(Mallow .)

Kildorrery 2 m, nearest money order and telegraph office

Postmaster-William Walsh


Conveyances - Glanworth 3 m, (Mitchelstown and Fermoy branch G S & W ry) nearest station


Parliamentary div North East Cork

County Electoral div Ballyhooly


Rural District Council Mitchelstown  

Electoral div. Derryvillane.


Dispensary and Registration district of Kildorerry.


Petty Sessions dist of Kildorrery

Constabulary district of Mitchelsovn ;sub-list of Kildorerry



Barry Mrs M A, Ballyanihan hse

Baylor John B, Derryvillane hse

O'Donovan Rev William, P P

O'Keeffe Daniel, Ballyenahan

Oliver Charles Rock  D, C E, mill house


Salmon Hatchery,

Managers, Board of Agriculture



Rockmills-Chas D Olives, C E


Shopkeepers, etc.

Burke Charles, vintner

Sheehan John, vintner

Walsh Mrs B




Browne Eugene,Carrigdownane

Browne John, Carrigdownane

Gailligan John, Carrtgdownane

O'Keeffe A, Carrigdownane

Quinlan J,Carrigdownane lower

Roche Edmd, Carrigdownane


Burke Edmond, Derryvillane

Burke Eugene, Derryvillane

Burke John, Ballyenahan

Daly Patrick, Ballyenahan

Dwyer William, Ballyenahan

Farrell Rd Derryvillane

Fitzgerald Edmd, Ballyenahan

Hanlon John, Ballyenahan

Heffernan John, Derryvillane

Howard James, Derryvillane

Howard Jahn, Derryvillane

Howard Timothy, Derryvillane

Kennedy Mrc B, Snuglodge

Kennedy O, Ballyenahan south

McNamara John, Ballyenahan

O'Keeffe Dl, Ballyenahan rock

O'Keefde Jeremiah,Ballyenahan

O'Riordan James, Ballyenahan

Quinlan John, Derryvillane

Quinlan Thomas, Derryvillane

Roche John, Derryvillane

Roche Matthew, Ballyenahan

Wallace Thomas, Derryvillane


Barry Michael, Ballinahalisk

Burke Mrs Mary, Ballynahalisk.

Convoy Thomas, Ballynahalisk

Coughlan John, Ballynahalisk

Cronin Denis, Ballynahalisk

Fitzgerald John, Ballyvoddy

Gallagher William, Ballyvoddy

Keating Ellen, Ballyvoddy

Meade John, Ballyvoddy

Nagle Thos, Rockmills cottago

O'Brien Patrick, Ballynahalisk

O'Kearney Mrs M, Ballyvoddy

Roche Edmond, Ballynahalisk

Roche Michael, Ballyvoddy

Stackpoole Paul, Ballyvoddy

Stackpole Wm, Stannards grove

Wallace Daniel, Ballyvoddy

Walsh Thomas, Ballynahalisk