(Pop 1,069.)

Market town, post, money order and telegraph office

Postmistress-Miss H Dennehy


Conveyances- Millstreet a station ,Tralee and Killarney br G S & Wry ; four trains to and from Cork daily

Stationmaster-William Ryan


Parliamentary divs  Mid & North Cork

County Electoral divs Banteer and Boherboy



(See also Special List)

Chairman Council-P D Breen, J P

Vice-chairman-T J Burton

Chairman Guardians-J J F-Hickey,JP

Clerk-J S O'Connor

Master house-John J Murphy

Matron-Mrs J Riordan


Dispensary and Registration districts of Millstreet and Cullen

Med officer and Regr,Millstreet-

Dr R R Leader,J P

Med officer and Regr, Cullen-

Dr Michael McCarthy

District Nurses-Mrs K Ring,Miss M Murphy, Miss H Murphy

Veteriay Inspector J J Pomeroy



Petty Sessions held 2nd and 4th Mondays in month. Quay Sess dists of Macroom, Mallow, and Kanturk

Clerk Petty Sess-R T Pomeroy



(District of Macroom)

Constabulary station- Millstreet-Sergt Patk Mulcahy



Richard T Pomeroy, C P S



J S O'Connor ; J M Murphy, assist.



National Bank ltd- Manager, J E O'Connor ; teller, J Cribben accountant, J O Daish



Church Ireland - Rev W W Stewart, s A, rector, Dromtarriff

R Catholic-(Drishane)-Very Rev  Jahn Canon Casey, v F, P P ; Revs P Buckley, M Scanlan and T J Lyne, curates

R Catholic-(Dromtarriff}-Rev White, PP; Rev William Aheriie, cc



Presentation Convent - Rev. Mother, Mrs Aloysius Wa1sh

Sisters of the Holy Infant Jesus (Les Dames de St blaur), Drishane- Rev Mother St Claire ; Med Officer, M P Desmond, M D



J N Smith, Altamount



National-head teachers

Millstreet-William O'Riordan

Convent-Presentation Nuns

P L U-Mrs J Duggan

Cubane- Timothy Corcoran ; Miss M O'Shea

Cloghboola-James Dennehy ; Miss E Murphy

Rathduane-P Moynihan ; Mrs J Dinneen


Fairs and Markets-6 Jan, 1st of every other month ; 1 Mar and 1 Sept being horses, cattle, and sheep.Pig market previous, day, If first of month falls on Saturday, fair held on following Monday. Pig market previous day, Market day, Friday. Calf market every Monday during season



