(Urban District Council),

(Pop 4452)

Market town, head post, money order, telegraph and telephone call office

Mails despatched for Dublin, England, etc, week days 3.20, 10.0 pm

Postmaster-J O' Hagan ; J Treacy (acting)


Conveyances-Mallow a station on G S & W ry ; eleven trains to and from Cork daily

Stationmaster-W Murdock


Parlianaentary div North East Cork

County Electoral div Mallow



(See Special List)

Chairman Council – P O’Brien, JP, MCC

Chairman Guardians-John Murphy

Clerk-Maurice Regan

Assistant Cleric-Henry H Hanley

Master House-James Sweeny

Clerk of Works-C Hayes

Dispensary and Registration district of Mallow.

Med Officer and Regr-Dr Michl  Sheehan

District Nurses-Miss Byrne, Miss Gillespie and Mrs Keane



(See Special List)

Chairman-M E Fitzgerald, solr, MCC

Clerk-Thomas Wrixon

Town Surveyor-D J Buckley, C E

Collector of rates-G C McCarthy



Mallow Gas Works-Manager, Peter J McDougal



Petty Sessions held every Tuesday;

Quar Sess dist of Mallow

Clerk Petty Sess-J F Williamson

Timothy Hurley, assistant



Supervisor-William John Moore

Inland Revenue Officer-P Walsh

Pension Officer-D Calvin

Offices-49, Main street



(See Special Constabulary List.)

District Inspector-J B Bird

Head Constable-Daniel Sullivan

Constabulary station- Sergeant-J Bennett ; Act-sergt H F McGill



Wrixon Thomas, town clerk



Barry Bartholomew, Main street

Nunan James, solicitor, West end

O'Meara David J, solr, Bank place

Williamson James Franklin, CPS



Bank of Ireland-Agent, W Peirce

Provincial Bank ltd-Manager – E Tottenham ; accountant; G H Purdon

National Bank ltd - Manager, J Smith ; accountant; A E Hunt cashier, J T Dillon ; R R Barry



Mallow Agricultural and Show Society - Pres; R E Longfield, D L, J P, Longueville ;

chairman,  C A Webb, J P ; sec, M J Arch deacon ; offices, Town Hall

M allow Club-Hon sec, E 0 S Allen ; steward, H Dicker

Commercial Club-Sec, W Fitzpatrick ; steward, John Murphy

Mallow Young Mens Society – Fair street-Director, Rev R Ahern, C C

Youg Men's Association, Short castle-Pres, Ven Archd of Cloyne, DD ; vice-pres, K B Williams, J P

Gaelic League-Pres, Rev R Ahern

Dahallow Hunt Club-Hon sec, W H Nichols , Kilbrack, Doneraile

All for lreland League-Hon sec, M E Fitzgerald, solr



Ch lreland-Rev S H P Harman, MA, rector ; Rev S L Swanzy, BA

R Catholic – Very Rev  John S Canon Wigmore, DD, LLD,  PP; Rev M Madden, R Ahern and M Lane curates.

Presbyterian – Rev Thos Dysart and Rev Samuel Hopkins, BA

Methodist – Rev Bertram C Moran



Sisters of Mercy;-Rev Mother Mrs M Francis

TheBrothers of,St Patrick, Mallow Monastery – Rev Brother Calumba, superior



Mallow Academical and Intermediate Academy - Rev Brother Aloysius, principal



Inspectors of National Schools

(see Special List)

Convent--Very Rev John S Canon Wigmore, DD, LLD, Manager

Mallow (Protestant)-Jn Sweetnam, BA, head teacher

Mallow Monastery~-Rev Br Columba; Very Rev John S Canon Wigmore,DD, LLD, manager

Mallow P L U - Mss E Rea

Rahan- M Motherway, head teacher



Mallow lndustrial – (Catholic Female) Sisters of Mercy, managers


Fairs and Markets

1 Jan Shrove Mon, 13 May, 27 July, 30 Oct (horses,cattle and sheep); fairs falling on Sat held the following Mon. First Tues each month(cattle and sheep).Pig fairs day previous to all fairs. John Griffin clerk. Market days Tues and Fri.




