(Pop 337  )


Post, money order and telegraph office

Postmaster-Michael J O'Donnell


Conveyances-Glanworth 6 m . (G S & W ry) nearest station


Parliamentary div North East Cork

County Electoral  div Mitchelstown


Rural District Council Mitchelstown

Electoral divs. Derryvillane, Farahy, Kildorrery, and Templerleolaga and Marshalstown


Dispensary and Registration dist.of Kildorrery

Med officer and Registrar – Dr Cornelius Buckley


Petty Sessions Coacrt-2nd Wednesday of month. Quarter Sess discs of Midleton and Fermoy

Clerk Petty Sessions-David W J Browne, Mitchelstown

Constabulary dist of Mitchelstown.

In charge of Kildorrery station- Sergeant Patrick Clune


National Bank (sub-office)—open every Wednesday


National Schools-head teachers

Farahy – William JFitzgerald ; Mrs Kate Costello

Graigue-Timothy Dunne ; Miss Mary Lonergan

Scart-M J Spillane ; Mary Nunan


Fairs and Markets-Kildorrery, 1 May, 27 June,3 Sept, 27 Nov. Pigs 1st  Wednesday in each month. Butter,fowl and general market Wednesday.

Baron— John O'Regan



Abel Frank, surgeon dentist

Alcorn Rev Henry, B A, rector

Barry Mrs MA, Ballyenahan hse

Bowen Henry Cole, BL, JP, Bowenscourt

Browne Rev John, C C

Buckley Corns, M D, Marshalstown house

Drake Thos, J P, D C, Oldcastletown

Gates William, surgeon dentist, The Cottage

Gavin William, dentist

Kennedy Wm, J P, M C  C, D C

McDonald Alex J, M RC V S

O'Donovan Rev W, P P


Hotel .

Thornhill Thomas B


Creameries .

Ballindangan Creamery, Newmarket Dairy Co-J J Carrol, manager

The Castle Dairy-Ml Walsh, M C C, D D, proprietor

West Surrey Central Dairy Co factory-Gates Bros, props


Posting and Funeral Establishment.

Thornhill T B


Quarry Proprietor.

Coffee John, Waterdyke



Larders John


Shopkeepers, etc.

Barrett Mrs M,general merchant

Bell .John W, shopkeeper

Cahalan Mary; vint, etc

Cahalane William, vintner, etc

Carroll Thomas, vintner

Clancy Mrs Julia, shopkpr, vint

Collins David, genl mrcht, vint

Cross W, forge and smith

Dwane Mrs B, general merchant and Farmer

Dwyer Mrs, shopkeeper, farmer

Finn Thomas, contractor, iron-

Fitzgerald Anne, shopkeeper

Fleming Ellen, shopkpr, Farahy monger, timber merchant

Fox Mary Ann, vintner, farmer

Fox Mrs J, vintner, Farmer

Kennedy Wm, grocer, harness maker, vintner

Lonergan Teresa, shopkeeper

Lyons Wm, shopkpr,vint,farmr

Murphy Timothy, vcct, gen mcht

Nash Thomas, draper, grocer, farmer

O'Donnell Michl J, emig agent, draper, postmaster, etc

O'Donnell Terence,vint, farmer

O'Mahony Edmund; vintner

Thornhill Carey, coal merchant, vintner and farmer

Walsh Thomas, vint, ironmngr, car owner

Younge Peter,, shopkr, Farahy




Electoral div Derryvillane .

Duane Patrick, Aghacross

O'Connor Thomas, Aghacross

O'Regan John, D C, Aghacross

Sullivan J jun,-Aghacross



Electoral div. Derryvillane .

Ahem Patrick, Ballydeloughy

Baker Owen, Ballindangan

Blackburne W, Ballindangan

O'Brien John, Ballindangan

Walsh William, DC, Castleterry



Electoral div . Farahy.

Carroll Michael, Farahy

Casey Mrs, Meadstown

Coghlan Patrick, Meadstown

Creed Mrs M, Meadstown

Duane John, Meadstown

Dwane Martin, Farahy

Fitzgerald J, Farahy

Fouhy John, Meadstown

Harman Mrs, Tankardstown

Hodgins James, Farahy

McGrath Mrs, Tankardstown

Mead Patrick, Meadstown

Nosh James, Ballynoe

Therry John, JP;Tankardstown

Walsh James, Ballyshonock

Walsh Michael, Ballyshonock

Walsh Mrs A, Tankardsiown


Electoral div. Kildorrery

Mahony P, Quitrent mountain



Electoral div. Farahy

Roche Michael J, Carhoa


Electoral div ; Kildorrery.

Caplice Thomas, Cullenagh

Coghlan Mrs, Oldcastletown

Cotter James, Scart

Daly Andrew, Scarf

Dwyer Timothy, Oldcastletown

Fenton Mrs, Oldcastletown

Hennessy Mrs, Ballyvisteen

Keating Mrs; Wrensboro

Kennedy Wiliiam,JP,MCC,RDC, Kildorrery

Noonan John, Cullenagh

O'Regan Michl, Oldcastletown

Shinnick Bernd, Oldcastletown

Wallace Mrs, Oldcastletown



Electoral div . Templemolaga.

(See also Knockanevin.)

Caplice Michael, Graigue

Coghlan John, Graigue

Connell Mrs, Graigue

Dunne T, Graigue

Kirke Daniel, Graigue

Meyers Michael, Graigue

O'Brien William, Graigue

Walsh David, Graigue

Walsh Mrs, Graigue