(Pop 934)

Market town, post, money order and telegraph office

Postmaster-John P O'Neill


Conveyances-Newmarket the terminus Kanturk and Newmarket ry ; three trains to and from Cork daily

Stationmaster-J Breen


Parliamentary div North Cork

County Electoral divs Newmarket and Boherbay


Rural District Council Kanturk ;

Electoral divs Barleyhill, Barnacurra, Clonfert east, Glenlara and Newmarket


Dispensary and Registration district of Newmarket

Med officer and Regr-Dr W K Verling

District Nurses - A Collins, Mary McCarthy



Petty Sessions held each alternate: Friday.  Quar Sess dist of Mallow

Clerk Petty Sess-R H Fetherston



(See Special Constabulary List.}

District Inspector-John McCoy

Head Constable John McGoldrick

Constabulary station- Sergeant Hugh Prior

Glashakeenleen-Srgt J Colhane



President, J C O Aldworth ; secs, Wm N Barry, F O'Riordan



Munster and Leinster Bunk ltd, Manager, W P Curran ; acct, M J Harrison



Ch Ireland-Rev GS Baker,BD, rector

R Catholic-Rev C W Corbett, Adm, Rev J Coghlan, cc



National-head teachers

Newmarket-John Joseph Daly, Miss K 'T Murphy

Newmarket No. 2-Mrs Alice M Stephenson

Taur-Jeremiah O'Sullivan ; Mr: Margt Lane


Fairs and Markets-14 Jan, 9 Feb, 6 Mar, 21 April, 11 May, 8 June, 16 July, 15 Aug, 8 Sept, 10 Oct, 21 Nov, 19 Dec ; pig fairs, 6 Feb, 8 May, 5 June, and day previous to cattle farrs. Fairs falling on Saturday will be held on that day; pig fairs falling on Saturday will be held on Friday; falling on Sunday will be held on Monday.

Horse fairs, 19 Feb; 2 Oct, Calf, butter, egg and fowl market every Thursday.



Aldworth Major, Newmarket court

Angland Patrick M, Dc, New st

Baker Rev G S, B D, Clonfert rectory

Barker Mrs C, Main street

Barry Michael, JP, COC

Barry William N

Buckley Timothy, D C, Gooseberry hill

Coghlan Rev James, CC

Colbert M A, eng, Railway loge

Corbett Rev C W, ADM

Curran W P, manager M &L bank

Daly John Joseph, Snugboro

Harrison M J, acct M & L bank

Healy J, national teacher

Lysaght Hon H G, J P, The Cottage

McCarthy Mrs H, nat teacher

McCoy John, dist insp RIC

O’Callaghan Denis, J P, DC,Glenamuckla

O'Keeffe Mrs , Mountkeeffe

O'Keeffe Mrs, Mountpleasant

O'Riordan F, assist co surveyor

Scanlan M J, national teacher, Charleville line

Shine Mrs K, national teacher

Stephenson Mrs A M,nat teachr

Verling Walter Kavanagh, M D, Springfield lodge

White D, land stwd, Island road

Winters Edmund, land surveyr, Killowen



Commercial-William Quinlann,New street

Lane's-T Lane, Church street

Railway-T P Buckley,Church street and Scarteen street

Rlwy Tavern, M A Flanagan, Chnxcl~ <treet

Refreshment Rooms-Mrs Kate McCarthy, Scarteen street


Agricultural Implement Warehouses.

Allen Richard, Church street

Moylan Mrs, New street

MurphyT C, New street

O'Connell Mrs, New street and Scarteen street



Murphy T C, New street

O'Reilly Michael



Daly Mrs, Scarteen street

Quinlan William, New street

Scully Michael, New street

Williams G, Scarteen street



Allen Michael,

Scarteen street

Allen Richard, Church street

Brennan William Main street

Fitzpatrick Cornelius, Taur


Boot and Shoemakers.

Horgan John, Scarteen street

Murphy Michael, New street

Nunan W, Charleville line

Smyth Henry, Scarteen street



O'Keeffe John, Charleville line

Williams Patrick, Main street


Car Owners.

Dahill Willam, Scarteen road

McAuliffe Denis, Scarteen st

O'Sullivan William, Scarteen street ,

Quinlan William, New street

Reen Timothy C, Church street

Reilly Michael, Church street


Carpenters and Wheelwrights.

Collins A, Glashakinleen

Cronin Daniel, Taur

Dennehy Wm, Scarteen street

Lane Denis, Commons

McCarthy T, Scarteen street

Moylan Daniel . Western row

Murphy John, Church street

Swiney Bryan, Stoneville


Cattle Dealers.

Browne Philip J, New street

Linehan Thomas, Church street

McCarthy Michael, J, New st

Mahony Timothy, Main street

O'Shea Arthur, Kerry road

Main O'Shea Cornelius, street



O'Sullivan Eugene, Medical hall, Church street


Coal Merchants.

