Fermoy. (Pop 249)

Post, money order and telegraph office

Postmaster Maurice Hickie


Conveyances-Fermoy 5 m. (Fermoy & Lismore branch G S & W ry} nearest station


Parliamentary div North East Cork

County Electoral div Ballyhooly


Rural District Council Fermoy

Elect divs. Kildinan and Rathcormac


Dispensary and Registration district of Rathcormac

Med officer and Regr-DrJames Barry


PettySessionsCourt- each alternate Tuesday. Quar Sess dist of Midleton

Clerk Petty Sessions-Ed Godson

Constabulary district of Fermoy

In charge of Rathcormac station- Sergeant Patrick Shea


National Schools-head teachers

Rathcormac - Cornelius Barry ,Mrs Mary O'Kelly

Church Education - Rathcormac- Miss M,J Armstrong


Fairs (Bartlemy)-4 and 19 Sept, horse, cattle, sheep and pigs. Fairs falling on Saturday held following Monday.



Barry J, M D, JP, Kilshannig lower

Barry Wm,J P, Bride view cot

Cronin John, Baherna

Cumin B jun, Greenhall

Cumin Thos, J P, Ballyglissane house

Godson E, CPS, Rose villa

Harman Rev Chancellor S T, M A, rector, The Glebe

Healy John, Corbally

Hendley J L, Ballinterry house

McConnell Michl, Lisnagar hse

Meade Mr, Ballinahina

Moore Rev James Canon, PP, Rathcormac

Morrison Mrs Nora,Ballinvarrig

Murphy Mrs J, Rathcormac

O'Flynn Rev Cornelius L, CC

Wilson Joseph, Scartbarry


Shopkeepers, etc.

Ahern Miss Mary, grocer, balcer

Ahern Miss Minnie, shopkpr

Arnold Michael, bakery

Barry David, vintner

Barry Thomas; grocer, vintner

Bowdren Mrs W, shopkeeper

Fair James & Son, house painting and church decorating contractors, Park view

Fair Miss F, dressmkr, Main st

Hannah Richd & Sons,vi_ctualrs

Healy Patrick, grocer, vintner

Kelly Patrick, shopkeeper

McCarthy Bros, cattle dealers

Mulvay D F

Murphy Denis, vint, car owner

O'Brien Jas, vict and shopkeepr

O'Gorman Richard, shopkeeeper

O'Regan M A, posting establishment, flour, meal stores, and provision merchant

O'Regan Timy, general mercht

Ring J, grocer,vint, Bridgeland

Walsh Mrs, shopkeeper


Mill Owner

Cronin John, Baherna




Electoral div. Kildinan.

Barry David, Mullenataura

Brien William, Mullenataura

Collins John, Mullenataura

Collins Thomas, Mullenataura

Collins John, Mullenataura

Collins William, Mullenataura

Connell Patrick, Mullenataura

Cotter Maurice, Gearagh

Kennedy James, Mullenataura

Keeffe Daniel, Glanakip

Quirk David, Glanakip

Twohill Jeremiah, Glanakip

Electoral div . Rathcormac.

Ahern John, Ballybrowney

Ahern John, Barranahash

Ahern Timothy, Barranahash

Ahern William, Maulane west

Ambrose John, Mondaniel

Barry Bridget, Mondaniel

Barry James, Toberaneague

Barry John, Toberaneague

Cahill Patrick, Ballybrowney

Callaghan Owen, Mondaniel

Coffey Mrs, Toberaneague

Collins John, Coolnakilla

Collins Patrick, Coolnakilla

Connors John, Ballybrowney

Connors Mrs P J, Ballybrowney

Connors Patk P, Ballybrowney

Cotter G, Ballybrowney upper

Cotter James, Mondaniel

Cotter John, Coolnakilla

Cotter Michael, Coolnakilla

Cotter Patrick, Coolnakilla

Cotter Thomas, Coolnakilla

Cotter William, Coolnakilla

Cullane Mary, Mondaniel

Cumin B, D C, Bridgeland east

Cumin Barth, Rathcormac

Cumin John, Rathcormac

DonovanJames, Coolnakilla

Donovan Patrick, Kilbrien

Dwyer Thomas, Coolnakilla

Falvey John, Maulane

Gowen Michael, Toberaneague

Hannah John, Kilbrien

Hannan John, Mondaniel

Hayes John, Coolnakilla

Higgins John, Ballynahina

Higgins Barth, D C, Terramount

Horgan James, Maulane

Horgan John, Kilshannig lower

Horgan Mrs H, Itilaulane

Howard James, Teramount

Kearney Mrs B, Ballybrowney

Kelleher Jamey, Coolnakilla

Kelleher Timothy, Barranahash

Magnier  J, Curraghteemore

Money Thomas, Coolnakilla

Mulcahy Denis, Kilshannig

Murphy Daniel, Maulane

Murphy Patrick, Coolnakilla

Murphy Patrick, Mondaniel

O'Keeffe Garrett, Kilbrien

O'Keeffe Patrick, Garrynacole

Pyne Michael, Ballybrowney

Quirke Jn, Ballybrowney upper

Ryan William, Mondaniel

Spillame Michael, Mondaniel

Spillane Mrs H, Garrynacole

Spillane Mrs Patk, Mondaniel

Sweeny Jeremiah, Knockanduff

Sweeny Roger D, Knockanduff

Sweeny Roger J, Knockanduff

Twomey Corrs, Ballybrowney