Ahem Rev R, C C, Main street

Aloysius Rev Bro, principal, Academy

Allen E O S, The Red house

Allen James, Bridge street

Archdeacon M, Sandfield

Attridge Thomas, Claughlucas

Austin John, Quartertown

Bagge Mrs Jane, Summerville

Barren Miss, O'Brien street

Barren Michael, Ballyellis cot

Barren Patrick, Davis street

Barren The Misses, Ballydahin

Barrett William, Main street

Barry Barth, relieving officer

Barry D M, MRCVS, Nest

Barry Frank B, Main street

Barry James, Main street

Barry Mrs R, Bridge street

Barry Miss E, West end

Barry R R, National bank

Becher Mrs Wrixon, Fairyhill

Bell Major A, Springgarden cot

Berry Daniel, Bridge street

Berry John, Bridge street

Bird J B, district inspector R IC, West end

Bolster Ed naturalist, Bellevue

Bolster Mrs V, Annabella

Bolster W ,landstewrd,Dromore

Bolster Wm, Main Street

Brooke – Braiser Richard, JP, Ballygarrett

Brown Colonel Annabella villas

Brown Miss, Wm O'Brien street

Brown Thomas, Fair street

Bruton Mrs, Ballymagooly

Buckley Daniel, Gortroe

Buckley John, Fair street

Buckley  Maurice Bridge street

Burke Mrs J M, FLG,West end

Burns Michael, Quains lane

Bunts P J, Main street

Burrows R, Wm O'Brien street

Byrnes James, Main street

Callaghan John Ballydaheen

Callaghan John, Bathview

Callaghan Patrick, Fair street

Callaghan Wm Bridge street

Canty Elizabeth ; Shoulder st

Carroll James, :Main street

Claney Michael, Main st

Coakley James, JP, Kilquane, Mourneabbey

Coleman John, Fair street

Condensed Milk Co of Ireland

Connal Mrs E H, Firvilie

Connors John, Main street

Coote Mrs Purdon, Bearforest

Copps B, Wm O'Brien street

Copps Miss, Wm O'Brien st

Corby Mrs, Fair street

Cotter Miss Cath, Shortcastle

Coveney Richard, O'Brien st

Creahh H B, J P, Rough hill

Creagh Maj John, JP,UDC, Ard Craoib

Cremin Dents, Main street

Cronin Barbara, Ballydahin

Crania Miss, Bridge street

Cronin Mrs A, Main street

Cronin John, UDC, plain street

Cronin William, Quartertown

Crowley D, West end

Crowley J, West end

Daly John, Landscape terrace

Daly Michl, Thomas Davis tar

Daly Timothy, Landscape tar

Daly William, Ballydahin

Daly M J, O'Brien street

Davin N F, Bank place

Delaney John, Fair street

Dennehy J, Main street

Dillon J T, cashier Nat bank

Dillon Robert, Vest end

DickerH, steward Mallowclub

Dixon G G, Bank place

Donohue Margaret, Bank place

Donovan Cornelius, Spa walk

Donovan Corns M, UDC, Main st

Donovan Matthew, UDC, PLG, Wm O’Brien Street

Donovan Patrick, DC, Bridge st

Driscoll  M, Bridge street

Driscoll R, Gas works

Drohan Thomas; insp fisheries, Carrokeal

Dudley James J, solr, Garlands

Dysart Rev Thos, Pres minister

Elliott Michael, Bearforest lower

Elliott Miss D, Main street

Evans Miss, Main street

Evans Misses Bridge view

Farquhar Major J, RFA

Farrell Francis, Meat end

Farrell Miss T, West end

Finn John, Main stmt

Fitzgerald M,. Ballydahin

Fitzgerald M E, solr, CO C, UDC, PLG, West view

Fitzgerald Michael, Glenview

Fitzgibbon Mrs, West and

Fitzpatrick John, Bridge street

Fitzpatrick Miss, Barrack street

Fitzpatrick Timothy, Annaabella

Fitzpatrick Wm, acct, Main st

Flaming J F, West and

Flynn Miss, Ballydahin

Flynn Miss, Bank place

Flynn R, Chapel lane

Flynn T, Ballydahin

Flynn Thomas, Wm O'Brien si

Flynn William, Barrack street

Flynn John, Main street

Foley D, JP,mngr Milk factory West end

Foley M, West end

Foley Miss, West end

France Michael, Fair street

Francis Mrs M, Rev Mother Sisters of Mercy

Galvin D, inland revenue officer

Galway Colonel, RE, West end

Galway Mrs, Shortcastle

Garty F R, M P S I, Main street

Geany Mrs, Beecher street

GIeeson Michael, Bridge street

Golden John, J P, U D C, Main st

Golden John, jun, U D C, P L G, Bridge street

Golden 'I'imothy J, solr, Main st