Allen Richard, Church street

O’Connell Mrs, New street

O’Sullivan John T, Scarteen st

Taylor John, New street



Lane Edward, Western row

Murphy J, New street

Shine T, Scarteen street



Newmarket Dairy Co Ptd,Churchline, Thos Hurley, mngr

Glashakinleen - John Casey, manager

Johns Bridge Dairy-Messrs D & F Curtin, proprietors

Rowells-P Twomey, manager



Carroll T J, New street

Collins Mrs Kate, New street

Cumin D D, New street

Murphy D B, New street

Murphy Denis D, New street

Quinn John, Church street


Dressmakers and Milliners.

Corcoran Mrs, Scarteen street

McAuliffe  Mrs Patrick, Scarteen street

Moylan Miss, New street

Moylan Mrs D, Western row

Murphy Mrs T, Church street

O'Callaghan Miss, New street

Ryan Miss Mary, New street

Sheehan Anastatia, Scarteen st


Flour Merchants.

Ahern Patrick, New street

Angland Edmond, New street

Conway Jeremiah, Scarteen st

Daly Martin, Scarteen street

Finucane John, New street

Kenneally Mrs, Church street

Linehan Thomas, Church st

Quinlan William, New street

Sheehan Mrs Kate, Scarteen st


Grocers and Provision Dealers.

(*Also Vintners.)

*Browne Mrs, New street

Cahill Patrick, New street

*Conway Jerh, Scarteen street

Cronin Timothy, New street

Dennehy William, Scarteen st

Duggan Mrs D, New street

'*Finucane New street John,

Fitzpatrick Mrs F, Scarteen st

Forde M J, Main street

Horgan John, Scarteen street

Linehan T, Church street

McCarthy Mrs K, Scarteen st

Mahony Timothy, Main street

Murphy C D, New street

Murphy Denis, New street

Murphy William, Rlain street

O'Connor New Jeremiah M,

O'Connor New street M,

*O'Rielly M, Church street

O' Riordan Nora W, Scarteen st

Quinlan William, New street

Reen Michael, Church street

*Reen Timothy, Church street

Sheehan bliss, Scarteen street

Shine Denis P, New street

Sullivan Denis J, Scarteen st

Sullivan Tohn T, Scarteen st

Twomey John, Scarteen street



Angland T, New street

Walsh William, Scarteen street


Insurance Agents.

Buckley T P, Railway hotel

Curran W P, M & L bank

Murphy T C, New street

O'Connell Mrs, New street

O'Riordan Eugene, hippagh



Allen Richard, Church street

Murphy T C, New street

Moylan Mrs, New street

O'Connell Mrs, New street and Scarteen street

Taylor John, New street



Stoneville Nursery-FrederickKenny, prop


Refreshment Rooms.

East End-Dl Quaine, prop

Moylan The Misses, New st

O'Connor Jeremiah, New street


Ship Agents.

Murphy T C, New street

Kennealy Anne, Kerry road


Skin and Feather Dealers.

Cronin J D, New street

Cronin J J, New street

Cronin Timothy, New street

Scanlan Daniel, Scarteen road



Herlihy W, Charleville line

Murphy Patk, Charleville line

Reardon John, Scarteen street

Shine James, Scarteen street



Collins Catherine, New street

O'Reilly Michael, Church st



Collins Cornelius, Scarteen st

Cronin James, New street

Cronin James D, New street

Cronin Timothy, New street

Murphy D, New street



Ahern Patrick, New street

Allen Richard, Church street

Angland Edmond, New street

Angland Michael, New street

Angland Patrick, o c, New st

Barry Margaret, New street

Barry Hannah, Scarteen street

Buckley T  P, Church street

Collins Cornelius, Scarteen

Conway Jerh, Scarteen street

Cronin Timothy, New street

Cronin Thomas, New street

Crowley Jeremiah, Scarteen street

Curtin Ellie, Church street

Finucane John, New street

Fitzgibbon J, New street

Flanagan M A, Church street

Kenneally M, Church street

Murphy T C, New street

Murphy M, New street

O’Reilly M J, Church street

O’Shea Cornelius, Main street

O’Shea Florence, Scarteen st

Rahilly Bartholomew, New st

Reen Margaret, Church street

Reen Timothy C, Church st

Riordan Mrs Kate, New street

Sheehan Mrs K, Scarteen street




Electoral div. Barleyhill.

Aherne Mrs Kate, Barleyhill

Cahill William, Barleyhill

Doherty James, Carrigcastle

Electoral div. Barnacurra

Crowley Timothy, Meenatariff

Foley Peter, Ballyduane

Kennealy T D, Gortnaglogh

Murphy Daniel, Meenatariff

Murphy Edmond, Blueford

Murphy Maurice, Meenatariff

Murphy Patrick, Meenatariff

O'Callaghan Denis, J P, D C, Glenamucklagh east

O'Donoghue Mrs J, Ballyduane

O'Keeffe Cornelius, Ballyduane

O'Loughlan Jerh, Barnacurra

O'Neill John J, Lisdangan

O'Neill Nicholas, Lisdangan

O'Sullivan John, Ballyduane

O'Sullivan Mort, Ballyduane

Taylor Mary, Lisdangan

Walsh Cornelius, Gortnaglogh

Walsh John, Gortnaglogh

Walsh Ml, D C, Glenamucklagh

Electoral div. Clonfert East.

