Castlemartyr 2 m, nearest money order and telegraph office

Postmaster-Eamond Morrison

Conveyances-Mogeely a station Cork and Youghal br G S &r W ry ; five trains to and from Cork daily

Stationmaster-Michael Shea


Parliamentary div East Cork

County Electoral divs Cloyne and Midleton

Rural District Council Midleton

Electoral div. Castlemartyr, Midleton ; Dangan and Mogeely

Dispensary and Registration district of Castlemartyr


Petty Sessions dist of Castlemartyr


Constabulary district of Youghal



Blakney W H R, Mogeely cottage

Evoy John, D C, Ballynona


Shopkeepers, etc.

Ahern James, vintner

Harte John, blacksmith

Harte Date, vintner

Harte Thomas, blacksmith

Kelleher C, grocer

Kelleher Mary

Morrisson I:dmond, grocer

Murnane T, blacksmith, Coolcap

O'Loughlin P, egg merchant, Ballymacooly

O'Shea Michael, station master

Twohig Mary, vintner




Electoral div . Castlemartyr.

Curtin Wm, Garryoughtragh

Kenefick John, Ballynamctagh

McCarthy John, Ballynametagh

Electoral div . Dangan .

Bennett R, Castletown

Flynir Matthew, Castletown

Kelly William, Castletown

Walsh James, Castletown

Walsh Airs D, Castletown

Electoral div. Mogeely.

Ahern Patrick, DC, Springfield

Beechinor Jerome,Garranejames

Beechinor Jerome J, Drommane

Boozane Thomas,Garranejames

Burke John, Ballymacooly

Michl, Ballymacooly Bransfield

Briers Jolln, Drommane

Burke John, Ballymacooly

Burke W, Garranejames

Collins John, Garranejames

Cumin Michael, Kilrush

Donovan Edmd, Ballymacooly

Drady Mrs, Coolcap

Evoy Kate, Garranejames

Fitzgerald Michael, Ballygibbon

Eitzgerald William, Ballygibbon

Forrest Richard, Deerpark

Gleeson Thomas, Ballymacooly

Goold W, Coolcap

Dreehy William, Glenane

Herinessy Richard, Mogeely

Higgins James, Annistown

Kelly William, Coolcap

Kent John; Ballymacooly

Mehigan Barth, Garranejames

Drommane Moloney Mrs,

Moloney Win, Garranejames

Morrison James, Ballygibbon

O’Brien John, Garranejames

O'Shea Mrs, Ballygibbon

Reardon J, Ballymacooly

Ring Timothy, Kilrush

Riordan John, Ballymacooly

Sullivan Michael, Crowbally

Sullivan T, Crowbally

Walsh John, Coolcap

Walsh Nicholas, Coolcap

Walsh P, Carrignashinny

Walsh Thomas, Carrignashinny