Golden William -Main street

Graddy Mrs, Bridge street

Gray George, Ballydahin

Greany Tohn, Fair street

Griffin John, Wm O'Brien st

Griffin Mars; Kilnockin

Griffin Maurice, Fair street

Haines Charles H, Sunnyside

Haines C H, Annabella terrace

Hallinan Bros,Mallow flourmills

Haniver George, Bank place

Haniver Johanna, Bank place

Hanley Henry, Lackanalooha

Hanlon Miss Kate, Bridge st

Hanlon Miss, Main street

Hannarn Miss, Bank place

Harman Rev S H P, M A, rector

Harman John,  Rough hill

Harold J Owen, JP, Bank pl

Hasset Jerh, UDC, Bridge St

Hasset  J, UDC, PLG, William O’Brien St

Hassett T, Main street

Hayden James, West end

Hayden Mrs, West end

Hayes Cornelius, clerk of works, DC, Spa walk

Healy J, Main st

Healy Mrs, Fair street

Healy Patrick Main street

Hegarty Daniel, Fair street

Hegarty Denis, Fair street

Hegarty Mrs, Main st

Heneage Major the Hon H G, D S O, J P, Springmount

Herrick Miss, Fairyhill

Hickey John, Ballydahin

Hoare Michael, Main street

Hoare Mrs, Spa walk

Hogan M H, Main street

Homan Thos D, M D, 43 Bank pl

Hopkins Rev Samuel, BA, Pres minister

Huggard Stephen, O'Brien st

Hunt A E, accnt National bank

Hunt J Stopford, Ballymagooly

Hunt Patrick, Bank place

Hunt Percival, Eglantine

Hyde Edmond, Main street

Innes Mrs, Eden hill

Ives Joshua, Spa terrace

Johnston Charles, Prov bank

Kane Miss, Bridge street

Kearney P, Quartertown

Keating Daniel, Chapel tape

Keating Owen, Chapel lane

Kelly Miss N; Main street

Keely Mrs, Upper Bearforest

Kelleher Miss, Bridge street

Kennedy Michael, RIC, Spater

Kepple Daniel, sale, Main st

Kepple Mrs, Bank place

Kerr Samuel, Fair street

Kickhart Mrs, Bridge street

Lane Joseph J, U D C, Main st

Lane John, Main street

Lane Mary, Main street

Lane Miss, Church place

Lane Miss, 53 Main street

Lane Owen, U D C, Ballydahin

Lane Rev M, C C

Lane Richard, Ballydahin

Lane Timothy, Humes lane

Lane William, Becher street

Leahy Thos Carroll,JP,Woodfort

Lehane D, West and

Lehane Mary Anne, West end

Lindsay Mrs, Bank place

Linehan Mrs, Bank place

Linehan Wm, Ballydaheen

Lisle Lady, Annabella

Locker Capt W J, Killetra hse

Lombard Christopher, West end

Lombard H, Fairview

Lombard Miss Kate, Main st

Lombard Mrs H, Main street

Lombard S, Main st

Longfield J P, M F H, Waterloo

Longfield Lieut-Col A H, Waterloo

Longfield Richard E, J P, DL, Longueville

Looney John, Island

Looney Timothy, Bridge street

Lacy Corns, Wm O'Brien st

Lynch James, Quartertown

Lynch M, Spa walk

Lynch Miss F, Ironmines

Lynch Mrs, West End

Lyons Miss, Wm O'Brien street

Lyons P, Spa walk

Lysaght Mary, West end

McAuliffe John, Weat end

McAuliffe Miss, Bridge street

McAuliffe Patk, Baltydaniel

McCarthy Chris, UDC, Fair st

McCarthy D, Town hall

McCarthy G C;collector of rates

McCarthy James, Bridge street

McCarthy Jerh, Bank place

McCarthy John, Spa walk

McGartny Justin, Dc, Church pl

McCarthy Mrs, Bridge street

McCarthy Robert, Spa walk

McDonnell D, Main street

McDonnell Fred, 7 Spa terrace

McDonnell Mrs L, Clock house

McDougall Peter, mgr gas wrks

McGann James, Fair street

McGoldrick Miss A, nurse,Wm O'Brien street

McGolrick Mrs, Wm O'Brien st

McGrath John,sub-sanitofficer, West end

McLean E, Glenview terrace

McNeeney Nurse, Southern Nurses Home, West end

McQuitty W, O'Brien street

McSweeney Mrs F,Main street

Madden Rev M, CC, West end

Magner James, Chapel lane

Magner Patrick, Quartertown

Maher John, Chapel lane

Maher Robert, Chapel lane

Mahony Daniel, Fair street

Mahony Denis, Bridge street

Mahony Patrick, Tooreen

Mandeville E, engineer G S and W ry, Clyda

Meighan Patrick, UDC, DC, Bridge St

Montgomery EH, MD,Vittoria

Moore  Wm J, Annabella Villas

Moore Miss May, Main street

Moran John, Central hotel.

