(pop 1,518)


Market town, post, money order and telegraph office

Postmaster-Chris Fetherston

Stamp distributor-PO'Callaghan


Conveyances - Kanturk a station G S & W ry ; three trains from and to Cork daily



Parliamentary div North Cork

County Electoral div Kanturk



(See Special List)

Chairman Council-J D O'Connor, J P

Chairman Guardians--James O'Reilly, Kilbarry

Clerk-Timothy Guiney

Medical officer-Dr E S Barry

Master of House-Timothy Linehan

Labour master-J Linehan


Dispensary and Registration Dist of Kanturk

Medical officer and Regr-Dr P J O'Leary

District Nurses-E O'Dwyer and E Shine



Petty Sessions held each alternate

Saturday, Qnar Sess dist of Kanturk

Clerk Petty Sess--C Fetherston



(See Special Constabulary List)

District Inspector-John J Banc

Head Constable-John Duffy

Constabulary station- Sergeants P Sullivan and P Dennehy



Guiney Timothy, Clerk of Union

Guiney John, M P, deputy registrar



Barry Johu A F, National Bank

Fetherston Christopher, C P S

O'Sullivan D H



C J O'Kelly, Newmarket



National Bank Ltd - Manager, John A F Barry ; cashier, James Mahony

Provincial Bank Ltd-Manager, John J Mitchell ; cashier, M Cleary



Ch Ireland-Rev A C Martin, M A, rector

R Catholic-Very Rev Eugene B Canon O'Connell, V F, P P ; Revs Joseph O'Keeffe and Edmond Griffin, curates



Sisters of Mercy-Rev Mother, Mrs Regis



National-head teachers

Convent-Sisters of Mercy

Male senior-Michael Shine

Preparatory junior-M Alphonsus Colbert, Wm O'Keeffe

P L U-Miss M Shine

Derrygallon-Eugene Riordan, Kate O'T'oole

Lismire John Hislaan ; Miss Mary Coliins

Toorard-Michael O'Connor; Mrs M O'Connor


Fairs & Markets-31 Jan, 14 Feb, 18 Mar, 11 Apr, 4 May, 13 June , 4 July, 8 Aug, 29 Sept, 3 Nov, 11 Dec.

Pig markets - 30 Jan, 13, Feb, 16 Mar, 10 Apr,1 May, 12 June, 3 July,7 Aug; 29 Sept, 2 Nov, 10 Dec.

Butter market every Tuesday during season ; general market Saturday, Baron, Jerh Fitzpatric:k



Bane John J, dirt insp R I C

Barry Edward Sheehy, M D, ParK house

Barry Gerard P, Park house

Barry Henry Richard, solicitor,Ingledene

Barry john A F,mangr Nat bank

Barry William F,J P, Park house

Barren William, O'Brien street

Beytagll Ed A, solr, Church st

Bolster Geo, R N,JP, Springviile.

Bolster Geo S, J P, Glenmount

Bolster Mrs M, Egmont villa

Cleary M, Provincial bank

Collins Geoffrey, M D, Egmont pl

Connor Miss C A

Duffy John, head const R I C

Ferguson D E, solr, Greenane

Fetherston Christopher, C P S

Griffin Rev Edmond, C C, Egmont row

Guiney John, M P, solicitor

Guiney Timothy, clerk union

Heffernan J J, journalist

Herlihy Patrick W, Green hall

LenihanJohn J, sot, Egmont row

Linehan Timothy, master union

Lucey Michael, O'Brien square

Mahony James, National bank

Martin Rev A C, M A, rector

Moloney Mrs KG,Greenfield hse

Mitchell John J, mngr Provincial bank

Moynihan Edmond, v s, Percival street

Moynihan Ptk,JP;DC,Church st

O'Connell Very Rev Eugene B Canon, v F, P P

O'Connor John D, J P, chairman R D C, Church st

O'Keeffe Rev Joseph, c c, Church street

O'Leary Patrick Joseph, M D, Greenane house

O'Shea John L, D C, Mill road

O'Sullivan Patrick, relieving officer, Church street

Phayre Mrs A A, Greenfield hse

Priestley Kingsmill G,CstlePark

Regis Mrs, Rev Mother Convent of Mercy

Roche Hon Alexes C,JP, Assola

Sherlock Chris, Ballyheen house

Shine Michael, eat teacher


Solicitors .

Barry Henry Richard, Ingledene

Beytagh Edward A, Church st

Ferguson David E, Greenane

Guiney John, Mr, Strand street

Lenihan John J, Egmont row


Physicians and Surgeons,

Barry Ed Sheehy, Park house

Collins Geoffrey, Egmont place

O'Leary Patlt J, Greenane hse


Pharmaceutical Chemists.

