Macroom. (Pop r89)


Post, money order and telegraph office

Postmistress- Miss Nora Cotter


Conveyances-Macroom (Cork and Macroom ry) nearest station ; thence by car ; marl car leaves Macroom 7 a.m. daily, except Sundays, for Inchlgeela and Ballingeary, and leaves Ballingeary on return at 3-3o P m, and Inchigeela at 4.30 p m (tor Macroom)


Parliamentary div Mid Cork

County Electoral divs Inchlgeela and Dunmanway


Rural District Council Macroom ;

Elect divs. Cleanrath and Inchlgeela


Dispensary and Registration dirt. of Inchlgeela

Med officer and Registrar-Dr P Could, Macroom

Dist Nurse-Sarah Cunningham


Rural District Council Dunmanway

Electoral divs. Ballingeary,  Bealock and Coolmountain


Dispensary and Registration District of Coolmountain

Med officer and Registrar-Dr E F Nyhan, J P

Petty Sessions district of Macroom


Constabulary dist. of Dunmanway.

In charge of Inchlgeela station- Sergeant D Maunsell


National Schools-head teachers

Inchlgeela-T O'Herlihy ; Mrs Mary Quinlan

Tooreenalour-Thomas Lyons


Fairs and Markets-31 May, 31 Aug, .3 Dec.

Butter market every Monday, Tuesday and Friday



Brophy R, J P, D C

Corcoran T,J P, D C

Delea Mrs John

Fitzgerald Rev Edward, C C

O'Callaghan Rev J, C C

O'Leary Rev James, P P, St Finbarrs

O'Rielly Mrs

O'Riordan D

O'Sullivan J, R O



The Lake-Miss Nolan, prop

Deleas-T Corcoran, prop


Shopkeepers, etc.

Ahern P, boot and shoe nialcer

AherneTimy, shopkpr, boot dlr

Buttimer D boot and shoemkr

Cahalane Cornel mason

Casey Jerh, shopkpr, carpenter

Corkerry J, car owner

Corcoran T, J P, vintner

Cotter Patrick, flour, meal dealr, Cappanclare

Creedon Corns, butter mercht, grocer, news agent, etc

Kearney John, mason

Manning D, blacksmith

McSwiney Mrs M, vintner

O'Herlihy Mrs J, butter merchant, grocer, etc

O'Leary Peter, tailor

O'Reilly John tailor

Quill James, blacksmith

Quinlan J, cycle & insurance agt

Sullivan Eugene, shopkeeper

Sullivan Anne, vintner





Electoral div, Bealanageary .

Cronin James, Inchideraille

Cronin Jeremiah, Inchideraille

Cronin Michael, Tooreenalour

Dineen Patrick, Inchideraille

Leary Timothy, Inchideraille

Kelleher Michael Cornera

Kelleher John, Cornera

Keohane Jerh, Tooreenalour

Murphy Jerh, Derryriordane

O'Connell Patk, Derrynagree

O”Shea Jerh, Garryantornora

O'Shea John, Derryriordane

Sweeney Timy, D c, Inchimore


Electoral div . Bealock.

Callaghan Ds, Derrygortnaclohy

Callaghan John, Derryleigh

Callaghan Ml jun, Derryleigh

Coakley Timothy, Derryleigh

CorcoranTy,JP, DC,Cappanclare

Cotter Mrs Corns Teeranassig ~

Cotter Jeremiah, Gortnarea

Cotter John, Derrygortnaclohy

Cotter John jun,Dromnagapple

Cotter Syl, Coolagreenane

Cotter John,sen,Dromnagapple

Cotter William, Gortnalour

Creedon Daniel, Gortnarea

Cronin Peter, D c, Coolroe wesfr

Cunningham Ds, Derryleigh

Donovan Denis, Monavadra

Galvin Jerh, Carrignacurra

Galvin Timothy, Gortaneadiita

Hallissey Alex, Derryleigh

Hallissey Daniel, MonaŽaddr

Hallissey Patrick, Curraheen

Herlihy Jeremiah, Inchigrady

HerlihyMichael, Coornahahilly

Herlihy Mrs, Inchigrady

Herlihy Wm, Coornahalilly

Kearney Michl, Coornahahilly

Kelleher Dl, Gortatanavaily

Kelleher John, Dromnagapple

Kelleher John, Gortatanavally

Kelleher Matt, Gortnacarriga

Kelleher Mrs, Gortatanavally

Leary  Mrs Daniel, Derryleiglia

Lehane Cornelius, Gortnarea

Lehane Cornelius, Scrahan

Lehane Michl, Gortnalour

Lucey Cornelius, Curraheer

Lucey Denis, Coolroe east.

