Fáilte Romhat

  Guy's Postal Directory 1914 - Tullylease


Charleville .

Dromcollogher 3 m. nearest money order and telegraph office

Postmaster-James Whelan


Conveyances - Newmarket 8 m (G S & W ry} nearest station


Parliamentary div North Cork

County Electoral div Newmarket


Rural District Council Kanturk

Electoral div . Tullylease


Dispensary and Registration dist Milford


Petty Sessions district of Liscarroll

Constabulary district of Charleville ; sub dist of Freemount


National School-head teachers

Tullylease--Matthew D O'Brien,Miss Johanna Collins



Lynch James, Tullylease house

O'Donnell Rev J B, CC

O'Shaughnessy Edward, M D, Glebe House



Jones Cross-Timy Curtin,pzo


Shopkeepers, etc.

Larkin Timothy, sexkon

O'Keeffe Patk, general dealer

O'Shea William, grocer

Prendiville D, tailor

Roche Michael, general ;dealer

Roche Thomas, grocer

Stokes John, vint, undertaker

Wall John, carpenter

Whelan James, blacksmith




Brosnan John, Gortnagark

Brosnan Timothy, Cahernagh

Brosnan Timothy, Knockawillinr

Browne John, Cahernagh

Callaghan Denis, Cloongown

Collins D, Knockatoumpane

Collins John, Knockatoumpane

Connor James, Knockearagh

Connors C K,Knockatoumpane

Connors J C, Knockatoumpane

Connors M, Knockatoumpane

Cremen Dan, Knockatoumpanw

Cremen T, Knockatoumpane

Cronin Daniel, Knockawillin

Cronin Denis, Knockearagh

Cumin Daniel, Knockearagh

Cussen Ml, Knockatoumpane

Daly Jeremiah, Cahernagh

Daly Thomas,Knockatoumpane

Fitzgibbon P, Knockatoumpane

Egan William, Knockawillin

Gore Edmond, Knockawillin

Hanneen Michael, Dromanig

Hannigan D O'L, Cooles

Hannigan Edward, Sheskin

Harold Mrs, Knockatoumpants

Larkin Patrick, Knockearagh

Larkin Terence, Knockearagh

Lenihan Corns, Ballynaguilla

Lenihan Danl D, Ballynaguilla,

Lenihan DT, jun, Ballynaguilla

Lenihan D T, R O, Ballynaguilla

Lenihan Jerh, Ballynaguilla

McMahon David, Knockearagh

McMahon Mrs J, Knockearagh

McMahon M1, Knockearagh

Norcott M, Knockatoumpane

Nunan Cornelius, Knockawillin

Nunan Edmond, Raheen

Nunan James, Knockawillin

Nunan John, Dromanig

Nunan Timothy, Cahernagh

O'Callaghan Mrs, Cahernagh

O'Connar Edmd, Knockearagh,

O'Keeffe Daniel, Cahernagh

O'Leary Denis, Cooles

OLeary Jas, Knockatoumpane

O'Shanghnessy Anth, Ballagh

O'Sullivan Michael, Ballagh

Prindable Mary, Knockearagh

Prindable M, Knockatoumpane

Ring Corns, D c, Ballynaguilla

Rugg Frank, Knockatoumpane

Rugg William, Raheen

Shaughnessy Wm, Cloongown

Stokes Anthony, Poulavare

Stokes Denis, Knockearagh

Stokes Mark, Gortnagark

Stokes Mark, Knockearagh

Stokes Timothy, Poulavare

Stokes William, Knockearagh

Sullivan Denis, Tullylease

Twomey Benjamin, Ballagh

Twomey Richard, Ballagh

Walsh Redmond, Cloongown