Crookstowm 6 m. nearest money order and telegraph office

Postmaster-Jeremiah Murphy


Conveyances - Kilcrea a station Cork and Macroom  ry (station 1-1/2ml from Farran) ; four trains to and from Cork daily

Stationmaster-Denis Lucey


Parliamentary div Mid Cork

County Electoral div Warrenscourt


Rural District Council Macroom

Electoral div. Aglish


Dispensary and Registration, dist of Cannawav


Rural District Council Bandon

Electoral div . Kilbonane


Petty Sessions Court-every first Tuesday. Quar Sess dirt of Cork

Clerk Petty Sessions-C O'Neill

Constabulary dist of Ballincollig .

In charge of Farran station - Sergeant Cornelius Bowies


National School-head teachers

Farran-Mich1 O'Sullivan ; Mrs Richardson



Ashe Charles W, solr, Elmpark

ClarkeWR, M A, J P, Farran hse

Clarke T A, Farran house

Coakley Rev C, C C

O'Mahony J, CO C, Ballineadig

Warren R, land steward


Shopkeepers, etc,

Fitzgerald Mrs, shopkeeper

Lane Timothy, vintner

Lane Tim, jun, grocer, vintner

McSwiney Thomas, carpenter, Kilcrea

Moriarty Miss A, groc, vintner

Murphy D, mason

Murphy M, blacksmith

Murphy J, carpenter

Riordan Miss, Ballineadig

Ryan J, blacksmith

Scannell J, carpenter

Sullivan T, shoemaker




Electoral div. Aglish.

Ahern Denis, Ballineadig

Crowley David, Ballineadig

Deasy John, Aglish

Desrnond Mrs, Ballineadig

Desmond Patrick, Ballineadig

Downey John, Knocknagoul

Fitzgerald John, Currahaly

Fitzgerald W, Currahaly

Flynn John, Aglish

Gleeson Daniel, Ballineadig

Gleeson James, Ballineadig

Good Miss, Aglish

Keane Michael, D C, Currahaly

Keane Miss, Currahaly

Keane Thomas, Currahaly

Kelleher Cornelius, Aglish

Lyons Daniel, Knocknagoul

Lyons John, Knocknagoul

McNamara J,Knocknagoul

McSweeney Jos, D C, Roovesmore

Mulhern James, Ballineadig

Mullane Denis, Ballineadig

O'Callaghan Michl, Currahaly

O’Donoghue Ccrns, Currahaly

Poole Berth, Ballineadig

Regan J, Currahaly

Regan R, Currahaly

Richardson Timothy, Aglish

Riordan C, Ballineadig

Riordan Daniel, Ballineadig

Sheehan Maurice, Currahaly

Sheehan Timothy, Currahaly

Stokes Mrs, Rosemount

Welsh David, Aglish

Welsh James, Aglish



Electoral div . Kilbonane.

Fahy Patrick, Kilcrea

Fahy William, Kilcrea

Flynn John, Kilcrea

Kelleher Jeremiah, Kilcrea

McNamara Jeremiah, Kilcrea

Murphy Daniel, Kilcrea

O'Driscoll John, Kilcrea house

O'Keeffe Mrs, Kilcrea