Dromagh 3 m. nearest money order office ; Banteer 5 m. nearest telegraph office

Postmistress-Mrs O'Brien


Conveyances -Banteer (Kanturk and Newmarket ry) nearest station


Parliamentary div North Cork

County Electoral div Banteer


Rural District Council Millstreet

Elect, divs. Crinnaloo and Rathcoole


Dispensary and Registration district of Millstreet


Rural District Council Kanturk

Electoral div. Banteer.


Dispensary and Registration district of Kanturk.


Petty Sessions district Millstreet.

Constabulary district of Kanturk.

In charge of Rathcoole station- Constable John Nally


National School-head teachers

Rathcoole-J O'Connor ; Mrs O'Brien



Kilcorney Co-operative Dairy Society ltd-James Pomeroy, manager and secretary


Shopkeepers, etc.

Browne John, vint, Shanakiel

Buckley D, whit, Carragraigue

Corcoran William, grocer

Herlihy John, grocer and vint, Carragraigue

O'Mahony Miss N, Boolymore

O'Shea Jerh, stationer,,newsagt




Electoral div . Banteer.

Coleman Patrick, Fortgrady

Cronin Michael M, Fortgrad

Hallahan Jerh, Fortgrady

Lehane Jerh J, Fortgrady

Lehane Jerh P, Fortgrady

McCarthy Denis, Fortgrady

McCarthy Miss, Fortgrady

Murphy Corns, Fortgrady

Electoral div . Crinnaloo

Hallihan Jerh, Carragraigue

Keeffe D, Carragraigue

Keeffe Daniel; Carragraigue

Kelleher J, Carragraigue

Neville Daniel, Carragraigue

O'Callaghan, Patrick J, D C, Carragraigue

O'Callaghan  Mchl,Carragraigue

O'Connor Timy, Carragraigue

O'Keeffe Jerh, Carragraigue

Twohig Denis D, Stonefield

Electoral div . Rathcoole.

Barren John, Boolymore

Barren Mrs, Rathcoole

Bride Benjamin J, Boolymore

Buckley Timothy, Laght

Burns Patrick, Rathcoole

Callaghan John, DC,Boolymore

Coleman W, Boolymore

Connell Daniel, Rathcoole

Connors John, Laght

Creedon Denis, Prohus

Cronin John, Boolymore

Dennehy Daniel, Boolymore

Dennehy Margaret, Rathcoole

Donoghue Edward, Boolymore

Donoghue Timothy, Boolymore

FarrellDenis, Rathcoole

Farrell John, Rathcoole

Fitzpatrick Jerh, Knockcahill

Flynn Carroll, Rathcoole

Flynn Mrs, Knockcahill

Ford James, Prohus

Goulding Daniel, Rathcoole

Hallidan Patrick, De, Rathcoole

Kelleher Daniel, Rathcoole

Lane Mrs, Boolymore

Lane Mrs, Boolymore

Leahy Mrs, Rathcoole

Lenihan Daniel, Prohus

Lucey Daniel, Rathcoole

Lynch H, Rathcoole

Lyons John, Rathcoole

Lyons Timothy, Rathcoole

McCarthy Justin, Rathcoole

Mahony Daniel, Boolymore

Mahony Denis, Laght

Manning David, Prohus

Murphy Cornelius, Laght

Murphy Cornelius, Rathcoole

Murphy Daniel, Prohus

Murphy J, Rathcoole

Murphy Jeremiah, Prohus

Murphy Matthew J, Boolymore

Neville Maurice, Rathcoole

Pomeroy J, D c, Knockcahill

O'Callaghan John; Boolymore

O'Connor J, Laght

O'Leary Cornelius T, Prohus

O'Leary Mrs, Prohus

O'Sullivan John, Laght

Reardon Denis, Boolymore

Riordan B, Laght

Riordan James, Boolymore

Shea John, Rathcoole

Sullivan Michael, Boolymore

Sweeny Hannah, Boolymore

Sweeny L, Rathcoole

Twomey Denis, Boolymore