Kinsale. (Pop 377}

Kinsale  1 m, nearest moneyorder and telegraph office

Postmistress-Mrs Nora Crowley


Conveyances-Kinsale (Kinsale br Cork, Bandon and South Coast ry) nearest station


Parliamentary div South East Cork

County Electoral div Kinsale


Rural District Council Kinsale

Electoral div . Kinsale


Dispensary and Registration district of Kinsale


Petty Sessions and Constabulary district of Kinsale



Acton Mrs, The Hill

Brassey Mrs, Prospect villa

Burke Miss, The Terrace

Dorman Mrs M E, Raffeen

Jago R, The Terrace

Moon Mr, Scilly cottage

Nesbit Miss, The Terrace

O’Callaghan Miss, The Cottage

O'Regan P, The Terrace

Tuck Mrs, The Terrace

Welsted-Penrose Rev Samuel, M A, The Cottage


Boat Owners.

Coghlan John

Farley Jerh

Fives William


Shopkeepers, etc.

Barry Mrs M E, vintner

Coleman Mrs Mary, vintner

Crowley Mrs Nora, shopkeeper

Farley George, shopkeeper

Reardon Eleanor, vintner

Reardon J C, ship agent

Richard H, photographer


Lodging Houses.

Coleman Mrs, Sea view

Coveney Daniel, The Beach

Donnelly Mrs, Harbour view

Fives William

O'Dwyer Mrs, Scilly hill

Tuck Mrs The Terrace


Landholders .


Callaghan John, Scilly

O'Brien Timothy, Scilly