Morgan William, Bathview

Morphy Misses, Millbrook

Morris Michael, West End

Morrissy Misses, Bathview

Mortell P, Church place

Motherway M,NT, Rahan

Mullane Jeremiah, Tooreen

Mulroney Michl, Thos Davis ter

Murdock W, station master

Murphy James, Fair street

Murphy John, Fair street

Murphy Mr, Bridge street

Murphy William ; Ballydahin

Nagle Philip, Main street

Newman J R B, DL, JP, Newberry Manor

Nice Miss, Main street

Nunan & Co, Clock house

Nunan D, West end

Nunan James, solr, UDC, DC, Bank Place

Nunan John M, Ballyviniter

Nunan Michael J, Ballyviniter

O'Brien Maurice;DC, Ironmines

O'Brien Wm, M P, Bellevue hse

O'Callaghan J,Carmichaels lane

O'Callaghan Jos, St Josephs rd

O'Callaghan Wm, Main street

O'Connell A, UDC, Main street

O'Connell James, MD, Bank pl

O'Connell M B, UDC, Bridge st

O'Connell Miss B, Bridge st

O'Connor Dudley,solrs,West end

O'Connor J F, M D, Rockforest lodge

O'Connor Dr Daniel, Main. st

O'Connor John, Main street

O'Connor Maurice, Main street

O'Connor Michael; O'Brien st

O'Connor Miss, O'Brien street

O'Connor Mort, Main street

O'Connor Mrs M, PLG, Main st

O'Connor Patrick, Bidge st

O'Connor Patrick, Main street

O'Connorl'atrick, Quartertawrr

O'Connor R F, B A, BE , M INST, CE, county survyr, Clyda villa

O'Donovan C, Spa walk

O'Dwyer Stephen, West end

O'Flynn Thos, W O'Brien st

O'Gorman Mr, Robert Emmet st

O'Hagan J, post master

O'Halloran Ed, Ballymagooly

O'Hanlon Mrs, Rose cottage

O'Keeffe Edmond, Dromineen castle

O'Keeffe Nora, Main street

O'Keeffe Patrick, Main street

O'Keeffe William, Bridge st

O'Kelly B, Fair street

O’Leary Timothy, Spa walk

O'Mahony Miss M, West end

O’Meara David J, LL, D, solr, Bank place

O'Meara John, J P, Royal hotel

O'Neill Miss, Barb place

O'Reilly Miss M T, Bank pl

O’Shea Alexander, Main street

O'Shea M, Shortcastle

O'Shea Michael, O'Brien st

O'Shea Miss, Bridge street

O'Sullivan A, II in Agriculture, 4 West end

O'Sullivan James, Ballydahin

O'Sullivan Mrs M, Wm O'Brien street

Ollyott John, land steward,  Longueville

Owens Chas, Carmichaels lane

Paget Brig-Gen, MVO,Avondhu

Perrott W, Thomas Davis ter

Philpott Mrs H, Main street

Philpott Patrick, Main street

Plowman Geoffrey, Bearforest

Plowman Henry, Landscape ter

Power D, West end

Power Mrsrs, Bank place

Preston Jas, VS, Annabella villas

Priestly Harry, Annabella

Priestly Wm W; Bank place and Fair street

Purcell Miss, Vm O'Brien st

Purcell Mrs, Wm O'Brien st

Purcell Wills W, land agent, Dromore and Shortcastle

Purdon G H, acct Prov bank

Quaile Robert, Main street

Quinn Thomas, Main street

Quirke Michael, U D C, Main st

Radley H, Bridge street

Rankin Joseph, Rock cottage

Regan Denis, Tooreen

Regan Maurice, clerk R D C, Shortcastle

Ring D, West end

Ring John, Barrack street

Ring Mrs, Broom lane

Ring Mrs H, West end

Ring Richard, Main street

Riordan Mrs, Bridge street

Riordan J, 75 Main street

Robinson Peter, RIC, O''Brien st

Roche James A, Main street

Roche Mrs N, Bank place

Roche Redington, Pencil hill

Roche Thomas, Lodge

Rutherford Robt, Ballydahin

Rutherford Robt, land steward, Killetra

Ryan Charles, Barrack street

Ryan Denis, Abbeyswell

Ryan James, Main street

Ryan Joseph, Main street

Ryan Michael, Main street

Ryan Miss, Main street

Ryan Patrick, Fair street

Searles Mrs, West end

Sheehan & Son, Main street

Sheehan Corns, West end

Sheehan David, Broadview

Sheehan Denis, Bridge street

Sheehan Edward, O'Brien st

Sheehan Mrs, Nlaimstreet

Sheehan John, Main street

Sheehan John, Barrack street

Sheehan John, Thos Davis ter

Sheehan Michl, MD, West end

Sheehan Miss, O’Brien street

Sheehan Mrs, Bank place

Sheehan Mrs, Fair street

Sheehan Mrs E, Main street

Sheehan P, Main street

Sheehan Patrick, Bridge view

Sheehan Samuel,UDC, West End

Sheehan Thomas,Cortigan

Sheehan W, Main street

Sherman J, Bank place

Singleton T, Ballydahin

Sikes Francis G, Bailydaniel

Smith J, mangy National bank

Smith Miss E, Spa house

Southern Nurses Home; West end

Springer Michael, Fair street

Stack D, 51 Main street

Steepe George, Landscape ter

Steepe Wm, Landscape terrace

Sullivan Danl, head coast R I C

Sullivan Daniel B, UDC, D C, Main street

Sullivan Denis, Geraldville

Sullivan Edmond, Main street

Sullivan Eugene, Main street

Sullivan John, Broom lane

Sullivan Mrs, Wm O'Brien st

Swan Mrs, Annabella villas

Swanzy Rev  S L,BA ,Annabella terrace

Sweeney E, Main street

Sweeny Jas, master workhorse

Taylor Andrew, Becher street

Taylor Thomas, Bearforest

Thompson WJ, Main street

Tottenham E, mgr Prov bank

Tobin John, Market house

Treacy J B, CTlenview

Troy Mrs, Annabella

Turner James, Main street

Twomey J J, West end

Upington M J, Bath view

Vaughan Dr T J, West end

Wallace John, Thos Davis ter

Wallace Miss Nora, Main, street

Wallace Richard, Thos Davis ter

Walsh David, Canal

Walsh James, Bridge street

Walsh James, Quartertown

Walsh John Joseph, M D, Main st

Walsh Laurence, Bridge street

Walsh Miss B, Main street

Walsh Mrs, Main street

Walsh P J, inland , revenue officer, Annabella terrace

Walsh Patrick, Hibernia hotel, Bank place

Walsh T, UDC, DC, Bridge st

Walsh Thomas, Bath view

Walshe J, Goolds hill

Ward Connor; Bridge street

Ward Mrs, Bridge street

Ward Robert, Fridge street

Webb Charles A, J P, Wilton

Weedle G, Main street .

