Lombardstown .


Post and money order office ; Lombardstown 1-1/2 m. nearest telegraph office

Postmistress-Mrs B Buckley


Conveyances Lombardstown a station Tralee and Killarney branch C, S & W ry{station 1-1/2 m, from GlanLane} ; four trains to and from Cork daily

Stationmaster-P Crowee


Parliamentary div North Cork

County Electoral div Kanturk


Rural District Council Mallow

Elec. div. Kilshannig


Dispensary and Registration dist, of Kilshannig

Med officer and Registrar-Dr M Ryan

District Nurse-Mrs Callaghan


Petty Sessions and Constabulary district of Mallow.

In charge of Glantane station- Sergeant A O'Leary


National Schools-head teachers

Glantane-Denis O'Callaghan ; Mrs H M O'Callagban

Skarragh-Miss Sutton



Buckley David, N T, Glantane

O'Keeffe Rev Michael, C C, Glantane

O'Mullane Jerome F, Glantane house

Ryan Michael, M D

Sheehan Rev P, C C, Seeing

Shinnick Rev B, P P, Kilcolman


Shopkeepers, etc.

Barrow James, grocer, vintner, seed and manure agent

Callaghan John, vintner, etc

Coleman Jeremiah, blacksmith

Flynn J, blcksmth, Shanavoher

Gardner George, egg & poultry; dealer

Molloy Mrs, dressmaker

Nolan Miss, shopkeeper

Sheehan P, vintner, Lackendarragh lower

Singleton Michael, shopkeeper

Smith Cornelius, vintner, harness maker




Ahern John, Lackendarragh

Barren E, Lackendarragh

Barrow James, Skarragh

Barrow Richard, Skarragh

Breen J, Glantane

Bolster Richard, Skarragh

Bolster Thomas I:, Skarragh

Buckley Thomas, Glantane

Callaghan Jn J, Lackendarragh

Callaghan J T, Lackendarragh

CalIaghan Edm, Lackendarragh

Callaghan P J, Lackendarragh

Callaghan Wm, D c, Skarragh

Connell John, Lackendarragh

Crean Jeremiah, Mohereen

Cumin James, Dromaneen

Cumin john, Dromaneen

Dilworth 11Irs, Mohereen

Downing Miss Lizzie, Glantane

Farmer George, Skarragh

Golden Michl, Knockinsweeny

Hallinan Mrs, Brittas

Hannah William, Glantane

Healy Daniel, Garrane

Linehan Thos, Lackendarragh

Kelleher Patk, Lackendarragh

McCarthy Edmund, Brittas

McCarthy Edmund, Glantane

Micks Peter, Skarragh

Nagle Maurice, Lackendarragh

O'Callaghan Corns, Skarragh

O'Connell P W, Lackendarragh

O'Keeffe E, Dromaneen

O'Keefte Thomas, Mohereen

O'Sullivan E, D c, Currabower

O'Sullivan J, Lackendarragh

O'Sullivan Mrs, Currabower

Ring John, Skarragh

Riordan Eugene, Mohereen

Ruche Mrs, Mohereen

Ruche Richard ; Armyville

Ryan Denis, Keale cottage

Ryan J D, Smithfield

Byan John T, Lackendarragh

Ryan J W, Smithfield

Ryan John W, Lackendarragh

Ryan Thomas, Lackendarragh

Shannon John, Aldworth

Sheahan Michael, Elmvale

Sheehan Timothy, Brittas

Teap W, Aldworth

Turner Daniel, Dromaneen

Turner Patrick, Marble hill

Turner P, Mohereen

Turner Thomas, Marble hill