Eggleston J J, Egmont square

O'Connell &. Co ltd, Main st

O'Sullivan D H, Percival street


Veterinary Surgeons,

Moynihan Edmond, Percival st

O'Grady J .F, Greenane



Commercial, Percival street- Miss Kate Lucey, prop

Corkerys, Strand street - Mrs E Corkery, prop

Egmont Arms, Egmont place - Philip F Johnson, prop

Vaughans, Strand street-Mrs Margaret Vaughan, prop



Sheahan Richard



Courtney Humphrey, Strand st

Deady Thomas, Percival street

Fitzpatrick J, The Square

Fitzpatrick Patk, Egmont row

Moylan John, Strand street

Nagle John, Percival street

O'Mullane Michl, Egmont row

Twomey William, Egmont row

Tarrant John, Percival street


Billiard Rooms.

Lucey K, Percival street

Young Men's Society Rooms


Billposters .

Dudley John, Lr Greenane

Weatherhead Daniel


Bookselier and Circulating Library.

Heffernan Jos J, Percival street

Kelliher John, Main street



Baker Francis, Greenane

Connolly & Co, Main street

O'Callaghan Thos, Mair. street

O'Caliaghan Wm, Egmont row


Builders .

Cronin Timothy, Strand street

Lyons Eugene, Strand street

Thornton Edward, Percival st

Thornton James, Percival st


Car Owners.

Brown Daniel, Greenane street

Connors Timothy, Greenane

Corkery Mrs E, Strand street

Heffernan Mary D, Egmont row

Johnson P F, Egmont place

Lane Fugene D, The Square

O'Connell Wm, Watergate st

O'Reilly Michael, Egmont row

Vaughan C, Strand street



Buckley Daniel

Carver David

Carver W

Murphy John

Murphy Daniel


Cattle Dealers.

McCarthy John, Main street

Noonan M, Greenane

O'Connor Daniel, Fairy hill

Shanalian D, Greenane

Sheehan M, Percival street

Sheehan Patrick, Paal


China & Glass Warehouses,

Cronin Lizzie, Strand street

Goggin Mary, Egmont row

Lucey Denis, Egmont row

Tarrant Margaret, Main street

Traynor Mrs L, Strand street


Coach Builders.

Archdeacon Philip,Watergatest

Connors John, Watergate street:

O'Connor Timothy, Greenane


Coal Merchants.

Morris Michael, Strand street

Suftons Limited, Railway state



Cashman & Iary, Railway house

Deady Thomas, Percival st

Fitzpatrick John, The Square

Moylan John, Strand street

O'Connor H M, The Square

Tarrant John, Percival street



Cashin Denis, Watergatestreet

Relihan Corns, V6'atergate st



Brogeen Dairy Factory-Daniel G Daly & Co, props

Castlemagner- T Cusack, mgr

Condensed Milk Co ltd, Strand street-C Hanley, manager

The People's Dairy, Derrygallon-Thos O'Leary, prop



Buckley Jeremiah, Market sqr and Main street

Healy Jeremiah, Percival street

Lucey & Co, Market square

McCarthy Mrs Jerh, Strand st

McNamara Robert, William O'Brien street

Madden Michael J, The Square

Mangan Dora, Strand street

Murphy Mary, Church street

O'Riordan & Dulohery, Main st

Renahan Patrick,O'Brien street

Sheehan Mrs, Strand street


Emigration Agents.

Heffernan J J, Percival. street

Mahony D, Strand street

Nunan Daniel, Main street


Fish Merchants.

Bride John, Market square

Harrington J, Greenane

Herlihy James, Watergatestreet

Herlihy Michael, Greenane


Grocers & Provision Dealers

Barrett William, Egmont row

Bourke & Son, Main street

Breen Mrs, Percival street

Cashman Mary, Railway house

Crowley J, Strand street

Cumin John M, Egmont row

Daly D C & Co, Percival street

Fitzpatrick John, Market square

Fitzpatrick Patk, Egmont row

Goggle Jeremiah., Egmont row

Heffernan M, Egmont row

Keating Mary, Main street

Lane Eugene, Market square

Leonard Cornelius, Strand st

McCarthy Jas F, Egmont row

Madden Morgan, Strand street

Mahony D D, Strand street

Noonan Mary, Main street

O'Callaghan Denis, Percival st

O'Connell John J, Strand st

O'Connell John M, Strand st

O'Connor P D, Percival street

O'Keeffe Julia, Egmont row

O'Leary Thomas, Percival st

O'Reilly Michael, Egmont row

Sheahan Richard, Egmont row

Sheehan M, Percival street

Smith Ellen, Church street


Hardware Dealers.

Bourke J & Son, Main street

Cronin M, Strand street

Daly & Co, Percival street

Forde Daniel, Main street

Mahony D D, Strand street

O'Rielly Michael, Egmont row

Singleton Elizabeth, Percival st

Hide and Skin Merchant.

Shanalian Daniel, Greenane


Horse Dealer.

Lyons John, Killavallig


Law Clerks.

Barry John, Bluepool

Cronin Wm J., Church street

Daly Daniel, Bluepool

Looney James, Strand street


Leather Merchants.

O'Callaghan Thos, Main street

O'Callaghan Wm, Egmont row


Mills .

