Holden's Triennial Directory Cork 1809

Cabrem Margaret Tallow chandler Mallow La
Cahill John Corn dealer Paul St
Cahill Philip Vintner Princess St
Cahill and Horogan   Fruiterers Castle St
Callaghan Dan Merchant South Mall
Callahan Tallow chandler Mallow La
Callanan John Hat manufacturer North Main St
Callanan Dr   Marlborough St
Callanan John Apothecary Barrack St
Callanan Sandy Baker North Main St
Cam Mrs   Duncan St
Campbell Robt. Hardware merchants Patrick St
Campbell Eliza  China and glass warehouse Sullivan's Quay
Campbell Capt. Humphry   Sullivan's Quay
Cantwell Mrs A   Duncan St
Capel Henry Glass and china warehouse  Fenchurnch St
Caraw Mr. Mark   Dean St
Carles Charles Woollen draper   Cross St
Carney Tho Butcher Mallow La
Carte Wm Glazier George's St
Carr Geo Dealer in spirits  
Carroll John and Joshua Timber merchants Sand Quay
Carroll J Clock and watch maker  Paul St
Casey  Edward Woollen draper North Main St
Casey  Miss   George's St
Casey  Mr James   Queen's Pl
Casey  James Attorney Morgan St
Casey  Tho Attorney George's St
Cashman Roger Livery stables Coach St
Cassant Mrs   South Mall
Caughlan Dr   Dyke Parade
Cazalet Charles Tanner Great Britain St
Chambers Geo Grocer Princess St
Charter Wm Boot and shoe maker Castle St
Chatterton Mrs   Chatterton Build
Clarke Philip Brush and bellows maker Broad La
Clark    Painter and glazier  Coal Quay
Clark Philip Brush and bellows maker Broad La
Clark  Wm Clothier Blarney La
Claverrys Misses Haberdasher and milliners Grand Parade
Clary Roger Spirit merchant South Main St
Clay Col. Pelham-Waldergrave   Morrisons Island
Clear Rich Merchant Pembroke St
Cleburn Mr Robert   Thomas St
Clebunne Mrs M   Bishop St
Clements  Tea warehouse George's St
Clifford Denis Woollen draper Shandon St
Clifton John Tanner and woolcomber Mallow La
Coates Wm Coach maker   Coach St
Codd Mary Tea dealer Paul St
Codd Mary Tea warehouse Patrick St
Coker Edward Baker South Main St
Cogan Mrs Upholsterer George's St
Cogan John Tobacconist Barrack St
Cogan Wm Vintner Bandon Rd
Coghlan Dan Boot and show maker South Main St
Coghlan Mrs and Miss   Academy St
Cogley Wm Grocer Mallow La
Coldwell and Co   Distillers Blackpool
Coldwell   Tho Cabinet maker Duncan St
Cole Mrs Grocer Wanderford St
Cole Mr Christopher   Sidney Pl
Coles and Wood   Merchant Leihim
Colman Dennis Iron monger Mallow La
Collis Wm Whip maker South Main St
Collins Michael Shinner Mallow La
Collins Joseph Boot and show maker North Main St
Collins Patrick Taylor South Main St
Collins E Vintner Sullivan's Quay
Collins Dan Vintner Bandon Rd
Collins Mrs   Batchelors Quay
Commerford Peter Card  
Condon Tho Tea warehouse Grand Parade
Condron Mr John Lit. Hanover St
Connel Dan Victualler Blarney La
Connel Timothy Grocer Grand Parade
Connell John Tallow chandler George's St
Connell John Boot and shoemaker North Main St
Connell John Cooper Mallow La
Connell James Woolcoomber Mallow La
Connell Michael Cork manufacturer Charles St
Connell James Blacksmith Coach St
Connell Mr Abraham   Britain St
Connell Mr   Dean St
Connell Mrs   Blackpool
Connell Anthony Counsellor Mary St
Connell Dan Attorney and notary public Marlborough St
Connollen Mr T   Drawbridge St
Connolly  Francis Vintner South Main St
