Bantry. (Pop 149)


Post money order and telegraph office

Postmistress-Honora Houlihan


Conveyances - Bantry 37 miles (Cork, Bandon and South Coast ry)  nearest station . Railway between

Kenmore (24 ml) and Headford


Parliamentary Cork div West

County Electoral div Bere


Rural District Counil Castletown

Elect. divs. Coulagh and Kilcatherinsa


Dispensary and Registration dist. of Kilcatherine

Med officer and Regr-Dr Chas Harrison, Castletownbere


Petty Sessions district of townbere Castlebere.

Constabulary district of Castletownbere

In charge of Eyeries station- Sergeant P Nugent


National Schools-head teachers

Eyeries-D O'Neill ; Mrs Foley  P . Foley

Kilcatherine-J McCarthy ; Miss M E Murphy

Kilmackowen-Dnl Harrington ; Mary Lyons

Urhin-Daniel Houlahan ; Mrs Murphy


Fairs and Markets-20 Feb, 28Apr,30 May, 24 June, 20 July, 2 Sept, 29 Oct,  10 Nov.

Market day, Monday



Cabin Rev M, CC, Kilcatherine

Harrington Florence, rate collector, Inches

McCarthy Randall, DC, Ardacluggin

O'Callaghan Rev James, PP; Kilcatherine



Harrington James (private)


Fish Buyers

Downing J

Flynn H


Peltry G


Shopkeepers, etc.

Downing Jeremiah, vintner

Harrington Timothy T, vintner

Houlahan Daniel, vintner

McCarthy John,grocer,Bofickil

Murphy Michael, boat builder

Neill Denis, grocer, Eyeries

O'Connell Timothy,shopkeeper

O'Leary John, shopkeeper

O'Neill Patrick, vintner

O'Shea Denis, vintner

O'Sullivan Eugene, Eyeries

O'Sullivan M, merchant


Tailors and Outfitters.

O'Connell Henry T

O'Donovan Daniel D

O'Leary Michael

O'Shea John




Electoral div. Coulagh,

Cronin John, Coulagh

Kelly Jahn, Coulagh

Kelly Richard, U'rhin house

McCarthy Randal, Ardacluggin

O'Shea Jeremiah, Coulagh

O'Sullivan Cornelius, Eyeries

Sullivan Daniel, Coulagh


Electoral div. Kilcatherine.

Donovan Richard, Crampons

Harrington Florence, Inches

Harrington Jerh, D c, Barrees

Harrington Jeremiah, Inches

Harrington Jeremiah T,Eyeries

Houlahan Honora, Eyeries

Houlahan Patrick, Eyeries

Kelly Cornelius, Eyeries

McCarthy Denis, Eyeries

Murphy Mrs, Eyeries

Neill D, Inches

Neill Patrick; Eyeries

O'Driscoll Jeremiah, Eyeries

O'Driscoll Timothy, Eyeries

Shea Denis, Eyeries

Sullivan Daniel, Barrees

Sullivan Denis, Eyeries

Sullivan James, Barrees