Weldon M J, Quartertown

White Hans Fell,JP; Springfort hall

Wigmore Very Rev John S Canon,DD,LLD,Bathviev

Williams K B, Main street and Hermitage

Williamson Colonel RF,CB,JP, Carrokeal

Williamson J F, C P S, land and insurance agent, Summerhill

Williamson Mrs, Old Dromore

Willis Richard, Main street

Wrixon T, town clerk, Bank pl



Fitzgerald M E, Main street

Golden T J, Main street

Kepple D, Bank place

Nunan James, West end

O’Connor & Dudley, West end

O'Meara David J, LLD,Bank pl


Physicians and Surgeons.

Homan Thomas D, Bank place

Montgomery E H Vittorta

O'Connell James, Bank place

O'Connor Daniel, Main street

O'Connor J F, Rockforest lodge

Sheehan Michael; Main street

Vaughan T J, West erd

Walsh John J, Main street


Veterinary Surgeons.

Barry David NT, West end

Preston Jas, Annabella,villas


Chemists .

Garty F R, Main street

Dixon G G, Bank place

Q'Connell J D, Main street

Walsh John J, M D, Main street


Architects and Surveyors.

Buckley DJ,Urban Council office

O’Connor R F, Clydaville


Hotels .

Hibernian,Bank place-Patrick Walsh, prop

The Central, Main street-John Moran, prop

The Royal-J O'Meara, prop

Victoria Hotel, Main street- John Boland prop

West End-J Healy, prop


Arms & Ammunition Dealers.

Harold J O, Main street

Thompson WJ, Main street


Auctioneers .

Davin N F, Bank place

Golden John, Main street

Sullivan D B, Main street



Barry James, Main street

Buckley John, Bridge view

Byrne James, Main street

Lane Owen, Ballydahin

McAuliffe John, West end

O'Connor Mrs, Main street

Ryan Miss, Main street

Sheehan P, Main street

Sullivan Eugene, Main street

Wallace Miss Nora, Main street


Bill Posters.

Hickey John, Ballydahin

O'Suilivan James, Ballydahin


Blacksmiths .

Barren Bros, Bridge street

Burns Michael, Quains lane

Burrows S, Wm O'Brien street

Flynn R, Chapel lane

McCarthy Jerh, Chapel lane

Murphy William, Ballydahin

O’Callaghan Wm, Main street


Boot and Shoe Makers.

Buckley John Fair street

Callaghan William, Bridge st

Coveney Richard, O'Brien

Lane John, Main street

Mahony James, Fair street

O'Connor John, Main street

O'Kelly B, Fair street

Ryan Patrick, Fair street


Boot and Shoe Warehouses

Barren Wm, Main street and Bridge street

Callaghan Wm, Bridge street

Dennehy John, Main street

Quinn Thomas, Bank place

Ring D, Main street and West end

Riordan John, Main street

Walsh Mrs, Main street


Brewers Agents,

Barry James ; Main street

Nunan & Co, Clock house

Priestly T W, Bank place and Fair street


Builders and Contractors

Bolster G, Bridge street

Crowley J, Nest end

Donovan P, Bridge street

Flynn William, Main street

Hassett Jeremiah, Bridge street

Hegarty Denis, Fair street

O'Keeffe Patk & Sons, Main st

Sherman J, Bank place


Car Owners.

Golden John, Main street

Hassett Jerh, Bridge street

Keating Daniel, Chapel lane

Keating Oven, Chapel lane

Lane Owen, Ballydahin

Lane William; Becher street

Magner James, Chapel lane

Maher John, Chapel lane

Maher Robert, Chapel lane

Mahony Daniel, Fair st

Mahony Denis, Ballydahin

Moran john, Main street

Nagle Philip, Main street

O'Connell Michl, Bridge street


Cattle Dealers,

Berry Daniel, Bridge street

Berry John, Bridge street

Greany John, Fair street

Lane Richard Main street

Lombard Christopher Main st

Lombard H, Bathview terrace

McCarthy John, Spa terrace

McCarthy R, Bridge street

Quirke M, Main street

Sheehan Cornelius West end

Sheehan David, Broadview

Sheehan Edward, O’Brien st


China, Glass and Earthenware Dealers.

Dennehy J, Main street

Donovan P, Bridge street

Farrell Francis, West end

Fitzgibbon Mrs, West end

Lane Miss, Main street and Bridge street

McCarthy Mrs, Bridge street

O’Shea Michael, O Briens st

Ryan J, Main street

Ward Conor, Bridge street



Crowley D, Vest end

Nagle Philip, Main street


Coal Merchants.

Golden John, Main street

Morris Michael,West end

Roche James, Main street

Suttons Limited, Railway station


Commercial Agents.

Barred Mch1, Bailyellis cottage

Barren John, Bridge street

Blake J, Bellevue

Dennehy John, Main street

Fleming J T, Vest end

O'Connell William, Bridge st

O'Gorman Michael, Barrack st

Toomey J J, West end


Condensed Milk Manufctrs.

