Holden's Triennial Directory Cork 1809

De La Cour Mr   George's Quay
De Le Stang Madame French academy  Duncan St
Deltera John  Attorney and notary public Morgan St
Denahee John Worsted weaver Mallow La
Denahie Mrs   George's St
Denahy Michael Grocer Coal Quay
Dagg Geo Boot and shoemaker Fishamble Lane
Daly D Ship chandler Coal Quay
Daly junr and Croker Printers and stationers Patrick St
Daly   Tho Grocer Mallow La
Daly James Compound distiller Blarney La
Daly James Linen draper South Main St
Daly Isaac Linen draper South Main St
Daly Felix Vintner George's St
Daly Miss E Broad La
Daly's Club House Grand Parade
Daniel Mr. John Paul St
Daun Mr. James Dunbar St
Daun Mr James George's Quay
Daunt John Boot and shoemaker Paul St
Daunt Dr Geo Cook St
Daunt Robt Attorney Ann St
Davies Wm Leather cutter Barrack St
Davies Wax chandler Grand Parade
Davis Jonathan Ironmonger North Main St
Davis Wm Carver and gilder Mardyke St
Davis Geo Academy Cross St
Davis Miss Nile St
Deane Alex Merchant Lapp's Island
Deane Wm Architect   Sullivan's Quay
Deane Mr Tho. Rudland St
Deane Peter Attorney Grand Parade
De Courcy Patrick Sadler North Main St
Dee Michael Cabinet maker Duncan St
Deeble Mr. Benj.  Mallow La
Denmead Henry Printer and bookseller South Main St
Denn John Tallow chandler Mallow La
Dennehy Walter Grocer Mallow La
Dennis   Attorney and notary public Sullivan's Quay
Dennison James Crown Tavern Austin's La
Denny Daniel Hat manufacturer North Main St
Denton and Carrol   Apothecaries North Main St
Desmond Daniel Boot and shoe maker Grand Parade
Devenish Wm Mercer and draper Grand Parade
Devereux Teresa Trunk maker Patrick St
Dickinson Charles Tin plate worker North Main St
Dillon Mary Haberdasher Grand Parade
Dillon Mrs   Winthropp's St
Dinan M Fruiterer Grand Parade
Dinnean Dan Vintner Barrack St
Dobbbins Mrs   Brown St
Doherty James Grocer and dye stuff warehouse Bandon Rd
Donaghee Jeremiah Boot and shoemaker Barrack St
Donegan Ellen Soap and candle manufacturer Shandon St
Donegan Daniel Tallow chandler South Main St
Donovan Jeremiah Liquor merchant Princess St
Donovan Mr   Grand Parade
Donovan Mr Sam   Sand Quay
Donovan Mr James   Fish St
Donovan Mr Wm   George's St
Donworth James Hat maker North Main St
Dooly John Vintner Charles St
Dorman Mr   Camden Pl
Dounes Alex Card manufacturer Duncan St
Dounes Robt Hatter and laceman Grand Parade
Dounes Patrick Boot and shoemaker North Main St
Dove John Whip maker South Main St
Dove John Vintner Bandon Rd
Down Wm Boot and shoemaker Charles St
Downman John Attorney and notary public Marlborough St
Doyle Miss Glass and china warehouse King's Quay
Drew Wm Linen and woollen draper North Main St
Drew John Salesman South Main St
Drinan Jeremiah Grocer Barrack St
Drinan John Grocer Barrack St
Drinan Maurice Boot and shoemaker George's St
Drinan Geo Tallow chandler Bandon Rd
Dring Mr   South Mall
Driscol Mary Confectioner Princess St
Driscol Dan Baker Blarney La
Duck Tho Woollen and Manchester warehouse Paul St
Duggan Henry Cooper Dunbar St
Dudley   Flour merchant Mallow La
Dudley Rich Boot and shoemaker Fishamble Lane
Dunn Patrick Skinner Mallow La
Dunscombe Tho Merchant Marlborough St
Dunscombe Parker Merchant Cook St
Dunstaville J.W.  Agent victualler Warren's Quay
Dwyer Wm Wine merchant Marlborough St
Dwyer Mr John   Shandon St
Dwyer Mr E   Princess St


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