AherneRev Wm,CC,Dromtarriff

Buckley Rev P, C C, Drishane

Casey Very . Rev John Canon, VF, PP, Millstreet

Casey WC, JP, MCC,Ardnageeha house

Corkery Jerh J, De,Coomlogane

Cribben J, teller Nat bank

Crowle Corns, Liscahane hse

Daish J O, acct Nat bank

Dennehy Miss H, postmistress

Desmond M P, M D

Enright Daniel, phar chemist

Finucane G, Gurrane house

Hegarty J P, J P, Main street

Howard Joseph, assist co surv

Howard M, J P, Brookpark

Kelleher Matthew,Mountleader

Leader Richard Radley, MD,JP,Westbourne

Leader Colonel N, Keale house

Linehan Daniel,JP,MCC,Mainst

Lyne Rev T J, CC, Drishane

McCarfhy Jerome, steward, Drishane castle

McCarthy Michl, MD, Derragh

McCarthy M, Coolemore

Murphy D D, relieving officer

MurphyTimy, press correspodent

Murphy J J, master workhouse

O'Callaghan C, J P Altamount house

O'Connor J S, clerk D C

O’Connor John E, mgr Nat bank

O'Cannor Jerh, relieving officer

O' Riordan P, Tullig house

O'Riordan William,nat teacher

O' Sullivan J D, Dc, Claraghatlea

Pomeroy Jas, D C Knockcahill

Pomeroy N, Claraghmore

Pomeroy Richard T, C P S, Willwwbrook

Pomeroy J J, V S, Willowbrook

Ryan William, stationmaster

Scanlan Rev M, C C, Drishane

Smith J N, Altamount

St Claire, Rev Mother Sister of the Holy Infant Jesus: Drishane

Stewart Rev W W, B A, Dromtarriff rectory

Walsh Mrs Aloysius, Rev Mother Presentation convey


Physician and Surgeon

Desmond M P


Pharmaceutical Chemist,

Enright Daniel


Veterinary Surgeon,

Pomeroy J J, M R C V S



Howard J

O'Callaghan P

Vanstan Mrs



Carnegie Free Library



Drishane Sawing Mills, Lime Works, and Knitting Works -Proprietors-Convent Les Dames de St Maur


Auctioneer and Values.

Crowley Cornelius C



Carmody Patk

Crowley Denis

Justice Robert

Murphy Jno D

Potts J



Kelleher W J, Mill Lane

O'Mahony James, Mill lane



Hickey AndwJ

Radley John

Radley Wm

Riordan John

Sullivan Jas


Boot Warehouse .

O’Mahony J J


Boot and Shoe Makers

Corkery Patk

Cronin Danl

Cronin Michl

Cronin Patk

Hiickey J L

Kelleher D

Kiely Daniel

Kiely Denis

Moynihan D

Murphy Corns

O'Connor Corn,

OLeary Daniel

O Riordan D

O'Sullivan T


Brewers' Agents.

Linehan Mrs H, Main Street

Murray Michael & Co



Buckley Michl

Callaghan Timy

Duggan Daniel

McCarthy Danl Rathduane

O'Leary Danl, Adrivale



Buckley M

Duggan D

Mealy C

Riordan T


Cattle Dealers

Crowley B

Crowley Corns

Crowley Denis


China and Class Warehouse

O'Mahony J J



Buckley D P

Hickey Andrew


Coal Merchants,

Dennehy M J

Hegarty J P

Murphy M J

O' Mahony J J



Corcoran Michl

Murphy John



Kilcorney Creamery Co

Millstreet Creamery - J,Hegarty, prop


Drapers and Haberdashers,

Andrae Margt

Barrett Richd

Cooper John

Corkery Makgt

Dennehy Ellen

Griffin Thos J

Harding H

O'Connor H

O'Riordan M

Tangney D



Corkery J

Dinneen Mrs J

Murphy M

Murphy Nora

O'Sullivan H

O'Sullivan E


Dyers' Agent.

O’Mahony J J


Egg Merchants

Buckley M


O'Mahony J J


Grocers& Provision Dealers

Andrae Makgt

Buckley Michl

Buckley Miss

Carmody Patk

Corkery P J

Creedon MissN

Cronin Corns

Crowley Corns

Hickey MissH

Lenihan D

Moynihan Mrs

Murphy Mrs M

Murphy Susan

O'Leary Nano

O'Leary Margt

O’Mahoney JJ

Potts J

Riordan Jerh



Hickey Andrew

Radley John

Radley Wn:

O'Sullivan Jas

Riordan John



Dinneen T

O'Sullivan Patk


Horse Dealers.

Crowley Batt and Sons

Crowley Bros

Crowley Cornelius and Sons


House Furnishers Hardware Merchants.

Andrea M

Corkery P J

Crowley D

Dennehy P G

Harding N

Hegarty J P

Lenihan D

Murphy M

O'Mahony JJ



Murphy Jerh

Murphy Thos

O'Sullivan Patk


Lodging-house Keepers

Buckley Corns

Buckley D P

Buckley Michl

Carrol Tmthy

Crowley Barth

Hickey A J

Kiely James

McSweeney K

Murphy Thos

Radley M T


Marine Store and Licensed Dealers

Calvey Anthy
Ring Jeremiah



Corkery P

Cronin C

Kiely W

Riordan J



Cronin Cornelius J, Main street


Press Correspondent.

Dennehy Jas T

Murphy Timothy



Andrea Miss M

Corkery P J

Cronin Corns

Harding Miss N

Lenihan Danl

O'Connor H

O’Mahony J J

Riordan J


Tailors and Outfitters

Carson T B

Dineen J

Lehane John

Manly J

O'Connor John

O'Sullivan Tim



(Also Grocers.)