Condensed Milk Co of Ireland - D Foley, J P, manager


Confectioners .

Boland Miss, Main street

Farrell F, West end

Haniver Johanna, Main street

Lynch Mrs, Thos Davis terrace

O'Keeffe N, Main street

Roche Nora, Bank place

Sheehan Miss, Main street



Fitzgerald M, Ballydahin

Herlihy William, Fair street



Mourne A bbey Co-operative Dairy Society – president  J R B Newman, JP


Cycle Agents.

Baker R B, Main street

Thompson W J, Bank place



Barrett W, Main street

Cronin M,West end

Evans Miss, Main st

Lane Miss, Main street

Moore Miss M, Main street

O’Connor Mortr & Co, Main st

Ring D ,West end

Walsh Miss B C, Main street

Walsh Mrs, Main street


Dressmakers and Miiliners

Cronin Miss, Bridge street

Evans Miss; Main street

Fitzpatrick Miss, Barrack street

Flynn Miss, Ballydahin

Flynn Miss, Bank place

Healy Mrs Fair street

Kane Miss, Bridge street

Lane Mary, Main street

Lyons Miss, Wm O'Brien st

McGoldrick Miss,WmO'Brien st

Purcell Miss (baby linen), Wm O'Brien street

Reidy Miss, Spa Walk

Rutherford Misses, Main st

Ring Mrs, West end


Egg and Poultry Stores

McSweeny Mrs E (wholesale) William O’Brien street and (retail) Main street

Mortell Brothers, Main street

Roche James, Main street

Tarrant Bros, Main street


Fancy Warehouses.

Lane Miss, Main street

O'Connell John A, Main street

O'Shea M, Bridge street

O'Shea Michael, O'Brien street

Welsh Miss B Main street


Fishing Tackle Manufactrs.

Bolster Edward, Bellevue

Harold Joseph O, JP, Bank pl


Fish Merchants.

Bolster William, Main street

Canty Elizabeth, Shoulders

Daly John, O'Brien street


Flour and Meal Dealers.

Barry James, Main street

Buckley John, Ballydahin

Byrne James, Main street

O'Connor Mrs M, Main st

Ryan Miss, Main street

Sheehan P, Main street

Sullivan Eugene, Main°street

Main Wallace Miss, street



Boland Miss, Bank place

Elliott Miss M, Main street

O'Keeffe Miss Norah, Main

Sweeney Edward, Main street

Ward Mrs, Bridge street



Barren Patrick, Main street

Barry Frank B, Main street

Byrnes James, So Main street

Cronin Mrs A, Main street

Fitzgerald Henry, Bridge street

Foley Maurice, West end

Golden John junr, Bridge street

Hannan :Miss, Bank place

Haniver Johanna, Main street

Hayden Mrs, West end

Hunt Patrick, Bank place

Lane Owen, Ballydahia

Looney Timothy, Bridge street

McSweeney Mrs E, Main street

Meighan Patrick Bridge street

Nunan & Co, Clock house

O'Connor M ~ Co, Main street

O'Connor Patrick, Main street

Philpott Mrs, Main street

Sheehan John, Main street

Sullivan D B, Main street

Sullivan Edmund, Main street

Sullivan Mrs, Wm O'Brien

Tarrant Bros, Main street

Turner James, Main street

Welsh James, Bridge street

Welsh T, Bridge street



Healy Patrick, Fair street

Nunan D, West end

Stack D, Main street


Harnessmakers & Saddlers.

Lombard S, Main street

Murphy Michael, Main street

Riordan John, Main street



Evans Mary, Main street

Lane Miss, Main street

O'Shea Michael, Bridge street

O'Connell John, Main street

Welsh Miss B, Main st


Insurance Agents

Austin J F

Davin N F

Fitzgerald M E

Haniver Geo

Higgins John

Morgar Wm

Mulroney Ml

Nunan James

O'Meara D J

Peirce W

Plowman Hy

Ruche Jas A

Smith J S

Steepe Geo

Thompson W J

Tottenham E

Williamson J F

Wrixon 'I'



Burrowes E,Wm O' Brien street

Carroll James, Main street

Donovan Cornelius M, Main

Donovan Patrick, Bridge st

Lombard S, Main street

Sheehan & San, Main street



Weedle G, Bank place


Law Clerks.

Copps B, O'Brien street

Delancy Mathew, Fair street

Lynch Michael, Thos Davis ten

Quinlan P, Ballydahin

Roche R, Becher street


Leather Merchants.

Connors John, Main street 

Riordan J, Main street


Loan Office .

Wallace Miss, Main street


Lodging-house Keepers.

Brown Miss, WmO'Brien street

Corby Mrs, Fair street

Daly M J, O'Brien street

Donohue Mrs, Bank place

Farrell F, West end

Lane Miss, Church place

Larne Miss, Bridge street

Lehane D, West end

Lindsay Mrs M, Bank place

McGolrick Mrs, O'Brien street

Philpott Mrs, Main street

Roche Mrs Norah, Bank place

Sheehan Mrs, Fair street


Marine Store Dealer.