Connoway James Liquor  merchant South Main St
Connor  Terrence Butter merchant Mallow La
Connor  John Bookseller Grand Parade
Connor  James Auctioner Academy St
Connor  Dennis Ship chandler Coal Quay
Connor  Patrick Baker Princess St
Connor  Catherine Vintner Fishamble Lane
Connor    Vintner Mallow La
Conway James Wine and spirits stores George's St
Conway Mary Clock and watch maker Grand Parade
Conway Mr John   South Mall
Conyer Mrs Eleanor   Patrick St
Cooke  Francis Ladies Shoemaker Fishamble Lane
Copperthwaite Mr. James   Mary St
Coppinger Rich  Woollen draper Grand Parade
Coppinger Francis-Ely, Esq.   Warren's Quay
Coppinger Wm, Esq   Jones's Sq
Coppinger Mr James   Merchants Quay
Corbett Joseph Coach and herald painter Sullivan's Quay
Corbett Mr M   James St
Cornet/Corlet Mrs   Cook St
Cornick H Harness and collar maker South Main St
Corrin and Doyle   Milliner and haberdasher Patrick St
Cotter  John Merchant Terrace
Cotter  John and Co. Merchant George's Quay
Cotter  Geo Merchant Queen St
Cotter  James and Wm Merchant Academy St
Cotter  Edward Grocer and liquor merchant Patrick St
Cotter  Sir James Lawrence Bart. Kellet Richard, Kellet Sr Richard Bart. And Kellet Wm. Augustus, bankers  Opposite the Old Custom House Quay
Cotter  John Woollen draper Shandon St
Cotter  John Boot and shoemaker Broad La
Cotter    Card maker Shandon St
Cotter  John Vintner Shandon St
Cottrell Frances Architect, lit Hanover St
Cottrell Ann Earthen warehouse Kirl's Quay
Cottrell Wm Attorney and notary public Academy St
Courtenay Francis Baker Shandon St
Courtenay Mr Geo   Mill St
Cowan Wm Grocer George's St
Cox  Sam Cabinet manufacturer Duncan St
Cox  Sam Shoe maker Patrick St
Cox John Boot and shoe maker Paul St
Cox Mary Worsted dealer South Main St
Cox Mrs   Sullivans Quay
Craig  James Distiller Duncan St
Craig  Wm Brazen Head hotel Henry St
Crane Jeremiah Nailor Bandon Rd
Creed  Edward Soap manufacturer Blarney La
Creed  James Woolcoomber Blackpool
Cremmin John Merchant Mallow La
Crew John Sadler Grand Parade
Crimming and Hogon   Confectioner Grand Parade
Crispin Ralph Woolcoomber Blarney La
Crispin Joseph Banker South Main St
Croft  Rich Butter merchant Mallow La
Crofts Tho Woollen manufacturer Britain St
Crofts  Tho. Sen. Tallow chandler Mallow La
Crofts Robt Boot and show maker Castle St
Crofts Mr Geo   Britain St
Croker Peter Baker Paul St
Croker Mrs   Jones's Sq
Crone Dan Woollen draper Shandon St
Cronin Patrick Spirit merchant Barrack St
Cronin Owen Grocer Shandon St
Cronin  Wm Vintner Shandon St
Cross Mrs   Duncan St
Crowley Dennis Vintner Duncan St
Crowley Rich Vintner George's St
Cumming Mr Tho.   Charlottes Quay
Cummins  Nicholas and Son Merchant Patrick Bridge
Cunningham Robt. Grocer Sullivans Quay
Curtin Wm Grocer Mallow La
Curtin Dennis Grocer Grand Parade
Curtin Mary Haberdasher Parliament St
Curtin Patrick Carpenter Broad La
Curtin James Baker North Main St
Curtin Tho Spirit merchant Castle St
Cussen and Halloran   Apothecaries Mallow La
Cusseen Edmund Merchant Patrick St
Cuthbert   Merchant South Mall
Cuthbert, Hare & Cuthberts   Merchant South Mall
Cuttle Tho Livery stables Coach St


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