builder Sullivan's Quay
Hore   Sadler Mallow La
Hornett Wm. Linen draper North Main St
Howe Geo. Linen, muslin and calico warehouse South Main St
Howford Joseph Tobacconist South Main St
Houghton Messrs Iron merchants North Main St
Howard Tho. Attorney George's St
Howall A. Hardware warehouse Castle St
Howorth Col.   Terrace
Hudson J.  Dentist Charles St
Hudson Mr.   Thomas St
Hughes Joshua Coppersmith South Main St
Hungerford Mrs   Terrace
Hunt Tho. Mathematical instrument maker Patrick St
Hurley Dan. Wholesale and retail leather seller Mallow La
Hurly Mr. Tho.   Coal Quay
Husband John Pawnbroker Hanover St
Hutchins  John, Esq.   Greenville Pl
Hyde Mr   Patrick's Hill
Hyland John Silversmith North Main St
Hynes Francis Linen draper North Main St
Hynes Luke Army lace manufacturer Hanover St

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