McCarthy Mrs, Bridge street



Quartertown and Mallow Flour Mills-Hillman Bros, props

Steam Mills, Main street-K B Williams, prop


Music Teachers.

Evans Norah, Bridge view

Purcell Mrs, Wm O'Brien st

Weldon Mrs, Fair street


News Agents,

Barry Miss E, West end

Cronin Mrs A, Main street

Eason & Son, Railway station

Field Thomas, Main

Foley M, West end

Moore Miss, Main street

O'Keeffe N, Main street

Sullivan D B, Main street


Newspaper Correspondent.

FitzpatrickWilliam,Main street


Nursing Institutions:

Southern Nurses Home, West end-Nurse McNeeney, mtrn


Oil and Colour Merchants.

Burrowes R, Wm O'Brien st

Carroll J J, Main street

Donovan Corns M, Main street

Sheehan P J & Son, Main st



Butler William; Kihi house

Callaghan Patrick, Fair street

Cronin Michael, Bridewell lane

Murphy James, Fair street

Murphy Mars, Spa walk

Nagle Edward, Chapel lane

Radley H, Main street

Ring John, Main street

Ring Richard, Mam street

Ring Timothy, Main street

Ryan Charles, Main street

Ryan Joseph, Main street

Ryan Michael, Main street

Scads Robert, Barrack street

Sinnot Thomas, Chapel street

Willie Richard; Main street



Henley James, Main street

Nunan & Go, Main street

Ward Robert, Bridge street



Daly J, Bridge street



Barren Bros, Bridewell lane

Barren Canal Patrick,

Buckley J J, Barrack street

O'Shea Alexander, Main street

Sheehan Denis, Bridge street



Hoare Mrs, Spa walk


Provision Dealers.

Dennehy John, Main street

Farrell F, West end

Finn John, Main street

Hassett Miss, Spa square

Lane Miss, Church place

Lane Miss M, Main street

Lane Miss, Lower Main street

Power Mrs, Bank place

Quirke Michael, Main street

Riordan Mrs, Bridge street

Sweeney E, Main street

Tenant Bros, Main street

Ward Connor, Bridge street


Refreshment Rooms.

Corby Mrs, Fair street

Cupps Miss,Wm O'Brien street

Daly MJ, O'Brien street

Haniver Johanna, Main street

Koenigs F J, Railway station,

Lane Miss, Bridge street

Roche Mrs Norah, Bank place

Sheehan Miss, O'Brien street

Sheehan Mrs, Fair street

Sweeney E, Main street

Ward Connor, Bridge street


Salt and Lime Kilns.

Barry James, Main street



Barry Miss E, West end

Barrett John, Bridge street

Harold Joseph O, Bank place

O'Connell J A, Main street

O'Connor Miss,Wm O'Brien

O'Reilly Miss M T, Bank place

O'Shea Michael, O'Brien street

O'Shea Michael, Bridge street


Tailors and Outfitters.

(See also Drapers.)

Clancy Cornelius, Spa square

Clancy Michael, Main street

Gleeson Michael, Bridge street

Hassett John,_Wm O'Brien

Hassett T, Main street

McCarthy John, Bathview

Mannax James, Broom lane

Quaile Robert, Main street

Singleton T, Ballydahia

Sullivan John, Broom lane


Shorthand Teachear and Accountant.

