Rathmore, Co. Kerry. (Pop 195)


Post, moneyorder and telegraph office

Postmistress-Hanora O'Leary


Conveyances - Rathmore 2-1/4m. (Tralee and Killarney br G S & W ry) nearest station


Parliamentary div North Cork

County Electoral div Boherboy


Rural District Council Millstreet

Elec. div . Knocknagree


Dispensary and Registration district of Cullen


Petty Sessions Court-every first Thursday in month.

Quar Sess dists of Kanturk and Mallow

Clerk Petty Sess-Barth Cronin


Constabulary district of Kanturk.

In charge of Knocknagree station- Acting-Sergeant George Clune


National School-head teachers

Knocknagree-Michael Burns ; Mrs J C Herlihy


Fairs and Markets-20 Jan, 20 Feb, 22 Mar (horses and cattle), 28 April, 16 May, 16 June, 25 July, 16 Aug (horses and cattle), 16 Sept, 20 Oct, 16 Nov, 16 Dec ; pig markets previous days. Clerk, Denis Breen



Begley Norah, grocer

Bradley John, grocer

Breen Denis, draper

Breen Patriclt D, JP, MCC, CDC, baker, vintner, Farrankeal

Buckley Cornelius, vintner

Buckley Denis, vintner

Buckley O, boot and shoe wrhse

Burke Ellen, grocer

Burns Michael, N T

Casey William, grocer

Collins, Patrick, grocer

Connell J, newsagt, Farrankeal

Cronin Eugene, vintner

Daly Mary, vintner

Galvin Jeremiah, carpenter

Guiney Daniel, grocer, vintner

Mealy James, vintner

Herlihy Mary, grocer, vintner, and hardware merchant

Herlihy John C, N T

Herlihy Michael, vintner

McCarthy Denis, grocer

Mahony Catherine, grocer

Meade John, vintner

Murphy Daniel D, innkeeper

Murphy John, grocer

Murphy Michael D, vintner

Murphy Patrick D, grocer

Murphy Timothy T, vintner

0 Connell Hannah, vintner

O'Keefie Daniel, bootmaker

O'Keeffe Michael, grocer

O'Leary N, grey, hardware mcht

O'Riordan William, grocer, etc

O'Sullivan Denis E, vintner

Sheehan John

Sheehan Patrick, Knocknagree

Stack John, grocer

Sullivan Dl, groc & pros mcht

Sweeney Denis, blacksmith

Welsh Michael, vintner




Breen PatriekD, JP, MCC, CDC, Farrankeal

Buckley Michael, Park

Buckley Timy T, Lyredaowen

Callaghan Jerh, Knockyhena

Carroll Timy, Nohovaldaly

Casey Cornelius, Knocknagree

Casey Maggie, Laghtsigh

Casey Kate, Farrankeal

Connell Timothy, Farrankeal

Connor Julia, Park

Connor Michael, Nohoval up

Cremin Denis, Park

Cremin Patrick, Lackanastooka

Cronin Ellen, Knocknagree

Cronin John, Park

Cronin Patrick, Nohoval

Cronin Sylvester, Knocknagree

Cronin Timothy, Laghtsigh

Daffy James, Tooreenreaghy

Daly John, Nohoval lower

Daly Timothy, Nohoval lower

Denahy Philip, Nohoval upper

Duggan Denis, Knocknagree

Duggan John, Nohoval upper

Duggan, Margaret, Nohoval up

Duggan Michael, Nohoval lr

Fitzgerald Michl, Lyredaowen

Fitzgerald Thos, Mountinfant

Fitzpatrick James, Carrigaline

Guiney Patrick, Scrahan

Hartnett Daniel, Knocknagree


Herlihy Jr.,hn, Farrankeal

Herlihy John, Park

Herlihy John C, Scrahan

Hickey Andrew, Knockyhena

Hickey_Andrew, Lyredaowen

Hickey D A, Knockyhena

Hickey Corns D, Nohovaldaly

Hickey Daniel, Knockyhena

Hickey Daniel, Nohovaldaly

Hickey Daniel T, Scrahan

Hickey Denis, Carrigaline

Hickey Denis, Knockyhena

Hickey Denis J, Knockyhena

Hickey Mary, Farrankeale

Hickey filmy, Tooreenareaghy

Howard Timothy, Laghtsigh

Keeffe Dems, Farrankeal

Keeffe Hugh, Park

Kelieher Denis, Lackanastooka

Kerrin Julia, Nohovaldaly

Leary Denis, Mountinfant

Leary Jeremiah, Knockyhera

Leary Timothy, Carrigaline

Linehan Daniel, Knockyhera

Linehan John, Knockyhera

Kong Bartholomew, Scrahan

Lynch Daniel, Knocknagree

Mahony Jeremiah, Shanbally

Mahony Julia, Shanbally

Mahony Michael, Farrankeal

Moynihan H, Nohoval upper

Murphy Benjamin,Nohovaldaly

Murphy Bridget, Mountinfant

Murphy Denis, Laghtsigh

Murphy John, Nohovaldaly

Murphy John P, Nohovaldaly

Murphy Michael, Nohoval up

O'Connor Jas D, Lyreadoun

O'Keeffe Francis, Nohoval lr

O'Keeffe Hugh, Mountinfant

O'Iseeffe Wm, Dc, Lyredaowen

O'Leary Cornelius, Carrigaline

Rahilly Batt, Shanbally

Ring James, Lackanastooka

Ring Kate, Lackanastooka

Ring John, Tooreenreaghy

Riordan Wm, Knochnagree

Sheehan Andrew, Nohovaldaly

Sheehan Patrick, Knocknagree

Sheehan Thomas, Nohovaldaly

Sullivan Andrew, Nohoval up

Sullivan Cornelius, Lyreadoun

Sullivan Denis, Nohaval upper

Sullivan Timy, Laclcanastooka

Twomey Hugh, Nohoval upper

Twomey Margt, Lackanastooka

Walsh Daniel, Carrigaline