Angland John E, Glentanemacelligott

Buckley T, Taur lodge

Carroll Jeremiah D, Glentanemacelligott

Carroll J J,Glentanemacelligott

Daly Andrew, Inchantotane

Daly Daniel, Inchantotane

Daly Eugene, Inchantotane

Daly Michael, Inchantotan

Fitzgerald William, Taur

Jones Mrs, Glentanemacelligott

Lane Thomas, Taur

McAulifle John, Glentanemacelligott

Mahony James, Taur

Murphy James, Taur

Murphy Michael, Taur

Nunan Richard, Taur

Shine Denis, Inchantotane

Shine John P, Inchantotane

Shine Patrick, Inchantotane

Electoral div . Glenlara.

Barry Cornelius, Tooreendarby

Barry John, Tooreendarby

Barry John, D C, Meens

Barry Michael, Meens

Barry Michael, Tooreendarby

Barry Mrs P, Tooreendarby

Barry Nicholas, Tooreendarby

Barry Jeremiah, Tooreendarby

Barry Thomas,Tooreencormack

Beechinor John,Commons

Bennett Thomas, Commons

Bennett Edmond, Meens

Browne Michael T, Meens

Buckley Mrs Mary, Castlemacauliffe

Cashman Patrick, Clonfert

Cosgriffe Jeremiah, Glenlara

Cosgriffe Richard, Glenlara

Cronin Timothy, Commons

Daly James, Commons

Dennehy Jeremiah, Commons

Gillman Richard, Curraduff

Tones Patrick, Curraduff

Jones Timothy, Curraduff

Kennealy Cornelius N,Glenlara

Kennealy Daniel Jas, Glenlara

Kennealy John T, Glenlara

Lane Denis, Commons

Lane Michael, Commons

Linehan C T, Tooreencormack

Linehan T M, Tooreencormack

Lynch Timothy, Curraduff

McAuliffe Denis, Coolagh

McAuliffe John, Commons



Murphy Jeremiah, Commons

Murphy Ml, Tooreencormack

O'Calaaghan John D, Clonfert

O'Callaghan John J, Clonfert

O’Connor Daniel, Commons

O’Connor Denis, Commons

O'Connor John, Clonfert

O'Connor Timothy,Commons

O'Keeffe Eugene, Commons


O'Keeffe Eugene, Commons

O'Keeffe Jeremiah, Commons

O'Keeffe Jeremiah, Glenlara

O'Keeffe John J, Curraduff

O'Keeffe Philip,Commons

O'Neill James J, Meens

O'Neiil Jeremiah, Meens

O'Sullivan T, Curraduff

Reen Cornelius, Curraduff

Reen Daniel, Clonfert

Sheehan Denis, Castlemacchlineauliffe

Shine James P, Meens

Tarrant Richard, Coolagh

Twomey Thomas, Meens

Electoral div . Newmarket,

Ahern Patrick, Scarteen

Angland John, Liscongill

Angland Patrick, Liscongill

Barry Michael, New street

Brennan Daniel, Scarteen

Brennan William, Main street

Browne Thomas P,Mountkeeffe

Cahill John, Pleasure hill

Coakley Daniel, Woodview

Collins Catherine, New street

Daly E, Cloontycornmade

Finucane Patrick, Scarteen

Fitzgerald Edmd C, The Island

Flynn Charles, Duarrigle

Flynn Michael, Duarrigle

Gillman Mary, Scarteen

Kiely Cornelius, Mountlake

Kiely James, Mountlake

Kiely Maurice, Mountlake

Kiely Patrick, Mountlake

Lehane William, Island

McCarthy Timothy, Scarteen

Murphy Jeremiah, Killowen

Murphy John, Garraunawarrig

Murphy Michael, Longacre

Noonan Wm, Rossacon house

O'Brien John, Island

O'Callaghan John J, Scarteen

O'Connor Joseph, Scarteen

O'Keeffe James, Scarteen

O'Keeffe Jas R, Scarteen Towel

O'Neill J, Mountlake

O'Neill J P, New street

O'Shea Cornelius, Kerry road

O'Shea Florence, Scarteen road

O’Sullivan John O, Scarteen

O'Sullivan Matthew, Scarteen

O'Sullivan William, Scarteen

Philpott Gregory, Scarteen

Philpott Robert, Scarteen

Philpott The Misses, Scarteen

Quinlan William, New street

Reidy Richard, Pleasure hill

Taylor John, New street

Walshe John, Pleasure hill