P O Passage West.


Conveyances-Glenbrook a station Blackrock and Carii, Passage ry s trains to and from Cork every hour.

Stationmaster-Thomas Crean


Parliamentary div South East Cark

County Electoral div Monkstown


Rural District Council Cork ;

Electoral div Monkstown


Dispensary and Registration district of Carigaline North


Constabulary district of Quecnstown


Club-Cork Harbour Rowing- Hon sec, G H Hilliard


National School head teacher

Glenbrook-Mrs O'Malley



Baker R J, L B  auditor, East lodge

Barry J, Ferry point

Busteed J, Bath terrace

Butler D, Victoria terrace

Button John, Lee cottage

Carroll D, Glenbrook terrace

Collins, Daniel, 2 Riverview cottages

Collins Miss B, Lee view

Coughlan M, 3 Riverview cots

Cray Albert, Charlotte place

Dolan P, Victoria terrace

Downey J, Glenbrook terrace

Dunne Thomas, Victoria tar

Fahy R, Ferry point

Fitzgerald P, Ferry point

Gray George W, Glenbrook hse

Hamil John, Victoria terrace

Herding W, Ferry point

Harvey A, Rock cottage

Harvey B P, Ring view

Heany T, Victoria cottage

Herlihy T; N T, River view

Hilliard G H, River view

Howard Mrs, Victoria terrace

Isaac Dr, Riverview

Johnson J, The Glen

Leaky James, Victoria terrace

Lenane James, Simla place

Lucas S B, Dunedin

McCarthy E V, JP, Ardmanagh house

McDonnell M, Ferry point

McNamara Miss, Glenbrook baths

McNamara W, Ferry point

MacIlwraith G, Rivenvew ter

Maguire J F, solr, Glenbrook place

Murphy, W, Baths terrace

Murray Mrs, Glenbrook place

Nash Mrs, Belgrave place

Nevilie R, Laurel hill

O'Brien J, Ferry point

O'Leary S, Victoria terrace

O’Mahony Dr J.J, Albert lodge

O'Malley Mrs, national teacher

Payee J, Ferry point

Piper 0 S S,J P, Glenbrook hse

Roberts Capt R E, Simla

Roche H J, Glenbrook place

Scott J, Simla

Smith Mrs, East lodge

Spillane D, The Glen

Stack Rev D, C C, Simla place

Sullivan J, Victoria terrace

Tayler Mrs, Riverview

Waring Mrs, Glenbrook terrace

Wilkins J, Bath terrace

Wilson AJ, Belgrave place

Wright Mrs, Belgrave place

Wynne FW,solr,Neptunelodge


Builders and Contractors.

Johnson John, The Glen

Johnson Thomas, The Glen

McDonnell John, Ferry point

McDonnell Mich1, Ferry point

O'Connell Michl, Ferry point

O'Callaghan John, Charlotte pl


Boat Builder.

Paisley J



McDonnell John, Ferry point


House Agent.

Butler D, Victoria terrace


Lodging-house Keepers

Collins Miss, Victoria terrace

F1ynn Mrs, Lucia place

Gluey John, Victoria terrace

Hayes Mrs, Canning place

O'Brien Wm, Ferry point



Kelly John, Myrtleville



Ahern Miss E, The Glen


Vintners .

Arnold R, Ferry point

Herding Margaret, Ferry point

Kennedy Mrs, Ferry point

Kirby Mrs, Ferry point