Buckley C

Buckley DenisT

Buckley James

Buckley Manna

Buckley M

Cotter P

Crowley Makgt

Daly John

Dennehy M J

Dennehy P G

Duggan A

Hickey D A

Hickey A J

Howard Joseph

Kelleher Cors

Kiely Mary

Linehan II

McSweeney K

Meade Margt

Moynihan B

Moynihan H

Murphy John D

Murphy Ml J

Murphy Mrs E

Murphy Thos

Murray Michl

Nicholson J

O'Callaghan P

O'Keeffe H

O'Keeffe Julia

O'Shea John C

O'Sullivan J

O'Sullivan T J

Price Helena

Rahilly Daniel


Vanston K


Victuallers .

Hennessy Thos

Moynihan J J

O’Mahony JT



Connell Timy

Ring Jeremiah




Electoral.div, Derragh :

O'Connor Cornelius, Duarrigle

Shine John, Churchhill

Singleton Michl J, Church hill

Kearney Mrs, Knockane

Morrissy John, Knockane

Electoral div. Keale

Cronin John J, Ploverfield

Cronin Mrs JJ, Gorteenafinogue:

Hickey Mrs ,Lisnashearhane

Leader Thos, Lisnashearhane

Leary D, Gorteenafinogue

McSweeney Wm, Flintfield

Murphy Timothy, Cleanrath

O'Connor Denis, Dramsicane

O'Mahony John, Flintfield house

Riordan F J, Dromsicane

Sheehan Cornelius, Cleanrath


Electoral div. Caherbarnagh.

Geran Daniel, Ballydaly

Murphy D J, D c, Ballydaly

Murphy John J, Knockagallane

Nunan Ben, Coolararney

Nunan Denis, Coolanarney

Riordan Mrs, Ballydaly

Electoral div, Coomlogane.

Buckley Patk, Ballyvouskill

Buckley P, Carrigacooleen

Condon P J, Ballynatona

Corkery John, Annagloor

Creedon P J, Ballynatona

Dennehy Denis, Cloghbolamore

Dennehy Denis J, Cloghboolamore

Duggan Daniel, Claraghatlea

Meany T, Gurraneduff

Murphy Eugene, Coolykeerane

Murphy J J, Coomlogane

Murphy John, Coomlogane


Shea Patrick, Carrigacooleen

Sullivan J, Ballynatona

Twomey Jeremiah, Kilmeedy

Williams J, Ballynatona

Electoral div. Drishane.

Barrett John, Tullig

Barrett Miss Kate, Liscahane

Buckley Daniel, Liscahane

Buckley John, D c, Liscahane

Corkery Timothy, Liscaharne

Doody M, Dooneens

Hartnett D, Liscreagh

Hartnett Miss M, Dooneens

Hennessy Thomas, Millstreet

Hickey Andrew D, Millstreet

Keleher Clement, Toorenbane

Kelleher Timy, Tooreenbane

Kelleher Jeremiah, Cockhill

Kelleher Patrick, Cockhill

Kelleher Patrick, Dooneens

Kelleher Timothy, Cockhill

Linehan Cornelius, Dooneens

Linehan Mrs Hannah, Tullig

Manly John, Cooleenaree

O'Callaghan Corns, J P, Altamount house

O'Callaghan Corns, Sunnyside house

O'Mahony John, Cockhill

O'Sullivan D, Cloghboolabeg

Q'Sullivan D J, Cloghboolabeg

O'Sullivan Thomas, Liscreagh house

Pomeroy R T; Willowbrook

Riordan D, Coolemore

Shea John, Cockhill

Shea Timothy, Cloghboolabeg

Sullivan Corns, Drominahilla

Electoral div . Rathcool.

Barren Anthony, Killowen

Creedon D, Rathcoole

Crowley Timothy, Drishanebeg

Hickey Andrew, Killowen

Kelleher James, Drishanebeg

McCarthy Justin, Kathcoole