Sherkin Island


Baltimore 2 m. (by sea) nearest money order and telegraph office

Postmistress-Miss A Young


Conveyances-Baltimore .2 m. (Baltimore Extension ry) nearest station


Parliamentary div Soutb Cork

County Electoral div Skibbereen


Roural district council Skibbbereen  

Electoral div, Cape Clear


Dispensary and Registration district of Tullagh


Petty Sessions and Constabulary district of Skibbereen


National .School-head teachers

Sherkin Island- Cors Collins ; Mrs Fannie McCarthy



Holland Rev W, C C

Nolan Lewis, pilot



Garrison-Mrs M Young prop

Kilmoon-J O'Neill, prop


Boat Owners,

Cadogan John, Nine Grieeves

Donovan John

McCarthy James

McCarthy Simon, Farraraacoush


Shopkeepers, etc,

McCarthy Jas, vintner, Garrison

O'Neill Hugh ; vintner

O'Neill J, shopkeeper, grocer and landholder, Kilmoon

Young Miss A, shopkeeper, Garrison

Young Mrs Minnie, shopkeeper, Garrison




Barry Mrs, Cloddagh

Bevan John, Garrison

Brien John, Slievemore

Cadogan John, Nine Gneeves

Davis Mrs Hanna, Kilmoon

Desmond John, Slievemore

Donovan John, Nine Gneeves

Driscoll John, Kilmoon

Driscoll Joseph, Kilmoon

Driscoll Florence, Cloddagh

Driscoll Hugh, Slievemore

Driscoll James, Slievemore

Driscoll Michael, Kilmoon

Driscoll Mrs M, Farranacoush

Fenwick Chas, Farranacoush

Gosnell Michael, Kilmoon

Harte John, Farranacoush

Naves Denis, Gneeves

McCarthy Florence, Slievemore

McCarthy James, Farranacoush

McCarthy Jerh, Farranacoush

McCarthy John, Farranacoush

McCarthy John, Kilmoon

McCarthy Margaret, Kilmoon

McCarthy Nicholas, Slievemore

McCarthy Simon, Slievemore

Minehane John, Kilmoon

Minehane Mir;hl, Farranacoush

Minehane Thomas, Cloddagh

Nolan Mrs Kate, Kilmoon

Nolan Mrs, Nine Gneeves

Norris John, Farranacoush

O’Neill Florence, DC, Kilmoon

O'Neill Hugh, Gneeves

Regan Daniel, Reengaroga

Regan Mrs Ellen, Farranacoush

Reilly William, Kilmoon

Roche Allen jun, Cloddagh

Roche Mrs Julia, Kilmoon

Sullivan Maurice, Slievemore

Teape John, Farranacoush

Young James, Kilmoon

Young Mrs Minnie, Garrison