(Pop 280.)


Ballineen 1 m, nearest money order and telegraph office

Postmaster-M S Kingston


Conveyances-Ballineen and Enniskean a station Cork, Bandon and South Coast ry


Parliamentar div South Eask Cork

County Electoral div Warrenscourt


Rural District Council Bandon ;

Electoral divs. Bengour and Teadies


Dispensary and Registration disk of Murragh

Med officer and Registrar-DrT W Smyth


Petty Sessions district of Ballineen

Constabulary district of Dunmanway ; sub-dist .of Ballineen


National School-head teachers

Enniskean - Daniel Coakley ;

Mrs D Coakley


Church Education--Mrs Swaine


Butter Market Thursday


Slate Quarries about a quarter of a mile north of Enniskean, in the the townland of Derrygra ; not much worked




Barren Rev Richard, Parochial house

Bryan William, Maryville

Coakley Daniel, Poplar cottage

Daffy James, J P, Maubeg house

Daly Timothy; Enniskean

Daunt F, J P, Enniskean

Early G, Enniskean

Gray Mrs, Gardville

Kingston Mrs, Enniskean

London M, Enniskean

Lucy J, Enniskean

McCarthy D, Enniskean

McKeon J, Enniskeen

Neville M O'B, J P, Warrensbrook

Nicholls John, JP, Maubeg and Enniskean

O'Doriovan C, Enniskean

O'Donovan D, Enniskean

O'Driscoll Rev D, P P, Shamrock lodge

O'Driscoll Timothy, Enniskean

O'Regan Rev William, c c, St Mary's

Powell William, Enniskean

Quirke Mrs, Enniskean

Schofield B, Enniskean

Shorten John G, Ardna Grains

Shorten R Enniskean

Smyth T W, B D, Roseville

Sullivan William, D c, Belrose

Wood E, Enniskean

Wood R, Enniskean

Wood , Thomas, Mount lodge

Webster Rev Hedley, B D, Kinneigh rectory



Daunt Francis

O'Donovan Chas

McCarthy Chas



Regan Charles Rourlce Andrew


Bootmakers .

Crowley Wm

Holland P


Builders and Contractors

Browne J

McCarthy D & Sons

Warren D


Coach Builder.

McCarthy Jeremiah


Coal Merchants.

Daunt F

Early G

O'Douovan C



Daunt F

Early George

Kingston Mrs

Shorten and



Dress and Mantle Makers.

Kilduff Miss

O'Donovan Mrs

Shorten Miss


Egg Merchants.

Crowley Wm

Daunt Francis

Early George

Manders lilies

O'Sullivan C

Quirke Mrs



ODriscoll Timothy


Flour Mills

Palaceanne Mills J J Daly Prop


Grinding and Carding Mill

Tobin James, Enniskean


Merchants, Shopkeepers,

Daly J J, Murragh

London Ml

Shorten Ben



O'Donovan Cors


Pig Buyers,

Daunt F

O'Donovan C


Seed & Manure Merchants

Daunt F

Eady G

O'Donovan C



Crowley Wm

Daunt F

Eady G

Manders Miss

Quirke Mrs

Shorten P


Tailors and Outfitters

Coakley Brothers

O'Driscoll Michael & Sons



Lynch Michael Shorten

O'Driscoll Richd

Timy Wood Edwd




Electoral div. Bengour.

Cullinane T, Farranmareen

Daly Timothy, Enniskean

Daunt Francis, Castleland

Driscoll Timothy, Laravoolta

Driscoll Timothy, Enniskean

Hickey Owen, Laravoolta

Hosford William, Belrose

Howe Richard, Lissarourke

Hurley Jeremiah, Kinneighbeg

Hurley Mary, Belrose

Lordan John, Laravoolta

Lordan Daniel, Lissarourke

Lordan Patrick, Lissarourke

Mahony Lissarourke

Nicholls John, J P, Enniskean

O'Callagan J, D C, Laravoolta

O'Callaghan Patk, Lissarourke

O'Callaghan T, Laravoolta

Regan Peter, Lissarourke

Sullivan Ellen, Belrose


Electoral div. Teadies,

Chambers Wm, Teadies upper

Coakley Daniel,Derrigra

Driscoll Mrs Jane, Teadies

Eady George, Teadies

Holland John, Kilnacranagh

Hosford Benjamin;Teadies

Hurley Denis, Kilnacranagh

Hurley James, Teadies upper

Nicholls John, Teadies lower

O'Driscoll Timy, Derryvileen

Schofield John, Kilnacranagh

Shorten John U, Kilnacranagh

Shorten John G, Teadies lower

Shorten Jn, Kilnacranagh west

Shorten John, Teadies lower

Shorten Benj, Kilnacranagh

Shorten Wm J, Kilnacranagh

Tanner Walter, Teadies upper

Warner Robert; Palaceanne

Woods Richard, Castleland~



Electoral div . Bengour.

Corcoran Mrs, Bengour

Duke Walter, Bengour

Hosford Thomas,Bengour west

Hurley Timothy, Killaneer

Hurley William, Killaneer

Kehilly John, Killaneer

Ryan Patrick, Killaneer

Shorten Jas, Killaneer cottage

Woods Thomas, .Killaneer


Electoral div. Teadies.

Giles John, Sranaviddoge

O'Driscoll Timothy, D c, Dromaven

Shorten John, Sranaviddoge