Bourke and Sons, Quarry house

Brogeen mains-D C Daly, prop

Kanturk mills--Messrs Barry, props


Milliners and Ladies Outfitters.

Dundon Miss K, Percival street

Goggin Miss, Egmont row

Linehan Catherine, Strand st

Looney Miss, Strand street

Mangan Miss Dora, Strand st

Hurlihy Miss Mary, Church st


Mineral Water Manufacturers.

Code F & Sons, Egmont row

O'Connor J D:, Church street



Heffernan J J, Percival st

Kelliher John, Main street


Painters .

Hannon Bros, Curragh

O'Shea J D, 2 Darrell cottages, Greenane



Charles W G, Percival street

Heffernan J J, Percival street



Ahern Patrick, Bluepool

Kenneally John, Percival street

Tarrant J, Watergate street

Worthington H, Greenane



Corkery Mrs E, Strand street

Horgan Patrick, Percival street

Lillis Mrs H, Percival street

O'Leary James, Percival street



Heffernan Mrs B, Percival st

Kelliher John, Main street

O'Callaghan Patk, WmO'Brien street



Birmingham J, Strand street

Buckley Andrew, Watergate st

Buckley J, Percival street

Looney Patrick, Strand street



Corkery Mrs Eliza, Strand st

Forde Daniel, Main street

Heffernan Mrs Mary, O'Brien street

O'Rielly M D, O'Brien street

Singleton Mrs E, Percival st

Vaughan Cornelius, Strand st


Victuallers .

Conway Edmond T,Main street

Conway E C, The Square

McCarthy J, Main street

Sheehan Michael, Percival st


Vintners .

Breen Patrick J, Percival street

Buckley Catherine, Percival street

Buckley Mrs, Watergate street

Curse Peter, Market square

Daly D C & Co, Percival st

Fitzpatrick John,Market square

Goggin Jeremiah, Egmont rotiv

Hennessy Susan, Market square

Kelley Mary, Strand street

Lehane William, Strand street

Leonard Cornelius, Strand st

Lucey Denis, O'Brien street

McCarthy Jas F', O'Brien st

Madden Morgan,Strand street

Mahony D D, Strand street

Mullane Michael, Egmont xoty

Nunan Timothy, nc, Greenane

O'Callaghan P, Egmont row

O'Connell John, Strand street

O'Connell John J, Strand st

O'Connor J D, Church street

O'Keeffe William, Main street

O'LearyThomas,Percival street

O'Mahony J J, The Square

Sheahan Richard, Egmont row

Sheehan Mrs, Percival street,

Twohill Julia, Strand street

Twomey William, Egmont row

Vaughan James, Market square

Vaughan Margaret, Strand st

Walsh Catherine, Percival st




Electoral div. Castlemagner .

Bastable Marguerite,Gurteenard

Guiney Timothy, Gurteenard

Lane G H, Gurteenbeha

Lane J M, Coolnahane

Lane Patrick, Kilcaskin


Electoral div. Greenane.

Ahern Maurice, Ballintober

Aherne Thomas, Ballywalter

Bolster G S, J P, Glenmount

Carver William, Bettyville

Corbett John, Pulleen

Cronin John, Assolas

Cronin Timothy, Assolas

Dillane John, Bettyville

Finn Hannah, Fairy hill

Guiney Timothy, Joey, Pulleen

Lyons John, Krllavallig

IJyons Michael, Gurteenard

McAuliffe John, Bluepool

Nunan Timothy, D c, Greenane


Smith M;Rathmaher



Elect. div. Bawncross.

Ahern Denis, Kilnockane

Connor William, Knockilly

Field Mrs, Gardeen

Flynn John, Iiilnockane

Foley Denis, Gardeen

Guiney Richard, Gardeen

O'SulIivan G J, Knockilly

Sheahan John, Gxillough


Electoral div. Kanturk. .

Ahern John, Curragh

Burton Francis J, Curragh

Carver Mary Anne, Rathranna

Collins Denis, Lismeeleunnin

Daly Richard, Rathranna

Fox Joules, Rossline

Kelley Daniel, Rossline

Mullane Philip, Rathranna

O'Brien Patrick, 14leelaherragh

Sullivan Denis, Meelaherragh



Elect. div. Bawncross.

Aherne M, D C, Curraheen

Connor Benjamin, Bawnmore

Connor Mrs Eugene, Bawnmore

Linehan Patrick, Coolageela

Noonan Joseph, Curraheen

Sullivan Joules, Coolageela

Sullivan Jeremiah, Bawnmore

Sullivan Richard, Coolageela

Welsh Michael, Bawnmore



Electoral div. Kanturk,

Archdeacon Denis, Dromalour

Bolster Robert, Dromalour

O'Connor Daniel, Fairyhiil

O'Connor Jeremiah, Paal

Regan John, Paal

Sheehan Patrick, Paal

Thornton Edmond, Paal



Electoral div. Greenane,

Fahy Jane., Greenane

Philpott Joseph, Knocknacolan