Post and telegraph office ; Castletownberehaven nearest mosey order office

Postmaster-Patrick O'Neill


Conveyances-Bantry 28 m. (Cork, Bandon and South Coast ry) nearest station. Steamers of the Bantry Bay Co from Bantry call at Castletownbere


Parliamentary div West Cork

County Electoral div Bere


Rural Dist Council Castletown ;

Electoral div. Curryglass


Dispensary and Registration dist of Castletown


Petty Sessions and Constabulary district of Castletownbere


National Schools-head teachers

Millcove-D F McCarthy

Rossmacowen-Geo A Sullivan ; Mrs D F McCarthy


Shopkeepers, etc.

Harrington Katie, dressmaker

Murphy Daniel, Felane

Murphy Mrs, Milcove

O'Neill Patrick, carpenter

Power Maurice, Curryglass

Spillane John

Sullivan Dl, shopkeeper, Boher

Sullivan William, carpenter




Barry Bartholomew, Aghabeg

Rrien Cornelius, Felane

Casey Michael, Felane

Casey Mrs, Felane

Casey Patrick, Shanavallyleigh

Connors John, Bank

Donovan Mrs, Thornhill

Doyle Mrs; Boher

Doyle Mrs, Bohernoe

Harrington Corns, Curraduff

Harrington Corns jun, Curraduff

Harrington John (ratecollector), Curraduff

Harrington Michael, Curraduff

Harrington Michael, Thornhill

Harrington Morty, Hollyhill

Harrington John, Thornhill

Kelly Michael, Felane

Leery Michael, Lyre

Leery Mrs, Sandmount

Lowney Timothy, Scant

Lowney Timothy, Felane

Lynch Daniel, Bohernoe

Moriarty Mrs, Thornhill

Murphy Cornelius, Hollyhill

Murphy Daniel, Felane

Murphy Q, Shanavallyleigh

Murphy Denis, Thornhill

Murphy James, Gortagraffer

Murphy James, Sandmount

Murphy John, Hollyhill

Murphy Michael, Bank

Murphy Mrs, Felane

Murphy Patrick, Sandmount

Murphy Patrick, Bank

Neill Denis, Aghabeg

Neill Jerh, Cappaghavuckee

Neill Jeremiah, Felane

Neill Jerh, Shanavallyleigh

Neill John, Felane

Neill John, Shanacoumha

Neill John, Shanavallyleigh

Neill Jolrn, Tooreenbeg

Neill Mrs, Gortagraffer

Neill Patrick, Gortagraffer

Neill Patrick, Shanavallyleigh

Neill Patrick, Tooreen

Neill Peter, Felane

Power John, Gortagraffer

Power Maurice, Curryglass

Power William, Bank

Quill John, Park

Quill Mrs, Park

Quirke John, Felane

Quirke Michael, Felane

Quirke Tam, Park

Shea Cornelius, Dereeney

Shea Denis, Felane

Shea John, Carrig

Shea Patrick, Aghabeg

Shea Patrick, Bollard

Sheehan Daniel, Gortagoulane

Sheehan James, Thornhill

Sheehan Mrs, Felane

Sheehan Mrs, Gortagraffer

Smith Richard, Gortagraffer

Smyth Michl, Cappaghavuckee

Spencer Henry, Thornhill

Spencer James; Curryglass

Spencer John, Curryglass

Spencer Mrs, Curryglass

Spillane John, Cappaghavuckee

Spillane Ml, Cappaghavucke

Spillane T, Cappaghavuckee

Sullivan C, Felane

Sullivan Charles, Curryglass

Sullivan Cornelius, Thornhill

Sullivan D, Gortsallagh

Sullivan Daniel, Curryglass

Sullivan Daniel, D C, Park

Sullivan Eugene, Carrig

Sullivan Jeremiah, Bank

Sullivan Jeremiah, Felane

Sullivan Jeremiah, Lyre

Sullivan Jeremiah J, Lyre

Sullivan Jerh, Cappaghavuckee

Sullivan John, Aghabeg

Sullivan John, Gortagenerick

Sullivan Michael; Waterfall

Sullivan Mortimer, Lyre

Sullivan Mrs, Ahabeg

Sullivan Mrs, Carrig

Sullivan Mrs, Curraduff

Sullivan Mrs, Gortagoulane

Sullivan Mrs Jerh, Knockarie

Sullivan Mrs, Millcove

Sullivan Mrs Peter, Aghabeg

Sullivan Patrick, Aghabeg

Sullivan Patrick, Lyre

Sullivan Patrick, Park

Sullivan Richard, Curraduff

Sullivan Timothy, Boher, Rossmacowen

Sullivan William, Aghabeg