Lucey Denis, Gortnacarriga

Lucey John, Coolagreenane

Lucey Patrick, Coolagreenane

Lynch Andrew, Gortnalour

McCarthy Florence, Coorolagh

McSwiney Jerh, Teeranassig

McSwiney Timy, Coolroe east

Mahony Patrick, Coorolagh

Moynihan Eugene, Derryleigh

Moynihan Timothy, Scrahan

Murphy Jerh, Coolagreenane


Murphy John, Coolroe east

Murphy Michael, Carrignacurra

Murphy Michael D, Inchigrady

Murphy Timothy, Gortnalour

Ring Edmond, CoornahahilIy

Ring John, Monavaddra

Riordan Michael, Gortnalour

Riordan Mrs E, Gortnalour

Scannell William, Scrahan

Sullivan Daniel, Carrignacurra

Twomey Michael, Monavaddra


Electoral div . Coolmountain .

Connell Timothy, Gortnaughtee

Cotter James, Gortnaughtee

Cotter P N, Gortnaughtee

Cotter William, Gortnaughtee

Cotter Wm S, Gortnaughtee

Cotter Wm P,DC,Gortnaughtee


Electoral div . Cleanrath.

Boyle Mrs J, Derrineanig

Buckley Dlichael, Coomlibane

Callaghan John, Cleanrath

Coleman Denis, Cleanrath

Creed Jeremiah,DC,Rat'rigaskig

Creedon Mrs, Augeris

Creedon Timothy, Derrineanig

Cronin John, Augeris

Cronin Cornelius, Augeris

Dinneen John, Augers

Hoar James, Cleanrath

Hoar Jeremiah, Cleanrath

Hoare John, Cleanrath

Leary Timothy; Coomlibane

Lucey Denis, nc, ~,'ahernacaha

Lucey James, Derryvaleen

McCarthy F, Turnaspidogy

McCarthy Patrick, Silvergrove

McCarthy Timothy, Milmorane

Manning John, Turnaspidogy

Manning Timy, Turnaspidogy

Murphy Mrs, Gortrramona

O'Leary Daniel, Turnaspidogy

O'Leary Humph,Turnaspidogy

O'Leary Timy, Turnaspidogy

O'Sullivan Cors, Turnaspidogy

O'SullivanDl jun,Turnaspidogy

O'Sullivan Dl sen, Turnaspidogy

O'Sullivan J, Turnaspidogy

Ring Jeremiah, Derrineanig

Shea Denis, Silvergrove

Sullivan Daniel, Rathgasgig

Sweeney John, Cleanrath

Twomey Corns, Derrineanig

Twomey Jerh, Derrineanig

Twomey Mrs, Cleanrath


Electoral div. Inchigeela.

Brophy Robt, JP,DC,Carrigleigh

Callaghan Eugene, Derryvane

Connor Michael, Derreen

Cronin Daniel, Derryvane

Crowley Timothy, Graigue

Dennehy Denis, Derreen

Galvin Patrick, Gortaveer

Kearney James, Derryvane

Kelleher John, Glebe

Leary Cornelius, Derryvane

Leary Daniel, Derryvane

Leary James, Derryvane

Leary Jeremiah, Graigue

McCarthy Timothy, Graigue

Murphy Michael, Derreen

O'Herlihy Timy, Inchigeela

O'Sullivan Daniel, Graigue

O'Sullivan John P, Glebe

O'Sullivan Timy, Inchigeela

Sullivan John, Glebe

Sullivan Michael, Graigue

Taylor William, Gortaveer

Vaughan Charles, Derreen

Vaughan Daniel, Gortaveer