Lynch Michael, Thos Davis ten



Barren John, Main street

Barren William, Main street

Barry Francis, Main street

Barry Miss E, West end

Byrne James, Main street

Donovan Patrick, Bridge street

Farrell Francis, West end

Harold J O, Bank place

Hunt Patrick, Main street

Lombard Miss K, Main street

McSweeney Mrs, Main street

O'Regan Mrs, Main street

O'Reilly Miss M'I', Bank place

Philpott Julia, Main street

Ring Mrs D, Main street

Ruche Miss ; Main street

Sheehan Mrs, Main street

Sullivan D B, Main street

Sullivan E, Main street

Turner James, Main street



Golden John, Main street

Hassett Jeremiah, Bridge street

Lane Oaven, Ballydahia

Nagie Philip, Bank place

O'Connell M B, Bridge street



Lombard C, West end

Lucy Cornelius, Wm O'Brien

McCarthy Anne, Main street

McCarthy Christopher, Fair

McCarthy Edward, Bridge st

McCarthy Justin, Main street

McDonnell D, Main street

McGann James, Fair street

Quirke M, Main street

Nerd Connor, Bridge street



Barren Cornelius, Ballydahn

Barren Mrs T, Bridge street

Barren Patrick, Mam street

Barry Francis, Main street

Boland John, Main street

Browne Denis, Main street

Buckley Daniel, Gortroe

Byrne James, Main street

Collins Mr, West end

Cremin D, Main street

Cremin Mrs J, Monaparst~n

Cronin Barbara, Ballydahia

Cronin John, Main street

Cronin Mrs A, Main strut

Cronin William, Quartertown

Daly M J, O'Brien street

Daly Margaret, Ballydahia

Donovan Julia,William O'Brien street

Fitzgerald Godwin, William O'Brien street

Fitzgerald Henry, Ballydahia

Fitzpatriek T, Annabella

FitzpatrickWilliam, Main street

Flynn Thomas, Wm O'Brien st

Foley M, West end

Geany Mrs, Becher street

Golden John J, jun, Bridge st

Golden John, J P, Main street

Haniver Johanna, Main street

Hanlon Miss, Main street

Hanlon Miss Kate, Bridge st

Hannon Mary, Bank place

Hassett Jeremiah, Bridge street

Hayden Mrs, West end

Healy Joseph, West end hate

Healy Patrick, Main street

Hegarty Mrs, Main street

Hunt Patrick, Main street

Hyde Mrs, Bridge street

Lane Michael, Bridge street

Lane Miss, Main street

Lane Owen, Ballydahia

Linehan Hannah, Bank place

Lombard Miss K, Maila street

Looney Timothy, Bridge street

Lynch A, Wm O'Brien street

McAuliffe Miss, Bridge street

McAuliffe John,  West end

McAuliffe Patrick, Baltydaniel

McDonnell Mrs I, Clock house and Ballydahia

McDonnell Mrs B, Spa square

Mahony Patrick, Tooreea

Meighan Patrick, Bridge street

Moran John, Central Hotel,Main street

Muliane Jeremiah, Toreen

Murphy Mr, Bridge strut

O'Connell Michl B, Bridge st

O'Connor Mortimer, Maiar st

O'Connor Patrick, Bridge street

O'Connor Patrick, Main street

O'Hallaran Ed, Ballymagooly

O'Keeffe Patrick,Main street

O'KeefFe William, Bridge street

O'Meara J, Royal Hotel, Annabella

O'Sullivan Mrs, Wm O’Brien st

Ovens Norah, Fair street

Philpott Julia, Main street

Began Denis, Tooreerl

Ruche Mrs, Main street

Ryan Denis, Abbeyswell

Sheehan John, Main street

Sheehan William, Main street

Sullivan D B, Main street

Sullivan Edmond, Main street

Tenant E, Main street

Turner James, Main street

Walsh Arthur, Spa square

Walsh James, Quartertown

Walsh James, Bridge street

Walsh Mass B C,WmO'Brien st

Walsh Miss, Spa

Walsh Mrs, Tuckeys hill

Welsh Patrick, Main street

Welsh Timothy, Bridge street


White Smith.

Driscoll James, Ballydahia


Wool Merchant.

Priestley T W, Bank place and Fair street




Electoral div, Carrig.

Barren Maurice, Lissanisky

Buckley John, Annakissa

Buckley John, D C, Kilcanway

Howard Mrs, Kilcanway

Kavanagh D, Laclhanamona

Kepple John, Carrig

Lyons James, Carrigpark

Lloyd Miss, Kilcanway

Madden Jerh, Lackanamona

Magner James, Kilcanway

Morrissy Mrs, Lissanisky

Nagle Richard, Kilcanway

Roche Thomas, Clashnabrook



Electoral div. Mallow.

Barry James, Carrigoon

Breen John, Ballyviniter

Brien Maurice; Spagler.

Connolly Mrs, Ballyviniter

Flynn John, Firville

Foley Airs, Dromsligo

Golden John, Carrigoon

Harman John, Curraghphadeen

Lane George, Carrigoon

Lane Godwin, Carrigoon

Linehan Patrick, Kilnockan

Lynch Albert, Firville

Lynch Ellen, Ironmines

Lynch Mrs, Beechmount

Lyons James, Cloghlucas

Lyons Mrs, Paxkadallane

Navin Mrs, Ballygarrett

Nunan James, Ballyviniter

Nunan John, Ballyviniter

Nunan Michael J, Ballyviniter

O'Brien Maurice, Spa glen

O'Brien Richard, Fountainville

O’Connell John Knockane

O'Connell Maurice, Lisleigh

O'Connor Martin, Ironmines

O'Connor Michael, Ironmines

O'Dwyer Stephen, Woodland view

Sheehan Corns, Lackanalooka

Sheehan David, Spa Glen

SheehanJolin, Cloghlucas north

Sullivan Mrs, Ballyviniter

Suhtiqan Alrs, Carrigoon

Tarrant Kobert, Lodge

Troy Mrs. Anrabella

WalshEdmond, Ballyviniter

Watch Edmond W, Ballyviniter



Electoral div. Ma11ow .

Callaghan Eugene,Quartertown

Reidy Denis, Quartertown

Sweeney James, Quartertown

Walsh James, Quartertown

Walsh Robert, Quartertown

Woods R, Quartertown



Electoral div, Rahan.

Barren John,D C, Rockfvrest

Barren Mrs Sarah, Lavally lwt

Callaghan Daniel, Fiddane

Conway John, Fiddane

Cronin Daniel, Fiddane

Farrell M, Rahan

Fitzpatrick Cornelius, Fiddane

Franks H M, Dromrahan

Hartnett Daniel, Fiddane

Hartnett James, Fiddane

Lyne Mrs, Lavally

O'Leary Daniel; Lavally

Roche William, Rahan

Sullivan John, Rockforest

Walsh Jeremiah, Fiddane

Walsh Mrs, Fiddane